137+ Buddhist Words of Encouragement

In this era of materialism and negativity, words from Buddha are our guiding light. In the want of modernizing themselves, people have burn ethics.

The world we live in works on a disciplined phenomenon. However, the present civilization is undisciplined and chaotic.

To revive back the morals and principles that we once thrived on, we need to start empathizing with the ideas of enlightened souls such as Lord Gautama Buddha. 

Words of Encouragement From Buddha

There are innumerable sayings and stories of Buddha that have been prevailing from day to generation throughout the world. Some of them are listed below:

– The only way to attain nirvana is to have a blind walk across the eightfold paths. 

-It is our journey, our path, and our efforts; hence we are responsible for it. 

– The world witnessed nothing more beautiful an ornament than the sense of being awakened. 

– Discipline in the mind brings happiness to the soul.

– Going through ups and downs is bliss to be cherished and not regret to have.

– wake up and run the cause, no wonder there be no tomorrow. 

– Nothing values more than a soul with parents to love, beloved to adorn, and a grateful occupation.

– The journey is the taste of the fruit, destination.

– Let alone the past. Your next morning will decide the new day.

– You are a man with a body of flesh, mind of wisdom, and soul with purity. Seek help from within if the world parts away.

– Your life is perfect, just develop gratefulness. 

– The more you hold onto the mud, the more it slips out of your hand. 

– Our thoughts shape us as a being, and our personality is a mere consequence of what we think. 

– The sky is the same throughout. Distinctions are not natural but created out of impurity.

– We owe love to ourselves than to others. 

– Your anger one day will snatch away you’re deserving and leave you starving.

– The one in silence is blamed, the one in distress is blamed and the one with goodwill is blamed. Even you are blamed but is that something to worry about? 

– The identity an ocean beholds is the taste of salt like the teachings beholds of liberation. 

– Worldly attachment has been deemed the roots of suffering.

-Scatter your unbounded love towards the entire society.

-Confuse them with your silence and astonish them with your achievements.

-Real beauty and happiness are like the hidden herbs from mankind.

-You cannot set foot on anything from panicking and creating pressure oneself will lead to nowhere but vain.

– Purity is subjective. You are pure when you decide to tarnish the impurities within yourself. 

– Light more candles of happiness and the light will never die down. 

– Your hatred will build in hatred and then some more hatred. Your love will do the same. What you decide is what gets spread. 

– The world functions on karma. The hand of help you let is the hand that comes to you in times. 

– The act of sharing is independent of the abundance but thrives on the intention.

– Words can work wonders while building goodness without noise or killing without shedding a drop of blood. 

– The world is round, hence shift during crossroads or you return to where you start. 

-Your hands have lost the past so trained them to write a present for a beautiful future.

-No matter how hard we try just like the sun and the moon truth can’t be hidden long.

-Make your thoughts clear or always remain unfortified.

-Doing nothing is better than doing something wrong, do whatever you want to but do it for yourself.

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-Becoming a helping hand over and over again will fill you with joy.

-Do not become dependent on others except for yourself.

-Following the same direction like others can end you up nowhere.

-Doesn’t matter what annoys or irritates you, remember that it’s just a belief and you can let it go.

-Show your devotion to the entire world like the mother loves her only little one.

-Never think about what has been done always see what remains to be done.

-Good decisions or a bad mindset is your real strength.

-Analyze each belief before trusting them as your light.

-The wisdom you live with doesn’t burn into ashes after death.

-Conquered the within and the world falls at your feet.

-you live a journey to seek happiness but happiness lies in that journey you live.

-Patience and endurance are all needed throughout.

-Always be ready for the upcoming days because they are the only ones that will matter the most.

-Take your pleasures with you and outspread them everywhere that you go.

-learn from your past lessons, or else life being your teacher will repeat it to check you.

 -the best teacher for you in life is your last mistakes, who else it could be? 

-the one who understands others is a good person, but the best is the one who forgives.

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Budhdhist for Inspiration and Motivation

  • 1 “Find peace inside yourself, not outside.”
  • 2 “You become what you think.”
  • 3 “Truth can’t stay hidden forever.”
  • 4 “Focus on now, not the past or future.”
  • 5 “Only real failure is not being true to yourself.”
  • 6 “Control your mind for health and wisdom.”
  • 7 “Sharing happiness makes it grow.” – Buddha
  • 8 “We must save ourselves and walk our path.”
  • 9 “Love, live gently, and let go gracefully.”
  • 10 “Happiness comes from how you think.”
  • 11 “Live wisely in the present.”
  • 12 “Anger hurts you more than others.”
  • 13 “Think for yourself, use common sense.”
  • 14 “Find your purpose, give your all.”
  • 15 “True way is in your heart.”

Short Words of Encouragement from Buddha

-Be with supportive people, not those who annoy you.

-Drop your ego, nurture your soul.

-Focus on happiness, not bad conditions.

-Only you can change your purity.

-Work on salvation, be self-reliant.

-You’re the author of your well-being.

-Accept love and hate; both help growth.

-Your reaction defines your condition’s power.

-Wisdom is your strength.

-Live each day fully.

-Love doesn’t demand perfection, just honesty.

-Make your mind a pleasant place.

-Reaction matters more than problems.

-Anger harms you first.

-Care for body, mind, and soul.

-Action over knowledge.

-Abundance without ownership.

-Righteousness over worship.

-Everyone faces difficulties.

-Kindness and dedication matter.

-Spirituality gives life purpose.

-Challenges lead to growth.

-Belief shapes ability.

-Storms pass, growth follows.

-Small efforts accumulate.

-Your work reflects your value.

-Evil deeds poison potential.

-Sin is in quitting or not starting.

-Love for self spreads to others.

-Nature’s beauty mirrors life’s.

-Ignorance begets darkness.

-Start if the process is worthy.

-Opinions shouldn’t be forced.

-Help others for future aid.

-Radiate love by choice.

-Spiritual living matters.

-Rearrange thoughts for peace.

-Admit foolishness for wisdom.

-Walking alone fosters spirituality.

-Inner destruction breeds anger.


Buddha’s encouraging words hold ageless wisdom. They help us find calm inside, be kind, and live now. His teachings say happiness comes from thoughts, and we’re strong by letting go. He inspires us to handle tough times with care and kindness.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Buddhist Words of Encouragement:

What did Buddha say about finding inner peace?

Buddha taught for activities like meditation that help people develop a calm, concentrated mind as a means of finding inner peace. “Peace comes from within,” he remarked. Don’t look elsewhere for it. This implies that genuine serenity originates within ourselves rather than from outside factors.

How can I find happiness according to Buddha’s teachings?

Buddha said that attaining happiness requires adhering to the Eightfold Path, which entails having the proper perspective, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration. Following these guidelines results in a balanced and contented existence.

How can Buddha’s teachings help reduce anxiety and stress?

Anxiety and tension can be reduced by practicing mindfulness and being in the now, according to Buddha’s teachings. “Let go of what has passed,” he said. Let go of potential outcomes. Let go of the present situation. Don’t try to solve any puzzles. Do not attempt to force anything. The calming quality of mindfulness is reflected in the phrase, “Relax, now, and rest.”

What can Buddha’s teachings teach us about the nature of reality?

The idea of impermanence and the delusion of a fixed self are major themes in Buddha’s teachings. The key thing is to not be afraid, he continued, adding that the entire globe is a very narrow bridge. This shows that accepting reality’s impermanence empowers us to face life’s uncertainties with courage.

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