270+ Journal Prompts for Students

Journaling is an excellent approach for students to acquire a love of writing while also learning to express themselves and convey new ideas. Nothing beats giving a student a writing prompt and seeing where they take it.

Try this 100+ journal prompts for pupils to inspire students’ interest in reflective communication and encourage them to think about the future.

Journaling Prompts for Students

– What is the function of writing in your life?

– What motivates you to write?

– Are You a Good Narrator?

– What is your favorite joke?

– Do You find keeping a Journal or a Diary a healthy habit?

– Do You Keep a Blog?

– Would You Like to Write a Book?

– When Do You Handwrite?

– Do you use cursive writing?

– Do You Make Notes in Your Books?

– What Is Your Favorite Writing Assignment?

– Do You Ever Write About Life’s Difficulties?

– What ‘Mundane Moments’ of your Life Might Make up for Excellent Essay Topics?

– What Kind of Letter Would You Write to the Editor?

– What Would Your genre of choice be If You Had a Column in The New York Times?

– Would you ever write something down and then bury it?

– What Is Your Favorite Art Form?

– What Are Some of Your rare Favorite Pieces of Art?

– What work of Art has had the most impact on your life?

– What Are Some of Your Favorite rare Works of Visual Art?

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– Which photograph will you remember?

– What are the most interesting artifacts you’ve ever seen in a museum?

– Is Art Necessary in Our Lives?

– How Vital Is Arts Education?

– What Impact Has Arts Education Had on Your Life?

– Can Graffiti Be Classified As Art?

– Should Graffiti Be Safeguarded?

– Is it possible and right to separate Art from the artist?

– Is It Possible to Distinguish Art from the Artist Who Created It?

– Are there some subjects that should be off-limits to artists or to specific artists?

– Should Society Help Artists and Others Who Make Art?

– Should Art Be Allowed in All Public Places?

– Is Pop Culture Worthy of Close Examination?

– What do you think of the portraits chosen by the Obamas?

– What Are Your Pet Peeves?

– What do you think are overused words or phrases?

– How Often Do You Use Slang? What Are Some of Your Favorite Phrases?

– What current slang expressions and words do you believe will survive?

– What do you think are overused words or phrases?

– What phrases or words should be phased out?

– Why do so many people constantly use the words ‘Like’ and ‘Totally’?

– Do You Use the Phrase “Kind of, Sort of” More Than You Think?

– How Frequently Do You Curse?

– Have curse words or badmouthing become so common that they no longer shock?

– Do laws prohibiting the use of offensive words make the world a better place?

– How good are you at coming up with clever retorts?

– When was the last memorable time you had a great conversation?

– What Constitutes a Great Conversation?

– How Frequently Do You Have ‘Deep Conversations’?

– Do You Wish Your Conversations Were More ‘Big Talk’ and Less ‘Small Talk’?

– Are we losing the ability to listen?

– How Do You practice Greeting Your Family and Friends?

– When Would You Rather Make a Phone Call Than Send a Text?

– What Is the Definition of ‘Too Much Information?

– What Does Your Body Language Say?

– Do you ever “hide” behind irony?

– How Well Do You Spell?

– Is Punctuation in Text Messages Important?

– When was the last memorable time you learned a new word?

– Where Can You search Up the Definitions of Unfamiliar Words?

– Do you understand a second or third language?

– Is it necessary for everyone to learn at least one other language?

– Should the school day begin earlier?

– Would a later start time for school improve student achievement?

– Is your school day very long?

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– Should Schools Discontinue Summer Vacation?

– Do you believe that extending the school year is a good idea?

– Is it Time to Raise the Dropout Age?

– Should We Rethink the Length of Time Students Spend in High School?

– Should students be permitted to skip their senior year of high school?

– Should Children Attend College Early?

– Do You Enjoy School?

– Do You Worry About School?

– Are high school students overworked?

– What Do You Really Learn in School?

– What are you always looking forward to or fearful about this school year?

– Do You Prefer a Public or a Private High School?

– How important is it to you which high school you attend?

– Is it true that small schools outperform large schools?

– Would You Want to Attend your School Like This?

– What type of educational system do you believe is best?

– What grade would you give your school?

– What can other schools learn — and replicate — from yours?

– What Would You Miss If You Dropped Out of School?

– What Do You Want to Accomplish in High School?

– Should High Schools Do More to understand and Prepare Students for Jobs?

– Do You Want to Be Home-Educated?

– Should homeschoolers be permitted to participate in public school sports?

– Should Every Child Be Able to Attend Preschool?

– What Is the Function of Preschool?

– Should Kindergarten focuses on play or literacy?

– Do Teachers Assign Excessive Homework?

– Does your homework assist you in learning?

– Do You Require the Services of a Homework Therapist?

– Do You Take Part in Class?

– How Much Group Work Should You Do in School?

– What are your thoughts on dividing students into ability groups in schools?

– Is class size important?

– What Is Your Favorite Subject?

– What has been your most difficult assignment?

– What is your most memorable concept from science class, and how did you learn it?

– What memorable science or math learning experiences have you had?

– Do You Hate Math?

– Is a Better Way to Teach Math Necessary?

– Is Shakespeare too difficult to understand?

– What Are the Most Effective Ways to Learn History?

– How Would You Perform on a Civics Exam?

– Is Geography Knowledge Beneficial to Citizenship?

– What career or technical classes would you want to see offered at your school?

– Does going to the gym help students do better in all of their classes?

– Is it necessary to teach reading and math in gym class?

– Do You Learn Better When You Move?

– Do Children Require Recess?

– Which field trip was your favorite?

– What Are Your Favorite Studying Strategies?

– Do You Make Use of Study Aids?

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– Is Everything You’ve Learned About Study Habits Incorrect?

– What Would You Like to Remember?

– Should Schools Teach and Assess Social-Emotional Skills Like ‘Grit’?

– Should You Be Taught How to Be Happy at School?

– Should Schools Teach Kids to Cook?

– What ‘Pop-Up’ Classes Would You Like to See at Your School?

– Do Schools Provide Enough Opportunities for Students to Be Creative?

– Does the way you decorate your classroom affect your learning?

– How much of your school life intersects with your life outside of school?

– What would you like your teachers to find out about you?

– When was the last time a teacher inspired you?

– Has a teacher ever influenced your thinking?

– Which Teacher Do You Want to Thank?

– What Characteristics Characterize a Good Teacher?

– Is it a waste of class time and substitute time?

– Should Students Have the Ability to Evaluate Their Teachers?

– When interacting with teachers and professors, how formal should students be?

– Have You Ever Been Embarrassed by a Teacher? What impact did it have on you?

– Have Your Teachers or Textbooks Ever Erroneously Taught You?

– Do you believe your school and teachers are open to both conservative and liberal viewpoints?

– Have you hired a tutor?

– What Is the Importance of Parent-Teacher Conferences?

·. Should Children Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences?

– What Should Parents Do If Their Child Receives a Poor Report Card?

– Do you think your school gives out too many A’s?

– Do girls outperform boys at your school?

– How accurate do you believe standardized tests are in assessing your abilities?

– How Important Are Standardized Tests?

– Do you usually spend an inordinate amount of time studying for standardized tests?

– Should schools provide cash incentives for high test scores?

– Do your test results reflect the caliber of your teachers?

– Should a student’s discomfort excuse them from completing an assignment?

– Should Schools Issue “Body” Report Cards to Students?

– Is a College Education Necessary?

– Is College Expensive?

– How Well Are You Prepared For College? What do you think your chances are?

– What are your college-related concerns?

– What College Do You Want to Attend?

– Does It Make a Difference if and Where You Attend College?

– Do College Rankings Have Any Importance?

– Do People Take Too Much Interest in Your Post-High School Plans?

– What are your sources of college and university information?

– Should Colleges Improve Their Admissions Process?

– Is College Admissions Fair?

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– Should Colleges Use Criteria Other Than SAT/ACT Scores and Grades for Admission?

– Do you believe that affirmative action should be used in college admissions?

– Are Early-Decision Programs Discriminatory? Should Colleges Disband Them?

– What criteria should be used in awarding college scholarships?

– Should Engineers Pay Less Than English Majors for College?

– How Many College Applications Should You Send?

– What role has community college played in your or someone else’s life?

– How Concerned Are You About Taking the SAT/ACT?

– Which Personal Essay Subjects Would You Assign to College Applicants?

– What Characteristics Do You Seek in a College Roommate?

– Would You Consider Taking a Gap Year After Graduation?

– What Type of College Would You Establish?

– What Elements Contribute to a Memorable Graduation Ceremony?

– Should College Be Free?

– Is it worthwhile to incur student debt?

– Are College Campus Luxuries Useful or Frivolous?

– Are Fraternities a Source of Misogyny?

– Should Fraternities Be Extinct?

– Is It Possible for a Feminist to Join a Sorority?

– Should ‘Hated Dissenters’ Have the Right to Speak on College Campuses?

– What Are Your Future Plans?

– Do You Believe in a Higher Power?

– What is your ideal occupation?

– What jobs pique your interest?

– What have you been interested in or passionate about for a long time?

– Do you believe you will have a job you enjoy?

– How Can You Be Certain That Your Future Career Is a Good Fit?

– Which do you prefer in a job: happiness or wealth?

– What are you willing to put up in order to land your dream job?

– Would You Consider Relocating Abroad for Work?

– What do you want to do the year after you graduate college?

– What would you do if you had unrestricted free time?

– Is ‘doing nothing’ a productive way to spend your time?

– In ten years, where do you see yourself?

– Do you want to be famous?

– Would You Be Interested in a Non-traditional Job or occupation?

– Do You Prefer to Work at Home or at an Office?

– Would You Like to Work as a Teacher?

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– Do You Want to Be a Model?

– What Hidden Talents Do You Possess?

– What ‘back-to-the-land’ abilities do you possess or wish you possessed?

– Do You Want to Work as an agricultural producer?

– In two minutes, what skill might you teach?

– What have you created for yourself?

– What are you interested in learning to make by hand?

– What is your most forward-thinking idea?

– Do You Have any Business or App Ideas?

– What Would You Make If You Had Money?

– How did you get started doing something you enjoy?

– Have you ever taken a break from something you like doing?

– What did you do to make money?

– Have you got a job?

– Is it alright to use family connections to get work?

– Should All High School Students Be Able to Find a Summer Job If They So Desire?

– Would You Resign if Your Values Didn’t Match Those of Your Employer?

– Should Employers Have Access to Job Applicants’ SAT Scores?

– How Important Is Relevant Experience in a Job?

– Who are your favorite people, famous or not?

– Who are your role models?

– What Exactly Is a Hero?

– Is it necessary to have more diverse superheroes?

– Who Do You Look Up To?

– Who motivates you?

– What Characteristics Characterize a Great Leader?

– What brave acts have you witnessed?

– What is the absolute best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

– What Are Some “Words of Wisdom” That You Follow?

– Outside of your family, who has had an impact on your life?

– Who Would You Interview If You Had Your Own Talk Show?

– Would You consider Writing a Thank-You Note to Whom or What?

– Who Would You Invite to Speak at Your Event?

– Who would you like to invite to dinner, living or dead?

– Who is your ‘Role Model from the Outside’?

– Do You Give Enough Time to Others?

– How often or seldom do you spend time alone with your closest friends?

– Do You Have a BFF?

– Is it easier for you to meet new people online than in person?

– How Well Do You Know Your Friends?

– Do You Enjoy Your Peers?

– What fads are you and your friends now interested in?

– How Have You Assist a Friend in Need?

– Do you have any oddball friends?

– What are your thoughts on introducing friends from various parts of your life?

– Do you ever ‘mingle’ and socialize with different people at school?

– Is competitiveness an impediment to forming or maintaining friendships?

– How Should You Deal With the End of a Relationship?

– Have you ever felt isolated?

Students Journal Prompts

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