257+ journal prompts for students: Enhance Learning

Journaling is an excellent approach for students to acquire a love of writing while also learning to express themselves and convey new ideas. Nothing beats giving a student a writing prompt and seeing where they take it.

Try these 100+ journal prompts for pupils to inspire students’ interest in reflective communication and encourage them to think about the future.

Journal Ideas for Students

Journal Prompts For Students

– What is the function of writing in your life?

– What motivates you to write?

– Are You a Good Narrator?

– What is your favorite joke?

– Do You find keeping a Journal or a Diary a healthy habit?

– Do You Keep a Blog?

– Would You Like to Write a Book?

– When Do You Handwrite?

– Do you use cursive writing?

– Do You Make Notes in Your Books?

– What Is Your Favorite Writing Assignment?

– Do You Ever Write About Life’s Difficulties?

– What ‘Mundane Moments’ of your Life Might Make up for Excellent Essay Topics?

– What Kind of Letter Would You Write to the Editor?

– What Would Your genre of choice be If You Had a Column in The New York Times?

– Would you ever write something down and then bury it?

– What Is Your Favorite Art Form?

– What Are Some of Your rare Favorite Pieces of Art?

– What work of Art has had the most impact on your life?

– What Are Some of Your Favorite rare Works of Visual Art?

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– Which photograph will you remember?

– What are the most interesting artifacts you’ve ever seen in a museum?

– Is Art Necessary in Our Lives?

– How Vital Is Arts Education?

– What Impact Has Arts Education Had on Your Life?

– Can Graffiti Be Classified As Art?

– Should Graffiti Be Safeguarded?

– Is it possible and right to separate Art from the artist?

– Is It Possible to Distinguish Art from the Artist Who Created It?

– Are there some subjects that should be off-limits to artists or to specific artists?

– Should Society Help Artists and Others Who Make Art?

– Should Art Be Allowed in All Public Places?

– Is Pop Culture Worthy of Close Examination?

– What do you think of the portraits chosen by the Obamas?

– What Are Your Pet Peeves?

– When was the last memorable time you had a great conversation?

Journal Prompts For Students

– What do you think are overused words or phrases?

– How Often Do You Use Slang? What Are Some of Your Favorite Phrases?

– What current slang expressions and words do you believe will survive?

– What do you think are overused words or phrases?

– What phrases or words should be phased out?

– Why do so many people constantly use the words ‘Like’ and ‘Totally’?

– Do You Use the Phrase “Kind of, Sort of” More Than You Think?

– How Frequently Do You Curse?

– Have curse words or badmouthing become so common that they no longer shock?

– Do laws prohibiting the use of offensive words make the world a better place?

– How good are you at coming up with clever retorts?

– What Constitutes a Great Conversation?

– How Frequently Do You Have ‘Deep Conversations’?

– Do You Wish Your Conversations Were More ‘Big Talk’ and Less ‘Small Talk’?

– Are we losing the ability to listen?

– How Do You practice Greeting Your Family and Friends?

– When Would You Rather Make a Phone Call Than Send a Text?

– What Is the Definition of ‘Too Much Information?

– What Does Your Body Language Say?

– Do you ever “hide” behind irony?

– How Well Do You Spell?

– Is Punctuation in Text Messages Important?

– When was the last memorable time you learned a new word?

– Where Can You search Up the Definitions of Unfamiliar Words?

– Do you understand a second or third language?

– Is it necessary for everyone to learn at least one other language?

– Should the school day begin earlier?

– Would a later start time for school improve student achievement?

– Is your school day very long?

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Journal Prompts Elementary

  • 1 Write about your favorite animal and why you like it.
  • 2 Describe your family and what makes them special.
  • 3 Talk about your most-loved food and why it’s so yummy.
  • 4 Describe a day when you had tons of fun and what you did.
  • 5 Imagine going on an exciting adventure and write about it.
  • 6 Share about your best friend and why you’re great pals.
  • 7 Write about your favorite things to do or hobbies.
  • 8 Tell us about a cool book you’ve read and why you liked it.
  • 9 Describe the house of your dreams and what it looks like.
  • 10 Imagine time travel. Where would you go and why?

Journal Prompts for Elementary Students

Journal Prompts For Students

– Should Schools Discontinue Summer Vacation?

– Do you believe that extending the school year is a good idea?

– Is it Time to Raise the Dropout Age?

– Should We Rethink the Length of Time Students Spend in High School?

– Should students be permitted to skip their senior year of high school?

– Should Children Attend College Early?

– Do You Enjoy School?

– Do You Worry About School?

– Are high school students overworked?

– What Do You Really Learn in School?

– Do You Prefer a Public or a Private High School?

– How important is it to you which high school you attend?

– Is it true that small schools outperform large schools?

– Would You Want to Attend your School Like This?

– What type of educational system do you believe is best?

– What grade would you give your school?

– What can other schools learn — and replicate — from yours?

– Should homeschoolers be permitted to participate in public school sports?

Journal Prompts For Students

– What Would You Miss If You Dropped Out of School?

– What Do You Want to Accomplish in High School?

– Should High Schools Do More to understand and Prepare Students for Jobs?

– Do You Want to Be Home-Educated?

– Should Every Child Be Able to Attend Preschool?

– What Is the Function of Preschool?

– Should Kindergarten focuses on play or literacy?

– Do Teachers Assign Excessive Homework?

– Does your homework assist you in learning?

– Do You Require the Services of a Homework Therapist?

– Do You Take Part in Class?

– How Much Group Work Should You Do in School?

– What are your thoughts on dividing students into ability groups in schools?

– Is class size important?

– What Is Your Favorite Subject?

– What has been your most difficult assignment?

– What are you always looking forward to or fearful about this school year?

Journal Prompts For Students

– What memorable science or math learning experiences have you had?

– Do You Hate Math?

– Is a Better Way to Teach Math Necessary?

– Is Shakespeare too difficult to understand?

– What Are the Most Effective Ways to Learn History?

– How Would You Perform on a Civics Exam?

– Is Geography Knowledge Beneficial to Citizenship?

– What career or technical classes would you want to see offered at your school?

– Does going to the gym help students do better in all of their classes?

– Is it necessary to teach reading and math in gym class?

– Do You Learn Better When You Move?

– Do Children Require Recess?

– Which field trip was your favorite?

– What Are Your Favorite Studying Strategies?

– Do You Make Use of Study Aids?

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– Is Everything You’ve Learned About Study Habits Incorrect?

– What Would You Like to Remember?

– Should You Be Taught How to Be Happy at School?

– Should Schools Teach Kids to Cook?

– What is your most memorable concept from science class, and how did you learn it?

Journal Prompts For Students

– What ‘Pop-Up’ Classes Would You Like to See at Your School?

– Do Schools Provide Enough Opportunities for Students to Be Creative?

– Does the way you decorate your classroom affect your learning?

– How much of your school life intersects with your life outside of school?

– What would you like your teachers to find out about you?

– When was the last time a teacher inspired you?

– Has a teacher ever influenced your thinking?

– Which Teacher Do You Want to Thank?

– What Characteristics Characterize a Good Teacher?

– Is it a waste of class time and substitute time?

– Should Students Have the Ability to Evaluate Their Teachers?

– When interacting with teachers and professors, how formal should students be?

– Have You Ever Been Embarrassed by a Teacher? What impact did it have on you?

– Have Your Teachers or Textbooks Ever Erroneously Taught You?

– Do you believe your school and teachers are open to both conservative and liberal viewpoints?

– How accurate do you believe standardized tests are in assessing your abilities?

Journal Prompts For Students

– Have you hired a tutor?

– What Is the Importance of Parent-Teacher Conferences?

·. Should Children Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences?

– What Should Parents Do If Their Child Receives a Poor Report Card?

– Do you think your school gives out too many A’s?

– Do girls outperform boys at your school?

– How Important Are Standardized Tests?

– Do you usually spend an inordinate amount of time studying for standardized tests?

– Should schools provide cash incentives for high test scores?

– Do your test results reflect the caliber of your teachers?

– Should a student’s discomfort excuse them from completing an assignment?

– Should Schools Issue “Body” Report Cards to Students?

– Is a College Education Necessary?

– Is College Expensive?

– How Well Are You Prepared For College? What do you think your chances are?

– What are your college-related concerns?

– What College Do You Want to Attend?

– Should Schools Teach and Assess Social-Emotional Skills Like ‘Grit’?

Journal Prompts For Students

– Does It Make a Difference if and Where You Attend College?

– Do College Rankings Have Any Importance?

– Do People Take Too Much Interest in Your Post-High School Plans?

– What are your sources of college and university information?

– Should Colleges Improve Their Admissions Process?

– Is College Admissions Fair?

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Journal Prompts for High Schoolers

  1. Write about what you believe in and how it affects your choices.
  2. Share your big dreams and what you’re doing to make them come true.
  3. Explain who you look up to and why they inspire you.
  4. Describe a tough situation you faced and what you learned from it.
  5. Talk about your hobbies and what makes you happy.
  6. Write about how technology and social media impact your life.
  7. Reflect on your relationships with your family.
  8. Describe a time when you took charge and how it made a difference.
  9. Share your thoughts on diversity and include everyone.
  10. Write about how you’ve changed and grown as a person.

Writing Prompts for Elementary Students

Journal Prompts For Students

– Should Colleges Use Criteria Other Than SAT/ACT Scores and Grades for Admission?

– Do you believe that affirmative action should be used in college admissions?

– Are Early-Decision Programs Discriminatory? Should Colleges Disband Them?

– What criteria should be used in awarding college scholarships?

– Should Engineers Pay Less Than English Majors for College?

– How Many College Applications Should You Send?

– What role has community college played in your or someone else’s life?

– How Concerned Are You About Taking the SAT/ACT?

– Which Personal Essay Subjects Would You Assign to College Applicants?

– What Characteristics Do You Seek in a College Roommate?

– Would You Consider Taking a Gap Year After Graduation?

– What Type of College Would You Establish?

– What Elements Contribute to a Memorable Graduation Ceremony?

– Should College Be Free?

– Is it worthwhile to incur student debt?

– Are College Campus Luxuries Useful or Frivolous?

– Are Fraternities a Source of Misogyny?

– Should Fraternities Be Extinct?

– Is It Possible for a Feminist to Join a Sorority?

– Should ‘Hated Dissenters’ Have the Right to Speak on College Campuses?

– What Are Your Future Plans?

– Do You Believe in a Higher Power?

– What is your ideal occupation?

– What jobs pique your interest?

– What have you been interested in or passionate about for a long time?

– Do you believe you will have a job you enjoy?

– How Can You Be Certain That Your Future Career Is a Good Fit?

– Which do you prefer in a job: happiness or wealth?

– What are you willing to put up in order to land your dream job?

– Would You Consider Relocating Abroad for Work?

– What do you want to do the year after you graduate college?

– What would you do if you had unrestricted free time?

– Is ‘doing nothing’ a productive way to spend your time?

– In ten years, where do you see yourself?

– Do you want to be famous?

– Would You Be Interested in a Non-traditional Job or occupation?

– Do You Prefer to Work at Home or at an Office?

– Would You Like to Work as a Teacher?

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– Do You Want to Be a Model?

– What Hidden Talents Do You Possess?

– What ‘back-to-the-land’ abilities do you possess or wish you possessed?

– Do You Want to Work as an agricultural producer?

– In two minutes, what skill might you teach?

– What have you created for yourself?

– What are you interested in learning to make by hand?

– What is your most forward-thinking idea?

– Do You Have any Business or App Ideas?

– What Would You Make If You Had Money?

– How did you get started doing something you enjoy?

– Have you ever taken a break from something you like doing?

– What did you do to make money?

– Have you got a job?

– Is it alright to use family connections to get work?

– Should All High School Students Be Able to Find a Summer Job If They So Desire?

– Would You Resign if Your Values Didn’t Match Those of Your Employer?

– Should Employers Have Access to Job Applicants’ SAT Scores?

– How Important Is Relevant Experience in a Job?

– Who are your favorite people, famous or not?

– Who are your role models?

– What Exactly Is a Hero?

– Is it necessary to have more diverse superheroes?

– Who Do You Look Up To?

– Who motivates you?

– What Characteristics Characterize a Great Leader?

– What brave acts have you witnessed?

– What is the absolute best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

– What Are Some “Words of Wisdom” That You Follow?

– Outside of your family, who has had an impact on your life?

– Who Would You Interview If You Had Your Own Talk Show?

– Would You consider Writing a Thank-You Note to Whom or What?

– Who Would You Invite to Speak at Your Event?

– Who would you like to invite to dinner, living or dead?

– Who is your ‘Role Model from the Outside’?

– Do You Give Enough Time to Others?

– How often or seldom do you spend time alone with your closest friends?

– Do You Have a BFF?

– Is it easier for you to meet new people online than in person?

– How Well Do You Know Your Friends?

– Do You Enjoy Your Peers?

– What fads are you and your friends now interested in?

– How Have You Assist a Friend in Need?

– Do you have any oddball friends?

– What are your thoughts on introducing friends from various parts of your life?

– Do you ever ‘mingle’ and socialize with different people at school?

– Is competitiveness an impediment to forming or maintaining friendships?

– How Should You Deal With the End of a Relationship?

– Have you ever felt isolated?


In conclusion, using journal prompts at school is a helpful way for students to express themselves and learn. It helps them think and write better, understand their feelings, and grow as people. These prompts make school more interesting and help students get better at writing and thinking, which is good for both school and life.

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