The 10 Laws of Attraction to Know About

The Universal Law of Attraction enables you to harness the power of being able to manifest your desires using just the power of your mind.

The intrinsic gift of this law is present in every human being, but not everyone is aware of this and hence, doesn’t understand the value this holds in their life.

How to apply the laws of attraction in five simple steps:

  • Know what you truly want and figure out why you need it and how your life will change when you have achieved it.
  • Pay attention to being grateful to everyone and everything in your life and focus on positive self-talk.
  • Communicate with intent and let the universe know how sure you are about your goals.
  • Visualize your goals and aspirations as if you have already achieved them in the present moment.
  • Don’t demean key accountability, and start being responsible for your own words and actions. 

This law speaks about how your beliefs, thoughts, actions, and expressions influence everything and everyone you attract in your life and is one of the twelve laws of the universe.

Laws of attraction that is there in every one of you as an intrinsic gift of nature. 

Law of Manifestation

The most well-known and familiar law out of all the laws of attraction is this. The Universal law of manifestation states that you manage to infuse what you think about and focus on the most in your day-to-day life.

The object or the attribute, or anything in general that you focus on the most, will manifest in your life. 

Everything you feel, express, and do, is reflected around you. Even your thoughts are reflected, like a mirror, in the world around you, making your mind a supremely powerful tool.

The opposite of this law is that if you focus a lot on the negativities around you, you will inculcate those, which will be reflected by your actions in the world. Making sure to inculcate positivity also gives you a kickstart in making your manifestations a reality.

Law of Synonymous Liking

You may have often come across the saying “Opposites attract” yes, this maybe be true in some cases, just like the opposite poles of a magnet attract and the same poles repel, but in most of the cases, it is “Like attracts like.”

If you observe, you will notice that you have friends with similar or almost similar thinking and liking as you. If you are very shy, you will not be the best of friends with someone who is very outgoing and extrovert.

Maybe in some cases, the opposite is true, but this thing is more likely to occur. The same applies to your thoughts and actions you portray out into the world.

If you have negative or limited thoughts, you are more likely to act the same way, and this is how your actions attract the thoughts in your mind.

Law of Unwavering Desire

It is quite simple to understand and inculcate. When you want something with all your heart, and you put in all your efforts into it, only then do you become successful in achieving it. This law follows the same pathway. It makes you realize how important a non-wandering desire is.

A desire must be stable and strong enough to overcome the rigors of manifestation. A unflinching and strong desire becomes the base for a successful manifestation.

Before embarking on the journey of manifestation, you must know how strong your desire is, whether it is fearless of doubt and desperation or not, and then only it can have a shot towards success.

Many times, most of the things you desire start feeling less important or frivolous, and as a result, you are just not ready yet to embark on the manifestation journey.

Law of Magnetism

When talking about attraction, how can you stay away from magnets? The law of magnetism deals with a vibrational energy that you produce and how that energy attracts things and objects of its liking towards you.

This law enables you to understand what all has been happening in your life until now and what are the probabilities and possibilities shortly.

It tells you that everything in your life, ranging from the people to your belongings to the circumstances you have faced, or are facing now, results from the vibrational energy that you let out into the world.

This is what attracts them, like a magnet, and hence the name. When you increase your energy vibrations, you can match the energy vibrations of your desires and accomplish them much more easily. You can use this law to get anything and everything you want in your life.

benefits of manifestation meditation

Law of Non-existing Vacuum

Seems something strange, right? By the name. No, it is not something very hard to understand and figure out.

It tells you that nature abhors empty spaces and fills up every vacuum with atoms of different energies. This particular law is based on the laws of thermodynamics. 

You cannot create a space because nature hates it, there will always be atoms bouncing around you, and they fill up every space. When you suddenly open a drawer, thinking it to empty, you often find out some very useful things, and if you find it empty completely, you fill it with some other necessary things.

In short, no aspect of your life remains vague as nature itself abhors it. This is why you should tidy up your life. When you create space in your life, just like a drawer, you attract more important things and fill your life with them.

Law of Frail Balance

The entire universe works and functions properly only if there is a proper balance among its various elements. Rather its working is based on this delicate balance.

This principle is the same for the law of attraction, which is why this law is an integral part of it. 

You will notice that when all the elements are in a balanced and proper state inside you, your body functions in the way it should. You will notice that you are happier, calmer, and in a more content state of mind.

This particular balance among all the elements is very important because only at this stage can you let the law of magnetism play its role. At this stage, you can increase your vibrational energies to match those of your desires and manifest them in your life.

The two important attributes to accomplish this balance are gratitude and appreciation. 

Law of Harmony

Harmony is the central theme of this universe, and everything, including everyone, revolves around it. As a result, harmony must be maintained at all costs to ensure a balanced and functioning universe for everyone existing in it.

This is a vital part of The Universal Law of Attraction. 

Everything you see around you existing in the universe is interconnected via energy resources. This energy in the universe is such that you must align yourselves with it so that you can obtain maximum benefit.

Also, this harmony can only be achieved when there is a fine balance among all the elements of the universe, and it is at this stage that you can raise your energy to manifest your desires.

Hence, this law reciprocates the other laws as well. When you tap into this universal harmony, you get access to better opportunities and positive outcomes and a chance to be more successful.

Law of Right Action

Remember Newton’s third law? “To every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction” this is of sheer importance in the universe. The actions and words yours have a deep impact on your own lives and have a butterfly effect on the universe.

These words and actions come right back at you, so be wise with your choice of words and actions.

The way you treat others and behave with people in your life influences your own life as well in some way or the other.

Offering to help someone in need, being kind and compassionate, being polite with others, and understanding the importance of honesty will enable you to grasp more positivity into your life and use that energy to manifest your desires. Your actions and behavior are in your hands, so make sure you regulate them in every circumstance.

importance of right action at right time

Law of perfecting your present

Your present is perfect, even if you feel that it is not. The main trick to activate the universal law of attraction is to perfect your present circumstances. Make the reality in front of you perfect, as much as you can. 

Suppose you hate your job or the boss you are working under. You are tirelessly striving for a better job so that you never have to work under them, but if a situation arises wherein you cannot escape from your job, or your boss for that matter, all you can do is master it and be as perfect as possible.

This even means learning an aspect of your job you hate the most or learning how to deal with a stubborn boss or colleague.

So, the thing is mastering how to master your present and make it perfect, instead of complaining, and that is how you can inculcate positivity which allows you to manifest your desires.

Law of universal influence

The last and final law of The Universal Law of Attraction is the law of universal influence. This law asks you to be aware of the impact of your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and behavior on the outer universe.

You may have already come across the fact that everything in the universe is connected and interlinked with each other, so one thing affects the immediate next, and this chain goes on.

Your energy vibrations become a part of the universe and contribute to the total energy which is once again shared among every element and living being present in it, so be careful of the words that you use and the actions that you portray, as everything will have its implications on the universe and this may disrupt its harmony.

Make sure your vibrations align with the universe, ensuring your sanity is maintained.

principles of law of attraction


From the above points, it can be concluded that The Law of Attraction routine, when followed in the morning, allows you to have a fresh start to your day, with a positive attitude and self-confidence.

This particular law has ten laws that frame it completely, and all of these laws are equally important if you are to manifest your desires and also make sure the harmony of the universe is maintained.

FAQs on Laws of Attraction

What is the law of attraction?

It can be defined as the magnetic, attractive energy of the universe which has the power to draw in similar vibrations of energies together. It can attract thoughts, people, circumstances, and ideas, provided their vibrations match.

How to make the law of attraction work for you?

To make the law of attraction go in your favor, you must dream for the bigger goals, look towards the bigger picture, be sure in your mind as to what you truly want, have a positive mindset, and visualize in the present that you have already attained success. 

What are the three easiest ways to make the law of attraction work for you?

The three easiest ways to make the law of attraction work for you are relaxing your mind and then meditating for about 5-10 minutes, knowing what it is that you truly want and visualizing your success, and using positive affirmations. 

Does the law of attraction theory work?

There has not been any concrete evidence so far proving that manifesting and the law of attraction work, but it is indeed supported by theories from quantum physics, which state that this law has some energetic and vibrational element to it. 

On which principle is the law of attraction based?

The law of attraction is based on the principle of “like attracts like.”

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