157+ Journal Prompts for Confidence: Empower Yourself

When you write or journal, taking a concept and writing it down allows you to perceive and explore it fully. This approach detaches the idea from any additional emotions or judgment it may carry and will enable you to determine what to do with the thinking.

You can keep the idea, rewrite it to be similar but more positive, or push the concept away and uninvite it into your brain.

The act of writing is maybe the most life-giving core method for anyone who wishes to conquer their attitude.

Journal Prompts for Confidence

The more clearly you can see your thoughts, the more you will comprehend them. The better you understand them, the easier it will be to manage and guide them.

The more you practice directing your ideas, the more you will master your mentality and have authority over how you think and approach every aspect of your life.

Use the confidence journal prompts in this post to help you manage your mentality and feel as unstoppable, gorgeous, and full of purpose as you deserve to feel.

How do you define confidence?

What is the perfect nightly routine that allows you to sleep feeling rested, fulfilled, and peaceful?

Journal Prompts For Confidence

When did you feel most competent as a child? Describe that version of yourself as thoroughly as you can.

Who is the most self-assured person you know?

Why and how does that person inspire you, and what do they possess that you desire?

What praises about your personality do you frequently receive?

When can you recall the last time you could truly enjoy your own achievement and congratulate yourself on your accomplishments?

What is your morning routine like on your perfect day?

What is the real worry that drives this cycle of second-guessing and over-analyzing if you tend to overthink?

Have you considered how your life would change if you thought failure was a positive thing?

Do you notice what is going wrong or what is going good more quickly?

How can you boost someone else’s confidence today by complementing them?

Make a list of ten praises for yourself.

Write about how you can be more secure in your own skin.

When do you feel the most like yourself?

What is one hobby that always makes you happy?

What is your most vital physical attribute?

What is one manner you have lately failed?

Do you want to live life from a “what if” perspective or an “even if” perspective?

Think of yourself as fully assured. How do you behave, speak, and dress like this version of yourself?

What did you say to yourself initially this morning? What do you want to say to yourself first the next day to help you feel more self-assured?

If you knew you couldn’t fail or get wounded, what one new thing would you try?

Since you are in charge of making your own opportunities in life, which one do you feel you should seize right away?

How would you feel if you genuinely liked yourself without pressure, comparison, self-criticism, or any other negative emotions?

Best Journal Prompts For Confidence

Write down ten uplifting statements to remind yourself of God’s purpose for creating you and your life’s work.

Compose a brief letter of gratitude to your body for supporting you throughout your life.

Identify five aspects of your physical characteristics and body type for which you are thankful.

Write down five aspects of your inner beauty and personality for which you are grateful.

What would your friends say about you?

How would you rate your most supportive coach, mentor, or teacher?

What self-defeating statements do you believe you still make to yourself?

Why do you think you keep repeating them?

Are you prepared to put in the effort necessary to alter your thinking so that you can have better conversations with yourself?

Are you ready to start responding to the bully inside of you? What bully-related terms will you cease using completely first?

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What is your most admirable inner quality?

In light of where you are in life right now, how can you be kinder to yourself?

What are the go-to stress-relieving practices that are nourishing to yourself, give you time to recharge, and make you feel good?

How frequently do you evaluate yourself against others? How do you feel when you compare?

Who among your acquaintances exudes dignity? What tells you that this individual respects themself, and are there any behaviors you see that you’d like to imitate?

What does bravery mean to you personally? How lately have you displayed courage?

In what exemplary situations do you wish you had more extraordinary bravery?

Who do you look up to? What characteristics do you share with them? What traits would you like to emulate more in your life?

Do you own any garments that make you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or unsure of yourself when you wear them? If so, dispose of them now or donate them.

If you had more self-assurance, what would you give up doing?

How do you feel when you doubt yourself? How has it hampered your life?

What can you do right now to foster self-confidence in the little decisions you make throughout the day?

Journal Prompts For Confidence Empower Yourself

Consider a struggle you have overcome and consider how it has strengthened you.

What are three feel-good hobbies that help you forget about any insecurities or self-consciousness you may have?

Describe a time you laughed till you thought you might hurt your stomach. What was the cause of your laughter?

Did you give yourself any compliments today? If not, do it right away!

What three accomplishments from this month are you most proud of?

What kind of impact would you want to have on the world and on your life if you had unlimited potential?

Outline the encouraging words you want to tell yourself when encountering a struggle, a setback, or a fresh opportunity.

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Self Confidence Journal Prompts

  • 1 What do I like about myself, and why?
  • 2 Tell a story when I faced a tough problem and beat it. How did that feel?
  • 3 List five things I’ve done that make me happy and proud.
  • 4 How do I feel when someone says something not so nice? What can I learn?
  • 5 Write down something nice someone said about me and why they said it.
  • 6 What am I really good at, and how can I use it to do better things?
  • 7 Share a time when I did something risky. What happened, and what did I learn?
  • 8 How do I take care of myself and show love for myself every day?
  • 9 Write a letter to the future me, talking about my dreams and plans.
  • 10 What makes me special, and how can I be proud of it?
  • 11 List three things I can do today to feel more confident.
  • 12 Think of a time when I did something I was scared of. How did it help me?
  • 13 How do I feel when I doubt myself? What can I do to feel better?
  • 14 Write about someone who I really look up to and why they’re great.
  • 15 What are my big dreams, and how can I believe in myself to make them happen?

Confidence Journal Prompts

Describe a time when you felt really proud.

Make a list of the ten life events that have contributed most to the uniqueness of your tale.

List the five characteristics that you contribute to your central relationship in your life.

Amazing Journal Prompts For Confidence

List the top five reasons why you are a good neighbor.

List the five positive contributions you provide to your workplace.

What are you doing this month to advance?

What behavior do you need to change?

Which act of kindness have you ever performed for yourself?

Investing in oneself increases self-worth and confidence. What has been your finest self-investment to date?

The moments when I feel utter joy are…

When.., I feel most at ease.

What actions are causing you to be unhappy and need to stop?

The beginning of transformation is awareness. What fresh growth opportunities do you see for yourself now?

A “feeling in need of expression” is what “fine” is. When was the last time you needed to let a sensation out completely before saying “I’m OK” or “it’s fine”?

Your courage is sufficient because you are braver than you are scared. Describe a few recent instances in which your inner fearlessness shone.

Great Journal Prompts For Confidence

What areas of yourself have you undervalued?

What situations or aspects of your life have you misjudged the difficulty of?

Any amount of progress leads to contentment. List five ways that you have lately advanced in the living area that you have chosen.

Everyone has thoughts about themselves that are unnecessary. What self-perceived beliefs have you had that you no longer need to cling to?

What is one thing about yourself that you wish you could believe to be true?

Describe your counterpart. What would you look like, feel like, act like, and do if you were a superhero?

It’s up to me if it’s meant to be. What one activity can you do right now to improve the world?

Why not improve your neighborhood? Are your connections stronger? Your relationship with yourself has improved?

How would you feel about your capacity if you could recall that other people also find things difficult?

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How do you ensure that others around you feel heard, seen, and known?

What attire gives you the finest feeling? Do you own anything in your wardrobe that, when you wear it, makes you feel less than 100% confident?

Who are your life’s supporters? Who are the folks you can count on for support and encouragement when you’re down?

Positive Journal Prompts For Confidence

Donate any stuff you have, don’t forget. Only keep what makes you happy.

Who inspires you? What are the three things about them that you desire to imitate?

What are the top five things you are confidently skilled at?

What are the five distinct qualities of your body for which you are grateful?

Let this be the springboard for your response: “I feel the best about myself when…

What are your most frequent negative automatic thoughts?

Compose a letter of gratitude to your body for everything it accomplishes for you.

Bring together a letter to yourself in which you express gratitude for your development and evolution over the previous ten years.

What would your best coach or buddy say about you?

What is the nicest compliment somebody has ever given me, and why does it feel so significant and valuable to me? 

What is the nicest compliment somebody has ever given me, and why does it feel so significant and valuable to me? 

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Write out five things from your childhood that you are proud of.

Give five reasons why you are proud of the teen or young adult you once were.

Rank the top 5 aspects of your current adult self that you are most proud of.

Visualize receiving a big prize. What would flattering remarks be said about you as you received the honor?

Powerful Journal Prompts For Confidence

When was a moment you rememberable conquered anxiety and self-doubt? What did you say to help you stay more intent at that time on trust than on fear?

Currently, what in your life do you wish to learn, enhance, or change? What should one do to begin the learning process?

What three occurrences from your day are you most appreciative of?

How can you say to yourself more kind words? What are three things you can do every day to add more optimism to your life?

What have you recently failed at or experienced that you can learn from?

What can you take away from your greatest triumph?

What aspect of your life to date has been the best? How did it affect your sense of self-worth?

What is one thing you can always do to make yourself happy?

What is one compliment you consistently receive that shocks you or that you find hard to accept?

What physical attribute best describes you?

What is your most admirable inner quality?

What is a life accomplishment of which you are very proud?

What do you tell yourself when a fresh chance presents itself?

What, in your opinion, does the term “confidence” mean?

What novel experience did you have today? How did you deal with your anxiety?

Visualize yourself as a self-assured person. Write about a regular day. How would you alter your behavior or appearance?

What prevents you from achieving your goals? What would it take for that challenge to be overcome?

What qualities do you think you possess?

Are you where you anticipated being at this age? What do you think about that?

Good Journal Prompts For Confidence

25 Journal Prompts for Self Love and Confidence Building

  1. Write down five things you like about yourself.
  2. Imagine talking to your younger self and saying nice things.
  3. Think about a time when you felt really good about yourself. What were you doing?
  4. Tell about three nice things people said to you lately and why they made you feel happy.
  5. Remember a tough situation in your life. How did you solve it and what did you learn?
  6. Write about something you really enjoy doing and why it makes you happy.
  7. What are you really good at? How can you use these talents to feel more confident?
  8. Describe a perfect day where you take care of yourself and do things you love.
  9. Write three sentences that say nice things about yourself. Read them every day for a week.
  10. Write down your short-term and long-term goals. How can reaching them make you feel more confident?
  11. Tell a story about a time you did something new and scary. What did you learn?
  12. What kind things can you do for yourself today?
  13. Write about things in your life that you’re thankful for.
  14. Think about someone who loves and supports you. How does their love make you feel?
  15. What do you like about yourself, like your looks or your personality?
  16. List five books, movies, or songs that make you feel good about yourself. Why do you like them?
  17. Write a nice letter to your body, thanking it for all it does for you.
  18. Talk about a time when you felt unsure about something but still did it. What helped you?
  19. What are your favorite ways to take care of yourself? How can you do them more?
  20. Write a list of ten things you did that make you feel proud.
  21. Tell about a time when a friend or family member helped you feel better about yourself.
  22. Think about a time when you made a mistake. What did you learn from it?
  23. Write down five short sayings that make you feel better about yourself.
  24. Imagine yourself in the future, feeling really good about yourself. What does that look like, and how can you get there?
  25. Make a picture collage that shows self-love and confidence. Describe the pictures and why they’re special to you.


Confidence journal prompts help you feel better about yourself. They make you think about how confident you are and what makes you believe in yourself. By answering these questions regularly, you can see how you’re getting better and feel more sure of yourself. These prompts help you become more confident and believe in yourself when you want to achieve things.

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