163+ Journal Prompts for Gratitude: Get Started

You can keep a thankfulness diary where you regularly list the things for which you are grateful. Unlike other types of journals, gratitude notebooks are designed to be updated daily for maximum benefit, acting as a daily reminder of all that is positive.

Gratitude Journal Prompts

Describe a recent event that you found to be lucky and positive in your writing.

Make a list of a few traits you admire in others. Then work on developing these traits inside yourself.

List five things that put a grin on your face. Consider how they impact your emotions.

List five things from nature for which you are thankful.

What are the top three challenges you’ve overcome in life, and how did they shape who you are today?

Journal Prompts For Gratitude

List three kinds of things you can do for people in the coming days and actually do them.

What about your work or career makes you most appreciative? Is it anything you do, the setting where you work, the coworkers you have, and why?

What are the top six things you can do to make your area better (e.g., plant trees, schedule a community clean-up, volunteer as a mentor)?

Which of your hometowns, cities, or states do you like best?

Describe in a paragraph what you find admirable in your all-time favorite person.

What are the four things you can do to make someone else happy? The following week, go out and do these.

How can mindfulness help you enjoy your five senses more?

List the top three elements or persons who make your house seem unique.

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Describe three aspects of yourself that you find admirable.

What are your favorite dishes, either to prepare or to eat?

How can you improve your day-to-day expressions of gratitude?

What makes you laugh out loud, and how can you laugh out loud more frequently?

What can you do, large or small, to help others who are less fortunate than you (such as the homeless, cancer patients, etc.)?

List the unique characteristics of your closest buddies.

Consider the reasons why your favorite music makes you happy, sad, etc., and briefly express these emotions.

What are the ten things you own (appliances, technology, etc.) that make your life easier?

Describe one little move you can take to overcome a problem you are now facing.

What is the one thing you can do today to make your neighbor’s day better?

Who is the one person you really detest? Now list any qualities you have grown to adore about them. (This may be anything else, like the way they dress or the color of their hair.)

Consider a piece of art that speaks to you, and then describe how and why it makes you feel.

Take into account one issue that enrages you. What can you do to attempt this to be more enjoyable?

What scent is your absolute fave in the entire world? Note how it arouses your senses and elicits a response from you.

What novels do you revisit repeatedly? Note how these make you feel better.

Write about the qualities that make your favorite professor or instructor remarkable, whether they are from your past or current.

What priceless lessons have you drawn from prior errors?

Select a group or public service (fire department, library, education, etc.) for which you are thankful and write a paragraph about it.

What aspects of your own style and dress selections do you love?

Choose a holiday that you like, and then explain in two paragraphs the why.

List three reasons why a specific home item makes you happy.

Write three paragraphs expressing your gratitude for a family member.

Make a list of the 20 destinations you want to see before you pass away, and think about going to one of them soon.

Journal Prompts For Gratitude Get Started

Thankful Journal Prompts

  • 1 What made you happy today?
  • 2 What made you smile recently?
  • 3 Who are the people you’re thankful for?
  • 4 What have you learned that’s good?
  • 5 Where do you want to go or have been to that you’re happy about?
  • 6 What small thing did you enjoy today?
  • 7 Any acts of kindness you did or received?
  • 8 A tough thing you faced and got stronger from?
  • 9 Something you’re good at and thankful for?
  • 10 The best part of your day was what?

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Grateful Journal Prompts

What is your favorite color, and what about it makes you feel more optimistic?

What is a simple purchase you could make that would make you happier? (You may get aromatic candles, cozy socks, chapstick, or anything else.)

Make a list of nine activities you can do to improve your self-esteem, then try implementing some of them into your daily routine.

How may serving others make you happier than serving your own interests?

What location gives you a sense of inner peace? How can you implement some of this in your everyday life?

Best Journal Prompts For Gratitude

What is the most picturesque location you have ever visited? Write down your sentiments and visualize how you felt when you were there.

Which movie usually makes you feel happier? Was there a movie that had an impact on your life? Think about the reasons behind your intense feelings.

Jot down suggestions for how you might accept people who are different from you more. How will doing this task enhance your quality of life?

Do you have a certain favorite form of artistic expression? If yes, how does it make you feel better? If not, list a creative outlet you’d like to explore and how doing so will make you feel better.

Identify a poor behavior you’d like to stop and explain why. Then list the little things you can do to make this happen.


What can you do to cheer up a friend or family member the next time they’re down or unwell?

Who was your childhood sweetheart, and what characteristics from them would you hope to see in your next partner?

What lessons did your parents give you as a child that helped you become a better person?

Identify a persistent fear you have and list the first steps for overcoming it.

Consider a kind deed you performed for someone else, and then describe it in a paragraph or two.

What is the one significant thing you can do to brighten or make your bedroom more comfortable that will also make you happier?

Decide on a goal you hope to accomplish. Note how accomplishing it will improve your quality of life.

Think of one aspect that sets you apart from those around you. Why do you value this unique quality in yourself?

Amazing Journal Prompts For Gratitude

List the things that aggravate you. Then jot down alternative angles from which to see them. Can you make some of these funny or manage them more easily?

Describe a way in which you are luckier than others. What about this makes you feel more grateful?

When was the last time that a total stranger actually tried to assist you? Describe why you appreciated this individual and why what they did for you was necessary for a paragraph.

Describe one exemplary aspect of your day and why it stood out to you.

Think back to a moment when you helped someone else. What impact did this have on the two of you?

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What, in your opinion, distinguishes a charming person?

How do you feel after overcoming a challenge?

Describe an instance when a change made you feel uneasy. How has your life evolved as a result of this change?


Identify one personal issue you wish would go away. Now jot down suggestions on how to improve the situation.

Pick the weather scenario that you enjoy the least. The next time it occurs, consider how you may handle it with a good attitude (read a book, think positive thoughts, etc.).

Identify one aspect of your look that you appreciate, and then write a paragraph describing it.

How might adopting a good outlook every day make life simpler?

List a few practical strategies for handling any issues or persons that are bothering you.

How might recognizing a person’s attributes help you acknowledge their genuine value?

What person gives your life more significance, according to you?

What motivates you, and why? 

If you don’t have a purpose, make a list of how you can have one every day and how it would improve your living.

Positive Journal Prompts For Gratitude

How can you use anything that makes you angry about someone to your healthy advantage?

What talent do you like most about a person you respect, and why?

In what ways did the individuals in your life influence who you are today?

List some living essentials, like food or shelter, for which you are thankful.

What or which person do you have the most incredible gratitude for?

What is a memory or a moment that you will always treasure?

How can kids contribute to a happier world?

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Grateful Journal Ideas

  1. Write down three good things from your day, even if they’re small.
  2. Make a list of people who make you happy and say why you like them.
  3. Think about the pretty things in nature and write about them.
  4. Write about things you did great, like passing a test.
  5. Think about small happy things, like hot cocoa on a cold day.
  6. Write about when someone was nice to you or someone else.
  7. Write about tough stuff and what you learned from it.
  8. Think about fun things you want to do in the future.
  9. Remember your best memories and why they’re special.
  10. Write about what you’re good at and what you like about yourself.

Prompts for Gratitude Journal

What has a persistently tricky aspect of your life made you a stronger person?

Name one object or person who adds excitement to your life.

What kind of affirmations or positive self-talk can you use every day to make yourself feel better?

What type of present might you offer someone that you know would make them feel better about themselves?

Great Journal Prompts For Gratitude

What was the present you received that meant the most to you, and why?

List eight strategies to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. How would adding them to your life make you feel more fulfilled personally?

Describe something lovely about your surroundings or life in general that you’ve never before noticed.

How can you commit to living in the present (be focused, be present, practice meditation, etc.), and how can you benefit from doing so?

Take into account your age and List three positive aspects of this period of your life.

Compile a list of at least ten new skills you’ve acquired during the past six months or a year.

What about yourself do you love the most?

Identify a few things you take for granted and consider ways to be more appreciative of them.

What upcoming activity are you most looking forward to, and why? Choose something you know you’ll stay with if you have nothing to look forward to.

Keeping a gratitude notebook can enhance both your emotional and physical well-being.

What is one method you can use to improve your health and well-being, and how can you ensure that you do this consistently?

List six items you’ll notice and value over the course of the next 48 hours.

Count the number of things you are grateful for while gazing out your window.

What was your day yesterday like? Describe three positive aspects of the day.

Can you think of where you were five years ago in your life? Where have you made progress since today in your life?

What is your preferred holiday spot, and why? What other places would you like to go to?

What do you adore about animals or pets? What positive effects do animals have on the environment and your own life?

Powerful Journal Prompts For Gratitude

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How does your job improve your abilities or help you become a better person overall?

In what ways might a sense of humor help you cope with challenges more effectively? When you’re feeling low, write a list of clever ideas for yourself.

How can reducing selfishness make you happy and strengthen your relationships? Describe how you can improve yourself.

Describe a movie that moved you profoundly and why.

Describe a person you greatly appreciate in your essay.

Take pleasure in your recent revitalizing walk in the outdoors.

What about you do you enjoy best?

What do you appreciate most about the era you live in?

Be thankful that you have enough food to meet your needs.

Be grateful for the transportation that enables long-distance travel.

Be thankful for the ability to order meals right at your door and for the delivery personnel.

Take a look at yourself and make a list of 5 items that are useful to you every day.

Describe five ways owning a phone makes your life simpler.

Say “thank you” for five items you use every day.

Describe an electronic gadget for which you are grateful.

What do you find admirable about the Internet?

What is anything you can accomplish now that folks couldn’t do thirty years ago?

Consider the strangers who assist in making your life simpler.

Write down five things for which you are thankful in your bedroom.

Thank five tools for helping you save time.

What advantage do you possess that others might not?

Which one of your talents or qualities do you value the most?

Express your thankfulness for your trip to life and for yourself.

Consider a time when someone gave you their full attention and showed empathy.

Compliment yourself for establishing the practice of thankfulness in order to have a happy life.

Pause to savor a pleasant memory that always makes you smile.

Thank yourself for the work and willingness it took to accomplish a task.

How have you assisted others throughout the course of your life? An occasion when you assisted a person in need comes to mind.

Good Journal Prompts For Gratitude

Daily Gratitude Prompts

  1. Name five things that help you save time.
  2. What’s something good about you that others might not have?
  3. What’s your best skill or quality?
  4. Say thanks for being alive and for who you are.
  5. List three people who make you happy and why.
  6. Think about something you did well recently and be glad for it.
  7. What’s something in nature you like today?
  8. Remember a happy memory and be thankful for it.
  9. Be glad for overcoming a problem or tough situation.
  10. Say thanks for something you do every day.
  11. Learn from a hard experience and be grateful for the lesson.
  12. Be thankful for the people who help you every day.
  13. Think about a favorite book, movie, or song and be thankful for it.
  14. Be thankful for the food you ate today.
  15. Be glad for your health, both your body and your mind.


Using journal prompts to think about what you’re thankful for is a great way to feel happier. It helps you notice good things in your life and makes you more positive. Doing this often can make you feel better, improve how you relate to others, and help you see the world in a brighter way. Try it every day to make yourself happier.

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