101+ Words of Encouragement From Osho To Guide Yourself To Better Self

Born in a Jain family, Rajneesh Chandra Mohan, known as Osho and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh have enormous followers, especially in the west.

He was popular as an excellent speaker and communicator. Osho offers the wide wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge that motivates and encourages others.

To feel encouragement to overcome and find the truth of real happiness and overcoming the difficulties of life, here are the best positive and inspiring words for you.

Positive And Inspiring Osho Words To Uplift  Yourself

-You are the holy, the goal, way, and light is in you. It’s you who completes you.

– Life is not what frustrates you, but it’s you who is not listening to what it’s telling you.

– Don’t leave earth without making it a little beautiful, lovelier, and living.

– When you stop fearing, you will start living.

– Don’t be too serious, look at life with playful eyes.

– Don’t pretend to be a philosopher,  thinker, just be human.

– When you are too serious, it makes you blind and you can’t let your heart open to beautiful things.

– Don’t pretend to laugh, when your heart is breaking, don’t smile with eyes full of tears. It will protect the wound from healing and you will rot yourself.

– You are the one who makes your life heaven, but it’s you who makes it hell.

– Be creative, make your life as a painting, a poem, something beautiful to look at.

– Miracles are real, plan for it.

– Each person who comes to the world has their decided destinies, with that he has something to fulfill, messages that need to deliver and work to complete.

– Dancing, singing, and sitting quietly is a meditation that you need to do every day.

– Love is a dialogue, it’s not a monologue.

–  The world  Is imperfect and that makes it beautiful as it grows every day.

– Discover who you are, otherwise, you will depend on what others think about you who don’t even know who they are.

–  There is nothing like a convenient and comfortable life, the only one you will go to when you are dead.

–  Laughing takes you to the deep meditative state where you think about nothing.

– You can’t think and laugh together, choose one.

–  Growth is important, you might come closer to becoming perfect but never be perfect. Its non-existence.

–  Instead of using the head, use the heart. think less and focus on feeling more.

Short And Meaningful Quotes From Osho

-There is nothing that can fill the emptiness.

– trust is the bridge that connects who you are to your existence.

– Mind can be a beautiful servant but it can be a dangerous master

– Awareness is like magic to your body and mind.

–  Inner feeling of bliss is what you should use to judge everything.

– Your life and existence will take care of everything else.

– Blissful laughter can make a man rich.

– When you are egoistic, you have the absence of awareness.

Positive  Words On Life, Love, And Truth From Osho

-Life repeats itself, again and again, if you are not mindful, you might go one operation too.

– Love is sharing, it’s not better but an emperor.

– Pain makes you alert, it doesn’t make you sad.

–  Your past is no more, the future is not yet. Live moments to the moment.

– When you start seeing the beautiful life, the ugliness will disappear.

– To make your life filled with joy, start looking for it.

– A person can’t be in heaven and hell altogether, you have the choice and it’s in you.

–  You are the masterpiece, don’t be someone else.

– Nobody in the world can take two steps together, so take one and keep going.

–  when you know less, the more stubbornly you know it.

–  Truth is not what you need to discover outside, it’s what you need to realize with you.

–  The competition with anybody is not needed, accept the real you as you are perfect.

–  The right balance of life is to know when to rest and when to move.

–  Never sell freedom when you are in love with someone.

– Love is not blind, it’s only what his eyes and sees that no one can see.

– Appreciation is what makes love perfect, not possession.

– When you fall in love, you remain as a child, when you see it makes you mature.

–  To start your life, you need to stop getting scared of everything.

–  Life doesn’t have its meaning, it’s the opportunity where you can create it for yourself.

– when you don’t respect women, you are unable to respect anyone else.

– when you avoid pain, you are avoiding pleasure too, when you avoid death, you end up avoiding life as well.

– Tears are not something you feel ashamed of, be bold as you are still natural.

– Whatever you feel, that’s what makes you who you are.

–  To be at peace, create the space within your heart.

– Love who you are first, not with the geo but with the light that can’t stand the darkness.

– When you meditate, the intelligence and installation come from rebellion.

– Reading is not just food for the mind or to increase memory.

– Enjoy the loneliness, respect yourself for the uniqueness, and to be alone instead of looking for the crowd.

– Find inner peace even though it’s the most difficult thing.

– Fame is pointless, foolish, and meaningless.

– Sadeness comes and joy too, everything passes, what remains is what you witness, it’s all beyond the polarities.

–  Respect the person who accepted the way he is, he has the courage to face the pressure and without bending, taking it without standing against to change his way.

–  Every person who is born closes their hand but when they die, the hand stays open.

– If you hold back, no relationship can grow.

–  The water has more power than rock, the soft is stronger than hard, the minion has more power than being masculine.

– Ignorance makes you bold, but knowledge makes you hesitate.

– Don’t keep yourself afraid of what is unknown in the world.

– If you have the kids, open the door so they can understand what’s behind that, show their support.

–  Trust is important to learn, without that life is meaningless.

– Don’t cling to a false center, it depends on others instead of what you believe you are.

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