150+ Journal Prompts on Life

Some of these questions invite you to reflect on the day’s past or future. However, if you’re writing in the morning, you can only mention your accomplishments from the previous day. There are no restrictions, so make these your own!

Journal Prompts on Life

These are excellent beginnings to changes you may make in your life. For instance, one exercise asks you to consider which articles of clothing in your closet inspire you the most and which ones don’t.

That can serve as a springboard for upgrading your clothes and organizing your closet! You are essentially getting the most challenging aspect out of the way by setting aside some time to Journal and give it some serious thought.

How would you characterize your culture, and what does it mean to you?

What aspects of your life or yourself would you change? Do you have a method to alter it?

How do you get along with the different members of your family?

If you have siblings, how do they compare to you, or how do you vary from them? How about among your pals?

How do you feel about religion?

What worries you the most at night? Are your concerns valid? Do you have any options for dealing with them?

Do you follow a particular way of living? What is it if so? If not, how do you go about making crucial decisions?

Where are you more upbeat, and where are you more pessimistic?

Which of your assets do you value the most?

Which person do you miss?

What do you wish you had that someone else doesn’t? Tell us about it and how you feel about it.

What is a piece of media—a play, a song, a movie—that has inspired you, and how?

What is a common misunderstanding about you?

What aspect of your upbringing do you disagree with?

What is your preferred food, season, color, or location? Explain it.

Jot down a few amusing minor incidents from this week that you would otherwise forget.

Compose a letter to someone in your life who you’ve noticed drains your vitality. Simply say goodbye to them to avoid their overwhelming negativity, and vow to spend more time with those that uplift you.

Which task(s) do you frequently schedule and reschedule but could eliminate entirely? Remember that it could not be valuable to you if you repeatedly fail to complete it.

What do you want to do but haven’t because you’re afraid? Is it possible that you’re exaggerating your fear? How do you get over it?

What would you rather not have to do today? In your essay, explain why the situation won’t be as horrible as you anticipate it to be and how you’ll feel afterward.

What are your closet’s most cherished items? What clothing pieces, on the other hand, do you rarely wear or feel uninspired by?

Do you ever feel like you hurry about excessively? How might you take your time and appreciate the activity?

What comforts and secures you?

What characteristics in other individuals irritate or disturb you? How can you make an effort to ensure that you don’t exhibit those traits?

What is anything you do (such as charity work, a side project, or extracurricular activity) that you don’t consider to work at all? How come?

Outline your bedtime routine, write about how relaxed you feel, and imagine how comfortable your bed will be as you get ready for bed, especially if you feel like you need to calm yourself before falling asleep.

What chances have lately come your way for which you are grateful? How did you make yourself available to those opportunities and seize them?

What objective are you presently pursuing, and who may assist you in achieving it? What could you possibly ask for?

Jot down your gratitudes. I believe that the importance of thankfulness cannot be emphasized. Make a list of 10, 50, or 100 things! Go bonkers.

What recent hurdle did you successfully conquer, and why should you be proud of yourself?

Which talents or subjects have you always wished to learn more about?

Who is a current person in your life whom you value? Send them a letter.

What undertaking has been on your mind lately? Set a time frame for completion and a plan on how to prioritize it.

What are three things you did today (or yesterday) that you are proud of and should congratulate yourself on?

There are three things I’m anticipating today:

What type of clothing do you prefer? Despite the fact that you could have a Pinterest board with pictures of outfits and clothing you enjoy, try putting your personal style into words.

They say that the five individuals you spend the most time with define you as a whole. What characteristics do you believe you have inherited from those five persons, and who are they?

How does it make you feel to exert physical effort? Clearly express the endorphin surge and happiness you have after working out. Keep this in mind whenever you need the inspiration to work out!

What would you like to express to someone about your feelings? Write to them as though you were having a conversation.

Where would you want to live, ideally? City, the suburbs, or the countryside? Apartment or a home? Having to use a car everywhere or having the option to walk? Where on earth is this?

Which mobile applications are you using the most? How do they improve your life? What applications are the least popular? What about the applications you frequently use yet deem to be a distraction? Could you give them up?

What convenient features of your life do you occasionally take for granted? Make use of your writing to properly appreciate them.

What time of day do you think is ideal for your ability to work? When do you feel most inspired? How might your schedule be set up to take advantage of that productive window (s)?

In the upcoming month, how may you spend meaningful time with friends and family? Plan your thoughts after having a brainstorming session.

What presents would you offer to the people in your life who you value most if you had infinite money, resources, connections, or anything else? Be imaginative:)

In what areas do you consider yourself an authority? It doesn’t have to be scholarly in nature. You might be able to go on for hours about a band you enjoy or various makeup shades. Honor your expertise!

Anything you can think of to characterize your ideal existence should be put in writing. What do you have to say? What have you got? What achievements do you have? Allow the ideas to flow without passing judgment on what you are writing.

What do you now yearn for? (it doesn’t really matter if it’s an opportunity, an experience, or anything material) Clarify it in your mind and beg the universe for it. (Yes, ask directly; you may feel ridiculous, but this is the fundamental step in manifestation.)

 Who in your life would you like to spend more time with? How might you go about doing that?

Do you feel anxious or excited when you consider the future? What specific characteristics frighten or thrill you?

Do you prefer spending time inside or outside? You may use the phrase “it depends” and state all the circumstances that might affect your choice:)

Is there anything about today’s events that you would change? Don’t criticize yourself; instead, use good rhetoric. Rather, rejoice in the prospect of a better day now that you’ve identified your need for change and are taking steps to address it.

Make a short list of your skills and/or passions, and then think of methods to monetize those skills and passions.

What can you do today to exceed your own expectations? What are some strategies for going above and beyond what you have set out to do?

How would you characterize your connection with technology in your life, including your phone?

What consistently inspires and energizes you? An encouraging video, a certain tune, or a power pose?

How would you characterize your current state of mind? Create a playlist to fit the atmosphere. While you may certainly do this on your phone, it’s best to stay with paper to reduce distractions.

To get an affirmation into your thoughts, choose one that feels appropriate for the day and write it ten times while saying it aloud.

What do you need to be able to forgive yourself for? Make a note of it and put it in the past.

In what ways do you hope to give back to your community soon?

In what areas of your life do you think you are too hard on yourself? To demonstrate your acceptance of where you are in your life right now, write down some kind phrases.

What does it mean to have your “soul on fire”? What ignites your soul?

What actions do you take only because that is the “route” that has been laid out for you? Do those items actually improve your quality of life?

What five lessons have you learned during the previous week? Even the most minor lessons learned in life should be recorded since they are all critical. Finding these lessons might be made more accessible by looking through your notebook.

Which behaviors would you wish to add to your daily routine? How could they make your life better, and how can you start?

What would be the top three things on your to-do list if you could only get three things done today? (Practicing establishing priorities daily is a fantastic idea!)

In what aspect of your life might you benefit from the increased organization? For instance, your bathroom cabinet, wardrobe, photographs, movies, timetable, etc. Do you have a specific time this week that you could set aside to focus on it?

How do you prefer to start the day? What causes you to feel energized and calm?

Create a bucket list for travel. To make each location feel more natural and pique your interest, describe the sights and experiences you hope to have there.

What types of partnerships are you seeking in life? Not necessarily a romantic relationship. Perhaps you’re seeking a mentor or a companion that you feel is missing from your life. Detail that.

List a few qualities that you value in your parents, siblings, etc. Due to the fact that we typically spend so much time with our family, it is simple to forget about them.

What causes you to feel uneasy in a positive way? How are you going to do more of that?

Make a note of the routines you already follow and acknowledge your dedication to them. What changes in your life have they made?

What are your main concerns? Do you believe that your daily activities align with your priorities? Challenge: Priorities, by definition, are an oxymoron. Only one genuine priority is possible. What would it be if you had to pick one thing in life to prioritize?

Address a letter to a person you greatly respect. It can be a prominent personality, someone you know directly, or it might be someone you have never met. What did you take away from them? What encouraged you to follow them?

Do you consider yourself to be more of a planner or a spontaneous person? Which would you like to exhibit more of?

Can you think of any praises you’ve wanted to deliver but refrained from doing so out of shyness?

Which three aspects of yourself do you find most appealing?

What major undertaking has long terrified you? What is the one, most straightforward move you can think of that will help you proceed in that undertaking?

What three words would you use to describe the life of your dreams? Explain. Put them in writing or even as the background of your phone!

Create a life wish list. Don’t be reluctant. Let your imagination go wild for a while; you may alter it afterward if you wish.

Where would you go if you had limitless funds and time to travel? Clearly describe the journey.

Select a mantra that you wish to recite frequently. This works whenever you decide to do it, but it’s particularly effective at the start of a new year or month. For instance, my guiding principle for 2018 is to *err on the side of action.

What qualities about you do others admire? Accept your compliments or gaslight yourself?

Five upcoming events I’m excited about this week…

The tried-and-true “get to know you” inquiry that always makes people uncomfortable: What are your hobbies? You are only writing this for yourself, so don’t worry. What do you love doing the most in your spare time?

In five years, write a letter to yourself. Tell them about your current life and describe the goals you have for the next five years.

Describe a perfect day for you, from waking up to sleeping.

How do you treat yourself poorly? What circumstances cause you to ask for too little when you secretly feel you deserve more?

Do you like to be alone or with others while you’re spending time? What circumstances do you feel provide you with more energy? Does it vary?

What is currently going nicely in your life?

What might be done better?

Do you currently follow a morning routine? What would you want it to look like if you did?

What are the top three things you have to be thankful for today?

What accomplishment from the previous week stands out to you?

What project(s) will you be working on this coming week?

What are your present short-term objectives?

What are your present long-term objectives?

Which aspect of your life is now receiving the most time and attention? (Work, family, friends, finances, enjoyment, school, fitness, health, etc.)

What part of your life might use a bit of extra tenderness and care?

What life-related phobias do you have?

What about the future terrifies you?

What upcoming events are you looking forward to?

What remnants of the past are you still clinging to?

Address a letter to yourself in the future.

If you didn’t feel fearful, what would you do?

If you had unlimited resources, what would you do with your life?

What secrets do you still keep hidden?

Depression notebook question: What worries are on your mind at the moment?

Journaling prompt for anxiety: What’s worrying you right now?

What, if anything, can you do to lessen the pressure you’re under right now?

What was the terrifying thing you’ve ever done, and how did it work out?

What aspects of your life are most crucial?

Who are the individuals who matter most to you?

What are a few things you enjoy doing?

What is your preferred method of taking care of yourself?

What was a mistake you made, and what did you learn from it?

What recent learnings have you made?

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

Express yourself in writing on anything you need to.

Life Journal Prompts

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