How to Write a Manifestation List

Maintaining a manifestation list allows you to write down and keep account of all the emotions that come alongside the desires you want to manifest in your life.

If you are a beginner at keeping such a list, it might be a bit overwhelming to write down every detail of your emotions, but once you get used to it, you will enjoy it and notice your emotions will not feel all over the place. Writing a manifestation list will allow you to get past all your negative emotions and work better with the law of attraction theory.

Effective ways to start writing your manifestation list:

  • Start by gathering the right tools and brainstorming ideas for your manifestation list.
  • Prioritize the most important tasks which will take you closer to your goals and leave aside procrastination.
  • When building yourself from scratch, use others as your inspiration, and inculcate their ways for being successful.
  • Believe in your manifestations and writeth them down as if you have already achieved them.
  • Practice gratefulness and be more compassionate to others.

Ways by which you can write a manifestation list:

Take a journal or a notepad.

To write down all your emotions which arise alongside your desires and ambitions, you need a notepad, a journal, or anything where you can jot them down.

Make sure it is portable, and you can use it over time, where you will have all your emotions and feelings organized clearly.

These manifestation lists, and the emotions which come along with them, can become very long and descriptive at times, so make sure the place where you write it is long enough to hold everything in one place.

The details and every random idea that arise should be in one place, organized so that you don’t lose track of anything. You will spend a lot of time with this journal, so make sure you are comfortable with using it.

Be prepared before writing.

Before you write anything, you must have a clear mind and heart. You should not be overwhelmed with your ideas and emotions while writing a manifestation list in your journal.

You can use certain ways to make sure your mind is calm before writing.

You can light up your favorite candle, listen to some calming music, or even meditate before you get down to write.

When you have a clear mind, it becomes much easier to write down everything that is going on inside your head, and you will not be losing track of ideas. Having a stable focus and concentration is mandatory before starting to write.

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Mediate before you start to write

As discussed in the previous point, it is essential to have a clear mind and focused attention before making your manifestation list every day.

It would help if you had a comfortable place, a clean and not messed up, and determination before you get down to meditate.

Even if you lack focus and concentration, meditating will allow you to gain that lost focus and calm your nerves down before making the much-important manifestation list.

Meditation calms your senses down and prepares you to write and reduces any stress or wavering emotion that you may have before meditating. You can also light a candle or play some soothing music to add to your meditation process.

Employing some other means of meditation like mindfulness also helps.

Visualize what you want to manifest

Before you get down to making your manifestation list, make sure to visualize your goals and desires.

Visualization allows you to see and feel your goals in real life and motivates you to never lose focus while traversing towards your goals. 

The way you visualize and see the results of your manifestation determines what you are going to write down in your manifestation list. While visualizing, you often become sure of something you want or not.

Is it something which you need? Or is there something which you are missing out on? These are a few minute doubts which get cleared while you are visualizing. 

Don’t let your mind wander while making a list.

It might often happen that you lose track of your ideas while making your list. It is quite common to have a wandering mind, losing focus in the midst of making your manifestation list.

In such cases, you must stay aware and bring yourself back to your senses.

Wandering also means slowly getting drowned in negative thoughts while writing. Getting grasped by negativity can have a lot of implications on the outcomes of your desires. It is always advised to stay aware and focus more on the positives.

The more positive you are, the greater the chances of raising your energy vibrations to match the vibrations of your desires and manifest them effectively.

Write down everything you visualize in detail.

Once you have visualized your goals and aspirations and control your mind, it’s finally time to write down everything in detail. You need to write every little detail of your dreams so that nothing gets missed out.

Even if there are parts that you have glossed over previously, you must jot them down again.

Take your time and be as detailed as possible. It is not possible to make a manifestation list when you are in a hurry, so make sure you have enough time kept aside for making this.

Writing every little detail will ensure that you see your manifestations coming true.

Be specific about your ideas.

The main thing that will help you manifest your ideas and desires is being specific and clear. It would help if you were specific about your ideas so that mixed emotions don’t get in the way of you and your manifestations. 

Having clarity about what you want also lets the universe know what you want, and when your vibrations match accurately with the vibrations of your goals, the entire universe grants them to you.

When you write down specifically what you want, there is no wiggle room in the universe to think otherwise. The universe will itself make sure you get your desires fulfilled.

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Inculcate gratefulness in your daily journal

The most effective way to raise your energy vibrations to match the vibrations of your ambitions and goals is to be grateful.

Grateful even to your problems, mishappenings, and obstacles teach you a lesson and make you wise enough not to repeat the same mistakes again.

Showcasing gratitude and even writing them down on your list allows the universe to know that you are thankful for everything and everyone in your life, and that’s the same energy that comes back to you in the form of others paying gratitude to you for your deeds.

Write everything in the present tense.

Instead of writing what you want, you can try to write it so that you already have it.

Writing down in the present tense and visualizing what you want allows you to feel even closer to your goals and get the urge required to manifest them.

Write your manifestations in such a way that you already have them that will give you the feeling of having your goals right next to you; all that is left is for you to put in efforts and chase them down.

For example, instead of writing “One day, I will enjoy the feeling of having my car,” try writing, “ I enjoy driving my car, that feeling is unexplainable.”

Use affirmations

Affirmations are words or a set of words that you can use to motivate yourself. Different people may have different sets of affirmations they use to get inspired and get the zeal to chase their goals.

You, too, can make such a set or sets of affirmations which you will repeat throughout the day to stay motivated.

Every morning, start by saying something like, “It’s a new day, make sure to make the most of it,” or say something like, “I love the way I’m living my life these days.”

Repeating things like these have a positive impact on your mind and give you the enthusiasm to never give up or become sloppy while running after your dreams.

Be positive

Be positive and surround yourself with positivity. This will ensure that no negativity or pessimism gets hold of you and drowns you in ill thinking of yourself or your ambitions.

While manifesting, you must focus on the positive aspects of your goals.

Everything has a negative side to it so universal harmony is maintained. You must be aware that you concentrate solely on the positive side of things.

Focusing on the positives, and surrounding yourself with positivity, will allow you to stay happy while you are working with the law of attraction and let more positivity seep into your life.

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Be confident with yourself.

How can the universe work with you and be by you if you are not confident enough? While manifesting, it is essential that you know what you are working with and you are confident of your efforts and decisions.

Whenever you have doubts of any kind in your mind, it hinders the process of manifestation owing to your lack of confidence.

When you are confident in yourself, you are optimistic because there is much lesser self-doubt. The most important thing while manifesting is being all clear of doubts.

Having clarity is a must so that the universe knows exactly what you want, and to have that clarity and stable emotional state of mind, you must have confidence in yourself.

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Have faith in the universe

After you have gained that faith in yourself and are confident of your approach and thinking, it’s time you start trusting the universe.

This makes manifestation hard because you need to build trust in the universe, which requires a lot of time and faith in all that is happening around you.

Have faith that the universe will give back all that you are manifesting for if you have a true heart and a clarified state of mind. Just do your part, be positive, and the universe will care for everything else.

This is what the law of attraction is all about. When you are confident and have enough trust in the universe, you will notice that the manifestation process becomes even more fun and easier. 

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From the above points, it can be concluded that writing a manifestation list may be a bit overwhelming initially, but once you get a grip over your emotions, have a clarified state of mind, become specific of all that you want, and have faith in the universe, it becomes all the more fun and interesting.

You will start loving your manifestation process, and your energy vibrations will compel the universe to give you all that you are hustling for.

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Frequently Asked Questions on how to write a manifestation list

What is a manifestation list?

It can be defined as a list of things and goals you want to achieve in your life. It covers every aspect of your life, from emotional states to physical objects to your relationships, and can be as broad as you want it to be and as vast as you want it to be.

How to make your manifestation list?

Get a journal or a notepad and start writing down your ideas and desires. You need to visualize your goals and write your manifestation down in detail. Stay positive and have faith in yourself and the universe.

In which tense should you write your manifestations?

You can write your manifestations down in either present or past tense; it’s completely up to you, but it is advised to write in the present tense so that you feel ever so close to your desires, and that enhances your zeal to work towards them.

How many things can you manifest at once?

You can manifest any number of things you want at the same time. There are absolutely no limits. The law of attraction is even more powerful than it seems to everyone, and there are also some positives to manifesting various things simultaneously.

How to ask the universe for something that you want?

You should start by being precise and to the point. Ask the universe for it and let it go, don’t be completely obsessed over it. Have patience and faith in the universe. Observe various signs from the universe and trust that it knows the best.

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