200+ Journal Prompts for Self-Care

Any practice, ritual, or habit that routinely lowers stress and improves your well-being is considered self-care. Instead of being something you sometimes do, self-care is something you schedule time for and work into your everyday schedule. Or in cases where things are truly terrible, as a type of triage.

Journal Prompts for Self-Care

A quick and easy technique to lessen stress, overwhelm, and burnout is to keep a journal. So many of us experience burnout as a result of our work, our families’ numerous duties, and the oh-so-fun adulting. Stress can easily result from having too much to do or exerting the necessary energy and working long hours that do not help you feel fulfilled or content.

What does your ideal self-care regimen entail?

Summarize your self-care experience to date.

What varied areas of your life would you like to enhance?

Where in your life are you having the most significant difficulty?

What do you think about self-care?

What does being happy mean to you?

What are your opinions on keeping a journal?

What benefits do you anticipate from journaling?

List ten things for which you are thankful.

What are always your top three objectives for the day?

How would you assess your recent nutrition?

What are some methods you may use to enhance your general well-being?

Describe a recent dream you experienced.

Describe your typical morning schedule.

Describe the kind of morning you would want.

Try working out in the morning, then record your thoughts in a diary.

Try working out after dinner and write about your experience in your diary.

What are some strategies for increasing your daily activity level?

What hobbies do you find to be the most relaxing?

What activities energize you the most?

What makes you happy, specifically?

Why do you become upset? How can that be prevented?

How will journaling fit into your everyday schedule?

What do you need to let go of at this time?

What recently-learned knowledge do you have?

How would you characterize success?

What would you like to do if you were given the weekend to yourself?

What do you do right away when you wake up?

What comes to mind first when you think about something?

Which of your most recent dreams was the best?

Summarize your most memorable day to date.

What kind of trip would you want to take?

What workout do you prefer to do?

Which dish is your favorite?

What does your present evening routine entail?

List three ways you can be loving to yourself.

In what ways are you now supporting society?

What among the diverse genre of music do you enjoy listening to?

Of what do you fear?

What’s your greatest fear?

What is your most notable accomplishment?

Outline your ideal position.

What about yourself do you find most appealing?

What aspects of yourself would you wish to change?

Who motivates you?

What book has influenced you the most?

What documentary or film has affected you the most?

What do you like to do by yourself?

What activities do you like to do with friends?

Has there been any influence on your mind recently that has been bothering you greatly?

What are the top five characteristics of your personality that you find most admirable?

What kind of activities did you perform today or this week for a stranger?

Describe three things that make you grin all the time.

Name three individuals or things that you believe you frequently take for granted. How can you show these people something even greater gratitude?

What are the top three facets of your work or career for which you are grateful?

Describe an instance when someone made an extra effort to assist you. You may have been affected by their behavior.

What aspects of your life do you find most rewarding?

In what ways can I build community and connections with others?

Express your affection to yourself in a letter by listing your best qualities.

What lessons of resilience have you learned from challenging times?

Your top five self-care techniques, along with the reasons you prefer them.

Look for and list the podcasts that inspire you, along with a brief explanation of why.

Write down your thoughts after a 10-minute meditation.

What were your childhood dreams for a career?

Compile a list of physical self-care activities you’d want to engage in for 20 minutes (walking, stretching, yoga, cardio, etc.).

Describe your favorite trip and the factors that contributed to it.

What objectives do you have for this week?

Make a list of 10 affirmations for tranquillity, peace, and quiet.

When do you feel the most comfortable?

Make a list of 5 times you’ve been kind to yourself.

In what instances do I put other people’s needs before my own?

Think back on your life and your achievements (and resist the urge to be silenced by your inner critic).

What am I appreciative of?

Write your own affirmations to help you let go of pent-up feelings.

I picture these things when I think about rejuvenating “me time”:

Jot down the feelings you have and the tales you have made up to explain them.

These are the folks that spring to me when I consider relationships with others.

Describe the experiences in life to which you would love to respond, “Hell yeah, I’d love to go.”

What are the things you wish to reject in life?

Who or what motivates you?

When would you choose to live if you could live in any historical period (past or present)?

Give examples of 5 nourishing fruits and vegetables.

What do you wish you had the capability to do more frequently if you had more time?

Express your gratitude in a letter to your body for being strong and supporting you throughout life.

Describe a challenge you overcame, and discuss what it taught you about your resilience in the process.

Write about a fictional figure who inspires you; describe what it is you find admirable about them.

Which self-limiting ideas are you prepared to let go of?

What factors come to mind when you think about choice?

What is your favorite inspirational saying?

What moral principles do you uphold, and why are they significant to you?

Whatever comes to mind, jot it down, and keep writing until you’re satisfied.

What always comes to mind when you think of forgiving someone else?

What springs to mind when you consider granting yourself forgiveness?

Are there things you simply need to let go of?

Sketch a suitcase, put your emotional baggage on it, and then write in a notebook about how it would feel to be free of it.

If I didn’t feel terrified, what would I do?

What am I still interested in learning about?

Make a list of a few ways you can alter your daily schedule.

Where do you find happiness?

Where do you find tranquility?

Close your eyes for a moment, and envision a peaceful location (actual or made up). Describe or sketch it.

What would you do during the course of a self-care weekend if you could?

Make a list of your top picks for music that uplifts you.

Make a list of your favorite pastimes that give you energy.

Make a list of self-care activities that you may refer to for inspiration.

What causes you to laugh?

Make a collage of your favorite objects. What elements do they all share?

Be honest about your stressors; this is a fantastic chance to begin problem-solving.

What scents do you like most, and how do they make you feel calmer?

Express your reasons for leaving your inner critic in a farewell letter.

Go back and respond to earlier diary entries; you might have more clarity now.

Make a list of the things you are anticipating (new insights, holidays, etc.).

Make a list of brand-new endeavors you wish to attempt, both big and small.

Track down new, healthful dishes that you want to try.

What advice would your future self give you if they could speak to you right now?

Where do you want to go someday?

Would you visit Hogwarts if you could?

What inspires the most love in you?

What advice are you likely to provide your younger self with, and do you still have problems with it today?

Self-portrait as a superhero. What would you be capable of?

Make a tree out of yourself. What kind of tree did you doodle, and what characteristics did you give it?

How can I tell if I’m getting enough sleep?

What comes to mind when I consider mindful eating?

Draw whatever comes to mind.

What are your objectives for the upcoming six months?

Compose a song on empowerment. 

List five spa treatments for self-care that you can do at home or at a spa appointment.

List the happy movies you remember watching as a kid.

Write a letter to your future self explaining how they motivated you to become who you are now.

How do you refuel if you’re an introvert?

How do you refuel if you’re an extrovert?

How can you tell when your energy levels or physical batteries are full?

How is a cup filled if you can’t pour from an empty cup?

Draw a picture of how your cup currently appears and how you want it to look in the future.

Tell us about a wise lesson you’ve learned and why you’re thankful for it.

What always comes to your mind when you think about time?

What is one activity that I allow myself to do?

I accept accountability for my health by…

There is a reason why I pledge I’ll always be strong. And what justifies that?

Classify your preferred love songs by era.

What do I need to tell myself when things don’t go as planned?

How can I tell whether I’m engaging in self-compassion?

What should I explain to myself about resilience?

What is the tale of my body?

Which of the many hats you wear wears you out the most?

How do you recover from a demanding day?

Do you engage in harmful or maybe even dangerous habits?

What coping mechanisms do I use when I’m stressed, sad, or just having a hard time?

Who are the folks I go to when I’m feeling down?

How does my body alert me when it’s time to take a break and refuel?

What prevents me from taking care of myself?

Do I prioritize the needs of others over my own because I believe this to be unselfish behavior?

How did my carers feel about taking care of themselves?

What do I think about taking care of myself?

How has my perspective on caring for myself changed over time?

What are my personal favorite ways for me to exercise my body?

List three ways you can take care of your bodily, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

What are the five aspects of myself that I now accept?

What about myself do I want to alter the most? How do I first love and embrace that aspect of myself?

Where am I allowing myself to be complacent?

Am I capable of accepting compliments from others?

What aspect of myself do I find hardest to love? What can I do to start accepting that aspect of who I am?

At what points in my life do I feel unworthy of my own love?

Where am I preventing myself from loving myself?

What practices do I have that cause me to constantly compare myself to others? How do I get rid of these bad habits?

What behaviors, practices, or persons aggravate me? Can I release them?

What self-defeating thoughts do I hold? Do they hold up?

What do you need to forgive yourself for that I’m still hanging on to?

For what can I give myself credit?

How do I evaluate myself? How can I get rid of that opinion?

In what areas of my life can I stop acting like the victim and start becoming the victor?

What did I like doing as a kid? How can I use that information more in my life?

List five affirmations of self-love that I need to read over. Each day, repeat them.

What would I do every day if I liked myself?

What can I promise myself to help me appreciate myself every day?

To whom I may extend greater love? (When you love more, you’ll receive more love from others and yourself.)

How would my ideal day be structured?

How do I treat the individuals I care about? How can I behave similarly to myself?

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