197+ Journal Prompts for Anxiety: Way To Calm

One of the biggest reasons people struggle with their emotions is a failure to prioritize their mental health.

On the other hand, writing in a diary is a fantastic method to keep in touch with your emotions and create more resilience to everyday pressures.

In today’s society, it’s critical to consider strategies to improve your mental health. One of the most underutilized strategies to improve your mental health is to spend a few minutes each day writing in a diary.

Creating a writing regimen that works for you is an excellent approach to managing daily stress and dramatically enhancing your general well-being.

Journal Prompts for Soothing Anxiety

– Make a list of all your current feelings – what comes to mind first?

– Write down the worst emotion or experience you are experiencing right now.

– Write about the most delicate emotion or experience you are experiencing.

– Do you recall how you felt during your first panic attack?

– How did you recover from your first panic attack?

– Describe your worst panic attack and how it began.

– If you have panic disorder, have you acquired coping mechanisms?

– What are some things you do to assist manage your everyday generalized anxiety?

– Make a list of ten things that made you happy today.

– Write down three things that made you anxious today.

– Make a list of the top five things causing you stress right now.

– Make a list of five things that are giving you stress but that YOU can alter.

– What scenarios frighten you the most?

– Do you feel more anxious in public or at home?

– Do you get nervous when driving?

– Have you ever gone into fight or flight mode?

– Is your anxiety related to a specific memory or experience?

– Do you have a decent anxiety support system?

– Do you know somebody who understands and can relate to your anxiety disorder?

– How has your approach to stress changed since you were younger?

– What have your experiences with stress taught you about yourself?

– If you could write a letter to one of your fears, what would it be?

– What is the worst aspect of anxiety?

– Is there any benefit to being anxious? Make an effort to dive deep.

– Write about what you like about your life right now, focusing solely on the positive.

– Write about what you wish you could alter and what it would take to make those changes.

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– Express thanks to three persons helping you at this time in your life.

– What has been giving you the most significant stress recently? What does this indicate about your personality?

– What is your FIRST indication of a panic attack?

– Are all panic episodes alike?

– Have you identified your anxiety triggers?

– Make a list of all the anxiety or stress triggers you are aware of thus far.

– What is your anxiety elevator pitch? This might reveal a lot about you.

– What would you reply to a stranger who sought help with anxiety?

– What are some negative internal ideas that you have?

– What is anything that causes you tension or anxiety?

– What would you like to do in your life if you could?

– What do you believe is preventing you from reaching that goal?

– Focus on how you feel in your body rather than your head before writing about it.

– When you experience severe anxiety, write down how you feel, count backward from 100, and write down how you feel afterward.

– When was the last time you addressed a fear?

– What is a phobia that causes you anxiety just thinking about it?

– What are some songs that usually make you feel better? Make a playlist out of them.

– What songs would you include on a playlist that recounts the tale of your life?

– Make ten vows to yourself and write them down.

– What do you think is wrong in your life right now?

– Do you believe your life lives up to your expectations?

– What is the biggest surprise in your life that is exacerbating your stress?

– What is going well in your life right now?

– Describe three things you can do to improve your position and reduce stress.

– What steps can you take to enhance your mental health?

– Describe a period when your mental health worsened, but you worked to fix it. What aided?

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Journal Prompts for Overthinking

  • 1 “What’s on my mind the most right now?”
  • 2 “What’s the worst thing I’m thinking? Is it likely?”
  • 3 “What shows my thoughts aren’t true?”
  • 4 “What small step can I take to feel better?”
  • 5 “What good things might happen if I stop worrying?”
  • 6 “What advice would I give a friend in this situation?”
  • 7 “What can I control and what can’t I?”
  • 8 “How can I think about something else?”
  • 9 “What’s good about right now?”
  • 10 “What makes me relax and feel better?”

Writing Prompts for Anxiety

– Make a list of five things you can do to minimize stress.

– What is something you need to remind yourself of when things become tough?

– Make a list of your best attributes and express gratitude for them.

– Consider your most beautiful, stress-free day and write about it.

– Allow yourself not to have all the answers – how does that look for you?

– Consider a life in which you never experienced worry. How has your life changed?

– What would you advise someone experiencing anxiety for the first time if you could?

– Consider your worry to be a fictitious character; who or what comes to mind first?

– Write a short tale about someone with the same stress level as you and how they deal with it.

– Create a page where you only do positive, optimistic things, no matter how stressed you are.

– Now, create a page on which you list all of your concerns and fears.

– Make a third diary post about the previous two pages; did you get any insight?

– What are some activities that you avoid because of your anxiety?

– Do you believe your stress prevents you from living a full and happy life? 

– List three things you would do if you weren’t frightened.

– When your thoughts spiral, how do they normally begin?

– Are these motivated by fear, tension, or reality?

– Which thoughts tend to spiral the most quickly?

– Why do you believe your thoughts spiraled into worry or anxiety?

– Make a list of 5-10 activities you can do to divert yourself when your thoughts begin to spiral.

– What is your most common source of anxiety?

– What steps have you made to alleviate your anxiety trigger?

– Have you used cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety?

– How frequently do you get panic attacks? Describe your experience in detail.

– What ideas run through your head when you have a panic attack?

– How does your present level of stress affect your life?

– That are three persons who you go to when you’re feeling anxious or stressed?

– Compose a short tale or poem about your present worries.

– Write a full description of your concern and the worst-case scenario.

– Now, write the same explanation, but with the best situation conceivable.

– Explain why you deserve forgiveness for something you’ve forgiven yourself for.

– Is a prior event causing you tension or anxiety today?

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– Write about what you’re doing to alleviate your worry due to anything that has already happened.

– Quietly meditate and concentrate on your breathing. Then, compose a diary entry on your present mental state.

– What is your experience with stress meditation?

– – Have you ever tried meditation for anxiety?

– Have you considered using mindfulness to manage your stress?

– Have you tried mindfulness for anxiety?

– Find at least one helpful activity you can do today to distract yourself from your worry.

– What can you add to your morning routine to help with your anxiety?

– Do you have a bedtime ritual that helps you rest and unwind in the evening?

– If you don’t have an evening routine, list three items you’d like to incorporate into it. Remember things that will make you feel less anxious, stressed, and worried.

– Exercise can help with stress; list three physical activities to attempt in the future.

– Write a short tale about a fictitious character who is coping with stress.

– Now, write about a fictitious character with the same anxieties you do and how they deal with them.

– Create a superhero with the same sort of anxiety you experience, and describe how they conquer it.

– Compose a poem on your present state of stress.

– Write a poem on your present worries and anxieties.

– Make a list of everything that is causing you to stress right now.

– Now, take that list of stresses and devise at least one solution for each one.

– What do you believe your major life difficulties teach you about yourself?

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Journal Prompts for Stress and Anxiety

  1. “What’s causing me stress right now?”
  2. “Three things that make me feel calm are…”
  3. “One small step I can take to ease my anxiety is…”
  4. “What positive coping strategies have worked for me in the past?”
  5. “Write a letter to your anxious self, offering comfort and advice.”
  6. “List five things I can control in my current situation.”
  7. “Describe a time when I successfully overcame a similar challenge.”
  8. “What soothing activities can I incorporate into my routine?”
  9. “What thoughts or beliefs are contributing to my anxiety?”
  10. “Create a mantra or affirmation to use when anxiety strikes.”

Journaling for Anxiety Prompts

– What are some bad aspects of your life to which you devote too much energy?

– How can you devote less energy to unfavorable things?

– What are some good things you’d like to focus more emphasis on?

– What are three aspects of your life for which you are eternally grateful?

– Being creative relieves stress – what do you do creatively every day?

– Creativity may also assist with anxiety; can you start a new art or craft project to help you deal with your fears?

– You understand how to help others since you have suffered from anxiety. How are you assisting someone else in dealing with their own nervous feelings?

– Create a mental image of what anxiety means to you.

– Create a drawing of what you see when you are down.

– Make a drawing of your current sensations or emotions.

– Give your stress a color. What color did you go with, and why?

– What kind of journaling did you do before you were anxious?

– Do you think your journaling experience has changed?

– How has journaling aided your mental health in the past?

– What do you want to gain from stress journaling?

– Make a list of ways you might use your diary better.

– What are your anxiety-related objectives?

– Do you have any goals for dealing with stress?

– Make a list of personal growth and self-improvement goals in your life.

– What have you done recently only for yourself and your own well-being?

– In what areas of your life do you believe you should devote more time and energy?

– How do you want people to see your anxiety?

– Do you suffer from any anxiety disorders? Have you been professionally diagnosed?

– Are you anxious when flying, driving, or riding a train?

– Is your anxiety worse when you’re out in public or at home?

– Do you experience worrying thoughts while you’re alone or with others?

– Have you ever tried modifying your diet or limiting your coffee intake to help with your anxiety?

– Do panic episodes strike gradually or suddenly?

– Have you ever discussed your anxiety with a doctor?

– Have you seen any bodily changes as a result of your anxiety?

– How does your stress affect you physically?

– Have you ever discussed your stress with your doctor?

– How did you deal with stress as a youngster vs. today as an adult?

– Do you have children who are anxious like you?

– How are you assisting your children with their own mental health?

– Make a list of how your life would be different if you didn’t experience the worry or tension you do today.

– Do you recall what your life was like before you became anxious?

– Regardless of your anxiousness, if you could go anyplace right now, it would be___.

– What is your level of self-assurance?

– What are some examples of stressful situations?

– Why do you believe these scenarios cause you to experience stress?

– Send a letter to someone who has impacted your life badly.

– Compose a letter to someone who has positively impacted your life.

– Write yourself a letter about your stress and/or anxiety.

– Write a letter to someone who has been a great source of support for you.

– What is the most self-kind thing you can do for yourself when you are in emotional distress?

– What are some negative ideas you’d like to get rid of?

– What are your favorite words of wisdom?

– If an unpleasant event from the past is influencing your mental health now, put it all down and then move on.

– How would you define unconditional love?

– Describe a moment when you want to forgive someone, even if it means forgiving yourself.

– What kinds of ideas keep you up at night?

– In times of stress, what inspires you the most?

– What inspires you during moments of high anxiety?

– Who or what most inspires you?

– What is a secret you’ve never revealed to anyone?

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Using journal prompts for anxiety helps us deal with worries. They let us sort out our thoughts and feelings and see things better. These prompts guide us to look at anxiety in a different way. Writing becomes a way to take care of ourselves, making us feel more relaxed and clear-headed when we’re anxious.

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