287+ Journal Prompts for Relationships

Try considering any form of relationship, not just romantic ones. Consider your friends, coworkers, relatives, and neighbors. The list is endless. We don’t have much influence over some relationships.

We may work with individuals we wouldn’t typically hang out with, and we can’t control the family we are born into. Even if you’ve never thought about it before, there are certain relationships where you may choose how much of yourself you’re ready to offer. 

Over time, the intensity of certain friendships might fluctuate. There are relationships that last a lifetime and are dedicated, and there are more casual relationships. We all have a notion of the connections we presently have in our life.

Still, it’s beneficial to stand back to assess our relationships periodically and whether they are helping us. Journaling can be a great way to do this!

Relationship Journal Prompts

Describe what love means to you.

Intimacy: What does it mean to you?

What connections help me feel seen?

In what ways can someone show me they care?

Which three qualities about you do I admire?

After spending time with me, I feel exhausted.

Following time with…., I feel energized.

I feel at ease being myself around.

To what extent are you happy with your social life?

What sets you apart from the competition?

What would I tell my best buddy about this relationship?

What do I think about asking for assistance?

What are the top three attributes you look for in a friend?

Who makes the first move when we get together for a time?

Can you trust this person?

How do you like to discuss difficult topics?

How do you prefer to be told difficult things?

Do you prefer to keep grudges, or do you tend to move on after forgiving?

How big should your circle of friends be?

What can I be thankful for?

Does it motivate me to act morally better?

Do you show any interest in my life?

Am I genuinely interested in life?

How Do I Express Love?

What characteristics would I not tolerate in a friend?

In a love relationship, what are my absolute must-haves?

How do you define effective communication?

How do I contribute to a relationship?

On whom do I primarily rely on for support? Why?

Who am I afraid to see?

To whom did I most recently express my love?

What about partnerships scares me?

Have you ever experienced relationship pain? How?

Describe the friendship you want.

Describe the perfect relationship for you.

What can I do to show someone I care in a positive way?

What do you think is one of my favorite pastimes?

What is something I’ve always wanted to accomplish but have never gotten around to?

Which connections do I want to strengthen over the upcoming six months?

Which of my most treasured memories?

I’m most pleased with…

Who inspires me the most? Why?

What aspects of my daily life am I taking for granted that I should be grateful for?

What is the best family memory I have?

Describe a regret that I have and what I learned from it.

Valentine’s Day is today. I adore what or who, but who or what am I?

What one result of COVID-19 do I want to preserve in my life going forward?

What kind of relationship with a spouse, partner, or close friend would be perfect for me?

What do I value most about my husband, partner, or significant other?

What fear do I want to overcome? What should I do first?

What could I change to better look after myself?

What recent action did I take that was outside of my comfort zone? How did that feel?

What is one of my favorite activities to do when the weather is nice?

What current event do I wish to keep in mind?

What do I have now that I didn’t have a year ago that I’m glad for?

What is the most crucial aspect of my life? Why?

What in my life is currently making me so happy?

Who in my life do I love?

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Shadow Work Prompts for Relationships

  • 1 How did things in my past affect how I am in relationships now?
  • 2 Do I do things in my relationships that I want to change?
  • 3 What makes me scared or insecure in my current relationship?
  • 4 When my partner upsets me, how do I react and why?
  • 5 Are there things about myself that I don’t like, and do they affect my relationships?
  • 6 Do I have any problems or feelings I haven’t talked about with my partner?
  • 7 What do I need from my partner to feel loved and happy, and am I telling them?
  • 8 How can I be kinder to myself and feel better about who I am in my relationships?
  • 9 What can I learn from past relationships to have better ones in the future?
  • 10 How can I forgive myself and others for things that happened in past relationships?

Relationship Prompts

What is the first recollection I have?

If you could be sure you wouldn’t fail, what would you try?

Which of my relationships needs improvement? How do I begin that procedure?

What aspects of my parents do I find annoying?

Whom have I lately connected with and reached out to?

Write down at least one attribute for each of the five persons in your life with whom you struggle to get along.

What is a choice I’ve made in my life—big or small—that I truly cherish?

What recent act of kindness has someone shown me?

What do I see as my greatest personal achievement?

Are there any issues I’m currently attempting to solve?

In what way would I desire to step outside of my comfort zone?

When was the last time I gave someone a gift? It was what?

For what do I feel thankful for this Christmas season?

Is there somebody I’ve lately been inspired by? How?

Can you think of a nice memory from your youth?

With whom do I need to establish boundaries?

How can I challenge myself to step beyond my comfort zone in the next year?

What recent occurrence has given me joy?

When I retire, how would I prefer to spend my time?

What has been on my mind the most recently?

Who played the most significant roles in my life during the previous 12 months?

For me, what evokes a sense of home is…

Is there a present I’m eager to give someone?

If I only had one day to live, what would I do?

What is the one item from the last year for which I am most thankful?

What would make me feel better right now?

What is my preferred holiday custom? What about it do I love?

Is there anyone who truly deserves to be thanked?

The greatest disappointment I’ve ever experienced

The most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had….

What about the holidays do I like best?

What distinguishes a location for me as “home”?

What act of kindness do I perform for someone who means the most to me?

Whom do I interact with the most? What do we do as a group?

What do I do to spend time with the person I care about most?

Can you recall a time when you felt appreciated?

Name one person who has previously assisted me. How did they act?

What might I start doing right away to enhance the quality of my life?

What recent accomplishment of mine am I most proud of?

What aspect of becoming a mom is one of my favorites?

What do you secretly want?

What traits do I respect in my parents?

What do I mean by success?

What aspect of my present life is your favorite?

What can I do to maintain my health?

What is one thing that I would want to accept?

Write about a period in the past when I felt content.

Which holiday is one of my favorites, and why?

What are you most looking forward to in the next year?

What is the finest praise you’ve ever paid me? How did I feel after that?

When was the last time I burst out laughing?

Who in my life do I need to forgive? Which memories of the past am I clinging to?

What do I appreciate most about my life right now? What Christmas presents am I looking forward to giving?

Describe a person in your life for whom you are particularly thankful and why.

What choice would I make differently if I could go back in time?

What is it that I find most difficult about becoming a parent?

What do I consider to be “the finest thing since sliced bread”?

What relationship red flags should I be on the lookout for?

What is the meaning of Christmas to me?

Whom did I most recently see? How went that?

When do my significant other and I have the most fun together?

Was there anything that I enjoyed about my day?

What parenting obstacle did I confront today? What did I do about it?

What do I have to be thankful for today?

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Romantic Relationship Journal Prompts

  1. How did things in my past affect how I am in relationships now?
  2. Do I do things in my relationships that I want to change?
  3. What makes me scared or insecure in my current relationship?
  4. When my partner upsets me, how do I react and why?
  5. Are there things about myself that I don’t like, and do they affect my relationships?
  6. Do I have any problems or feelings I haven’t talked about with my partner?
  7. What do I need from my partner to feel loved and happy, and am I telling them?
  8. How can I be kinder to myself and feel better about who I am in my relationships?
  9. What can I learn from past relationships to have better ones in the future?
  10. How can I forgive myself and others for things that happened in past relationships?

Relationship Writing Prompts

What makes me happy when I’m having a bad day?

What can I do to enhance my physical health?

Who did I feel even briefly connected to today?

What do I like doing the most? How much am I doing?

What was the most positive event that occurred today?

What am I most appreciative of?

What made today enjoyable?

What caused me to laugh today?

What one action did my child take today that I want to keep in mind?

What stood out from the previous month?

What was my favorite pastime when I was a kid?

Are there any issues at work that I’m now attempting to resolve?

From whom did I most recently borrow a thing? It was what?

What new endeavor may I attempt in the coming year?

What can I cut out of my schedule to free up more time for the activities I enjoy?

Do I despise anyone? Why, if so? Could I let go of my hatred?

What type of spiritual or religious environment did I grow up in? Have I had any changes of heart?

Am I happy with the way my life and job are now balanced? What can I do to make things better if not?

What am I doing to have enjoyment in my life?

Did I just have a chat that was interesting? What was the topic?

What one memory from the previous month sticks out?

What is one of my favorite holiday traditions?

If I moved overseas, what particular aspect of my current area would I miss the most?

On the first day of the year, what do I intend to accomplish or order?

Who has helped you or made your life easier this week, and how can you thank them?

What was the biggest surprise I’ve ever experienced? What was the first trip or vacation I can recall?

What is anything I recently decided against?

What aspect of the holidays do I dislike the least?

Is there a reason my name was chosen? Do I believe I fit it? If given the option, would I have chosen my name?

What was one of my favorite trips or vacations?

How can I facilitate my manager’s work?

What stresses or worries me over the holidays? What might I do to improve it?

Which individuals do I know that I see as free? What do I mean by freedom?

Which instructor was my favorite?

Was there anything that I was looking forward to throughout my day?

What facilitates my ability to be authentic with others?

What do I enjoy doing while I’m sick?

How would I choose to pass a rainy afternoon?

Has anybody given me praise for the work I did today? What were their words?

What do I have planned for this month that I’m looking forward to?

Whom would I like to offer a present to and why?

What are the top three things you are anticipating this year?

What present have you enjoyed giving most recently?

In the last year, what present did you like receiving?

Who is the one person in your life for whom you are most thankful?

Describe a tough person in your life (for example, someone you regularly disagree with) and some of their positive traits.

What about your love is difficult?

What does your love reward you with?

How do you feel about starting a family?

How do you feel about the relationship you are in now?

Do you find it difficult to contact for assistance?

How difficult do you feel when you need assistance?

How do I adapt and improve my communication?

Where do you want your relationship to go in the upcoming six months?

Why do you want that person to be a close friend?

Jot down a recent compliment you received.

How content are you with your connection?

This is how the relationship ought to be, in your opinion.

What do you believe the love language to be? Write it with style.

How can I make room in my life to hear him?

How does my partner show me that they care?

What positive qualities do I contribute to a relationship?

When did you assist your spouse in your Journal?

How does love improve me as a person?

How can I make my relationship more loving?

Do you enjoy establishing online friends?

What traits would you want to see in your friends?

Consider this: Who makes me nuts, yet I still adore them?

Do you unfairly judge your friends?

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Journal Prompts for Relationship Issues

  • 1 What’s the problem you’re having in your relationship?
  • 2 How do you feel about this problem? Can you say why you feel that way?
  • 3 Why do you think this problem is happening?
  • 4 Have you seen this problem happen before in your relationship?
  • 5 What do you expect and need from your relationship? Is it happening?
  • 6 How do you and your partner talk when you have problems?
  • 7 What are you willing to do to fix this problem?
  • 8 Try to think about how your partner might be feeling about this problem.
  • 9 Did something from the past affect how you’re dealing with this problem?
  • 10 Picture a good ending to this problem. What would it look like?

Journal Prompts About Relationships

What, in your opinion, constitutes effective communication?

With whom and why would you most want to go on a date?

What are the top three things about your partner that you admire?

How should your partner appear?

What do you believe forgiveness to entail? How should your partner express their regret?

If not, why doesn’t your spouse listen to you?

Who requires you now?

The person you think your life needs, in your opinion.

Why do you cherish your spouse more?

To which of those three buddies can you not say “No”?

This month, I want to work on one relationship-related improvement.

How can I become a better listener?

Why is my spouse upset with me?

When was the first time I met him?

Why isn’t he in love with me? Do I engage in that?

What prompted my social media like for him? Should I continue to date him?

In my opinion, what kind of romance ought to develop in our relationship?

How does being in love affect your life in your Journal?

What does love really signify, in your opinion?

Why do I frequently become irate with my love?

Ten unique qualities of your connection.

Does love have a clear language, and how should I sustain it?

What do I mean when I say “family”?

Am I willing to accept my spouse as they are?

What are your hobbies, and what makes you smile the most?

Describe the moment you fell in love with your lover.

How content with your social life are you?

How do you feel about the status of your relationships right now?

Do you find it simple or difficult to ask for assistance when you need it?

What do you think about having kids?

What characteristics do you think are most crucial for friendships?

Who would you say is your closest buddy, and why?

Talk about recent praise or piece of encouraging feedback that meant a lot to you.

Do you typically forget or forgive offenses?

What do you think about rumors?

Tell us about recent praise or a piece of encouraging comment that meant a lot to you.

How do you want your loved ones to perceive you?

Give an example of when you assisted a buddy in need.

What separates “like” and “love,” in your opinion?

In your opinion, what does effective communication in a relationship look like?

Which individuals are your favorites? List everything.

In a relationship, what do you find unforgivable?

What connections would you like to strengthen over the upcoming six months? Would you like to meet anybody else?

Which would you choose: a big social circle or a small group of close friends?

How would this aspect of your life appear if it were level 10 (i.e., in its optimum form)?

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Toxic Relationship Journal Prompts

  • 1 What makes you feel bad or uncomfortable in this relationship? Write it down.
  • 2 How does this relationship affect how you feel about yourself and your happiness?
  • 3 What rules or limits do you need to set to protect yourself in this relationship?
  • 4 Have you told the other person how you feel? If not, why not? If yes, how did they react?
  • 5 Does this bad stuff happen over and over again in the relationship? What does it look like?
  • 6 Does this relationship affect other parts of your life, like your job or your friends?
  • 7 What can you do to make yourself feel better while dealing with this bad relationship?
  • 8 Who can you talk to or get help from during this tough time?
  • 9 If you need to, how can you distance yourself from this relationship?
  • 10 Imagine your life without this bad relationship. What would it be like?


Writing prompts for relationships help people connect better and understand their feelings. They make talking and listening easier, and they help us learn about ourselves. By using these prompts often, we can have happier relationships, solve problems, and become closer to others. These prompts also help us grow as individuals, leading to more fulfilling and loving connections with people. Try them for better relationships.

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