157+ Spring Journal Prompts to Spark Creativity

“Spring is here, and it’s a time when everything becomes colorful and exciting. You can write and draw about all the amazing things you see and feel during this special season. We have some fun spring prompts for you to use in your journal. Let’s get started and have some springtime journaling fun!”

Journal Prompts for Spring

With the help of these spring journal prompts, you will love having your students write about their favorite springtime pastimes, the ideal way to spend a springtime day, and all the things that make them think of the season.

They’ll quickly become accustomed to the new questions that encourage children to talk about their favorite spring customs and fondest springtime experiences.

– I know springtime is when…

– Since Spring is often associated with fresh beginnings, what are you hoping to start this season?

– Why is Spring associated with birth?

– Describe a springtime encounter you had using each sense.

– What adjustments could you start making in the Spring?

– The beginning of Spring is a wonderful time to…

– What would be in a garden that you could plant anything?

– I consider… when everything goes green.

– Why do you think baseball is a national pastime in America?

– Have you ever observed May Day? How may you establish a May Day custom?

– The most beautiful flower varieties are…

– Do you ever feel happy during the Spring? What is the finest game to play outside in the Spring?

– If I had to sum up Spring in one word, I’d choose.

– Springtime is my preferred time to visit…

– Ever seen that adage “April rains bring May flowers”?

– How different would things be if spring break was held in a place of summer vacation?

– The year’s most enjoyable season for me is…

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– What Spring break memory stands out to you the most?

– The significance of Memorial Day is due to…

– What to do in the Spring is best…

– Once Spring arrives, do you ever miss Winter?

– In what location should Easter eggs be hidden?

– My thoughts immediately turn to…

– A fun activity to partake in on April 1st

– What if springtime conditions prevailed all year?

– What springtime blooms are you most anticipating seeing?

– I feel better on a sunny day…

– What do you enjoy doing the most when it rains?

– What do you have planned for the summer?

– What exactly does spring fever entail?

– Do you enjoy the rain in the Spring?

– Would you choose another season if you could replace Spring?

– The season of Spring is…

– What Easter sweets are the best?

– What is the significance of St. Patrick’s Day?

– What would spring look like in a sketch if you were to create one?

– A springtime animal should be the subject of a narrative.

– Do you dive into puddles the moment you notice them?

– What’s your favorite springtime fruit or vegetable?

– Visiting the park for the first time in the season?

– How soon can you begin swimming in the Spring?

– What do I associate with Spring?

– Do you sense love in the air this time of year?

– What is green such a significant springtime color?

– Although Spring is an exciting time, is it too difficult to wait for summer?

– The finest spring break is… My favorite aspect of warm weather is…

– How does it make you feel when it snows in the Spring?

– On Mother’s Day, I’ll…

– Spring cleaning is a chance to get rid of outdated items. What might you remove out of your room this season?

– How will you spend your spring vacation this year?

– Describe the ideal spring day.

– Compose an acrostic poem using the letters that make up the word “spring.”

– There are at least three ways to finish the following sentence: Spring makes me think of…

– Describe the garden of your dreams. Which flowers or plants would you raise?

– What flower is your favorite, and why?

– From the viewpoint of a seed that has just been sown in the ground, compose a brief tale. How does it feel when a seed steadily develops into a mature plant?

– Compose a haiku describing rainy days.

– Would you prefer to play about in the puddles with an ogre or go flower picking with a fairy? Describe your response.

– Create a how-to manual for growing carrots at home.

– Compose a little narrative about a talking daffodil that awakens to find itself alone in the midst of a busy road. When will they learn what transpired in the green field of daffodils they once lived in?

– Record the exchange between a slug and a flower. The tulip is asking the slug to quit munching on its leaves in this exchange. How does the tulip get the slug to pay attention to it?

– Find at least five interesting facts about queen bees.

– What about Spring do you like best? And what about Spring do you detest? Make an effort to list three items or more for each.

– Create a short narrative about a colony of bees that must defend their hive from a local bear that is hungry.

– Detail a day in the life of a worker ant who is responsible for locating food for the colony.

– Spring is a time for fresh starts. List at least five new activities you wish to begin performing this Spring.

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Spring Journal Prompts Kindergarten

  1. Draw and write about your favorite springtime animal.
  2. Describe a pretty flower and draw a picture of it.
  3. Write about what you like to do on sunny spring days.
  4. Tell how rainy spring days make you feel and what happens.
  5. Imagine having a garden. What would you plant in it, and why?
  6. Write about a bug you’ve seen in the spring, like a ladybug.
  7. Draw and write about your perfect spring picnic with yummy snacks.
  8. Describe the colors you see in the spring and what they remind you of.
  9. Write about a baby animal you like in the spring, such as a cute duckling.
  10. Describe a job you can help with during spring cleaning at home.

Spring Journaling Prompts

– Are you able to compile a book from A to Z of plants and flowers? A minimum of one piece of information about each bloom or plant should be included.

– Picture discovering an egg in your yard that is blue in color. When properly cared for, this egg begins to hatch after a few days. Go on with this tale…

– Compose a brief tale involving a young rabbit nurtured by an otter family.

– Imagine that you are a young bear emerging from your lair for the first time in the Spring. Describe everything you experience while in the forest outside, including everything you hear, taste, smell, and feel.

– Make a list of at least five indoor things you can perform while it rains outside.

– Compose a little narrative about a farmer who has to prevent a family of groundhogs from consuming his prized produce.

– Produce a how-to manual on caring for a young rabbit.

– Make yourself a frog for a moment. You have been given the task of organizing the huge “Spring is Here!” celebration this year at the neighborhood pond. For the other animals, make your own invitations to the celebration. Organize your thoughts on the party’s theme, menu, and entertainment. Don’t forget to indicate the party’s location, time, and date on the invitations.

– Describe how the first Spring came to be in your genesis myth.

– Which characteristics of Winter and Spring are the most distinctive? Which five contrasts between the two seasons can you think of?

– Make a poster outlining the benefits of plants and flowers for the environment.

– Compile a list of the ten prettiest baby animals.

– Getting rid of outdated and unnecessary items from your home is a key component of spring cleaning. Can you name at least three things that you no longer need or use?

– Compile a list of at least ten things you can accomplish throughout the spring vacation.

– Write a poem about the rainbow on your own. The poetry should make use of different rainbow colors in each line. For instance, Red likes…, Orange likes…, Yellow likes…, and so on.

– Create a short narrative about a baby bird that aspires to be a talented singer but suffers voice loss.

– If there is no more rain, what do you think would become of the planet Earth? How would it affect the water supply? How about the animals and plants?

– Greek mythology holds that the Goddess Persephone’s return to Earth from the underworld heralded Spring’s arrival. Persephone spent Autumn and Winter as the ruler of the underworld. She would then return in the Spring as agreed upon with Hades. She brings springtime by thawing the snow. Would it be possible for you to compose a little narrative about the goddess Persephone and the birth of Spring?

– Write a brief anecdote on the worst picnic you’ve ever attended. Then, consider every scenario that may go wrong before, during, and following a picnic.

– Look up at least ten facts about springtime.

– Describe a day in the life of a nursing bee who is in charge of caring for eggs (pupae and larvae) and newborn bees in the hive.

– What type of person would Spring be if Spring were a person? Describe their persona and look.

– Write a brief narrative about a shy ladybird that feels ashamed that they don’t have spots like the other ladybirds since they are bashful.

– Give a thorough description of a forest in the Spring. Consider the forest’s physical attributes as well as any potential noises. The five senses method may also be used to describe your forest. In addition, this generator of forest names could be helpful to you.

– Consider yourself a plant biologist. For example, you come upon a new species of plant while taking a nature stroll in the woods. Make a sketch of this new plant and provide a description of it.

– Make a list of the food you may bring for a picnic at the park near you.

– Create a short narrative about a grouchy bear who stays in its cave all Winter and won’t come out in the Spring.

– Which would you choose to keep as a pet—a newborn chick or a baby rabbit? Describe your response.

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– Construct a brief narrative about a town that “Spring Fever grips.” A condition known as spring fever causes people to feel sleepy and daydreamy in the Spring.

– Winter or Spring: Which is better? Describe your response.

– Compose a short narrative about a lone robin who becomes best friends with an earthworm.

– Can you create a limerick poem about an unmotivated badger?

– Express your regret at not having them in a letter to the winter season.

– List the ten deadliest insects or bugs in order of importance.

– Good transformation is the theme of Spring. What at least three methods can you come up with to improve yourself?

– Make a list of the top ten most beautiful flowers on Earth.

– Compose a love story about a woodpecker who lives in the forest and travels to the city to find romance. Consider the wildlife that the woodpecker may encounter in the city.

– For ages, a mystical woodland has been doomed to spend all of its time in Winter. Up until one wood elf decides to go out on a quest to reverse the curse and bring Spring to the woodland.

– Give at least three distinct ways to finish the following sentence: My favorite springtime pastime is…

– Would you like to take a trek in a forest or enjoy a picnic in a field of flowers? Describe your decision.

– Create a tale about a wood frog who, upon awakening from his winter slumber in the Spring, finds that his family has vanished.

– What can you do to strengthen your mental health in Spring?

– What are some quick methods to enhance your diet?

– What fond recollections do springtime flowers evoke for you?

– Which current obstacles have you overcome?

– What location, if any, would you choose to visit?

– What features of rain do you enjoy?

– Which activities are available in the Spring that is not available in the Winter?

– Write down any indication of Spring that comes to mind. Then, while making your list, consider how Spring appears, sounds, feels, and smells.

– In the words of actor Robin Williams, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!” How do you interpret his intentions? Do you concur or disagree? Why?

– Make believe you can have a spring break anyplace in the globe. How would you spend your time there, and where would you go?

– The Year that Spring Forgot, a short narrative, should be written.

– Consider the Spring of last year. How did things change in your life? Just how similar was it? To illustrate the changes and stability in your life during the past year, create a T-chart.

– On April 1st, many individuals had fun. Write about a time when you made fun of someone or they made fun of you.

– Supposing “Spring Fever” is a genuine disease. Make a list of the signs and symptoms that spring fever patients could experience. A therapy plan is then developed.

– Compose a convincing essay to persuade the school’s administration to extend spring vacation by an additional week.

– Describe your ideal spring day in your writing. Describe the weather, your destination, and your plans in detail.

– Describe the scenario in a tale where Easter Bunny oversleeps.

– Compile a list of your top 10 favorite springtime activities. The top activity should be your own preference.

– Which would you like to do on a spring day: trekking in the woods or creating a garden? Why?

– What distinguishes Spring from summer? Put as many distinctions on the list as you can.

– A baby rabbit has come in a basket in your doorway. You quickly learn that it has one unique, magical power. Tell a tale about this rabbit.

– Spring is seen as a season of fresh starts. Write about a time when you started something new.

– Springtime might make it challenging to focus in class. What actions may your instructor take to maintain the class’s attention and focus? 

– “May blossoms come amid the rains of April.” What do flowers in May bring? Why do you believe that?

– Time to do some spring cleaning. What are the top three things you need to let go of? Then, explain why it is time to donate or sell each item in your essay.

– Play the role of the person in charge of organizing the class’s spring picnic. Create a menu and list the games and activities that will be performed.

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Spring Journal Topics

  1. Write about the things you see, smell, and hear in spring that make you happy.
  2. Write about the animals you see in the spring, like birds or butterflies.
  3. Share your thoughts on helping with spring cleaning at home.
  4. Plan a fun picnic on paper, including your favorite foods and games.
  5. Share your thoughts on Easter, egg hunts, and family traditions.
  6. If you celebrate other spring holidays, write about what you enjoy.
  7. Draw and write about your favorite springtime art projects or crafts.
  8. Write about the pretty flowers you see or draw your favorite one.
  9. Imagine what it’s like for a caterpillar to become a butterfly.
  10. List your favorite spring foods and why you like them.


In short, spring journal prompts help us enjoy the beauty of the season and think about growth and change. They remind us to connect with nature and appreciate the fresh start spring brings. Writing about spring can make us feel more inspired and thankful for the new beginnings it brings.

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