15+ Reasons Law of Attraction Scripting Fails to Work

Scripting has always proven to be a great and effective way of getting things done and achieving goals that you want to achieve.

You set a kind of vibration about all that you want to accomplish in your life, and when that vibration is in alignment with the universe, you get it back as an outcome of your efforts and proper manifestation.

However, scripting is a great way to get closer to your goals and aspirations, many a time, you do it incorrectly, which results in your dreams not getting realized. 

Why Your Law of Attraction Scripting Fails to Work:

  • You’re Expecting Way More than What You Know You Are Capable of And Maybe Being Unrealistic in Your Approach.
  • You’re being too impatient.
  • Maybe something better is waiting for you, so you need to leave aside what you currently strive for.
  • Maybe you are scripting in the wrong frame of mind, and your texts aren’t infused with emotions.

ways by which you are doing your law of attraction scripting wrongly. 

You are not being realistic with your desires.

When you are scripting for your goals and achievements like you want to be able to manifest them, you must take care of certain things, and being unrealistic is one of them.

You may have a dream of being able to sell your house for a certain amount, but deep down, you already know that your house is only worth half of that, maybe lesser. 

Your aspirations should be nearer the mark of where it’s achievable by you. If you set some unrealistic targets, you know that you can’t achieve your target no matter how hard you try.

Rather, it is impossible. Invest your time in determining what is real and what you can manifest so that the universe can give it back to you.

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You have a lot of negativities grasping you.

There can be negativities everywhere around you. Maybe they can be anywhere in your own house, workplace, or neighborhood. They can be in the form of people or some energy in the form of distractions.

Whatever they may be, you have been gripped by them, and now your every move is influenced by those negativities.

Every time you sit down to write your goals or focus on your career, you will face these distractions. Some people might be trying to burden you with the thought that you are not good enough or cannot achieve your dreams.

You must understand and recognize patterns of negative energy in you and around you, and stay away from those as much as you can for a successful manifestation and a better chance of reaching your goals.

Are you being blocked by something or someone?

Perhaps you are one of those stereotypical people who love to run after the same kind of job as others or have the same goals as most people out there.

If this is the case, you should understand that when many people are running after the same goal, the people having the most vibration will achieve those goals, and you may be left behind, with your dream left unrealized.

Also, if someone around you doesn’t want you to achieve that goal, or pursue that job, or is kind of negative energy, he/she may be blocking your vibrations from reaching out to the universe.

If this person’s energy is greater than yours, his/her dreams may get manifested before yours, and once again, you are left behind. Either you should let go of your dream or give double the effort.

You are not trusting the universe.

The universe works very mysteriously, and it knows much more than you. What you are seeking for today, the universe already knows what its result will be. Perhaps, you are being too perspective while you are scripting.

It may be an everyday hustle for you toward your goals, which might make you feel monotonous and get you in a mundane state, but the universe can see the entire picture at that very moment.

As already said, the universe knows much better than you.

When you are looking for a solution somewhere where there is certainly no solution, the universe knows what you need and asks you to wait for the perfect moment when it will show you the right path. Have faith in the process and the universe. 

You are not visualizing the right way.

After you have figured out your goals, you need to visualize them to feel them right before you, as if you are living your dream life.

When done in the right way, visualization can give you that urge never to give up and never lose your focus. 

Maybe you are not visualizing the correct way. You must imagine your goals in the present to understand how you would feel when you achieve your goals.

When you are not visualizing in the right way, you are unsure about your goals, your vibrations don’t align with your desires, and your dreams remain unrealized by the universe. 

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Something better is waiting for you.

As already said before, the universe knows much better than you do. It knows what is in store for you, where it can get you, and what is best for you. There are loads of side effects of rushing.

It makes you lose your focus, but it also deviates you from your path without you even realizing it and makes things even messier for you.

You need to trust the universe for whatever it is giving you back. Yes, it is absolutely important to give your full efforts, but once that doesn’t work, and you feel like this is not the thing for you, maybe you should let it go.

When you let go of things not being fruitful for you, you let newer opportunities knock on your door, and that is what the universe has in store for you, something better.

Stop being impatient

Luck doesn’t go in everyone’s favor always. You can get what you want to achieve overnight. It needs toiling, immense efforts, dedication, the will never to give up, hard work, and proper manifestation.

Your proper manifestation gets hindered when you are impatient. While scripting, you need to look for your little progress and believe you will get to where you want to be. 

Your efforts will determine the outcome and the urge with which you are moving toward your dreams.

When you have the zeal and enthusiasm to be where you want to be, your vibrations align with the universe, and you get what you were waiting for.

Patience is the key. You need to wait for the correct time and never give up on the process, on yourself, and on the universe.

Your scripting is just plain text.

When it comes to scripting, many newbies have the impression that they just have to write all they want, and that’s it; they need to go on writing, but that is not what scripting means.

Scripting means infusing your words with emotions, with views, with the urge with which you want to work towards your goals.

Often, people don’t have the correct knowledge of their goals. They are unsure about what they must write, and in this way, they write certain things which do not cater to the goals in their mind, and this is how the universe misinterprets it, and their goals remain unrealized and unrecognized.

Also, it would be best if you learned to use “present tense” in your scripting to feel you are living your dreams, and the vibrations of being in the present are a million times more powerful than the vibrations of being in the future.

Refrain from overanalyzing

There may be days when you feel all messed up while scripting. Your mind may wander elsewhere, and you may feel like giving up on your goals. There may be tough phases in your life.

When moments such as these arise, do something before scripting, making your heart rejoice. Do something you love which gets you energized and maybe fired up.

When you love living your life to the fullest and have a positive mindset, your mind doesn’t wander here and there, and you don’t overthink things.

Doing things that make you happy enables you to still your overanalyzing mind, and you can better cope with the issues you are facing.

Also, when you are engaged with everything around you, your scripting has a greater chance of being successful.

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Are you the one to block yourself?

Apart from the obstacles like negativities and other things around you hindering your progress, are you the one to halt your manifestation and prevent your dreams from being realized by the universe?

Is it the inner critic that you have? Telling you that you are not worth it and do not deserve it. Is it the lack of faith that you have in yourself? Or is it the lack of self-love?

When you want your scripting to be fruitful, you must have a strong sense of self-affection and self-awareness.

It would help if you understood that you are worthy enough to be able to manifest your goals and be there where you have always dreamt of. You should have confidence in yourself and the process.

These positive attributes will promote the flow of your desires, so you must let it happen.

Maybe scripting isn’t your cup of tea.

Not everyone is suited to everything out there. Some might feel comfortable with scripting and find it useful while working towards their goals. Others may employ other methods to get where they want to be.

You may not adapt yourself to scripting and find it not that beneficial for you, and in that case, you need not be disheartened.

There are loads of other methods which you can try to make your dreams successful. You can use the vision board, practice gratefulness and meditation, and speak out constructive affirmations loudly.

If people learn and understand things differently, they can also manifest in different ways, which should not surprise anyone.


From the above points, it can be concluded that it can significantly affect your life when you use scripting effectively.

It can get you towards your goals in much lesser time. There are various ways outlined above by which you can be doing your scripting wrong.

Some tweaks here and there will get things on track for you, but you must keep in mind that scripting and other methods are just there to aid your manifestation process; your main focus should be on your efforts and never giving up on your goals.

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FAQs on why your Law of Attraction scripting fails to work

What is the law of attraction scripting?

Law of attraction scripting is the process of writing down the reality you wish to manifest. In other words, it means to write down everything that you want to achieve and infuse them with emotions so that the universe knows what to give back to you, and you too can be aware of your goals in a better way.

How should your script be?

Scripting should be in a language easy and simple enough for you to understand and connect to. It should be in a simple and specific manner to give clear signs to the universe about what you want; you must be realistic with your demands and portray emotions in your texts. 

Should you read your script daily?

Yes, you should read your loa script daily, but not all the time. You should be aware of it but not obsess over it. 3-4 times a day, like reading your affirmations, is enough.

Is it possible to script on your phone?

Yes, you can script on your phone, the same way you’d do on your computer or laptop, or write it down in a notebook, and it would have the same impact as those.

How many things can you script at the same time?

There are no limits on how many things you can script at the same time, but you need to make sure your scripting is real and infused with emotions for a better result. There are no limitations to scripting, provided you are doing it the right way.

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