217+ Interactive Journal Prompts for Kids

Regardless of age, journaling is an excellent method to reflect on your day and think carefully about your emotions. It can aid in goal-setting, the processing of challenging emotions, the development of appreciation, and the monitoring of your emotional health.

Since journaling enhances literacy, reading comprehension, reading inventiveness, and spelling, the advantages for children are much more significant.

Journal writing prompts for kids

Journal Prompts For Kids

– Consider writing about returning to school after the summer break.

– Address a thank-you message to a buddy who gave you chewing gum with a garlic and onion taste.

– Create a fictitious constellation. Write a narrative about it in the manner in which ancient people could have.

– Describe a true, made-up horror or dream.

– Write about your favorite childhood plaything.

– Describe the finest or worst day in your life in writing.

– Finish this sentence: If I could alter one thing about myself (if you’re stuck for an answer, consider describing how you became flawless!)

– I’ll never have kids if and when I do… 

– I’ve never felt more afraid than when…

– In five years, I will be…

– Describe a day you’d prefer to forget in your essay.

– Invent and describe a new food. 

– Make a list of tangible or living things to which you might symbolically compare yourself.

Journal Prompts For Kids

– Give an example of an incident that altered your life permanently or invent an event that would do so.

– Name a person who inspires you and explain why they do.

– Describe a period in your life when you wrestled with a decision and came to the correct conclusion.

– Assume you are living in a different century; explain your typical day.

– Who would you most like to meet from a book, and why?

– There are three objectives I’ve set for myself:

– What would you do if you were working at a pet store and 300 mice had suddenly escaped their cages?

– If you were imprisoned within your preferred department store for the night, what would you do?

– What would you do if one morning you discovered that you were invisible?

– If you had the ability to converse with animals, what would you do?

– What law that would benefit people would you want to see passed? How may it be useful?

Journal Prompts For Kids

– If you had the ability to go into the future, what would you do?

– If you had the ability to go back in time, what would you do?

– What would you do if you were given $1 million right away?

– If the world’s electricity suddenly went out, what would you do?

– If you had unlimited access to go anywhere around the globe, what would you do?

– What would you do if you discovered a fly in your mashed potatoes while eating dinner at a luxury restaurant?

– List at least 50 things that you feel happy about.

– Describe your perfect day. As many details as you can include. Instead of a “dream day,” make it a reality.

– Which historical figure would you most like to meet and converse with? Why? What question do you want to ask?

– Which literary character would you most like to meet and converse with? Why? What question do you want to ask?

– Start compiling a list of inquiries you’d want to have addressed. They might be either about the past or the future.

Journal Prompts For Kids

– Make a list of adjectives that best characterize your childhood self. Make a second list that reflects who you are right now. What similarities do these lists share? What distinguishes them from one another?

– Describe what makes you or another person angry.

– Create a creature and explain it. Describe its habitat, diet, and activities.

– What sort of weather do you prefer? Why?

– What is your favorite book that you have ever read? What made you enjoy it? Have you changed in any way since reading the book? Which way?

– Create a list of the things you skipped this weekend.

– Think about a personal experience and embellish the details while retelling it. Make a tall narrative out of it.

– Where would you travel if you could visit a place you’ve never been before, and why?

Journal Prompts For Kids

– If you were the dictator of the world, what items (such as eggplant, rain on weekends, etc.) would you outlaw forever? List everything. Put your creativity to use.

– Where/when would you travel back in time, and why, if you could do it “anytime” and anywhere?

– Which television advertisement do you detest the most? What specifically irritates you about it?

– Create a tool, machine, structure, or other creation that might improve the world in the future. How does it appear? How does it work? How does it work? How may it be advantageous to people?

– Which contemporary fashion do you especially enjoy or find objectionable? Explain.

– Persuade someone of the significance of music, art, or computing in your life. Make them understand your point of view.

– What would you do with $100,000 if you had it?

– Be a well-known structure. Talk about your past and present.

– You must describe pollution to someone who is from another planet or age. Make sure they comprehend the adverse effects and the reasons for them.

– What would you attempt if you had the chance to try something you had never done before? What would motivate you to achieve it?

– What do you think has been your most significant achievement to date, and why?

– You should list one positive trait or behavior you have and explain it. Write about something negative about yourself, if you like.

– What do you enjoy doing? What makes you like it?

– If there is anything, what would you fight for or even give your life for? Describe your response.

– What one thing in the world would you alter if you could? Why would you modify this?

– Do you think you could not survive without any specific device? Explain.

– Describe your future self and your plans for the next ten or twenty years in your writing.

Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids

  • 1 What made you happy today?
  • 2 Who is someone you’re glad to have, and why?
  • 3 What do you like about your family?
  • 4 Tell about a fun thing you did recently.
  • 5 What food do you really like, and why?
  • 6 Write about a toy or game you enjoy.
  • 7 What’s something in nature that you find pretty?
  • 8 Did someone do something nice for you today?
  • 9 What do you like about school or learning?
  • 10 What are you excited about for tomorrow?

Fun Journal Prompts for Kids

Journal Prompts For Kids

– Have you ever defended someone?

– Describe the bully in your area.

– Write about your experience watching children.

– Describe the great fort you constructed for a fantastic game you played as a kid.

– Describe a foe who later turned into a friend.

– Describe a situation when you cheated and were caught.

– Express in writing a privilege you have earned.

– Describe the stray animal you took home in your essay.

– Have you ever requested something that ended up being a letdown? What’s it like to shop with your mother? (Or place an online purchase)

– Describe an instance when you gave a performance in front of an audience.

– Describe a challenging choice you had to make.

– Write about mastering a new skill, such as learning to skate, ride a bike, climb a tree, or flip a cartwheel.

Journal Prompts For Kids

– Have you ever become disoriented in a foreign city?

– Have you ever been confined or ejected? How did you act?

– Describe the first night you spent away from home.

– How did it feel about returning home after a lengthy vacation?

– Express displeasure in writing.

– Write about a small matter that became significant.

– Did you ever triumph or fail in a competition? Tell the tale of what occurred.

– Describe a childhood desire that you had in great detail.

– Do you have any acquaintances who seem to have “everything”?

– Write about a time when you played in a treehouse, a cornfield, a building site, a junkyard, an abandoned home or barn, a creek, a cemetery, a swamp, a pasture, or a set of train tracks when you were a kid.

– Have your parents ever forced you to wear anything you detested?

– Describe an instance when you were persuaded to do something and afterward regretted it.

Journal Prompts For Kids

– Have you ever been in a horse-drawn carriage, hot air balloon, or submarine?

– Have you ever forgotten anything crucial? What resulted from that?

– Describe a hospital experience in writing.

– Have you ever been charged with something you didn’t commit?

– Write a story about a terrible vacation or trip.

– Have you ever been entrusted with a responsibility you couldn’t handle?

– Have you ever been in a tornado, fire, flood, or hurricane?

– Describe your favorite concert you’ve ever been to.

– Describe breaking a window or losing anything significant in your essay.

– Have you ever caught a firefly? Crickets? Frogs? Snakes?

– Have you ever broken a significant oath?

– Describe migrating to a new city or area in your writing.

– Describe a summertime outdoor game you used to play.

– Describe a situation when you attempted to assist but instead made matters worse.

Journal Prompts For Kids

– Create mud pies or sand castles in your writing.

– Did you ever interact with a famous person?

– Compose an essay on weeding the garden, burning leaves, or mowing the lawn.

– Describe the club you founded when you were young.

– Describe a collision you had in a car or on a bicycle.

– Write a piece on being an outcast.

– Create a story about a day you spent abroad.

– Describe a situation when you outwitted someone.

– Describe shopping for new clothing in your writing.

Christmas Journal Prompts for Kids

  1. What do you like most about Christmas and why?
  2. Write a letter to Santa. What do you want to ask for this year?
  3. Describe how you’d decorate your dream Christmas tree.
  4. Share a special Christmas memory from the past.
  5. If you could give a gift to someone who needs it, what would it be and why?
  6. What’s your favorite holiday treat, and how does it taste?
  7. Imagine you’re in a holiday story. What adventure would you have?
  8. Draw a picture of a perfect snowy day at Christmas.
  9. Write a thank-you note for a gift you got.
  10. How can you make others happy during the holidays?

Journal Prompt for Kids 

Journal Prompts For Kids

– Have you ever reported someone to the police or leaked information only to regret it later?

– Visualize yourself as a zoo animal. What kind of creature are you? What does it feel like to be imprisoned? What do you think about those who come to see you?

– Describe an instance when your parents made you feel humiliated.

– Explain how you learned something from a buddy.

– Describe an instance when you provided someone with sound advice.

– Describe the funniest event that’s ever occurred to you in your essay.

– Where would you start and conclude a 30-minute tour of your neighborhood if you were to accompany a space visitor?

– Imagine that you are a grape that turns into a raisin and explains how it feels to wither, dry out, and wrinkle.

– Transform from an icicle into water. Describe the sensation of being cold, hard, and filled with lovely crystals only to dissolve and lose shape.

– Your parents and young brother accompany you as you visit the store. Your parents ask you to monitor your brother while they enter a store. You can’t find your sibling if you even momentarily take your eyes off of him. You…

– I absolutely detest when my parents or siblings…

– What if robots are used in educational settings on a practical level?

– If you were unable to return home, what items would you bring in your suitcase?

– You recently interacted with a visitor from another world. He would like to return a pupil to his planet. Persuade him that you would e the perfect candidate for such a childish audition.

– What legislation, and how would you modify it? Would you change if you could change just one law?

– How tolerant are you when a buddy disappoints you? Explain. Give an instance.

– What if you were named the week’s principal? How would you respond?

– What words would be at the top of your list, and why, if you could only use twenty words for the rest of your life?

– It all began on a peculiar Monday morning when I…

– I noticed… when I got closer to the empty house at the end of the road.

– Do you believe that males and girls are raised in different ways? If so, how exactly?

– Do you believe that your gender influences how you are treated?

– Are men and women treated equally in today’s society, in your opinion? If not, why not?

– Do you anticipate a woman serving as president of the United States anytime soon?

– In modern society, do two men, or two women have it more accessible? If so, why do you believe that?

– Did you ever wish you were younger or older? What advantages do you think they have? the issues?

– Describe the type of mother you imagine.

– Describe the type of father you imagine.

– Do you believe that after marriage, women should adopt their spouses’ last names? If not, why not?

– Would you like to have a sister or a brother? Why?

– Describe a confrontation with your mother. Do it from her perspective.

– Compose a concise biography of your mum.

– Compose a succinct paternal biography.

– Picture the last time your mother laughed. Think back to a moment when you two laughed a lot together.

– Describe your mother’s appearance in detail. Write as though you were watching a movie rather than a still image.

– Write about a specific habit that your mum has with focus.

– What three wishes, if any, would you have? (Please don’t request three more wishes)

– What distinguishes you from others or makes you unique? Why do you believe it is individual or distinctive?

– Describe two life lessons from your family in your essay.

– Create a piece of writing addressing some of your worries.

– Describe a pleasant family memory.

– How can you tell whether someone is in love with you even if they don’t express it?

– Identify one quality you enjoy about yourself and explain why.

– Visualize yourself in a classroom. Which kind of pupil would you want to instruct, and why?

– Give the name and description of a teacher who had an impact on your life. What did that instructor do specifically healthy?

– What about being an American makes you proud?

– Specify the one item that best comforts you.

– Who would you be and why if you could be a character in any book, TV show, or movie?

– Which store in your preferred mall would you want to work at, and why?

– What is the most challenging aspect of your age?

– Specify the one item you cherish the most.

– Who has influenced you the most throughout your life?

– Describe your most vital character attribute.

– What topic would you choose to study if it were possible to do so at school, and why?

– Where would you choose to live if you could live anywhere, and why?

– Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of year-round education or a four-day school week in your essay.

– Write a piece on your preferred sport.

– Is a whole academic year necessary? Too brief? Why?

– What do you typically do throughout the summer?

– Should teachers or professional athletes be paid more? If not, why not?

– What subject do you find most enjoyable, and why?

– Describe the worst altercation you’ve ever had with a buddy.

– What would you do if you only had one month to live?

– Describe the home of your dreams.

– Which companion do you like to spend time with? Why?

– What do you envision yourself doing when you grow up? Explain.

– What TV program would you choose to appear on as a guest star, and why?

– How do you envision your life becoming in ten years? 20 years?

– Describe the operations of your own radio or television station.

– What does success mean to you?

– The adage “Money cannot buy happiness” is true. Do you concur?


Writing prompts for kids are like keys to open their imaginations and feelings. They help kids express themselves and get better at writing. When kids use these prompts often, they become more confident and better at solving problems. These prompts are a fun way for kids to explore their thoughts and grow as they write.

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