201+ January Journal Prompts

The best approach to begin the month of January with a heart full of hope and optimism is to keep a daily notebook. Who doesn’t love making resolutions for the new year?

We enjoy how Everybody’s life begins with a blank sheet on January 1. We may decide to re-establish ourselves, become anyone we choose, and pursue any desire. Winter vacation is finished. We are all making plans for the upcoming year and for the rest of our lives.

January Journal Prompts

We hope this varied list of January Prompts will ready you to explore the best parts of you lying hidden, waiting to be unearthed as another year comes around.

– Be motivated on Monday; What can you do to help you remain on track to meet your objectives this year?

– Tell a Story on Tuesday; Create a tale about a New Year’s Eve celebration gone wrong in which the year turns backward rather than ahead at the stroke of midnight!

– On Wednesday, write about a New Year’s Eve celebration using descriptive language. As you write, be sure to consider all five senses.

– Thursday Poetry Assignment; Compose a poem on beginnings.

– Friendly Friday; Describe your resolutions for the coming year in writing and share them with a buddy. Exchange strategies for achieving your objectives.

– Supportive Saturday; Offer to take on a new household task in order to assist someone else. Then, write about your experience. What was the other person’s response? How long will you honor your recent promise?

– The week’s end on Sunday; Consider your year’s conclusion as you reflect. What notable events occurred during the year?

– Monday Motivation: Make a plan for the next week. What will you prioritize?

– Share a Story Tuesday: Construct a narrative about a nation that sets New Year’s resolutions. How well do their plans go?

– Descriptive Writing Wednesday: Write about January using descriptive language. Make sure to describe how the month feels using all five senses.

– Write a poem on something you do for Compose a Poem Thursday.

– Write down your biggest wishes for the world and share them with a buddy on Friendly Friday. How similar and distinct are your hopes? What may cause them to materialize?

– Supportive Saturday: Today, do something nice for a neighbor and share your experience in a blog post. What emotions did aiding your neighbor elicit?

– The weekend on Sunday What did you do well last week, in your opinion?

– Motivated Monday; How can you improve your actions from the previous week to accomplish more?

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– Share a Story Tuesday: Compose a tale about a little child who experiences an unexpected transformation at the start of the year.

– Descriptive Writing Wednesday: Describe how you feel after a long day of work using descriptive language.

– Thursday Poetry Assignment: Compose a poem describing how it feels to age.

– On Fridays, write about a moment when you accomplished something extraordinary and tell a buddy about it. What contributed to each of your successes?

– Helpful Saturday: Call a buddy and work together to do your schoolwork; afterward, write about the experience. Was it simpler to do your homework as a group? What was it like to exchange thoughts with a different student?

– The weekend on Sunday; What was your biggest accomplishment this week, in your opinion? What are some things you might get better at?

– Motivated Monday: What goals do you have for the next week? What method will you use?

– Tuesday’s prompt is to create a narrative about a girl who retains all of her knowledge.

– Descriptive Writing Wednesday: Write about the sound of snow falling using descriptive language. What sights are there? Can you detect any flavors?

– Write a poem on Thursday: Poetically describe a person you admire.

– On a friendly Friday, read the poetry you composed the day before to a friend and ask them to determine who it is about.

– Do something to assist others who are less fortunate than you on Supportive Saturday. Volunteer, make a time or monetary donation, or plan to participate in a future charity event. Then, put your experience into writing. Why is it crucial to assist people who are in need compared to us?

– The week’s end on Sunday Reflection: How did you accomplish your objectives this week? What did you do to mark your achievement?

– Tuesday’s prompt is to create a narrative about a winning dogsled team.

– On Wednesday, create a description of a snowball battle using descriptive language. Utilize each of your five senses.

– Compose a poem for Poetry Thursday on your favorite month of the year.

– What were the most important lessons you took from last year?

– Name the top three moments from the previous year. Why were they your finest experiences?

– Your three worst experiences from the previous year. Why were they your worst experiences?

– Three deeds of compassion you performed the previous year.

– Your top 3 accomplishments from the previous year, and how will they benefit you in the next year?

– These are the three terrible habits I want to kick this year.

– I want to develop the following three positive habits this year.

– What prevents you from taking care of yourself, and what are five ways I may start taking care of myself?

– As a result of these 7(Name them), I am fortunate.

– How will I better manage my funds this year?

– These are three things that make you happy in life.

– Give an example of a recent dream you experienced. Do you want to make it come true?

– What are your top three goals for this year?

– Which novels and why do you wish to read this year?

– A motivational saying that you can always turn to in trying times.

– Sum up who you are in ten words or less. Your preferences, dislikes, and ideas on relationships, life, etc.

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– Someone you want to meet this year.

– A purchase you want to make this year that has been put off for a long time.

– A location I wish to go to this year.

– A change you’d like to make for yourself in 2019.

– A talent you learned last year and a new skill you hope to gain in 2022.

– A goal that you have set for this year.

– This year, I need to let go of three things.

– Three necessities that you cannot live without.

– Three things you like spreading the word about.

– This year, you’ll face your most arduous struggle yet.

– A novel endeavor I wish to attempt this month.

– Currently, I’m proud of …………

– Three things you want to say “yes” to this month.

– Three things this month to which you want to say no.

– Five persons that consistently inspire you.

– What vitality will you bring to the upcoming year?

– How would you sum up the last year?

– What one phrase can you live by this month?

– List three affirmations that are applicable to your life at this time.

– How can you make your home feel more modern? Can you clear any energy for me?

– What has your body recently been telling you? How well are you responding to your body’s signals?

– Who is significant in your life at the moment?

– What was the most enjoyable book you recently read?

– How can you remind yourself to remain in the present moment? How can you carry it into your most complicated and stressful situations?

– What are your actual goals?

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– How do you show others your love?

– What can you do that would be more deliberate?

– What does prosperity mean to you?

– How do you feel at the moment? What color would it be if it were one?

– List three things for which you are thankful today.

– Which of the following have you always wished to do? Why haven’t you done that yet, exactly?

– Compare this January to the previous one. What’s different now? What hasn’t changed at all?

– What encouraging news have you recently noticed in the media?

– How can you take a step back and discover your points in common when you disagree with someone and feel tested?

– This month, how have you taken care of your spirit?

– Do you have any feelings you need to process during this time of year?

– How can you gratefully and lovingly embrace all of your sensations and emotions?

– Comparing this January to the previous one. You can contrast any part of the months that feel the same or different, such as what you did and what you are doing, how you felt, and how you are feeling.

– When did you last take a break from using social media? What was it like? When do you intend to take another break from social media?

– What would you like to change?

– Inhale and exhale three times deeply. Once you’ve calmed down, start speaking.

– What took occurrence today?

– How do you communicate with your ideal self?

– What do you anticipate happening in the upcoming month?

– Describe a recent dream in great detail.

– How did you find January?

– What’s your chosen theme for the year? Tell us why.

– What alterations from the previous year are you most proud of?

– Which negative behaviors are you prepared to give up this year?

– Have you decided which new healthy behavior you wish to adopt every day? What steps must you take to accomplish this?

– List three positive aspects of yourself.

– Send a letter of love to your future self. What wise words would you impart to yourself? What love-filled phrases would you say?

– What do you believe your closest friends like best about you? Why does that cause you to smile?

– When this time next year comes around, I’ll have:

– List all the books you wish to read this year in writing.

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– What cozy, tranquil touches can you add to your house this year? (This is significant since we continue to spend more time at home.)

– What can you do this year to better take care of yourself? (If you are a mom, it may be challenging to consider this, but it is essential to do.)

– Make a list of the enjoyable activities you wish to do. Then, decide which day of the month you will do only one of them.

– Assume you resided in Hundred Acre Wood. Which location, and why? Why is it so enchanted? Did you know that January 18 is Winnie Pooh Day?

– Clear your mind, write freely, and let everything out. This is a nice thing to do; if you can, I suggest writing about it in your monthly journals.

– Look for a favorite saying, lyric, or phrase that uplifts you. Why does this make you feel so good? How can you put these words into practice?

– Which Disney movie character is your favorite? Which characteristics do they possess that you would adore in yourself? 

– What was your favorite moment from the previous year?

– Currently, what four qualities about yourself are you most proud of?

– How do you want your family, friends, and children to remember you?

– List three victories from the previous year. Give yourself a heartfelt compliment right now.

– Today is Dreams Come True Day, January 13. What dream would you pursue if you were certain that you could succeed?

– What did you have for your first meal of the year?

– What song is now your favorite? What makes you pleased about it?

– What goals did you set for the new year on January 1? Which adjustments have you made? (Rejoice at even the tiniest victories).

– What is your primary objective for this year? Is there something you can do every day to advance it a little bit? (Drink one more glass of water, meditate for five minutes, and read one chapter of a book).

– What plans do you have for this year’s Benjamin Franklin Day? (January 17 and celebrated in the United States).

– Spend 10 minutes today writing for free.

– What did you learn the most from the previous year?

– How could a buddy make 2022 their finest year by following your advice?

– What color is your favorite? Describe the four feelings it elicits.

– Who motivates you? Why?

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– Why am I a fantastic (mom, father, friend, or person) because_____________?

– In what ways can I love myself more this month? (Go to bed early, don’t overschedule, watch less TV, and eat more fruits and vegetables….)

– What stage of life are you now in? What draws you to it? Why is it difficult?

– When I’m ____________________________________, I feel the greatest version of myself?

– Which members of your circle provide you with the most sense of support?

– Who hinders your progress? (This may be extremely challenging to explore, but it’s crucial to keep in mind how much your immediate social group affects you.)

– For this month, list five encouraging statements. 

– Consider a circumstance from the previous year that you wish had played out differently. Write your own constructive substitution now. (Longer entry in journal).

– Write a review of the month on January 31. What victories can you rejoice in? What should you focus on doing?

– What location do you prefer to be in? Why?

– How would you behave, walk, talk, sing, and dress if you were utterly and authentically?

– What new ability would you most like to acquire?

– How can you have more fun? (Whether you are a parent or not, this is a nice thought to consider; play is an underestimated activity.)

– What is your favorite season, and why?

– Are you excited about or dreading January? Why is that so?

– List two facts about yourself that you wish people knew.

– Whenever ___________________________________, am I the happiest?

– My favorite dish is?

– How have your objectives evolved from the prior year?

– This year is going to be great because of?

January Journal Prompts

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