157+ Empowering Journal Prompts for Women

We all have a lot of mental baggage that we carry with us; let’s face it. Get some of that information out in writing by using these journaling prompts for women. Find out how you feel about some other things, let other things go, and come up with some constructive work suggestions.

Writing Prompts for Women

These journal writing challenges for women have been carefully chosen, along with all of my other journal writing prompts, to encourage you to think more deeply and act constructively.

What changes have you seen in your life recently? How do you feel about the changes, and how are you handling them?

What do you think is the nicest thing about being a woman in this era?

What challenges do women face now that they didn’t face in the past?

Which are your top three values? How can you consciously uphold such principles every day?

Is there a physical or mental attribute that all the ladies in your family share? How has it changed your perception of what a woman should look like and act like?

Do you now feel financially secure? Then, describe your financial intentions for the upcoming year in writing.

Is there a female role model in your neighborhood? Describe her and why you find her inspiring.

Make a list of the top 3 things you want your loved ones and close friends to recall about you.

Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? If not, why not?

How do you want to feel every day? Happy, calm, inspired, accomplished?

Choose an uplifting phrase for this year. How will it motivate you?

What are the top four qualities people should have? Is it the same for both men and women?

What’s been tough to forgive and forget in your life? Write a private letter to the person if it helps.

What memories do you think about often? Happy or sad? Need help processing them?

Who does the household chores at your home? What do you think about it?

Are you working toward your dream life? Can you reach it in a few years with your current actions?

List things you want to do or experience in the next year.

What does women supporting women mean to you? Is it important?

We find fulfillment in helping others. Who can you help with your unique skills? What does it mean to you?

What is one thing you need to start saying “yes” to immediately? Why?

What would you change about your life if you could go back in time? Explain!

How do you feel when you judge yourself against other people?

Have you given yourself permission to let go of a painful memory?

How would you really feel right now if you were to delve deep inside yourself?

What truly brings you joy? Really, though? Write a piece on it.

If you were to select three emotions to sum up who you are, what would they be?

What do you do to start your day off right when you get up?

How do you appreciate other people? How do you value yourself?

What ten characteristics best define who you are right now?

What are the five challenges you overcame that shaped who you are?

Do you like to travel? Give the names of five locations you would go to if you could go right now.

What is a childhood dream you remember having? Is that your current dream? What is your daydream if not?

How do you feel on the inside when you’re depressed?

What feeling do you currently feel is the strongest? Explain.

If you were to commend yourself today. What kind of thing?

What makes you anxious? How do you reduce that tension?

Address a letter to yourself in the future. Who do you hope to become? What are you hoping to accomplish? What suggestions would you make to your future selves?

What in life do you find most enjoyable? Do it in writing!

What aspect of life do you detest the most? How may that hatred be transformed into contentment?

Address a letter to a former acquaintance you need to say goodbye to.

What would you say to one person who has passed away if you could speak to them?

How have you changed over the past five years?

What are the top 5 NEW things you wanted to try in 2019?

What has to be altered in your life for you to appreciate it more?

What parts of your life need to change for the worse? Here, list them.

What personality trait would you alter about yourself?

What actions must you take to reach your destination?

Do you wish to live a long time? What do you want to achieve during that time?

How may someone assist you in being who you need to be?

If you had the chance to travel the world, how would you do it?

Is it simple for you to describe your feelings? If so, explain why.

How would you evaluate your sense of self-worth?

Is there a circumstance in your life to which you may have reacted differently?

How well do you manage priorities?

Are you more of a pessimist or an optimist? What type of person do you want to be?

When was the last time you dedicated a day to caring for yourself?

What are some ways that you take care of yourself when it comes to self-care?

What particular life experiences do you think contributed to who you are today?

Currently, what emotions are you experiencing in your heart? I’ll write about it.

Which area of your life are you now finding particularly difficult?

What moral convictions do you now hold? Consider yourself for a while.

Do you appreciate your identity? What aspects of you would you change?

Are there any character defects that you feel you may have? If so, what are they?

What is a personal trait you have learned to particularly like?

In what areas of your life could you be more proactive? Explain!

What activities do you engage in to process your feelings? What effective means of expressing your feelings do you employ?

How do you behave emotionally in a negative way? Describe the aspects of this unhealthy emotional coping strategy that you would improve.

With whom can you most easily share personal information? Note the reasons why you feel comfortable speaking with them so openly.

What music has the ability to elicit the most positive emotions in you? Why do you think that about this song?

Can others easily understand you? What can you change to interact with others more effectively?

Do you have children? If yes, why do you think you’re a good parent? Explain.

What is the first thing you do when you are upset?

Do you like to express your emotions to others or keep them to yourself?

What do you do when your day just isn’t going well?

How do you increase your sense of self?

When did you feel the happiest in your life? Why?

Do you have any trouble recognizing your errors?

What are a few of your strongest emotional attributes?

Does your state of mind influence your thoughts?

How attentively do you listen when others speak? How could you listen more effectively?

Do you make the most of every moment of life? If not, where do you even begin?

Journal Topics for Women

  • 1 Write about how you take care of yourself and how it makes you feel.
  • 2 Share your goals, both short-term and long-term, and how you’re working towards them.
  • 3 Every day, list three things you’re thankful for.
  • 4 Write about your journey to feeling good about your body.
  • 5 Talk about a challenge you faced recently and what you learned from it.
  • 6 Describe times when you felt confident and strong.
  • 7 Write about your best friendships and why they’re special.
  • 8 Make a list of things you really want to do or experience.
  • 9 Write about your hobbies and what you love doing.
  • 10 Share positive sayings or phrases that inspire you.

Women’s Journal Prompts

Who is the most powerful lady you are aware of? She inspires you in what ways?

Do you believe that women now have the same rights as men? If not, why not?

Why is a month set aside to celebrate women necessary?

What kinds of gender preconceptions do people hold? Why may stereotypes be harmful?

Name three key traits that women should possess and three key traits that men should possess. Were the qualities you listed for men and women different? What can you discover by comparing these variations?

Are there any women you know who work in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math)? Why is it crucial that women work in these fields?

Do you believe there are inherent differences between men and women? If not, why not?

What are some of the toughest problems that women today are facing? How will these alter during the following 20 years?

Find out about a woman who was the first to enter a usually masculine profession. What kinds of challenges do you suppose she encountered?

Why is it difficult for women to enter historically male-dominated professions and communities? How will she be seen by people in the field?

What significant advancements have women achieved historically?

Which feminist accomplishment are you most grateful for? Why?

When will America elect its first female president, in your opinion?

Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” How does the fight for equal rights and feminism connect to this quote? What are the ways you can utilize it to motivate your own behavior?

What historical female person do you most admire? What qualities about her do you admire?

Attempt to picture your favorite TV program. In what ways do the female characters vary from the male ones?

Do you believe that women are represented fairly in popular culture by the characters?

Why is it critical that both men and women have a diverse range of skills and traits?

Men typically have the following three occupations. Do these positions currently have a more gender-neutral workplace?

Identify three fields of work that women have historically held. Linking these occupations to gender harms both men and women in what ways?

Why do you believe there are more men than women in politics?

When the Equal Pay Act was enacted in 1963, women only received 59 cents of every dollar earned by males. At the moment, women make 78 cents on every dollar that men make. Why, in your opinion, is the salary gap not being closed sooner? How can we get it closed sooner?

Why have women always been expected to do all household tasks?

In your home, who performs the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.? Does this scenario fit your family’s needs?

Why do you believe women have historically been denied the right to vote so frequently?

Create a narrative about a strong female global leader. How does she live? Are there any expectations placed on her behavior?

Address a letter of gratitude to a well-known female figure for her support of women’s rights.

Have you ever desired to participate in a sport or activity that is only “for guys” or “for girls”? But did you give it a shot? How were you feeling?

The feminist movement: Was it a success? If not, why not?

Write about a way that individuals may stop prejudice against women.

How can language be oppressive? How can you utilize language to speak in a more gender-neutral manner?

What does it mean to be a feminist?

Are you a feminist? In what way?

Are more feminists needed in the world? In what way?

With which other organizations can women collaborate to advance equality in the world? Where can prejudice be eliminated further?

Which of these contributions to our world have women made is the most significant?

Consider what it would be like to be a woman in the era of women’s suffrage. How would life be for you?

Please include three revered public figures from each gender. After that, consider their jobs and positions. Were the folks you selected any different from one another? In what way?

It wasn’t until 1920 that all states granted women the ability to vote. Why is the ability to vote so crucial? What consequences result from denying this right to a certain set of people?

How might gender equality benefit everyone?

Think of three professions where the title “_____man” is used (such as the mailman, garbage man, etc.). What do these titles suggest about the sorts of employment we think women can have and how we view women in general?

Why don’t we have a month dedicated to men’s history?

“Never restrict yourself because of the limited imagination of others; never limit others because of your own limited imagination,” remarked Mae Jemison, the first black woman to journey to space. Why is this feeling so crucial? What is the connection to Women’s History Month?

Write about one of the most significant lessons you discovered during Women’s History Month.

Which powerful lady would you prefer to meet if you could? What inquiries would you make of her?

Feminist thinker Cynthia Enloe questioned, “Where are the women throughout the Civil War, the Depression, and World War II?” Write about how women participated in these significant occasions.

Why is it crucial to examine history from the viewpoint of women? What makes it unique from the way we usually approach history?

What characteristics do the ladies in your family have in common? What impact have they had on your perceptions of what a woman ought to be like?

Express your gratitude in writing to a powerful woman in your life by telling her how she has influenced you.

What changes do you anticipate occurring in the battle for gender equality over the next 100 years? Will there ever be genuine equality?


In summary, journal prompts for women are helpful for thinking about their feelings, goals, and growth. They boost confidence and purpose. Writing regularly helps women understand themselves better, become stronger, and support each other. It leads to a more fulfilling and empowered life.

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