How to Stop Manifesting Things You Don’t Want

Manifestation is indeed a great thing if you use it accurately, but sometimes you tend to forget that with time as you grow up and evolve, you do not want the same things, so it is essential to stop manifesting the things which you do not want.

Manifestation has a lot to do with your energy, so if you do not want something, your energy levels automatically go down, which negatively affects your manifestation process.

How to stop negative thoughts from taking control of your mind?

  • Practice some mindfulness and self-awareness so that you can control your mind when you think negatively. 
  • Whenever you feel that you are thinking negatively, then identify your negative thoughts.
  • Replace your negative thoughts by doing something or by optimism in your life. 
  • When you think negatively, do not let your thoughts stop. Rather, avoid stopping your thoughts.
  • Practice how to cope with criticism as it helps you lead your life. 

How to stop manifesting things you don’t want

Practicing meditation 

Meditation is a practice that enables you to focus on a specific thing or keep your patience for a long time, and it instills within you silence, peace, and calm which helps you in getting away with all your wandering thoughts.

It enables you to think deeply about any important thing that you would require to do in your life. Meditation helps you get away with negative thoughts and concentrate on the things you would not require in your life.

Meditation enables you to come to terms with things you don’t want, and it helps you realize that your energy and manifestations should be channeled in the right direction.

You imbibe peace and calmness, which helps you let go of the things you do not want from your manifestation process.

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Honor the contrast within yourself 

It may be hard to believe, but your challenging times are the best for you because that’s what carves you out into a diamond.

When you face some difficulties or have a hard time, you feel that you are doing something wrong in your life, leading you to difficulties. It automatically lets you analyze what you are doing and including in your manifestation process.

When you face challenges, you feel that you are out of alignment, which leads you to such tough days, but these days enable you to reconsider the things you do in your daily life.

When you look for things, the contrast, the feeling you get when something is wrong, enables you to fix things and get rid of things you don’t want in life.

You understand and come to terms with that when you grow up, you evolve, and your thoughts develop, too, so with time, your needs and priorities change, leading you to stop manifesting the things you do not want in your life.

Shadow Work 

Naturally, everyone has a certain unknown part of themselves, leading them to some unmindful manifestations. One of the most important things is knowing yourself foremost or knowing the unknown and the dark part of yourself.

You need to understand fully what is the thought of that unknown part of yourself and get a clear idea regarding its aims and thoughts.

This will help you get a clear idea as to why you are manifesting something you do not want. These unknown parts give you the fuel to manifest negative energies in your life. 

When doing the shadow work, you may come across such cases which you have never wanted, but it was a part of your unconscious mind that led you to believe that you should be in your life.

These unconscious thoughts are something that leads you to manifest the things which you had previously wanted. You need to get rid of these thoughts, which enable you to let go of the things which you do not want to manifest in your life.

Harness your emotions 

Emotions play an important role while you are in your manifestation journey. Emotions are like that hidden sense inside you that works magically in things, so you need to be able to understand your emotions and take control of it.

Emotions drive you towards things you have no clue about because your emotions are attracted to it in your subconscious mind.

Emotions get the hang of something which you had wanted at an early stage of life, and it does not let go because your emotions get deeply attached to it. It drives you even to manifest things that you do not want at the present moment. 

The most useful way of stopping this is to control what you are feeling and how attached you are to everything in your life, consciously and subconsciously.

You need to detach yourselves from things that do not matter to you, and this will, in turn, get your priorities clear and let your emotions focus only on the present things that matter to you the most. These emotions will thereby help you guide yourself toward the right path.

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Replace the unwanted thoughts 

Unwanted thoughts are something that channels your energy into manifesting something which you do not want. You know that apart from the things you would like to achieve, some wandering thoughts are hovering around your mind, and they play an important role in being a part of your manifestation journey.

The most important part is, first of all, recognizing the unwanted thoughts in your mind; once you try to identify them and recognize them, you will be able to go to the root of these thoughts and resolve them. These thoughts carry around some of your past aims, which you had set in life. 

These aims might not be significant for you, but if you waste your valuable energy on things that have no value, you are already draining out your energy, which isn’t a good sign for you.

So to get rid of these unwanted thoughts, you need to replace them with something which you want, for exam, your present goals or ambitions in life.

These thoughts will help you in turn, in your manifestation process, helping you reach your destined goals. When you replace your thoughts, you must remember that those thoughts should be of the same weight as the previous ones.

Try raising your vibration and energy. 

Your vibrations and energy decide a lot that goes on in your surroundings. When you are around people who tend to pull you’re down and create negative vibes around you, in such cases, you unconsciously think about things that dampen your mood and energy.

This leads you to often keep these negative vibes on the back of your mind, making you manifest things you never wanted.

When you surround yourself with a negative aura, it leads you to believe that those negative energies control you, which is not true in real life. To escape from this maze, you need to raise your vibrations and energy so that it is not affected by any external factors. When you keep a shield around you, nothing can get the better of you.

This shield indeed protects you from all the toxicity around you, keeping you safe in your optimism. It helps you understand what you truly want in life and helps you in getting it through the manifestation process. Nothing can budge you from achieving what you want when keeping yourself on the right path.

Having command of your words and languages 

Words and languages play an important role in your life. You tend to speak those words or language which go on in your mind. Words and language are the media of your thoughts, and it speaks up for you, making everyone around you understand you and come to terms with your thoughts.

Whenever you think something consciously or subconsciously, your mind signals those thoughts into the words or languages you speak, so it becomes very important to understand what your words or languages are hinting at and take the right charge of it.

Your words and language make you understand the thoughts that have been hovering around your mind for a long time about which you have no clue. You should notice that your words and languages are a reflection of what goes on in your mind.

It helps you in noticing the unwanted thoughts that go into your mind and helps you in sorting them out are.

These deep-rooted thoughts are one of the reasons which make you manifest unwanted things even though you want to stop them. These manifestations of unwanted things will not stop unless you let go of those thoughts in your mind by noticing your words and languages.

Ignore the thoughts 

Thoughts are something that leads you to some emotional responses. Often you may have the feeling of being overwhelmed due to some thoughts which are continuously on your mind. These thoughts often lead you towards such responses, which are unprecedented for you; it makes you do things that you have never thought about before.

When your thoughts start controlling you, you automatically get emotional, even by the slight harshness. It makes you all the more vulnerable, distracts you from your goals, and also proves to hamper your manifestation process. 

The best that you can do is to ignore your thoughts, yes, it may sound difficult, but when you come to terms with the thoughts that are making you weak, you need to ignore them to succeed.

You know that everyone in their lives has such thoughts, but victorious are those who learn to ignore them; similarly, you too need to learn to ignore your thoughts which are proving to be hurdles in your manifestation journey.

When you start ignoring those thoughts, you will notice that you will have a positive vibe that will help you manifest. 

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Reset your attraction point with an affirmation point 

You need to know the difference between attraction and affirmation. Attraction is temporary and mainly external; it means that you are attracted to the things or the goals based on only the results it brings; on the other hand, affirmation is something that tries to throw light on the skills on which you are mastered.

It tries to reach a mountain of success by brushing the skills you have acquired over time. When you are on your manifestation journey, you should always try focusing on affirmation instead of wasting your time on some temporary attractions. 

The affirmation will show you that you indeed have some capabilities and some skills which are better than any temporary attractions; these affirmations will help you work harder on your skills, making you a master of it; you will realize that you are capable of much greater things than you expected from yourself.

This affirmation will enable you to build your confidence and also help you manifest the right things you want for a lifetime and not just a temporary period.

These traits will eventually help you raise your positive energies, helping you embrace your manifestation journey. 

Surround yourself with positive people 

The environment you are in plays an important role while you are manifesting; when negative energies or vibes surround you, your energies will automatically droop down, which will not be fruitful for your manifestation process.

When you have negative people around you, they will try to put you down, breaking your confidence and making you lose your trust in yourself.

When you don’t have confidence in yourself, it will become difficult for the whole universe to strive to make your dreams come true. So while you are in your manifestation process, you need to make sure that you are with the right company; this company should be there to boost and motivate you whenever you are going through a tough phase.

Moreover, you need to make sure that you are spending time with people who are mostly positive in their outlook and are ready to try their hands on everything.

They make sure that they always put in their absolute best without thinking about their results. The people who surround you should be the ones who are optimistic regarding things and never look down upon you but rather correct you when you are wrong. It will all help you in making your manifestation successful.

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Avoid overanalyzing 

Overanalyzing makes you think too deeply about the situation, and it leads you to such results which are not good for you. When you over-analyze the situations, it shows that you doubt the whole manifestation process, making you lose interest in the journey, breaking your confidence and dampening your spirit.

This makes you stop believing in the process of manifestation, due to which you lose out on your motivation and also do not want to try anymore.

This reflects on your outlook, which makes the manifestation process fail. When over analyze, you look into the slightest of wrongs happening and break your head to such an extent that you lose your focus.

When you overanalyze, you look into your slightest flaws, thereby not letting you focus on the goals you want to achieve.

It asks whether you have set the right goals for yourself or not, which harms your whole manifestation process. It leads you to a path of self-despair where you just crib for the things but do not put any effort into it.

Over-analyzing makes you go into a state where you cannot understand the good and bad.

Be kind to yourself 

Kindness is one of the greatest virtues that one can have. When you are on your manifestation journey, naturally, times will get tough, and you will not be able to justify all your demands. In such a situation, the best thing you can do is show yourself some kindness.

You need to take a break and remind yourself of your true potential and capabilities. This will boost your confidence and work even harder towards your goals.

When you are going through a hard time, it is very natural to break down at times, but at that point, the most that you can do is treat yourself with kindness and understand the turmoil that you are going through.

Things will get tough when you are on your path to achieving your aims and goals, but you should be dependent on anyone to motivate you or show you the right path. You should have the anchor of your life; whenever you fall, it is just a reason to make you stand up even stronger.

These points of doubt in your life are the ones that fill you up with motivation and also give you the clarity that you are indeed made for bigger things in life. It helps you in your visualizing process, which helps you achieve the aims and goals you have wished for.

You need to remember that this is a journey that requires patience, and you need to be supportive of yourself and always be kind to yourself.


Unwanted things are something that is deep-rooted in your mind and unknowingly becomes a part of your life. You need to understand yourself deeply, and the root causes leading you toward these thoughts. Unless you have clarity in what is making you think this way, you will not be able to protect yourself from it.

Manifestation is all about the things which you badly want to achieve in your life, and it should not include something in which you have no interest; it brings down the total idea of manifestation.

Above are some points that may help you stop manifesting the things you do not want. It will give you an idea regarding the places where you might go wrong, and you will be able to correct yourself and tell if you are back on the right path.

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Frequently asked questions on how to stop manifesting things you don’t want

How does negative thinking start?

Negative thinking mainly refers to the thoughts and beliefs surrounded by pessimism; it impacts your mental health and your feelings and emotions. 

How to release negative thoughts?

If you want to release negative thoughts, you need to say them out loud, write down your affirmations, and do a creative visualization. 

Do negative thinking come to reality?

Negative thinking is not always bad as it helps you in the realization of your mistake, although some negative thinking is irrational and unrealistic, and it prevents you from positive thinking.

Why do negative thoughts come to mind?

Negative thoughts can come from any type of illness, or they may arise from exhaustion, anger, or any other type, which has a hindrance in the way you progress in life.

Is negative thinking a disease?

Negative thinking is something which every person suffers at least once in their lifetime, and it nurtures your capabilities making you realize your potential and the ability to withstand everything.

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