how to Lead a Simple Life: 51+ Proven Tips

A simple life means to simplify one’s lifestyle and live happily and with contentment having only the minimum necessities.

The practice of the concept of minimalism is the core of leading a simple life. In other words, it comes from self-sufficiency, and this state of living is just the opposite of staying in luxury. Simple living is a voluntary life choice.

how to Lead a Simple Life

Track every expense so that it is to the bare minimum. You should keep track of the expenses that are being incurred.

Cut down on all non-productive expenses. You should cut down all the expenses that are not productive or not necessary for you.

Spend money on essential items. You spend your money on the items that are a necessity or necessary for you. This will help you to save time.

Stop using plastic money. You should not use money that is made of plastic.

Try to avoid borrowing and lending of money. Borrowing money from others should be the last option for you, and you should lend money only if you have excess or you have no use.

Prevention is better than cure – try to live a healthy life. It’s better to take action before than to take action when you are suffering from it and live a healthy life.

Have a kitchen garden and grow vegetables. Instead of buying vegetables every day and spending so much on them, you can grow vegetables in your garden and utilize them.

Use essential clothing. Do not buy clothes that are unnecessarily priced high. Try to be as simple as you can, and wear simple clothes that suit you.

Use only a basic mobile just to keep in touch. You do not need to have a mobile phone that is highly-priced and is very advanced. Buy a basic mobile phone that will just do the work for you.

Throw away the unnecessary items in the house. Keeping items in your house that are not necessary and are not being used is not good. You should throw them away.

Try to live in a smaller apartment. You live alone, or your family is small, then you should live in an apartment that is not that big but sufficient.

Get rid of unused clothes or give them to charity. You can get rid of your old or used clothes by giving them to the people who are in need that means to do charity.

Try to live in absolutely natural surroundings. Nothing is better than living in natural surroundings. It is very peaceful, and you will lead a very simple life.

Always remember to live within your means. You should always try to live within your means.

Be courteous to neighbors and fellow beings. Be polite and give respect to the people who live near your house and other fellow beings.

Spend more and more time with friends. You should try to spend more and more with your friends because it will be a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Do not keep on worrying about the past. If something bad has happened in your past, then do not keep worrying about it. Try to forget it and move forward in life.

Strictly try to use the net to the bare minimum. Use the net when you need it for your work or some other important work; otherwise, do not use it unnecessarily.

Eat very simple foods, preferably vegan. You should consume simple foods in which most preferably come all the vegetarian items.

Instead of watching the TV try to use the radio. Instead of buying a T.V, you can buy a radio for yourself, so that you can do your work while listening to it.

Read plenty of books in your leisure time. Reading books is a very good habit. Instead of playing games or others, you should try to read as many books as you can in your free time.

Relax and stop being busy most of the time. You should be busy all the time in your work, take out some time, and get relaxed with your partner or children.

Sometimes just relax and do nothing. Doing nothing for some time can make you feel better and relaxed. So, take out time and do nothing.

Do not entertain social media at all.  You should try not to use social media that much, and if you can, leave it and use it only when it’s necessary.

Use herbal medicines, natural remedies. Using herbal or natural remedies is better than using chemicals for your treatment. It is better than the rest.  

Try utmost to save energy and electric bills when at home. You should switch off the appliances that you are not using at your home and save as much energy you can.

Try to buy Appliances that are highly energy efficient. You should buy appliances that are highly energy efficient that will be very profitable for you.

Play more, work less. You can play more on the weekends and work less.

Try to laugh most of the time heartily during the day. You should laugh more from your heart more often throughout the day.

Take leisurely lunch and longer bathing time. You should take your time to enjoy a meal and to take a bat.

Have friends who are close to your hearts.  They will help you to feel happy and lighter even in stressful times.

Never mix up with negative persons in life. You should never let any negative person enter your life because they may make you negative too.

Follow certain goals in life. You should have some goals or aims in your life, and you should follow them and try to achieve it.

Listen to soothing music for stress relief. You should listen to music that soothes your ears and gives you relief from the stress that you have.

Be passionate about your job. The job which you are doing for your living, you should be passionate about it and work with full passion.

Don’t take overpressure in your professional work. Often people take more pressure on themselves in their professional work; you should not do that.

Have loving pets for your pastime. You should have pets in your house whom you love in your free time to pass your time.

Cultivate a hobby. You should find yourself a hobby in which you are interested and good at.

Go to the market and buy from local vendors only. Go to market every alternate, and you should buy from the local vendors available in your market.

Read more and more. You should read books, newspapers, magazines, etc., as much as you can. 

Answer emails daily.  You should answer the emails that are related to your work and are important to you.

Never try to enact multitasking.  You should never go multitasking, and it can cause a lot of problems for you if you are not good at handling it.  

No man is perfect, so don’t try to imbibe perfection at any cost. No person in this world is perfect, so you should not try to be perfect because you will not be able to be that.

Avoid hectic life and stressful life. You should not allow problems and stress to interfere with your life because it can disturb your peace.

Meditate and do yoga daily without fail in the morning. You should try to meditate and yoga every morning without fail.

Try not to socialize, if need be, to the bare minimum. You should be active in social media or socialize only if it is necessary; otherwise, stay away from it.

Try to have less distraction, less clutter, fewer complexities in life. Your life should not have too many complications and clutter because it will create a problem in leading a simple life.

Pray to God and perform Puja every day.  You should pray to God every day and perform puja every day because it will keep you in peace and will provide mental satisfaction. 

Don’t let problems tackle you – tackle them beforehand. If you can see a problem beforehand that is going to come into your life, get prepared, and tackle them before they come to you.

Be kind to people and have gratitude. You should be kind to other people and show your gratitude towards them.

Every morning work out a things-to-do list. Get up every morning and prepare a list of tasks that you will do throughout the day.

Try to make a home gym at your house and practice. Instead of going out or far from the gym, try to make your gym at home.

Remember to always tell the truth. You need to remain completely honest at all times to avoid unwanted complications.

Always help the poor and the needy. You should always be ready for the poor and needy people.

Always have an appreciation for tiny things. You should be happy to appreciate the little things in your life for others.

Wake up right before the sun rises and go for a soothing walk. You should get up before sunrise and go for a walk daily to get bouts of fresh air.

Try to give up alcohol and hard drinks. You should avoid consuming alcohol and drinks that are hard.  

Always be productive in all your works. Whenever you do your work or your job, you should be as productive as you can.

Enjoy the works you know you will enjoy. If you enjoy your work, it will get interesting, and you will do better.

Seek help from your friends and peers when you need it. You should not hesitate to ask for help from your friends and peers when you are in need.

Believe in the delegation of responsibilities. You should believe in the concept of delegation of responsibilities.

Keep your mind always fresh. You should always keep your mind fresh.

Stay humble and keep an open mind always. You should have an open mind, and you should be humble.

Adjust your daily work schedule and your chores. You should adjust your daily work schedule and the household chores that you do.

Don’t pace; slowing down sometimes is good for your health. Do not always be in pace. You should slow down sometimes because it’s good for your health.

Learn to say no. You should learn to say if you are not comfortable.

Always be committed to complete your jobs. While doing your job, you should be committed to it.

Look into your daily aspirational levels and reprioritize. You should prioritize things daily according to your daily aspiration levels.

Delve into what are the core values of your life

The values of your life should be put into practice. The values that you have in yourself should be put into practice.

Be focused on the activities of your life. You should be focused on your life rather than interfering with other’s lives. 

For doing any activity, decide on a starting date and cutoff date. You should decide when to start and when to stop before doing any activity.

Have clear cut and simple strategies to do the job. Your strategies should be simple to do your task or job.

Have clear cut objectives in life. Your objective in your life should be clear.

Don’t daydream about the future or repent your past. Do not think about your past and future in the present time. Try to live in the present.

Have a gratitude journal and fill in the points every day. You should prepare a journal and fill in the journal every day.

Do your best to have a peaceful ambiance at work and the workplace. You should try to maintain a peaceful ambiance in your work or the place you work in.

Always have a grateful relationship with everybody. Your relationship with everyone should be great and strong.

Always simplify your transit both for official as well as personal purposes. Your both personal and official transit should be simplified.

Enjoy your career objectives. The objectives of your career should be enjoyed by you.

Never be dependent on anybody and be self-reliant. You should not be dependent on your work on others and be self-reliant.

Keep your residence and your houses neat and clean. You should keep your residence and house as clean as possible.

Meticulously follow the spring and the summer cleaning sessions. You should give great attention and follow the spring and the summer cleaning seasons.

Declutter your computer software and delete what you think is unnecessary. Remove the unnecessary items from your computer or desktop, whichever you have.

Have a properly maintained bed every day before sleep. Your bed should be properly maintained before you go to sleep every night.

Delete your inner confusion instantly. You should remove all the confusions that you have in your mind.

Allocate your monthly expenses judiciously. You should plan on how to spend your monthly expenses effectively.

Your living space should be so designed that it is soothing and relaxing. The place where you live should be in such a way that it soothes and makes you feel relaxed.

The drawing room should amply prove your taste and style. Your drawing-room should be designed such that it presents your taste and style.  

Never be bossing on your kids. You should boss on your kids.

Create a simplified schedule for your kids to follow. You should create a schedule for your kids that will be followed by them.

Stop having a bad relationship with your spouse. You should make your relationship with your spouse healthy and strong.

About all other relationships, maintain a healthy one. Your relationship should be healthy with everyone.

Go on weekend trips and vacation with your family. You can go on weekend trips and vacations with your family.

Don’t bring office problems and issues at home. Do not let your work problems become an issue at home.

Before you start anything, start with a clean slate. Your slate should be clean before you start anything.

Plan to save a good amount every month. Learning how to save your money every month is a good habit.

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