Make Your Loved Ones Happy: 35+ Simple and Effective Ways

A healthy relationship requires that you keep your loved ones happy. Everyone deserves to feel loved and valued, whether it’s your boyfriend, spouse, kids, or close pals.

Making an effort to make your loved ones happy can promote closer relationships, more trustworthy relationships, and a more fulfilling existence.

Spending time together, expressing gratitude, or performing deeds of kindness can be all enough.

You can make a happy and supportive environment for everyone to thrive by putting their happiness first.

Creative Ways to Make Your Loved Ones Happier

Let us look at a few ways you can bring happiness to your loved ones.

Making them smile

There is no other way you would make someone happy than putting a big smile on their face. If you can make them smile heartily, you will show love and affection for them. 

When you see that your loved one is in distress, try comforting them and be with them.

Do whatever it takes to bring back that smile, so they understand that you know them very well and you know what to do to make them happy.

Send them lunch 

If your partner or sibling tells you on the phone that they are having a pretty rough day at work, send them their favorite food item for lunch.

As you know, good food can lift a person’s mood instantly. Write a note if you can-’I know it’s not going well, but here’s something to fix your day.

Love!’ When they see what you’ve sent, they are bound to smile. This is a nice way to show some love to them.

Help them with their stuff

If your partner or friend has just moved into a new place, help them to carry their things and set up the place.

When you are at home, try helping your parents. You can do this for old people, for example, your older grandparents, who cannot carry heavy stuff. 

When you help them ou/t, they understand that you are always there to support them when they need you. This small gesture can bring great happiness to other people.

Say thank you!

There is no bigger way to express your love to someone than to say that you are grateful to them.

Whenever a person does something for you, however small it may be, be grateful from the bottom of your heart and express it fully. 

Learn to say thank you. If your parents just bought you a laptop or your friend gifted you a book, be thankful for everything.

When you thank a person heartily, they appreciate your gratitude towards them.

Give a massage

Let us assume that your father is back home from work. Or, your partner comes home after a long day, Naturally, they would be very exhausted.

You have to make them feel comfortable and do something to help get rid of the tiredness. 

You can choose to give them a nice massage if it’s appropriate for you and them. Give them a nice neck, hand, or foot massage. Talk to them while you do that and ask about their day. 

Call to check up on them

Do you know the feeling when you are working under pressure and then your phone starts ringing suddenly and you see the name of your loved one flash on the screen? Well yes, try doing it for someone and see how happy it makes them. 

Don’t just call the person if you have something important to say or you want them to buy something for you. Call now and then to check how they are doing and if everything’s okay.

Leave notes secretly

Surprise notes are always a pleasure to look at. If you are leaving for work and you’ve made breakfast for your parents, write a note:’I have to leave for work, but I have the breakfast sorted on the lawn. Dig in, Mom, Dad! 

Or, if your partner is still asleep when you leave their house in the morning, leave a note that says:’I had an amazing evening yesterday.

Thank you for everything.’ These little gestures can work wonderfully.

Laugh out loud

There is no greater joy than sharing a good laugh with your loved ones. Whatever it is- a joke you say, a prank you pull at them, or a funny TV show you’re watching together, make sure you share the laugh. 

Laughter is contagious, and your good mood will eventually be shared with them. This way, even if they are very upset about something, their mood will be fixed and they will be happy. Good humor can never go wrong!

Make a list of things you love about them

If you want to see your loved one happy, you need to learn the positive aspects of his/her character and appreciate them.

Make a list if you want and note down every detail you love about them- the way your partner looks when they are asleep, or how your mother still feeds you if you are late for work. 

Appreciate these qualities, so that they know how you feel about them, and this makes them feel validated and happy.

Get them flowers

Well, who doesn’t love flowers? Everyone does. A nice bunch of flowers can instantly fix a person’s mood. Get some beautiful flowers when you go on a date with your partner, or get flowers for a close relative if he/she is sick. 

If you know a flower that your friend likes gift them for their birthday. You can also decorate your house with flowers so that you instantly feel happy whenever you look at them.

Listen to them

One of the easiest ways to make your close ones feel important and validated is to listen to them.

And not just listening but paying attention to everything they say. We are often so self-involved that we have never learned that listening is important. 

Be patient with them when they are worried. If your loved one comes home from work after a long day, sit with a cup of coffee and listen to them describing their day. 

Cook for them

Yes! Food does make us happy instantly. Don’t always send them lunch. Sometimes, go into the kitchen and cook their favorite food yourself.

Create a nice ambiance, serve the food and have dinner together with your partner. Or, make sure you have dinner with your parents and you cook for them.

This way, the entire act has a personal touch, making it all the more special. Your loved ones will be happy to see that you cooked for them.

Hug them

A hug can work like a miracle to calm down an upset or worried person. And, it is all the more comforting if it comes from a loved one.

In the modern virtual-oriented world, try maintaining a personal touch with your close ones as much as possible. 

Try to sit with them and listen to what’s troubling them. Give them your opinion, comfort them with your words and try hugging them tightly if you think they need it. 


You can use this technique especially if your loved one is a cleanliness freak and loves to have everything around them organized and just in place. Clean up the house if your partner is working and you have a free day. 

Organize their bookshelves, study tables, or wardrobes. Reorganize things in the kitchen or bathroom, and give everything a fresh look.

You can do the same for your parents or siblings too. This is bound to make them extra happy.

Make them a care package

Your brother/sister or partner works hard all day and is left with no time to take care of themselves.

Well, this is your chance to show them that you are there to care for them. Customize a care package for them. 

Nowadays, it is ready to buy these packages on online shopping sites. Choose what you think they might like and surprise them with it. However tired they may be, this small effort will make them smile.

Bake cookies for them

The sight of freshly baked cookies and the smell of that chocolate pie is enough to make someone feel better instantly.

Baking cookies for your loved ones occasionally can effectively show some extra love and make them extra happy. 

Also, try doing it together to spend more time together and strengthen the bond. If you don’t know how to bake them, learn to do it from your mother or brother in the kitchen.


Buy movie tickets

Both you and your loved one need to take a break from the daily hustle and spend some time together to feel better.

Well, movies are a great way to do that. Surprise them with movie tickets to their favorite film and see the excitement build up! 

Go together, and enjoy the film. If you think you do not give enough time to your parents or a friend, you can do the same for them and go to the movies.

Write a love letter

Many relationships are often hampered due to a person’s inability to properly express his/her love to the other person. Never make that mistake. Giving effort is an important thing in any relationship. 

The modern tech-savvy world has led us to forget all the old-school methods to express love which were way more effective.

Write a letter to someone instead of messaging and express what you feel. See how it conveys your genuine feelings to them and makes them happy.


If your sibling or friend has just had a baby, do your part to help them out. Caring for a newborn is no easy task, and they must get exhausted trying to do it by themselves.

Offer to babysit for them. This way, you’re helping them so that they can take a rest or do other stuff they’ve been keeping pending.

Also, you get to spend time with their baby, which strengthens your relationship with them in turn.

Do errands for them

If your parents are going through a busy time or your partner is exhausted handling many duties simultaneously, try helping them out.

Do errands and some household chores that you can do and that would help them in some way. 

For example, if your father has to go to the bank urgently, you go to the market and shop for groceries. Or, if your partner is busy submitting a report, you go and pay the electricity bill. 

Gift them a book

This would be a great way to make a bibliophile happy. If your loved one is someone who loves to read books, it is very easy for you to make them happy.

Gift them a book, and not just on birthdays and anniversaries. 

Whenever they are upset or depressed about something, give them a book you know would cheer them up, present it to them yourself and just see the excitement and glow on their faces when they see your gift!


Look after their house if needed

Your parents or a friend will be away for a trip and are worried about leaving their house alone. Offer to look after the house in their absence.

Yes, this is also a great way to build trust and love between you and them. 

When you see that they leave their house for you to take care of, you must know they are doing it out of immense trust and affection towards you and they believe you. 

Appreciate them publicly

If you are proud of an accomplishment your sibling or partner did, say it aloud in the presence of other people.

Throw a party to celebrate the special occasion, gather your friends, and congratulate them on their success. 

When you speak fondly of them in front of your friends, they know that you approve of them and are not ashamed of admitting their love for you in public.

This can be a nice gesture to make them feel special.


 Help them to succeed

If you think a help done by you could help your loved one progress or be better at something, always do it wholeheartedly.

There is no bigger way to show your concern for them than to assist them in a task. 

For example, if your brother is poor at typing and you know it well, help him out, so that he can learn better.

Learning something from a close person is always easy because the learning process becomes comfortable.

Be proud 

No matter whether you express it or not, feel the pride of a close one’s achievement in your heart. If your father has been awarded the best employee of the year or your brother came first in a music competition, be proud of them. 

Show little gestures so they only become aware of your feelings towards them. When they know that you appreciate them and are happy for their accomplishments, they will feel close to you. 


Be with them when they need you

There is nothing more depressing than not having a person with you when you need them the most, right? If you understand it, do this for your loved ones too. Never make them feel isolated or unwanted. 

Even if you cannot be with them in their times of happiness, make sure to be there during their times of distress.

Maybe you wouldn’t be able to do much for them. But, your presence might matter to them a lot.

Spend time with them

The more you spend time with your close ones, the deeper your relationship becomes and the better you understand each other.

Do not wait for a special occasion to be with them. Take off some time from your regular schedule to spend some time with your parents, your siblings, or your partner. 

This will be a great thing for both of you, as it will give you the scope to be with each other, have fun and relax your mind.

Say that you love them

What you say to your loved ones matters a lot along with gestures and actions. The verbal pronunciation of your love is important for a healthy relationship.

Say I love you to your parents and especially, your partners. 

When you say it out loud, they reaffirm your feelings and they know you are putting effort into expressing yourself.

When someone is having a bad day, just hearing the three magical words from a loved one can help them get better.

Other-ways-to-say-I love you

Make some coffee

Well, coffee has its magic to make people happy.  Nice, warm cup of coffee will not only help a person get rid of stress but will also make him feel better instantly.

So, one thing you can do anytime to make your loved ones happy is to make coffee for them. 

If you want to spend time, make one for yourself too and sip away together. Coffee time can be a nice opportunity for people to bond with each other.

Love them fully

The most important thing to remember is that no matter how you love a person, you must ensure that your love is genuine and you care for them completely.

Whatever you do for them, do it wholeheartedly. 

Because if your feelings and actions are not what you express them to be, then it’s no use loving them.

At some point in time, you’ll end up being your real self and your words/actions will hurt them eventually.


As you can say, the tiniest of things you do for a person can make them happy. The ultimate thing is to be with them, support them in times of need and appreciate the good things in them.

When you do these things for a person and they reciprocate it too, you have a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


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