217+ BreakUp Journal Prompts

When it comes to moving on and healing after a split, journal prompts are a great tool.

They enable you to take a step back from the circumstance and even learn a lesson. They not only encourage you to vent and process the wide range of emotions that come with ending a relationship.

Journal prompts for Breakup

While trying to think positively may work wonders for our outlook, experiencing is ultimately better than suppressing bad feelings. It’s alright to realize when life is complicated and to embrace the accompanying feelings to move on healthily fully.

• Compile a list of all the things about your ex that you found annoying.

• I am feeling today…

• Why did you two split up?

• What will you change in your upcoming relationship?

• What benefits did the partnership provide you?

• What actions did you take in this relationship that you would not do in another?

• What warning signs did you ignore?

• Would you still have decided to date them if you had known how things would turn out?

• In what ways did they improve you as a person?

• What about your ex do you miss?

• What about your ex, don’t you miss?

• If the relationship wasn’t working, why did you stay?

• What negative traits did your ex-partner bring out in you?

• When did you understand that things weren’t going to work out between you two?

• Did you interact with your ex in any toxic or harmful ways? Then what?

• What did your relationship with your ex-partner teach you about yourself?

• What set you off about your ex?

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• What was the most important lesson you took away from the relationship?

• How do you ordinarily respond to breakups?

• What sort of treatment do you deserve from a partner?

• Make a note of all the instances they disappointed you or caused you harm.

• What would it take for you to put this relationship behind you? Do you currently possess it?

• Compose a letter to your ex in which you say everything you want to. After that, rip it apart.

• Without your companion, who are you?

• I’ll reflect on our connection in the future and…

• What pastimes or pursuits make you happy?

• I would advise……………. to a buddy if he/she were going through this.

• What three objectives can help you reclaim your identity?

• Create a list of all the characteristics you hope to find in a mate.

• How did the connection affect you?

• What are three things you can do every day to appreciate yourself?

• How can you give yourself some love and comfort?

• How is your body handling the breakup physically?

• What will you do right away?

• Outline your life goals in a letter to yourself that you will write in a year.

• Do you view yourself as a compatible partner? Why or why not so?

• What aspects of yourself did you recognize while in the relationship?

• What do you believe led to the breakup of the relationship?

• Do you feel regret or remorse over how the relationship ended?

• What could you have done more effectively?

• In the connection, were you able to be authentic?

• How might your relationship have changed if you and your partner had a mentor?

• Do you have someone to lean on for emotional support during this breakup?

• Are you disappointed that your recuperation is taking longer than you’d like?

• Why is it crucial to have self-compassion?

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Journal Prompts for Healing After a Breakup

  • 1 Write about the good and bad times in the relationship and what you learned.
  • 2 Talk about your feelings after the breakup. Write down everything you’re feeling.
  • 3 Share the things you do to take care of yourself during tough times.
  • 4 Write down your dreams and goals for the future now that you’re on your own.
  • 5 Create positive messages to remind yourself of your worth.
  • 6 Remember the happiest moments in the relationship and why they were special.
  • 7 Describe the people who are supporting you through this tough time.
  • 8 List things you’re thankful for every day to focus on the good things in your life.
  • 9 Describe any routines or activities that help you feel better.
  • 10 Forgive yourself for any mistakes or regrets you have about the relationship.
  • 11 Reflect on how you’ve grown and changed because of the breakup.
  • 12 Write a letter to yourself, acknowledging your strength and resilience.

Journaling After Breakup

• What are some excellent ways to let some of the hurt from a breakup?

• Do you regret starting the connection or feel foolish for doing so?

• What new information do you possess today?

• Did you get along with your ex? OR were you attempting to accomplish the impossible?

• Are you concerned about being alone?

• If you wanted to rebuild your strength, would you think about consulting with an empowerment coach?

• Did you experience communication problems in your marriage?

• Would reuniting with your ex-partner be healthy? Whether or not

• Do you frequently think about your ex?

• What memories do you have of your ex? Check them out for any unresolved feelings.

• Do you believe that getting over the emotions that impacted the relationship will aid in your recovery?

• What does “beginning over” in terms of relationships mean to you?

• What actions are you doing to begin again?

• Did either you or your partner experience insecurities? How did you two feel about it?

• How could things have altered if you and your partner had experienced emotional healing?

• Would you classify the relationships you’ve had in the past as toxic?

• Is it challenging to let go? If not, why not?

• Do you like to daydream about your ex? Why?

• If you’re clinging to the connection, what do you worry you’ll lose if you let go?

• Do you worry that no one would ever adore you the same way?

• Should you act on your fears while making decisions?

• Write about a time when you experienced sadness or loneliness.

• Describe what you did right away after becoming wounded.

• What if, after you break up with someone, life goes on as usual?

• How do you manage the suffering brought on by a broken heart?

• Which superpower, if any, would you choose?

• List three persons in your life that you can count on at all times. Give details on each of them.

• What alleviates melancholy the best?

• If you had to start over right now, what aspects of yourself would you change?

• Which of your prior memories is the most upsetting?

• Have you ever brought joy to another person? Tell us how.

• Make a list of all the things you regret doing when you were younger.

• If you were to win a million dollars, where would you go?

• Assume you recently ended a relationship. If he or she were to go, how would your life change?

• Do you still have thoughts of him or her? If not, why not?

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• Share with us a personal tale from when you were experiencing heartbreak. 

• Did someone ever speak anything to you that helped? It was who?

• What do you dread the most?

• List what you have discovered thus far about this breakup process.

• In what way do you expect to advance from here?

• Think back on your relationship; then, in three words or three phrases, summarise what transpired between you two.

• Take a look at these two images: One displays the person you previously loved, while the other displays someone you no longer care about. Which image best captures who you are right now? Why?

• Do any music lyrics conjure up particular memories from your relationship? Add a copy to your Journal.

• Make a list of everything you miss most about the person. Then compile a separate list of everything you no longer ignore. Don’t stress about being unbiased. Simply put, what comes to mind as you are writing?

• Do you want your ex to be in your life indefinitely? If not, why not?

• What did your time together teach you about yourself?

• What would you say to your ex-partner if you had the chance, and why, before they permanently cut ties?

• What is the most challenging aspect of terminating a committed relationship?

• Do you believe that avoiding your ex will prevent them from contacting you? why or why not

• Although you are aware that you need to let go of your ex, how do you feel about it eventually?

• Write about a pastime you and your friends or family enjoy.

• Have you ever had moments in your relationship when you doubted it would last? Give one instance.

• Has your perspective on love evolved since you started dating? Is there anything about the way you view relationships that you would change?

• Spend some time writing about how you feel about your ex.

• Are you considering upcoming events? How do they behave?

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Journal Prompts for Getting Over a Breakup

  1. Write about how you’re feeling right now, like sad or mad, and try to understand why.
  2. What would help you feel like the breakup is really over? Describe it.
  3. Share what you’ve learned from this breakup that could help you in the future.
  4. Write down things that make you feel better during this tough time.
  5. Talk about the people who are helping you, like friends or family.
  6. What are your plans and dreams now that you’re single?
  7. Create positive sayings for yourself to feel more confident.
  8. Write a letter to your ex-partner (you don’t have to send it) to say what’s on your mind.
  9. Describe the kind of person you’d like to be with in the future.
  10. Every day, list things you’re thankful for to focus on the good things in your life.

Journal Prompts After a Breakup

• What have you gained by ending your relationship?

• Describe in writing the last time you spoke with your ex.

• When did you last experience tears? Why?

• What have you found to be the most difficult situation to handle since losing your partner?

• How sad would you say you are right now?

• What type of connection do you think you’ll need moving forward?

• Who has given you the most satisfactory relationship advice in the last 12 months? Why?

• Do you have any regrets about your partnership with your partner? Whether or not

• Describe a mistake you committed when you were dating your ex.

• Write about the most acceptable date you’ve ever had.

• Have you ever experienced relationship insecurity with your partner? What was the topic? Was this emotion created by your imagination or by reality? What can you do right now to resolve any difficulties with insecurity?

• List five things you believe you and your future partner will have in common.

• Describe an instance when you let go of control in order to assist someone else.

• How much of the following statement do you agree with? “To improve as a person, sometimes failing is necessary.”

• Did you have any physical illness as a result of this traumatic breakup? Why or why not? If so, how did it make you feel?

• What information about you do you wish your ex knew?

• Do you remember both the good and the bad things about your love partners? Why?

• Describe an instance when your companion caused you to suffer emotionally or financially.

• Make up a reason why you should go on and tell it to yourself.

• What transpires if you split up?

• What are the requirements for forgiving someone?

• Who do you envision yourself getting married to? Why? How old do you anticipate being at that time?

• What do you think determines a person’s level of success in life?

• Do you think that everyone deserves another chance? Explain.

• Describe an instance when you heard a song or saw a sign that made you think of your ex.

• Which aspect of your breakup was the worst?

• Would you ever wish to rekindle your relationship with your ex? If not, why not?

• Describe a poor choice you’ve ever made in writing.

• What do you believe the goal of dating is?

• How has your outlook on money changed after your most recent breakup? Please elaborate.

• What does ending a relationship mean to you specifically? What impact has it had on your life?

• What do you think you took away from your past relationship as the most important lesson?

• Consider a recent instance where you had a terrible encounter. Consider composing about those incidents from a new perspective.

• Has there ever been someone in your life that you wished would be by your side forever? Explain. Give details if applicable.

• Are you ready to let go of those emotions so you can go on? Explain.

• Describe a time when you showed a lot of faith for someone else.

• What methods do you employ to prevent becoming close to new people?

• List one thing you can do to boost your mood if you find yourself thinking about your ex again.

Journal Prompts Breakup

• Write down one thing you can do to help you move past your ex.

• What does a strong, mutually reliant partnership mean to you?

• What are the top three characteristics you search for in a partner?

• Visualize a society free of envy. Can this be done?

• Tell us about your first love.

• What, in your opinion, makes a relationship successful?

• Describe the influence your parents’ relationship has on your decisions now.

• What do you think is the most crucial attribute needed to forge lasting bonds?

• Have you ever had the impression that your heart belonged to someone else?

• Describe a circumstance in which you sacrificed something genuinely significant.

• Describe a person who gave you valuable lessons about love..

• What is the most delicate piece of relationship advice you have ever heard?

• Have you ever pondered the possibility that you’ll never discover real love?

• Can you picture being able to assist others in overcoming hardships in the same way that they assisted you?

• How has your life altered after your most recent significant breakup?

• Have you ever had someone betray your trust?

• In what position do you envisage yourself in five years?

• What would your dream marriage look like? Are these items, in your opinion, important for happiness?

• What type of romantic partnership do you envision yourself in?

• Describe a time when you had self-confidence.

• How frequently do you fret about the future?

• Which feature of your ex will be the most challenging for you to accept?

• When did you last shed a tear? What caused you to cry?

• When was the last time you felt genuine joy?

• You recently ended a relationship with someone you claimed to love. Did your activities win them over or leave them heartbroken? Why?

• Why is it that everyone believes that genuine romance develops with time? Does this statement apply to you in any way?

• What types of events bring you joy?

• List at least four emotions that you find challenging to manage.

• If at all possible, describe two times in your life when you experienced loneliness.

• What do you believe the key is to discover true love?


In conclusion, “Journal Prompts for Breakup” is like a helpful friend after a breakup. It gives you questions to think about and write about to help you feel better. These questions make you reflect on what happened, take care of yourself, and learn from the breakup. They’re like stepping stones on your path to feeling stronger and happier.

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