227+ Journal Prompts For Teens: Spark Creativity Today

The beautiful thing about journaling is that it inspires teenagers to learn about themselves and consider problems from several angles. But unfortunately, teenagers (and tweens) frequently experience peer pressure to fit in with the “in” crowd as they are ready to move on to the next phase of their life.

They could experience peer pressure to conform, making them uncomfortable speaking out about their personal preferences. Because of this, it’s crucial to stress to your kids the value of creativity and the strength of a clear sense of self.

Journal Prompts for Teens

Use these teen creative writing ideas to promote expressiveness and thought analysis. Each question encourages pupils to reflect and provides a chance for a creative solution.

-Do you behave differently online than you do in person?

-Do you believe that the community you grew up in has shaped who you are today?

-Do you like to sleep in or rise early?

-In what do you have a strong sense of conviction?

-What has been said to you that has inspired you the most?

-What is your parent’s biggest obligation toward you?

-Can you keep a secret well? If not, why not?

-Describe a situation when you gave up something to help someone else.

-Would you be a Republican or a Democrat if you could cast a ballot?

-Describe an instance when you were astonished in your essay.

-Pick five things or symbols that best describe you. What made you decide on these things?

-How to determine whether someone is lying or speaking the truth, you?

-What does the term “family” mean?

-Which benefit of growing older do you most anticipate?

-What level of autonomy do you have online?

-What motivates you?

-Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo?

-When you become older, do you want to have children?

-Do you prefer to read books or watch movies with your favorite stories?

-What was the most challenging lesson you ever had to learn?

-Have you ever given away something significant?

-Which decade from the last 100 years would you visit if you could?

-How would it feel to have power over your dreams?

-Do you pray? If not, why not?

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-Where do you like to go when you’re feeling restless?

-Of what success are you the proudest?

-How do you feel while working on a group project as a team?

-Do you believe that the political system in our nation is effective?

-How have you changed since the previous academic year?

-What childhood experiences will you wish to recollect when you become older?

-Discuss a favorite adage or proverb in your writing.

-What was your wisest decision ever?

-What has been your most kind deed toward another person?

-Do you believe in aliens?

-What scent do you prefer? Why are you fond of it?

-What does it mean to defend your principles?

-Craft a poem in honor of turning 13.

-Are you still in contact with the kindergarten buddies you made?

-What principles will you instill in your kids?

-How do you feel about the person you were five years ago?

-Where do you see yourself in five years?

-Which academic topic is the simplest? Which is most challenging?

How do you feel after helping someone else?

-Do you prefer to spend the weekend alone or with friends?

-Describe a situation when you misplaced something significant.

-Should pupils be required to wear uniforms at school?

-Do you favor reading current or classic literature?

-Where would you go on a fantasy vacation if you could?

-Compose a poem that explores life in America.

-What do you do for your family?

-Would you rather spend money or save it?

-How can you make your skills known to others?

-What would you do if you could do anything?

-Should “under God” be a part of the Pledge of Allegiance?

-In your essay, describe a period when you experimented.

-What is the most pressing issue facing the globe now that must be resolved immediately?

-Why is this problem so critical?

-Describe one problem or issue in our world for which you have a solution in your essay, along with what you would do to address it.

-What career goals do you have after high school? Why do you wish to go in this direction?

-Describe an instance when someone told you something that caused you to change your viewpoint.

-Why did what they said affect you so much, and what did they say?

-Define for yourself what the term “responsibility” implies. Then, put in writing what you feel most accountable for.

-When did you have the best birthday of your life? What was so unique about it?

-Would you describe yourself as “people-oriented”? If not, why not?

-Describe something you wish you could say to someone else in your essay.

-Who would you like to tell it to, and what is it? Are you being prevented from stating it in any way?

-What’s your worst fear all at once? Why? Do you believe you could overcome it in any way?

-What aspect of yourself has changed the most in the past three years? Write about your development.

-How do you anticipate changing during the ensuing five years? Why?

-Which of your five senses would you most hate to lose—and why—if you had to give it up?

-What superpower do you possess? Describe what makes you so good at that one item in your essay.

-What has ever been the hardest thing you’ve had to do? About your experience, write.

-What do you like to do the most at the end of a hard day? How does it improve your mood?

-Describe an instance when you believed someone wasn’t being quite truthful with you.

-How did you act? What was the other person’s reaction?

-What concern do individuals have an excessive amount of? Why do you believe they are so anxious?

-Do you keep up with local, international, or cultural news? If not, why not?

-Describe a prominent individual you admire in your essay. What about this person do you respect?

-What aspect of having a good buddy is the most difficult? Why?

-What does being unselfish mean? Do you believe it is beneficial to be selfless? If not, why not?

-Does respect always have to be earned, or is it ever intrinsically deserved? Why?

-What is the biggest obstacle you are facing this academic year? Why?

Writing Prompts for Teens

  • 1 If you could time travel, where and when would you go? Write a journal entry about your adventure.
  • 2 Write a letter to your future self, describing your goals and dreams.
  • 3 Imagine you wake up with a superpower. What is it, and how do you use it?
  • 4 Describe a place you’ve never been but would love to visit. What draws you to this place?
  • 5 Write a short story that begins with the line, “It was a dark and stormy night…”
  • 6 If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be and why?
  • 7 What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned so far in your life?
  • 8 Write about a memorable family tradition or vacation and why it’s important to you.
  • 9 Describe a fictional world of your own creation. What are its rules, inhabitants, and adventures?
  • 10 If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be, and how would you make it happen?
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Journal Ideas for Teens

-What does it mean to love someone without conditions? Describe a period in your life when you went through this.

-Is life for teens now better or worse than it was for teenagers in the past? Why?

-What is the finest work of art that you have ever seen or encountered? What gave it such strength?

-Do you take criticism well? If not, why not?

-What is your biggest conflict with your parents? Why are you opposed to this idea?

-What will you take with you after graduating high school that you consider the most valuable? Why?

-Write about a moment when you encountered an unexpected circumstance for which you had no prior planning. How did you act?

-Describe a situation when you did something and then felt bad about it. How did you act?

-How did you deal with your guilt?

-For what you are thankful?

-What do you believe to be your current significant challenges?

-Whenever do you feel relieved?

-Who can provide you with relief?

-What has been your most joyful experience?

-What would you call your life right now? Why?

-If the regulation at home might be added to, modified, or eliminated. What kind of thing?

-Who can you rely on the most? Why?

-Which loved ones are closest to you? What traits do they possess?

-When did you feel the most fear? (real life or fantasy moment..)

-When are you at your happiest?

-What causes you to feel uneasy?

-What brings you joy?

-How do you believe others perceive you? Why?

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-What is the initial sign of your anxiety, stress, or sadness?

-How can you relieve your own stress, anxiety, and sadness?

-Describe a time when you were really furious.

-What terrifies you?

-Name the top film you’ve ever watched, in your view. Why?

-What is the current source of your anxiety?

-Describe the worst times in your life. How might things be different today if you had

chosen differently?

-In your writing, discuss your most trying experiences. What advantages did your blunders provide you?

-Why do you not want to adhere to the guidelines at home or school?

-What enrages you?

-What subjects avoid you in conversation? Why?

-What lessons can you draw from your relatives?

-What inspires you to feel proud?

-How can you boost your own productivity?

-What pastimes do you like the most?

-Compile a list of 25 things that bring you joy.

-List 25 items that give you sad feelings.

-What is the one word that best captures how you are feeling right now?

-Describe who you are in 30 words or less. So who are you?

-What lessons can you draw from your friends and parents?

-Create a list of your aspirations. Make a note of it on paper.

-Make a list of the things that give you the creeps. Make a note of what depends on you and what doesn’t. Then, consider what you can alter.

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-What heroes do you have?

-Which behaviors would you like to alter? Consider your options for changing it carefully.

-jot down all of your inspirations. Remember the tiny things.

-What do you see yourself being like in ten years?

-Write down all the things you want to disagree with or rebel against.

-Create a list of all the things you want to accomplish.

-Write the phrases you wish to hear daily.

-For a month, keep a journal of your regular dreams.

-Create a list of the ideas that have been running through your head.

-Describe an instance when you did something you were hesitant to do.

-What exactly is self-awareness?

-Why is it crucial to convey feelings?

-How do you feel when someone compliments you?

-What makes you want to provide a hand to a stranger?

-Have you ever had to engage in a conversation with someone that was quite challenging?

-How did you respond to it?

-What questions would you ask an ancestor if you had a day to spend with them?

-What gives you the greatest happiness?

-Describe an instance when you were impressed by the initiative someone displayed in a trying circumstance.

-You must replay the previous year in your life. What would you change, and which year would you choose?

-Would you rather work behind the scenes or in the spotlight? Do you ever give in to temptation?

-Today is graduation. What advice would you give to yourself when you were younger?

-What will you do right away following the ceremony?

-Which fictitious setting from a book or television series would you choose to live in, and why?

-Do you tend to save or spend money? How does this habit advance you or hinder you?

-An elevator is seized up. With whom would you most like to be marooned? What would you discuss?

-Consider a location in your hometown that may use some renovation. What would you change about it? What would it seem like after?

-If you had the power to alter three aspects of the world, what would you alter and why?

-How do you believe social media affects you and others around you?

-What do you hope people will remember you for?

-You’re looking for a summer job to help pay for college. What position would best fit you based on your skills?

-You just received $10,000. Make a list outlining your intended uses for it.

-What are the greatest methods to support your neighborhood?

-What one thing do your parents do that you promise never to do when your children grow up?

-What inspires you most?

-Do you believe our culture places enough importance on individual privacy? If not, why not?

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Gratitude Prompts for Teens

  1. Name five people you really like having in your life and explain why they’re important to you.
  2. Think about a recent moment that made you feel happy and tell why it made you feel that way.
  3. Write about something you’re good at or a talent you have and how it makes your life better.
  4. Remember a time when things were a bit tough. What did you learn from it that you’re thankful for?
  5. Talk about a place or spot that you love. What do you like about it that makes you feel good?
  6. Write a nice letter to someone who’s been kind to you. Tell them why you appreciate them.
  7. Think about simple things that make you happy, like your favorite food or a big hug. Write about one of those times.
  8. Share a story about a time when things didn’t go as planned, but you still learned something valuable from it.
  9. Think about a problem you’ve solved or a challenge you faced. What helped you succeed, and why are you grateful for that?
  10. Write down your dreams and goals. What steps can you take to make them happen, and what resources are you thankful for to achieve them?

Journal Questions for Teens

-What year would you visit if you could go back in time, whether it be past or present?

-Would you want to see something or learn more about someone?

-Which of your childhood memories is the funniest?

-Do you often arrive early, on time, or both? How does this reflect on you?

-Do you like to chill out at home or go out with your friends? What activities do you two like the most?

-Which fictional character is most closely like you? Describe how you and they are similar.

-You’ve just received a call for an interview with Oprah Winfrey. What does she inquire of you?

-Mention how that would go.

-Address a letter to yourself in the future.

-You have been given the use of a bus to create your own private hangout area by someone.

-Describe the changes you would make to make it the ideal environment for you.

-What subject would you choose if you could be an authority on anything in the world, and how would you use your knowledge?

-Are you a video game enthusiast? What life lessons can you learn from video games, in your opinion?

-What novel do you prefer? Which effects did it have on you?

-What has been your greatest act of kindness toward someone else? How did it affect how they felt?

-How did it affect how you felt Are there any close friends you have?

-How unique are they, and if so? What traits do you want in friends, if not those?

-Which holiday, and why, would you invent if you had the capacity to do so?

-Which member of your family do you love being around the most? What activities do you like as a couple?

-Specify a fantastic Saturday activity.

-Whom do you most appreciate among the famous? Exactly what distinguishes them?

-Which season do you prefer? What features of it do you like the most?

-When you were a kid, what was your favorite toy? Have the two of you had any memorable moments?

-Which five things would you prioritize adding to your bucket list?

-Are there any close friends you have? How unique are they, and if so? What traits do you want in friends, if not those?

-Which holiday, and why, would you invent if you had the capacity to do so?

-Which member of your family do you love being around the most? What activities do you like as a couple?

-Give an example of a fun Saturday activity.

-Whom do you most appreciate among the famous? Exactly what distinguishes them?

-Which season do you prefer? What features of it do you like the most?

-When you were a kid, what was your favorite toy? Have the two of you had any memorable moments?

-Which five things would you prioritize adding to your bucket list?


Teen journal prompts are like creative tools that help teenagers express themselves and tell stories. They make teenagers think, imagine, and understand their feelings better. These prompts let teens write about their thoughts and experiences, helping them become better at writing. They also give teens a way to share their ideas, learn more about themselves, and grow as individuals.

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