How to Spiritually Attract Money: 10+ Ways

The law of attraction is a theory or a belief that states that you can manifest anything you want with all your heart and give all your efforts and hard yards into it.

It tells you that you can attract everything from love to wealth, to anything imaginable, with the correct amount of focus, hard work, and energy vibrations.

Ways to Manifest Wealth and Money Into Your Life:

  • Have a positive attitude that will help you attract positivity and optimism around you.
  • Create a productive money mindset that will help you create money through a plan that will eventually bring wealth into your life. 
  • Honestly, determine your current position financially, as it will help you come to terms with reality. 
  • Study how you plan to bring wealth into your life and what you have presently. 

Yet, many people fail in their manifestation process because they feel they can attract anything they want without working for it. No, it doesn’t happen this way. It would help if you took proper action to attract something, and the same goes when you are about to attract money.

ways by which you can spiritually attract money.

Notice all that is going right in your life.

People have a natural tendency to focus on the bad things more in their lives. They tend to pay more attention to everything that is messed up or isn’t going right in their lives. Instead of doing so, focus more on the right happenings.

Not only will it please you and raise your vibrations to match with that of your desires, but it will also bring more of the right happenings in your life.

When you take your time out to focus on all the things going right, as planned, you will observe that more of it will arrive in your life.

This is how the law of attraction works. What you focus your attention upon is what you receive. Pay attention to all that is going right in your life from a financial prospect, and you will attract more of it.

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Face your deepest fears

To be successful, one must face their deepest fears. Many people fear failures, and that is why they never try.

Some people have a perfectionist mindset and want everything to be spot on the first attempt, and when they fail, they never try again, which gets them far away from their goals.

When you have a dream you want to manifest, giving up is not even an option. No matter how many times you fail, you need to combat those and overcome your limiting beliefs no matter what you fear.

Failing while attempting something is not a real failure; real failure is when you don’t even try. The same goes when you are about to attract money. You need to work for it and never give up.

Visualize your dreams and aspirations

When you visualize your goals properly, you are already a step closer to them. This is the power of proper visualization. When you want to manifest a particular dream of yours, you need to have a strong imagination power, which will motivate you to never give up on your goals and aspirations. 

Visualization enables you to see your goals right in front of you as if you are living them in real-time, and the urge you get from it to chase your goals cannot be weighed down even by the biggest of hurdles.

The same story persists when you want to attract money and financial stability. You need to visualize in the present that you have earned a lot of wealth, and your life is now filled with abundance and prosperity. Observe the zeal and enthusiasm you get after that. 

Have someone as an example

Having someone you can look up to during your manifestation process is no less than a boon. That every person, their habits, way of living life, and getting motivated can inspire you to work towards your goals even better. 

There are loads of such examples in your daily life whom you can look up to. If you want to attract money, take the example of someone who is a rich businessman or the CEO of some big company.

Take their examples and study how they built themselves to be where they are today. Use others as something to motivate you and give you enthusiasm. This point stands true when you want to attract money, love, good health, or anything positive that you can imagine. 

benefits looking upto someone

Make use of attributes.

Attributes are positive words or a group of words that you can use for self-motivation. These words can have a big impact on your life, in general.

You can write down your affirmations or even read them or listen to them from some other sources, but however you do it, make sure to repeat these affirmations a few times a day to make them locked inside your head. 

When you want to attract wealth, you need to make affirmations related to your goal to become financially more stable and sounder. Making affirmations related to this goal might take time, but with practice and focus, you can nail it.

Once you come up with an efficient affirmation, or a few of them, repeat them to yourself a few times a day, every day, to make sure it becomes a habit. 

Remind yourself what got you into this

You are manifesting for a reason. You didn’t wake up one fine day and decide that you wanted to manifest something. This comes with time, need, and necessity. So, every time you feel like giving up on your goals, remind yourself what got your started and why you are here today.

If the fruit of your manifestation is money, and it is the sole thing you want to attract, you need to remind yourself every moment why do you need money.

What is it that makes you want it? Is it financial instability in your family? Or is it the only way to make your bigger dreams come true?

Whatever be the reason, your wish to manifest money didn’t pop up suddenly someday, so every time you feel like your efforts and time is not worth it, remind yourself why you need money and how your life will change when you have it with you. 

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Plan and execute properly

Once you have visualized your goals and have reminded yourself why you need to achieve those goals of yours at any cost, it’s time to start planning and then executing your ideas. You need to structure out a proper road map towards your dreams and work according to that.

Having a proper plan is also beneficial because it takes the load off of you every time you start working towards your goals.

When you have everything pre-planned already, you can just see your progress and start again from where you left the last time. When it comes to attracting money, you should follow the same method.

You must plan out ideas as to how you can reach your dream of having lots of money, and once you have done that, take smaller but efficient steps towards your goal. 

Take bigger leaps

Never settle for less. This is something many people do, and as a result, they can’t live their life to the fullest. There will be moments when you feel like this much is enough, and you give up on your goals even after you have not completed that idea roadmap of yours. 

Some people stop after reaching their dreams and feel contented with that, and they never try to take bigger leaps.

You should never stop your adventure, never give up on your life, you should always aim for the bigger picture, and never settle for anything less.

Suppose you want to achieve a lot of wealth and abundance. When you have done that, you decide to give up on your goals, and what happens is that the kind of vibrations you let out into the universe depicts that you don’t want to try harder, give more efforts, and in this way your achievements don’t last for long. 

benefits of proper planning

Mimic others you follow.

To be the best, you need to be worse than your competitors at some point in time. When you are worse than someone else, you can consider them examples to show you how things are done.

You need to follow their steps, their ways of living and working, mimic that, and once you adapt their methods and get used to them, better them. This is how you can be the best compared to all your competitors and the people you look up to.

When attracting money, employ the methods used by your competitors or the people you follow and look up to as examples.

Once you have employed their methods and seen better results, make them unique and improve those methods. This is how you flourish in life while manifesting anything you want to. 

Get comfortable with receiving.

Some people act like they don’t care about others’ compliments. These people respond to compliments in such a way that shows they are not interested in being complimented and want to avoid it.

Are you one of them? If yes, you must learn how to get rid of this habit.

There are things that you let into your life unknowingly, for example, random compliments from strangers. Be open to them, and don’t turn those compliments down. Be comfortable with receiving even if you have not worked hard enough.

You deserve every bit of whatever you receive, and you are worth even more than that, so don’t demean yourself by turning down such positives. 

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Comfort yourself by saying that you have achieved it

When you are working towards your goals, be that manifesting money and stable financial condition, or anything else, you need to comfort yourself by saying that you have already achieved it.

When you think this way, you can feel what achieving your goal brings to you, and that gives you an added boost to overcome all odds and attain your dreams.

This is, once again, a spiritual way of attracting money. Considering that you are already where you want to be in the future makes you enthusiastic and uplifts your confidence. So, imagine having more money and notice the urge to never stop achieving your goals.

ways be spiritually attractive


From the above points, it can be concluded that, whatever you want to attract, be it money or anything else, you need to employ the above methods to make your manifestation a successful one.

You should not give up easily and turn down compliments from others. It would help if you did not settle for less. Even meditation and portraying gratitude can help you attract money, provided your visualizations, affirmations, and efforts sync with your goal. 

Frequently asked questions on how to spiritually attract money:

What is the wealthy corner of your home, according to Feng shui?

According to Feng shui principles, when you stand on your bedroom door or the front door to your home, the far left back corner of the house is deemed the wealth corner of your home. 

What to keep in your wallet to attract money?

If you want to attract wealth into your, then you should always keep some few grains of rice which bring abundance to your life, and you can also keep some money that has been given to you by your elders, and it denotes a good sign.

How to cleanse your soul spiritually?

Plunge yourself into the water, carry some crystals that will help you think positively, meditate, help you release all the toxins from your mind, and give yourself a healing bath.

What does cleansing your soul mean?

Cleansing your soul means removing any thoughts that might come in your way and having the trust and faith to build in yourself; it makes you feel confident about yourself.

How to attract wealth using the Law of Attraction?

You can use the Law of Attraction to attract wealth into your life. You should acknowledge the power you have and let know the entire universe that you are aware of the entire universe and should be wide awake.

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