227+ Journal Prompts for Self Esteem

One of the psychological concepts in society that has received the most investigation is self-esteem. The development of self-esteem in children, students, athletes, and employees is a constant goal of parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors. Success, life pleasure, and wellness depend on it extensively.

Journaling Prompts for Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a person’s general attitude and perception of their own worth. The caliber of our ideas, ideals, and attitudes about ourselves is essential since they constantly surround us.

– What is your most exemplary talent?

– Which of your past compliments was the best?

– How do your parents motivate you to have more self-assurance?

– Write about a specific characteristic you possess.

– List the five things that best describe who you are as “I am ____” statements. Spend some time considering each one. Which characteristic feels the best?

– Describe an instance when you overcame fear and did something. How did you feel following that?

– What feelings do you get while you’re feeling confident?

– Write a profile of someone you respect. What characteristics do you share with this person?

– What do you like doing the most? How do you feel when you do this task?

– How does it feel when someone appreciates the hard work you put into something?

– What about you inspires you to be a strong person?

– What should you do if you notice a student having trouble with something?

– Among the persons in your life, who gives you the most sense of self-assurance?

– List the top three things you value most about yourself.

– How do you believe others view you?

– What does self-esteem mean?

– Why is having a solid sense of self-worth important?

– How can you tell when you’ve accomplished something?

– Compose a poem that captures the confidence-inspiring mood.

– What kind of things damage one’s self-esteem? How can you stop these behaviors?

– What is your strongest suit?

– What was the best sensation you’ve ever experienced?

– Why is it crucial to provide praise to those who succeed?

– Outline your most significant accomplishment.

– When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

– What exactly does confidence entail?

– How do you believe happiness and confidence are related?

– How do you feel after receiving high marks?

– Write about your preferred physical trait.

– Describe your preferred intellectual characteristic in your essay.

– How do you feel more confident when you wish to?

– What is your main objective? How are you going to do it?

– Describe an instance when you benefited someone else in your writing. How were you feeling?

– What brings you joy?

– List the ten things that you excel at. What about these things make you unique?

– How can you make others feel more self-assured?

– How do you feel after routinely keeping a journal?

– How does trying something new feel?

– Do you ever struggle with decision-making? How can you practice making decisions more swiftly and confidently?

– List three things that provide you joy in your writing. How can you give these items more time each day?

– What was your most courageous action?

– Why is having a solid sense of self-worth important?

– Consider an area where you may use improvement. What can you do to make progress?

– How do you react when someone compliments you?

– What kind of things give you a sense of confidence?

-Why is it crucial to hang out with individuals who value your finest attributes?

-How can bright ideas boost self-assurance?

-What recent accomplishments would you want to mention?

-Describe an instance when you made a wise decision.

-Do you frequently fret about what others may think? What does it feel like?

-Whenever do you feel admirable?

-Describe an instance when you encountered a challenge. How did you make improvements?

-What was successful today? Can you come up with five?

-What did you find difficult today, and what did you discover about yourself as a result?

-What about today did you like? Can you recall an instance or two from your day that brought you joy?

-For what are you thankful? Can you name ten persons or things for which you are grateful today?

-How do you want to feel the following day? What goals do you have for the future?

-What distinguishes you from others (just good remarks, please)?

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Journaling for Self-esteem

  • 1 Write about things you are good at or like about yourself.
  • 2 Make a list of nice things you can say to yourself, like “I am smart.” Write how these make you feel.
  • 3 Think about something you did well in the past and explain how it made you happy.
  • 4 Write about three good things you did today or what you like about yourself today.
  • 5 Imagine how you want to be in the future and what you can do to be that way.
  • 6 Tell about a time when you had a problem but figured out how to fix it.
  • 7 Write down when someone said something nice about you and how it made you feel.
  • 8 Think about things you can do to take care of yourself and make yourself feel good.
  • 9 Set a small goal for today or this week. Write about how you did and what you learned.
  • 10 At the end of each day, write about one good thing that happened or something good you did today.

Self Esteem Prompts

-Compose a letter of gratitude to your body for everything it does for you (try not to be hostile or body-shaming).

-How do you want to be remembered, and what must you do to ensure that this happens?

-List the items you wish to do before the new year.

-Compile a list of your most admirable qualities.

-Make a list of your achievements and try to come up with 20 over the course of your life.

-What do you indeed do well?

-What would your closest friend say about you?

-If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

-Whom do you look up to, and why? How far along are you in your efforts to emulate them?

-If money were no object, how would you spend your free time?

-What would you specialize in if you could become an authority on any topic or activity?

-List all the reasons that physical appearances don’t become significant.

-Make a list of the physical traits you dislike. The first step in repairing your relationship with your body is acknowledging these.

-Consider your favorite moment, location, or experience. Give specific details of your bodily feelings at that time. “Sand between my toes, the sun warming my shoulders,” etc.

-Do you think well of yourself?

-What dreams do you have?

-Compose a letter to your former self in which you express your pride.

-Compose a letter of support for your future self.

-What kind of self-care routine do you prefer?

-Create a fake CV that highlights your unique personality attributes. Talk yourself up a little bit here!

-When do you feel the calmest? How can that be supposed to be more frequent?

-Describe who you are in the eyes of your loved ones.

-How nice are you? In what ways do you improve the lives of others?

-What kind of impact do you hope to have on the world? Do you have a particular cause that you are devoted to? How do you go about achieving that objective?

-What was a goal you had as a youngster and have already achieved?

-Explain your sense of humor.

-Do you feel assured? Where do you feel most assured? What areas of your life require more self-assurance?

-What kind of praise do you like getting the most? Why are they important?

-What prevents you from experiencing total happiness? How are you able to let that go?

-Who is the person who knows you the best? What makes you believe they adore you? (Ex: enumerate the traits that endear you to people!)

-Do you feel free to live your life as you indeed are? Do you ever feel the urge to pretend to be someone you’re not?

-Why would you make an excellent romantic partner?

-How have you changed over the past 12 months? or five years?

-Who inspires you the most? Why? What characteristics do you share?

-Currently, what about your life do you love the most?

-Make a list of the objectives you want to achieve in the upcoming year. Pick the top three goals you want to concentrate on.

-Create a strategy for each of your top three objectives. How do you intend to bring your aspirations to life?

-Describe your favorite role model as though you were describing him or her to a buddy who is unfamiliar with them. What about this individual inspires you to admire them?

-Talk about your most robust personality quality. What would your friends say about you? What about you do people adore?

-What is the current, most unfavorable notion you have? Talk about how to get it out of your head.

-What does the term “courage” signify to you? How lately have you displayed courage?

-Write about a fear you overcame in the past. What emotions did you have both before and after the event?

-Write a letter of gratitude to your body or mind.

-Talk about what you want to understand, get better at, or alter in order to feel better about yourself. Set up a plan of action to handle this.

-Do you assess yourself against others? Discuss how your self-esteem could be harmed by this.

-What does the term “BRAVE” signify to you? When have you in the past shown courage?

-Give examples of 5 times you have done something kind for someone else and felt good about it.

-What does having a high sense of self-worth mean to you?

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Journal Prompts for Low Self Esteem

  1. Write down three things you like about yourself, no matter how small they seem.
  2. List five things you’re good at and explain why they are good qualities.
  3. Think about something you believe about yourself that isn’t good. Try to find reasons why it might not be true.
  4. Write about something you did well in the past and how it made you feel.
  5. At the end of each day, write about three things you did today that you feel good about.
  6. If someone said something nice about you, write it down and explain how it made you feel.
  7. Write a letter to the voice inside your head that says bad things about you. Tell it why you’re good and deserving.
  8. Think of someone you look up to. Write about what you like about them and how you’re like them.
  9. Imagine a time when you did something great or felt really good about yourself. Describe it in detail.
  10. Write about things you can do to make yourself feel better, like exercising or talking to friends.

Self-Esteem Writing Prompts

-When do you feel admirable in your own eyes?

-How would you be described by your closest friends?

-What was successful today?

-What did you find difficult today?

-What areas of your life are the most rewarding?

-What about yourself do you actually love?

-What are you good at?

-How do you want to feel the following day?

-What prevents you from achieving your goals?

-If you knew you couldn’t fail, what is one thing you would try?

-What is one thing that always makes you happy?

-What at this stage of your life is actually going well for you?

-What praise do you frequently receive that you find challenging to accept?

-Recently, when have you displayed courage?

-What physical attribute best describes you?

-What do you value most in your closest companion?

-What lessons have you taken from prior errors?

-What do you think of as your safe place? What about it appeals to you so much?

-How would you assess the general state of your mental health?

-What are some terrible things you can get rid of in your life?

-What do you like doing the most?

-In general, how do you feel about your life right now?

-Give an example of a characteristic you possess that you are aware others find helpful.

-Describe a period in your life when you had profound self-confidence. What was the situation?

-Describe a period when you had severe self-doubt. What gave you that awful feeling?

-Do you think people are judging you? What do you believe they are considering, if so?

-If you have a tendency to overthink things, what do you usually ponder?

-What would you stop doing if you had more confidence?

-What does the word “confidence” mean to you?

-Mention someone who inspires you. What do you admire about them?

-What time of day do you feel the happiest?

-What frightens you?

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-Tell us about the “superhero” version of you. How would they react?

-How can you say to yourself more kind words?

-What lessons can you draw from your best triumph?

-Do you think others accept you for who you are? If not, why not?

-How does it make you feel to know that someone in your life looks up to you?

-How do you feel when you overhear others criticizing themselves?

-What would you like to learn more about that you find interesting?

-What little things do you cherish most in life?

-Enumerate ten things that bring you joy.

-What is a pastime or activity that you have always wanted to attempt but haven’t yet?

-Create a fantasy life in writing.

-Who do you generally turn to for help when you need it?

-What are the details of your present nighttime routine? Could you make it better? How?

-Jot down five affirmations that you adore yourself.

-Express your frustration in writing.

-What unique ability do you possess?

-What can you alter about yourself that would improve your self-esteem?

-What can you do right away that your future self will appreciate?

-What does having a high sense of self mean to you?

-How do you feel about yourself and your significant other?

-How do you feel about yourself, and what do you think about your connection with your mother?

-How do you feel about yourself, and what do you think about your connection with your father?

-Do you already have children, or do you wish to? How do you feel about yourself in relation to how you think about those kids?

-Can you name a recent nice deed you performed? How did it make you feel, and why did you do it?

-What recent act of compassion has someone shown you? What impression did it give you of yourself?

-What about your safe place makes you feel protected? Where is it?

-What strengths would your employer, teacher, or religious leader cite as your strengths, and why?

-How do you feel about yourself and your interactions with others? How does religion affect your relationship with yourself?

-Which members of your family are you most close to? What impression do they give you of yourself?

-What novel activity do you want to try? Why have you not yet completed it?

-Do you engage in any activities that make you feel good? What about them draws you back to the experiences time and time again?

-What kind of negative self-talk do you regularly engage in? What instructions do you offer yourself, and where do you believe they originate?

Journaling Exercises for Self Esteem

  • 1 Write about what you believe your friends would say about you. What do they like about you? How does that make you feel?
  • 2 Imagine today is your last day on Earth. Write about how you would spend it. What would make you happiest?
  • 3 Think about parts of your life that you think need to get better. Write them down and think of ways to make them better.
  • 4 List the things in your life that you really like. This could be your family, things you’ve done, or what you’re good at.
  • 5 Describe the job you would love to have. What kind of work would make you really happy?
  • 6 Every day, write down something you did well or something you accomplished, even if it’s small.
  • 7 Keep a list of nice things people say about you or say them to yourself. When you feel down, read these words to feel better.
  • 8 Think about a problem you had before and how you fixed it. What skills helped you solve it?
  • 9 Write down nice things people say about you on pieces of paper. Put them in a jar. Read some when you need a boost.
  • 10 Write a letter to your future self. Describe how you want to be more confident. Talk about steps to make it happen.

Self Love Journals

Write down things you’re thankful for.

Make positive statements about yourself.

Think about your day and what made you happy.

Set goals to make yourself better.

Solve problems you’re facing.

Write about things that make you feel good and relaxed.

Remember happy moments.

Explore your thoughts and feelings.

Forgive yourself for mistakes.

Keep track of nice things people say about you.


Using journal prompts for self-esteem is like having secret weapons to feel better about yourself. They help you see what you’re good at, work on what you want to get better at, and remind you of all the cool stuff you’ve done. These prompts make you understand yourself better and feel more confident and happy.

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