157+ Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

Little ones are probably inexperienced writers when they start elementary school. Young pupils have a lot of firsts throughout kindergarten year. Some youngsters spend the whole school year adjusting to going to school every day.

For many children and their families, it may be a significant adjustment. Learning the basics of arithmetic, science, reading, and history takes up a large portion of the day. 

Kindergarten Journal Prompts

Writing Prompts For Kindergarten

For kids to succeed the rest of the way through grade school, they need to master all of these fundamental concepts from this first school year. The framework can be too much for some kindergarteners.

It is, therefore, quite beneficial to provide them with regulated free time or allow them to express their creativity. A kindergarten kid may easily include some regulated independence into their day by writing.

Change the conclusion of your favorite fairy tale. What would have occurred, for instance, if Cinderella had skipped the ball?

Consider receiving a magical sweater as a birthday present. What occurs if you put on the sweater? What do you do with your newly discovered magical abilities?

A rhinoceros has been stolen, and you are the zoo’s security guard! How can you find the thief?

The queen has extended an invitation for lunch. What do you consume, and what subjects do you talk about with the queen?

What kinds of clothing would you recommend for a school uniform if you could create one? What shades would they possess?

Consider yourself a reporter asking a famous person about their life. What inquiries do you make?

Your lemonade stand is open for business. Describe the processes involved in making lemonade and the kinds of clients you encounter over the day.

Create a tale in which you are the monarch of an underwater realm.

For the word “treehouse,” compose an acrostic poem.

You choose to develop a sunflower, but it ends up becoming so tall that it touches the sky! Write about your decision to ascend to the summit and what occurs. What do you learn?

Think about looking out the window and seeing popsicles falling from the sky! Describe the experience in a tale.

Which animal, and why, would you like to be if you could be any other?

What would thrill you the most if you were traveling across space?

Play the part of a journalist for the local paper. For a news piece, who and why would you like to speak with?

Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

Do you keep dogs in your house? How do you care for your pets? Describe in your essay. What breed of animal would you desire if you didn’t already have one?

Imagine that you are launching a shop that exclusively offers blue things. Which products do you sell?

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Have you ever misplaced something significant to you? Did you manage to locate it?

Tell a tale about a young person who is transferring to a new school. What do you suppose their emotions may be?

Did you ever neglect to do your homework? What took place?

Have you had a favorite tune? Write about the genres of music you enjoy.

Imagine if one morning, when your parents wake you up, they tell you that they will take you anywhere you want to go for the entire day; you are not even required to attend school or complete your duties. What action would you take, and why?

Do you enjoy visiting theme parks? Which rides rank among your favorites?

Three words: detective, piano, and pizza. Use them in a tale.

Have you visited a beach before? Write about your hobbies and favorite pastimes. What would you like to do if this was your first time visiting the beach?

Which TV program do you enjoy watching the most? Explain why your favorite character is your favorite by writing about them.

Should ALL secrets be kept a secret? Discuss situations in which it is acceptable to reveal information and those in which it is not.

Best Writing Prompts For Kindergarten

By employing words that are pronounced similarly to the sound they create, onomatopoeia, or poetry, is a poetic technique. Consider the words buzz, bark, sizzle, slam, and pop.

Are you good at anything in particular? Write about your strongest qualities.

If you could travel back in time and live anywhere, where and when would you choose to do so? Write about it!

List the top five things you can do to ensure your safety and well-being.

Are thunderstorms frightful, in your opinion? In what way?

Over the upcoming year, what are you most eager to learn? Make a list of the topics that interest you or any queries you may have about the world!

A safari in the forest is on your itinerary! In your suitcase, what do you put?

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Make a list of your top 10 kindness-promoting actions.

Which subject on your schoolwork do you hate the most? Why don’t you enjoy having that kind of homework?

What time of the year is your preferred? In your essay, mention why you appreciate it and a few of the activities you prefer to do during that month.

Consider throwing someone a birthday surprise party. How are you going to keep it a secret?

Writing Prompts For Kindergarten

Imagine finding a sleeping dragon in the grass as you step outdoors. What is the dragon doing there? Does this dragon seem friendly? Do you do anything? Write about it!

For what and why today are you grateful?

You stumbled into a puddle while you were heading to a significant occasion. What happens next?

When watching a movie, have you ever disliked the way it ended? Describe what you believe should occur in its place.

Do you have the solution to this Alice in Wonderland riddle? What resembles a writing desk about a raven?

Pretend that you are the pirate ship’s commander. Your day should be described in a journal entry.

What kind of company would you launch if you could launch any kind of company? Which goods and services would you offer?

Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

Create a follow-up to a beloved fairy tale. As an illustration, what happened when Goldilocks left the bears?

What do you fear the most? What aids in reducing your level of anxiety? What advice would you give a pal who is worried about making them feel less scared?

Then, in 20 years, write a letter to that person.

What are the three things you would need to be happy, other than the necessities of life like food, drink, air, and shelter?

What kinds of tasks would you have a robot perform if you could create one of any kind that could carry out whatever you could think of?

Which do you prefer? Oranges or apples? How do they compare? What distinguishes them from one another?

What caused the chicken to cross the street? You’ve been given the case because you’re a detective. How can the enigma be solved?

Outline the steps for making your preferred snack. Remember to include your favorite advice on choosing the best ingredients!

Great Writing Prompts For Kindergarten

Consider borrowing a friend’s favorite fortunate pencil, which would have helped you pass a math test, but it broke in half instead. How are you going to tell your pal the news?

Take a look around the space where you’re seated and select three close things at random. Do now incorporate those three elements into a poem or tale!

Express your preferences for the book’s central themes in a letter to the author of a book you recently finished.

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Narrative Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

  • 1 Write about your most-loved toy and why it’s special.
  • 2 Tell about what you do when you go to the park.
  • 3 Draw and write about your family and what you like to do together.
  • 4 Write about the animals you saw at the zoo.
  • 5 Imagine you’re a hero. What would you do to help people?
  • 6 Write a story about meeting a nice monster and what you both do.
  • 7 Describe your favorite weather and what fun things you do during that time.
  • 8 Write a made-up diary of a young person during the American Revolution. Explain what they did on the first Fourth of July after the country became independent.
  • 9 Write about a magical journey to a faraway place.

Journal Ideas for Kindergarten

Positive Writing Prompts For Kindergarten

The six-word narrative that Ernest Hemingway wrote is well known. Is it possible to tell a tale with only six words?

What do you predict will happen to cell phones in the future? Will people still use them in 25 years, or will something else replace them?

Are you interested in attending college? In what way?

Compose an essay or a poem about a kitty that gets lost after becoming lost. The kitten’s method of finding its way home?

Children must currently attend school in accordance with the legislation. Consider this a good or poor idea.

If you could create a brand-new board game, what title would you give it? The game’s rules are: What regulations apply? What makes playing fun? I’ll write about it!

Imagine coming home to find your bedroom completely coated in ketchup! What on earth took place? What response do you have? How do you tidy up everything?

What have you discovered today?

Would you prefer to have a shark or a goldfish as a pet?

Create a list of items for each letter of the alphabet, from A to Z.

What do you consider to be one of your most crucial daily activities?

Compose a tale about the ever irritable Gretchen the Grouch! How long will she remain content? Why does she always seem so grumpy?

How does it make you feel when someone steals something from you without your permission? When it occurs, what is a constructive course of action?

Construct a narrative centered on a family of woodland rabbits. Which difficulties do they mostly encounter?

Powerful Writing Prompts For Kindergarten

Construct a poem with the word “if” as its first line.

Which outfits do you believe to be the most comfortable? What type of attire do you prefer to wear the most? Which businesses don’t you enjoy wearing?

Consider a situation where there are no supermarkets, and you must purchase your own food. How do you find food, for instance? What do you consume, exactly?

Which three actions can you do to help the environment?

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Whom would you most like to meet and why if you could meet any famous person right now? What queries could you possibly pose to them?

A short poem known as a tongue twister often has several words that sound similar and have the same letter as the first letter. For example, “Peter picked a peck of pickled peppers.” Utilize this enjoyable kids’ writing prompt to try producing your own!

When you hear or see the word green, what comes to mind first?

Someone who is revered for bravery and accomplishments is referred to as a hero. What qualities do you believe define a hero? What heroes do you admire?

Do you enjoy fishing? Did you enjoy it if you had? In what way? Are you considering doing so if you haven’t already?

Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

Make up a tale about a super-powered canine hero who saves the day! Why does the dog assist those it helps?

Which place—a place that is constantly hot or cold—would you want to call home? Discuss which one you prefer in your essay.

Have you ever offered your time to a charitable cause? If yes, share your story in writing! If not, which nonprofit organizations do you think you could like helping out at?

Which meaning does the term “courage” have for you?

What makes you unique? What characteristics do you have that define you as a person?

Do you enjoy visiting museums? What do you like to see most when it’s on display?

What can you do to act as a role model for others and show kindness?

A tall tale is a narrative that exaggerates an actual event. Create a tall tale based on a recent occurrence in your life.

Which of your favorite toys do you think you’ll still want to play with and own when you’re 22?

Oh no! Everyone in your immediate vicinity has a bad cold! Make up a hilarious poem about your attempts to stay away from their germs!

Personification is the process by which a non-living thing adopts human traits. Write a tale in which you personify a typical household technological device, such as the TV or toaster. Create a poem that uses similes, which are comparisons between two things. Here’s an illustration of a simile: The sky was the color of her eyes.

Have you ever read one of Dr. Suess’s books? Create your own narrative in the “Suess” fashion, replete with rhymes and invented phrases.

Are there any siblings you have? Write about being a lovely brother or sister after considering what that could entail!

How did you spend your summer break last year? What do you have planned for this year’s summer break?

Good Writing Prompts For Kindergarten

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Kindergarten Math Journal Prompts Free

  1. Draw 10 apples on a tree and write the numbers 1 to 10 next to them.
  2. Look around your room and find things that are circles, squares, and triangles. Draw and name three of them.
  3. Make a pattern with stickers like red-blue-red-blue. Draw it and continue the pattern with three more stickers.
  4. Draw three smiley faces and two suns. Write how many things you have altogether.
  5. Draw five balloons, then rub out two. Write a sentence to show how many are left.
  6. Draw a clock with the clock hands pointing at 6 o’clock. Color the hour hand red and the minute hand blue. What time does it show?
  7. Find three things shorter than a crayon and three things longer. Draw and name them.
  8. Draw a caterpillar with ten parts. Write the numbers from 10 to 100 on its parts, counting by tens.
  9. Draw two groups of animals, one with 7 and the other with 4. Write which group has more and which has fewer animals.
  10. Draw four pennies, three nickels, and two dimes. Write how much money you have in total.

Easy Journal Prompts for Kindergarten

Hopeful Writing Prompts For Kindergarten

Make a list of questions to ask your parents or grandparents about their childhoods in order to learn more about their experiences. After then, ask them the queries and describe their responses in writing!

You are in charge of creating a brand-new children’s radio program! What subjects will you cover? What genres of music do you play?

What do you typically consume every morning for breakfast? What is the best breakfast item ever made, in your opinion? Why is it so fantastic?

Compose a poem of 12 lines, each of which should describe a distinct month of the year.

When you’re an adult, what activity do you most look forward to?

Do you enjoy experimenting with new things? What recent experiment have you made, or would you like to make?

Consider what it may have been like to live in Egypt when the pyramids were being constructed. Detail your experiences in writing.

Statements of one’s personal views are called credos. For items you value and believe are essential, consider creating your own ideology.

There is nowhere for the circus to perform now that it has arrived in town! How can you make it easier for the ringmaster to choose a location to serve?

Compose a poem of 12 lines, each of which should describe a distinct month of the year.

When you’re an adult, what activity do you most look forward to?

Do you enjoy experimenting with new things? What recent experiment have you made, or would you like to make?

Consider what it may have been like to live in Egypt during the time the pyramids were being constructed. Detail your experiences in writing.

Statements of one’s personal views are called credos. Consider creating your own philosophy for items you value and believe are essential.

There is nowhere for the circus to perform now that it has arrived in town! How can you make it easier for the ringmaster to choose a location to perform?

In your history class right now, what are you learning? About a historical figure you are studying, write a fictitious narrative.

Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

Throughout history, several conflicts have been fought. What could nations do, in your opinion, to settle their disputes amicably rather than by resorting to war?

Plastic bottles and cans totaling more than 8 billion are discarded annually. What can you do to assist in encouraging recycling among your family and friends?

If you were the school’s headmaster, try to imagine. How could you change your approach? How would you act similarly to others? Write about it!

Imagine that one day, while visiting your neighbor, you hear an odd noise emanating from the basement. When you go down the stairs to explore, you find a big machine operating with plenty of lights and controls. Why does it exist?

Create a paragraph that begins, “Tomorrow, I hope…”

What would you offer to every youngster on the planet if you could only give them one thing?

Do you keep money in a piggy bank at home? How can you generate income to increase your savings?

Fun Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

  • 1 What pet would you like to have? Draw a picture and write its name.
  • 2 Imagine you are a superhero. What power would you have, and how would you help others?
  • 3 Write a letter to your favorite character from a book or TV show. What would you say to them?
  • 4 What do you like to do when it rains? Draw and write about it.
  • 5 If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Write and draw about your visit.
  • 6 What’s your favorite food? Write a sentence about why you like it.
  • 7 Make up a story about a magical adventure. Who would you meet and where would you go?
  • 8 Draw your family and write a sentence about each person.
  • 9 If you could create a new toy, what would it be? Describe it and why it’s cool.
  • 10 Write a short poem about your favorite season (spring, summer, fall, or winter). What do you like to do during that time of year?


Kindergarten journal prompts are important because they help little kids learn and grow. They make children think, talk, and write about their ideas and feelings. This makes them better at using words and expressing themselves. These prompts also make learning fun and help kids start to love writing and sharing stories when they’re very young.

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