The Spiritual Law of Attraction Guide For Beginner!

The Law of attraction, like many other universal laws, is a law of nature that states that “like attracts like” and is even based on this principle. Even if you have not worked with this Law, you may have heard this at least once in your lifetime.

Ways to Use the Law of Attraction as A Beginner:

  • Get yourself tuned to a positive frequency and have no room for negativity.
  • Get involved in the hobbies you love, do things that you find interesting in.
  • Meditate regularly, followed by a positive affirmation-making and reading session.
  • Practice gratefulness and generosity.
  • Love yourself no matter what, and take small but steady action towards your goals.

According to this Law, everything and everyone on this planet is energies of some form and are constantly vibrating, sending waves of energy out into the universe and attracting energy synonymous to the waveforms of vibrations they emit.

how to practice the law of attraction

Inculcate a positive constant frequency

No, it doesn’t mean avoiding the bad at all costs. Everyone in this world goes through tough phases and comes across negativities in their life. You cannot escape from the bad and negativity around you and just infuse the positives.

There must be a balance of everything in your life and around you.

Your life is nothing without death because no one is immortal. If you haven’t failed at least once, your success will not feel anything massive.

A balance, a parity, is always required. There will always be evil, but how you deal with them matters. Inculcate a problem-solving attitude rather than cribbing over something or feeling sorry for yourself.

A positive attitude can often get you out of deep trouble.

Surround yourself with positive and likeminded people

Once again, this point doesn’t mean you should run away from people who are not like you. Everything and every person are important for you to learn, understand, and grow.

If you never come across someone in the opposite spectrum in terms of mindset, you will never understand who is like-minded and who is not.

Surrounding yourself with positive people means spending your maximum time amidst positive people who will teach you how to deal with problems and move ahead.

Stay around those people who have a constructive mentality and match with your energy and thinking, rather than those who just complain about their life and everything happening in that.

When you infuse a positive and constructive attitude from such people, you will notice how positivity comes back to you unexpectedly.

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Get yourself into the things which you love.

Doing the things you love more often increases the frequency of your vibrations automatically.

Suppose you have a favorite hobby, a favorite dish that you love eating, a favorite person you love to hang out with, do more of these things then. Do what calms your heart and excites your soul.

When you notice that your mood is much lighter and you are happier than usual, your vibrations will automatically reach that level wherein you will be able to attract more of what you love.

This is the Law of attraction; you attract energies synonymous to your energy levels, energy which can be people, money, achievements, outcomes, and whatnot.

Decide before you manifest

The universal Law of attraction is essential for manifesting your desires. It can be anything you’d want to manifest for long-term success or happiness, but before you do that, you must decide and figure out what you “really” want.

Suppose you want to become an athlete, and achieve every crown there is for being the best athlete globally, starting from local tournaments to the Olympics and whatnot, but before that, ask yourself whether you want to become an athlete and manifest in that.

You are the only one with an answer to this question, so think before you decide, and decide before you manifest.

benefits being surrounded by positivity

Visualize your success

Once you have decided what you want to manifest for long-term success and happiness, it’s time to visualize your goals. Visualizing means imagining so that your dreams and ambitions feel like reality.

It helps motivate you to work better towards your goals and achieve them without procrastinating or giving up ever. 

You experience joy and elation when you visualize accomplishing or achieving something you want dearly. When you are visualizing, avoid letting your brain think how you will achieve your dream and turn it into a reality; instead, focus on the end outcome.

The Law of attraction states that when your energy vibrations match your goal and desire, the reality shifts to make both ends meet.

Believe in your manifestations.

Deciding what you want to achieve and visualizing your goal is not enough; you must believe that you can work towards your goal and achieve it no matter how many obstacles you have to overcome. 

There will be instances when you may feel like giving up on your dreams because the situation suggests; on the contrary, at such moments, you must train your brain to have the power of not give up on the goals that you have set for yourself and march ahead overcoming every obstacle thrown towards you. 

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Showcase thankfulness

Being thankful for the good things in your life fills you with good and positive vibrations. These vibrations have energy matching those of your desires, and as a result, you get your desired outcomes sooner.

Feel grateful for every little thing you have and everything you will be receiving sooner or later. 

It would help if you were grateful even to the problems and the mishappenings in your life.

Not only do they teach you what’s wrong and how to deal with it, but they also act as valuable lessons for you to become a better and more mature version of yourself shortly. Remember, you should always showcase gratefulness with a pure heart and never fake it.

Your mindset is your best friend and also the biggest villain of your life

Nobody has the power to demean you or your values unless you give them to right to do so. You give them the right when you allow their words and actions to wreak havoc on you, before which you have already allowed negativities to grasp your mindset.

Your mindset, thoughts, and mentality can be your best friends on your journey towards manifesting your dreams. Whatever the source of stress is, it leads to the accumulation of a negative mindset.

Getting rid of any source of stress and anxiety and cutting off all the negative people from your life can be the biggest help you can do to yourself. When you let negativity peep in, your mindset becomes a villain, trying to destroy you from within. 

benefits of self love and acknowledgement

Keep and maintain a gratitude journal.

Appreciating and being thankful for what you have is one of the best and most effective ways to raise your energy vibrations and get them to such a level that they match your goals’ energy vibrations and get your desired outcome.

This is rated as one of the best ways to use the Law of attraction. A gratitude journal is a diary or a daily planner where you write down the things you are the most grateful for.

These things can be anything like your house, 24*7 electricity, water availability, parents, lovers, jobs, etc.

Once you start keeping a journal and practice gratitude regularly, you will find more things to be grateful for.

Never stop loving and acknowledging yourself.

All the great manifestors in the world have one thing in common for sure: they love themselves and appreciate what they have done in the past or are doing at present.

They, too, have faced setbacks, come across obstacles, and failed in their attempts, but they have realized the importance of their efforts, and that is why they love and acknowledge themselves.

These people appreciate themselves even for the smallest of achievements. They see failures as opportunities, as events that gave them lessons to be better in the future.

When you love yourself, that is the strongest sign of manifestation you can show the universe. The more you love yourself, the more you increase your self-confidence and the more vibrations you send out to the universe.

Meditating daily

Besides writing and maintaining a gratitude journal, another very effective way to work the laws of attraction is meditating regularly.

After you have just completed your daily dose of maintaining the journal, you can sit to meditate for a few minutes in complete silence and composure.

Meditation, too, is a powerful way to boost your energy and raise those vibrations so that you can attract your desires and manifest them.

When you meditate after journaling about your dreams, goals, aspirations, and blessings, you soar your vibrations higher up into the universe, which impacts your overall mood massively.

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Initiate by taking small steps

Most people start by taking big steps, steps by which they feel they can manifest something big like a house, their dream car, or a private yacht, but what they don’t realize is the secret to bigger goals is always smaller steps and absolute faith in oneself. 

When people try manifesting something big or expensive, they sometimes doubt their beliefs, whether they can pull it off or not, and that is when they let go of the opportunity.

That is why it is always advised to start small and build up to your goals, rather than aiming for the bull’s eye in one go. In this way, your belief will not subside, and your vibrations will be more likely to attract your goals and desires.

benefits of meditation


From the above points, it can be concluded that understanding the Law of attraction and working is not that hard once you initiate the process and get used to it.

Start slowly and make sure you decide every step that is essential towards manifesting your goals.

Decide, figure out what all is needed, put in effort, have faith in yourself, surround yourself with positivity, and let your energy vibrations soar high so that you can attract all you want in your life.

FAQs on the beginners’ guide to the Law of Attraction

What is the Law of attraction in the most basic way?

LOA is a universal principle that states that you attract whatever you focus on. When backed up by significant efforts, it leads to a successful manifestation of your desire, thereby leading you ever so close to your goals.

How to make proper use of this Law?

Start by being sure about what you need in your life, counter yourself why you need it, and have clarity of thought, inculcate positivity and optimism and let go of negativity, practice being calm, and start investing in proper resources for a greater chance of success. Finally, don’t fear failures and never give up.

How can you start manifesting what you want?

To start manifesting, you need to be sure about what you want. Clarity of mind is essential because if you send mixed signals to the universe, it is going to be very difficult to get to where you want to be. Also, working towards your goals, and never giving up, is imperative. 

What are the three main laws of attraction?

Nature abhors a vacuum, the present is perfect, and like always attracts like, are the three laws of attraction in nature.

How to practice the Law of attraction as a beginner?

Show gratitude to everyone, use a focus wheel, have a vision board, have a clear intent, visualize your dreams, focus on your goals, use affirmations, look up to the people you admire, and have faith in the universe at all times.

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