15+ Law of Attraction Exercises for Beginners

The Law of Attraction has always had a humongous impact on people’s lives and continues to do so. Even though its vast impacts, not everyone is aware of this law, or even if they do, they don’t know how to teach it and abide by it.

Your subconscious mind is your greatest gift, and you must learn to utilize it effectively to align yourself with the law of attraction theory and manifest every desire of yours.

Top 5 law of attraction exercises for beginners:

  • Believe that you can reach your goals and have faith in yourself and the universe.
  • Focus on the little details of your life, and be genuinely grateful for everything and everyone you have, or had, in the past.
  • Train your mind to think positively and make use of affirmations.
  • Have a vision board, and work towards your goals every day.
  • Make use of meditation, and inculcate patience in your life.

Law of Attraction exercises for beginners.

  • 1 Showcase Gratefulness
  • 2 Usage of the focus wheel
  • 3 Having a dream or a vision board
  • 4 Being polite and understanding
  • 5 Visualizing your goals
  • 6 Putting in all the necessary efforts
  • 7 Having a positive and constructive intention
  • 8 Using affirmations
  • 9 Write a “Future Me” journal.
  • 10 Finding out what you want

Showcase Gratefulness

Gratitude has always been the source of positivity in many instances of mankind. Being grateful means to be happy with all you have and all that you can do; being grateful means to be thankful to the people in your life who make it worth living.

Gratitude comes with many such definitions and is essential if you are to inculcate the law of attraction theory in your life.

Gratitude teaches you to be thankful even to the worst of things and obstacles in your life, but why so? All of these “worst” tagged things are instrumental in teaching you what life is and give you a lesson of a lifetime.

Once you infuse gratitude, you can align yourself with the positivity this universe offers.

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Usage of the focus wheel

Using a focus wheel is the best way to eliminate or alter your limiting beliefs and behavior. It is proven to bring more attraction into your life.

What are your intentions? They are just the experiences you wish to experience in your life, isn’t it? For example, if you want to gain a promotion at work, that becomes an experience you wish you experience in your life.

You want to attract this experience, and there are many ways you can exercise to do this, but the focus wheel is one of the most powerful tools you can use.

You can employ a focus wheel for powerful affirmations or get a clear understanding of your desires. 

Having a dream or a vision board

A dream or a vision board is very easy and simple to make but is very effective. You have to cut out pictures, quotes, or words that represent your life’s goals and stick them on a board that you can see every time you wake up or go to sleep at night.

For example, if you want a soulmate, you can stick pictures of a couple you idolize or a quote on a relationship, and every time you see it, you get the zeal to work towards it, and this is how you reach your goals and desires.

It provides motivation, enhances productivity and focus, clarifies your desires, and increases your chances of success.

Being polite and understanding

One of the biggest things about the law of attraction is that whatever form and type of energy you release into the universe returns to you in unexpected ways to maintain the balance of entropy.

It is very easy to align yourself with the harmony of the universe, and being polite to others is one of the ways to do so. It doesn’t take a lot of hard work and energy to be polite and understanding, and the outcome you get is never negative.

The vibrational energy going out into the world from you attracts the energy synonymous with it.

If you are rude and harsh on others, that is the same energy you will attract. Would you love someone to be rude to you?

Visualizing your goals

It is an essential technique of the law of attraction to attract the form and type of energy you want and be able to manifest your desires.

Visualizing is not similar to imagining; the difference may be subtle between the two, but there are surely some differences.

Visualizing is the complete process by which you can create an image of the dreams you have in your mind, and this surely will motivate you to reach your goals and give you the necessary urge, that zeal, never to stop chasing your dreams and desires.

When you contribute just 15-20 minutes daily to visualize your goals, you are all set to believe in yourself even more and have clarity regarding your desires and whether they are worth your efforts.

Putting in all the necessary efforts

You may have already heard that there is no shortcut to hard work. This is true in every instance of anyone’s life. There is no substitute for effort and hard work.

When you put in effort for something you want dearly, you are letting out energy vibrations into the universe. The energy corresponding to the same vibration comes back to you as the result of your efforts and sweat.

This is why it is so important to put in those hard yards, never give up, and keep on pushing yourself to achieve something you have always desired to have, no matter how small that is. 

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Having a positive and constructive intention

The great thing about intentions is that you can have a new one each day if you want to, and even a new one every hour. You can set one intention for a day or multiple ones, just like you set your alarm for the next morning.

Intentions are powerful enough to impact every aspect of your life, and that is why it is essential to have proper constructive intentions.

Your intentions can regulate your actions, and negativity of any sort means you attract negativity from the universe just to maintain universal harmony.

A positive intention will keep you centered and focused on your desires, improve your effectiveness, and even help you to become more mindful.

Using affirmations

There are various affirmations out there to choose from. You can even make your affirmations. After selecting one, two, or as many affirmations as you want, just repeat them after a certain interval. 

The key to a fruitful affirmation is finding a concise and appropriate way to express your future beliefs in an affirmative and motivating way.

These affirmations are your way of motivating yourself, giving yourself that enthusiasm to work harder towards your goals. These enable you to focus on your goals, alter your thought patterns, and transmogrify negative thoughts into positive ones.

Affirmations influence your subconscious mind and make it act constructively, allowing you to get aligned with the positivity around you and be more confident. 

Write a “Future Me” journal.

This is unique, different from the old-school ways mentioned above, and fun. You can opt for a “Future Me” journal wherein you write about yourself a certain number of years from now.

Where do you see yourself after ten years? Who do you become ten years from now? All these should be the context of this journal.

You can talk about what the future you are like and how it can cope with stress and obstacles. It will be fun, but it will also motivate you to work towards your ambitions so that you have a bright future, something you have always dreamt of.

Having something like a journal to boost your morale and motivation also helps you to attract positive outcomes and better equip you to manifest your desires. 

Finding out what you want

It is a common-sense right that if you don’t know your goals, how will you ever reach them? Your subconscious mind is often tagged as the greatest gift you possess, but it doesn’t do anything on its own except give you sweet dreams or nightmares at night.

It can only work when you have an idea to do, and it will follow that idea of yours.

Hence, you need to figure out what you want in your life, what your goals are, and who do you want to be like when you grow up.

Also, finding out what your goal is and what you don’t need is important for working towards that physically and mentally. When you have loads of things, it gets all very messed up. Learn to clear the clutter.

Surround yourself with people who think like you

Yes, not everyone thinks the same way as you do, but finding people with similar interests and liking is not that hard. You often get attracted to people you share interests with.

Finding someone who believes in the law of attraction theory and has a positive mindset can benefit you greatly.

People with similar goals help each other better and support each other in every instance because they know how much that goal means to them and how hard or easy it is to achieve.

Also, having positive people gets rid of negativity, and you, too, don’t allow yourself to get grasped by pessimism and negativity. 

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Portray some random act of kindness

The best way to spread positivity is by doing random acts of kindness. Do things that even you are not prepared for, and leave aside the rest. Do things that will be helpful for the needy or the less privileged. You must commit to doing at least one kind of task daily.

For instance, you can put some coins in the parking meter, feed a needy kid, give a random stranger some compliments, and do something good for the community and society.

The good you do shall always return to you so that universal harmony is maintained and the law of magnetism, delicate balance, and harmony is not overruled.


From the above points, it can be concluded that there are several common exercises that you can practice in your daily life to understand and inculcate the law of attraction.

Besides these, there are other effective ways like freewriting, venturing out of your comfort zones, meditating, and making a wish list, which you can infuse to become a better version of yourself and manifest your goals.

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FAQs on Law of Attraction Exercises for Beginners:

What are some of the most effective techniques for a successful manifestation?

Noticing small details of your life and trying to fix the issues that you observe, keeping a worry list and working on those problems to get rid of them, practicing gratefulness, meditating to calm your monkey mind, and having a vision board to be sure of your aspirations and working towards them without fail.

What are the secrets to manifesting faster?

Using proper tools to manifest, decluttering every area of your life that hinders you, being sure about what you need and what you want, practicing gratitude and generosity, getting over the fear of failure, and becoming a better version of yourself.

How can you speed up your manifestation process?

This can be done by allowing yourself to receive what you deserve, permitting yourself to want what you need, taking inspiration from others, doubting your doubts, being serious about your goals, keeping your vibrations up, and getting over jealousy.

What is the success rate of the law of attraction?

There isn’t any concrete evidence to prove the existence of the law of attraction, but various people agree that it does work for them and that they have achieved better results by following this law. 

What are the best ways to practice the law of attraction every day?

Understand what you need and your goals, be prepared to accept failures but not give up, use affirmations, have a vision board, be grateful and generous, make plans for your progress, meditate, and make every move count.

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