How to Start Manifestation Journal: A Quick Start Guide

Journaling helps you out in day-to-day life; it gives you a clear idea regarding the tasks you need to accomplish throughout the day.

Manifestation helps you get the things for which you have been striving hard. It makes the universe conspire for you to achieve your goals or aims.

Maintaining a manifestation journal will help you understand your needs, and henceforth you will be able to embrace your manifestation journey.

What Is a Manifestation Journal?

A manifestation journal is like a special notebook where you write down things you really want to happen in your life.

You fill it with positive thoughts, dreams, and goals. By doing this regularly, you remind yourself of what you want and believe it can come true. It’s like making a plan for your wishes.

Writing them down makes you feel more confident and helps you focus on making your dreams real.

So, a manifestation journal is a tool to make your hopes and wishes come true by keeping them in your journal and staying positive.

Benefits of Manifestation Journal in Simple Bullet List

  • 1 It assists you in focusing on your goals and desires.
  • 2 Improves your self-esteem and confidence.
  • 3 Positive thinking is encouraged.
  • 4 It organizes your dreams and wishes.
  • 5 It serves as a reminder of your goals.
  • 6 Encourages you to take action toward your objectives.
  • 7 It strengthens the power of intention.
  • 8 As you achieve your goals, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • 9 Improves clarity about what you desire out of life.
  • 10 Encourages a more positive and upbeat mindset.

How to start manifesting journal?

  1. Think about what you want
  2. Ask yourself why you want it. 
  3. Embrace your emotions 
  4. Take some time out 
  5. Decide what your Mantra is
  6. Write down three or more things you are grateful for
  7. Jot down ten new ideas
  8. Remember to write down the obstacles you have recently faced
  9. Have some space to write your daily visualization
  10. Make sure to love yourself.
  11. Your Goals
  12. Your happiness scores

Think about what you want 

You need to be sure about what you want in life, and it should not be something that you agreed to do because of peer pressure.

When writing your manifestation journal, you need to be clear and confident regarding the goal you would like to achieve in your life; you should have the confidence to carry on with it.

When you are writing your manifestation journal, you should have only one thing at a time on your mind, and you will notice that when you focus on a single thing, it will automatically become easier for you to achieve your goals.

Ask yourself why you want it. 

When you are manifesting something, you need to be sure regarding it; in such situations, you need to ask yourself why do you want that goal in your life and what is the importance of it in your life.

You will notice that when you answer these questions, you will be able to come to terms with your aims and ambitions. 

When you know the actual reason why you want to achieve the goal, you will feel energetic enough to put your all efforts into it. You will see that you are motivated to do every possible thing to reach your assigned goals, and that will help you a lot in the whole manifestation journal.

Embrace your emotions 

You tend to neglect your emotions many times, which might hamper your whole manifestation journey, so before you start journaling, you need to know how you feel presently and how you will feel when you are able to achieve the goal you have always wanted.

These emotions will take you to the scenario where you have achieved your goals. 

These emotions will make you feel closer to your goals which will give you the adrenaline to try more every day, and you will see that you compete with yourself in which you are always striving to be better than on previous days.

Emotions show you how badly you want to achieve your goals, and you put in your efforts in the same way. 

Take some time out 

When you know that you are ready to start on your manifestation journey, take out a diary and pen and start writing down how you feel regarding your aims, how you are planning to achieve them, what are things make you feel accomplished at the present moment, in this way you will be able to sketch out a schedule where you include your manifestations and also allow some time for journaling.

While you are journaling, you should make sure that you are writing in detail about how you are coping with this whole manifestation thing and how your views, your actions, or your behavior is changing with each passing day; in this way, you will be able to monitor your progress which will ultimately enable you to understand whether some changes are required in your current lifestyle or not.

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benefits of maintaining journal

Decide what your Mantra is

Almost everyone has their Mantra. It is their secret to go on about their day. It doesn’t have to be something very complex or difficult, it can be the simplest or the shortest Mantra ever, but the most important thing here is whether you can connect to it or not.

It can be an affirmation that will enable you to go throughout the day, motivate you while you are at work, give you that urge to get done with your work, boost your morale every time you feel exhausted.

It can also be a set of rules you love to abide by to make your life go by your terms. Decide your secret Mantra and repeat it several times every day. 

Write down three or more things you are grateful for

Every day find out three or more things that helped you out or the other that you are grateful for.

Those 3 or 4 or more things can be anything; it can even be three people or someone who has helped you out in three different ways. Write it down in your journal.

This might be different each day, ideally, but it can also be the same. When you write them down in your journal every day, you understand their importance in your life, and writing them down stays afresh in your memory every time and reminds you of them.

For instance, you can be grateful for your mother and whatever she does for you and your family every single day.

Jot down ten new ideas

Every day you wake up and get new ideas or inspirations to do something or about something. Write them down in your journal after you wake up. Write down how you came across this idea and how you wish to implement it.

Every time you get a positive idea and can implement it, it shows that you are sure about what you want to do in your life and how you want to go about it.

This is how you emit your energy vibrations, and those vibrations, when aligned with the vibrations from the outer world, you get your desired outcomes which you can manifest.

Let these ideas be anything that makes you happy, and you are willing to work after. Writing them down makes you realize their importance.

Remember to write down the obstacles you have recently faced

Just like the good things, the good memories you make, the new ideas and inspirations you get, there are also hurdles and obstacles that you have to come across almost every day.

For instance, just waking up in the early morning is a big obstacle for many. Write them down in your journal too.

Why should you be grateful for your problems and obstacles? You should be because those are things which teach you the correct way to do things. You will not know what success feels like until you taste failure.

You should also showcase gratitude for your problems and mishappenings as they teach you valuable lessons.

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benefits of having challenges and obstacles

Have some space to write your daily visualization

First, choose what you want to visualize for the day. It can be anything. Your goals for the future, or something you are planning to do very soon, or something you wish to carry forward for a few weeks or months. Visualizing is different from imagining and is a lot more useful and fruitful.

When you visualize something, you tend to see it how it is supposed to happen in your life. You can feel it close to you as if you are living it. When you visualize this deeply, you motivate yourself towards that goal, that desire that you want to fulfill or manifest.

Make sure to pause at times during today to visualize these again after you have written them in your journal.

Make sure to love yourself.

No matter how busy you are, no matter how much you plan and execute your ideas, there should be some time for self-love. Self-love should always be encouraged. You are the only one you have got to yourself at the end of the day, so treat yourself well.

When you start updating your journal, write what you are planning to do for yourself that day.

It may be the smallest of things like treating yourself with a bar of chocolate, going for a solo walk, going for a head massage or a pedicure session, or gifting yourself something extravagant.

Writing it down allows it to flourish in your memory for a long time and you don’t forget the self-love you promised yourself. 

Your Goals

Now comes the main part, the thing people keep journals for. Updating your daily goals or even your future long-term goals. Write your goals down in your journal no matter how big or small.

Writing it down makes you think twice about whether you are sure about that goal; it helps you figure out your true ambitions.

When you write down your goals every day, it stays in your memory, so even when you are exhausted or tired from work, it gives you the necessary boost to chase your dreams.

It motivates you and makes you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and henceforth, you are better able to manifest your desires.

Your happiness scores

This is a very interesting thing to do in your journal. Decide what your happiness score is at the beginning of the day and what the score is at night when you are done with your day.

Keep a standard total like ten or something you are comfortable with, and rate your day based on that standard mark.

Suppose you rate the day 5 when you wake up in the morning, and at night, you give the day an 8. This means you did something during the day which made you happier. Maybe something happened that resulted in a greater score.

Try to figure that out and once you are done with it, try repeating that thing every day to ensure your happiness is lasting.

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Tips to Start Writing a Manifestation Journal:

  • 1 Think about what you want, and don’t let your mind hover over various other things simultaneously.
  • 2 Be sure about what you need and ask yourself why you need to have that thing.
  • 3 Understand how you would feel when you have that thing achieved or that goal already reached.
  • 4 You can start by visualizing that you have already attained what you want.
  • 5 After the four above steps, start writing in your diary or journal. 

Manifestation Journal Exercises

Establishing precise Goals or wants:

Write out your precise goals or wants in clear and succinct language. Be as specific as possible in defining your goals.


Close your eyes and envision yourself already having accomplished your goals. Write down the emotions, sensations, and experiences you envisage in this successful scenario in your notebook.

Gratitude Journaling:

Write down what you are grateful for right now in your life. Practicing gratitude can boost your mood and bring more positive energy into your life.

  • 1 Describe a recent event that you found to be lucky and positive in your writing.
  • 2 What priceless lessons have you drawn from prior errors?
  • 3 What, in your opinion, distinguishes a charming person?
  • 4 How can kids contribute to a happier world?

Daily Affirmations:

Write down positive affirmations relevant to your goals in your journal. These affirmations should be written in the present tense, as if they are already true.

  • 1 I am in love with myself
  • 2 I shall excel at my work today
  • 3 I am bold and fearless
  • 4 I shall improve my skills


Create a journal entry in which you describe your life after accomplishing your aims. Write it as if it is happening right now, with vivid details to make it feel authentic.

Negative Thoughts Should Be Released:

Recognize and write down any doubts, worries, or limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You clear the way for manifestation by recognising and letting go of these negative beliefs.

Tracking Progress:

Review your manifestation journal entries on a regular basis to reflect on your progress. Adjust your goals or intents as necessary, and remember to enjoy any tiny accomplishments along the road.

Action Planning:

Make a list of specific tasks or steps you need to follow to achieve your goals. Keep track of your progress in a journal to hold yourself accountable.,

benefits of visualization


From the above points, it can be concluded that keeping and maintaining a manifestation journal is not that hard or cumbersome.

You need to know the correct strategy as mentioned in the above points and make sure all those points are met in your journal. Once you get the knack of keeping a journal every day, you will notice how easy it becomes to work on your goals and dreams and manifest them.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Write A Manifestation Journal

How does a manifestation journal help you?

A manifestation journal can help you maintain a record of all the things and goals you wish to have and achieve in your life, and when you are constantly seeing those things in the journal, it gives you a greater zeal to work towards your desires.

What are the advantages of manifestation journaling?

It enables you to align yourself better with the universe, reprogram your subconscious mind, be more aware of your reality, and think and act so that you have already achieved your goals and desires.

What should you do during manifestation journaling?

Stick to one particular goal or thought and prevent your mind from wandering, don’t be unsure of what you want, have complete faith in your abilities, remove all limiting beliefs, and visualize that you have already achieved your desires. 

What should one do with their old manifestation journal papers?

You should probably burn those papers safely in a secured manner, rather than just tearing them apart or throwing them away. Burning those papers will amplify the intentions with which you want to destroy your older manifestations. 

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