How to Live in the Moment? :30 Ways

Everyone has their ups and downs when they grow up. This makes you more responsible, kind, and empathetic. Staying happy, both physically and mentally, is important.

It is possible only when you stop worrying both about your present and future by just living the present and enjoy the moment that you are in.

You can live in the present without worrying about the future

Focus on the present moment

Let’s get this first. It will be of no help if you start worrying about the future. Instead, you will get into a mood of despair by the vast ocean of impossibilities. It will demotivate you instead of inspiring you to work hard.

The better option which you have right now is to seize the present moment. Remember, you will not be able to fulfill your dreams if you don’t focus on the present trying to win every moment.

Practice smiling more

Look at the mirror and put on a lovely smile on your face. You have survived till now, and this has purposed, so instead of being worried about what is ahead, enjoy the moment you are living.

Everyone didn’t get to see the beautiful day which you had seen, so be grateful for that. Complete your to-do list and be content with it. You have accomplished so many things which seem impossible to others; you are already winning, don’t worry!

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Be thankful 

One of the foremost ways to live the present moment is to be thankful to everyone around you. They are helping you even unknowingly. The sunrise which you saw today was the first reason to be grateful, and you were able to breathe, is also one of the basic reasons to be thankful.

The human beings around you and even your enemies are helping you to get better every day. These practices will help you in the long run.

Look for the small things

It is very important to acknowledge the small things in life, like the deadline that was able to meet instead of going to the parties. It’s an achievement even if you didn’t notice this.

The small things inculcate within your certain habits, which help you ace all the challenges that you thought were impossible for you. It builds up all those practices, so it’s a process of time, therefore, don’t break your head about the future. Be on the right path.

Be kind

This is one of the stepping stones toward living a good life. Half of your problems when you are kind and empathetic towards people develop within you to understand everyone’s point of view, which makes a great person.

Worrying about the future will just make you irritated towards people having bitter relationships, which will be of no good to you. Being kind will make you understand those tiny instances where you are winning, thereby assuring your mind toward the good.

Try writing your thought in a journal.

Journaling will help you in numerous ways, the foremost things being the affirmations that you will write will always make you feel content. The to-do lists will always help you out in planning without being worried relentlessly. This will, in turn, help you to be productive.

Writing down your negative thoughts will help you in letting out your emotions instead of keeping them inside. Every step is taking you toward your dream future, so worrying isn’t an option at all. 

Manifest your daily goals

The process of manifestation will help you take a day a time and complete all the daily goals that you have assigned to yourself. Being productive will help you get rid of irrelevant worrying.

The goals that you are achieving today will make you realize that you are capable of everything that you will plan every day, bringing you closer to the dream future. Worrying will do nothing if you don’t act accordingly, so get onto it and win it.

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Try meditating

Meditation helps a lot while you are suffering from anxiety about the future. So, instead of spending your time thinking about how you are incapable of fulfilling those dreams, it’s better to train your mind in such a way so that you take a step closer to the future.

Working on it and worrying about it are two different things that you need to realize. Meditation will help you calm your mind, which will alleviate your positive aura, thereby making you optimistic.

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Work hard in the present moment

Worrying will be of no use if you don’t work hard enough for your dreams. Boost yourself to regain all your senses back to the present by acknowledging that this is what you can do at present.

Make yourself capable enough to overcome any hurdles that might come in your path. This will keep you busy enough to stop worrying incessantly. Work hard at present. This will make your life easier.

Don’t consider old, immature solutions

You tend to grow each day, so every day, your problems will be different for you. You won’t find all those solutions at all relatable as you grow up since you view your problems from a different way now.

You will find a rational solution to the problems, which will help you solve things despite messing things up. This will help you solve all the problems in your life, and you will see yourself gradually becoming prepare for your future.

Try getting over your addictions

Addictions are one of the worst culprits in the life of a human being. It lets you being controlled by something over which you are degrading yourself both physically and mentally.

Take a daily challenge and try to fulfill it. This way, you will overcome your addictions, and you will be able to see yourself in a better place. This will eventually let you dampen those negative notions about yourself and make you stop worrying about your future.

Forget your past accomplishments

Stop giving your past accomplishments much time. You were focusing then, which made you accomplish those things, so at the present moment, you should try to win the present opportunities that you have in your hand instead of boasting or dwelling on your past accomplishments.

If you focus on the present, you will find yourself winning too. You should invest all your efforts in the present instead of thinking about all those past accomplishments.

How to be kind

Get over the idea that life is perfect

Life can never be perfect; that is what makes it interesting. You lead your life in a way that might be impossible to be led by some. So even if it’s imperfect for you, this is what made you go every day, be grateful for it.

The way you are leading your life shows your nature, personality, and a lot of traits about you, and this is what makes you unique. Everybody has their way of leading their lives, and you need not be like them. 

Trust yourself

Trust is one of the important things in life, and trusting yourself makes you think that you are reliable enough and you can conquer any difficulties. Once you start trusting yourself, you will see everything which you do will be easier for you.

You will be able to think that whatever plans you have made for the future will be fulfilled by you because you always find a way to everything, so worrying will just be a futile choice.

Maintain a balance between present and future

You should surely see dreams about the future, but this doesn’t refer to being in a state of panic and anxiety always. This will harm your present and take you a step away from the dream future.

Present efforts will fetch you the desired results which you are aspiring for. This balance will help you concentrate on the present as well as stay ambitious regarding your future. This will help you improve your way of lifestyle.

Practice deep breathing

Deep breathing will help you calm yourself when you go into a state of anxiety or shock. This will help you come to peace with yourself and also be content with yourself.

Your future is being built each day, and worrying will do nothing but slow your progress, so deep breathing will just help you let out all those toxic emotions, focusing on the present. Your efforts and hard work at the present moment will define you always.

Use the method of tightening and release

Tighten all the muscles in your body and make yourselves into a state of tension; this will help you in taking all those worries then release them with a deep sigh.

You will feel lighter as the burden of all your worries will just go away, even it is for a moment. You will realize your present decisions and efforts are what matters the most, so worrying is just a bad choice. You will work harder in the future.

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Try talking it out

A conversation will help you ease out the uncomfortable situations which are hovering over your head. This will help you in letting out all those pessimistic thoughts about the future.

The other person will help you realize that you are achieving many greater heights in life which will make you a great person. It will help you realize all those irrelevant worries eventually. You will start working on your shortcomings and realize how much better you are.

ways to meditate

Analyzing risks

This will just help you in analyzing the path which you are paving for. The present hard work will fetch you the wins, which will decrease your number of risks.

You will get to know that as you go to sleep each day that you are a step closer to your dream future, and this will help you in carrying out all the work that you are required to do at present, thus helping you out in every way.

Practicing yoga 

Yoga gives you a sense of relief and satisfaction; practicing yoga every day will not only help you lead a healthy life but also aids in absorbing all the positive energy around you, also being grateful for the smallest of things.

Worrying will degrade your health unknowingly, so as you go into a “do-it” zone, you will realize all the other practices are beneficial. Yoga not only helps your mind to focus on things but also makes you confident regarding yourself.

Listen to your bodily sensations

Your body always wants the things it has been craving for. So the next time your body tells you to have an extended weekend instead of over-working, listen to it. These are the sensations for which you are alive, and you should too meet their needs.

Worrying will make your body lose its vigor, energy. It will always tend to do lazy work instead of being productive. So listen carefully to the senses and the needs of your body that need to be met.

Change yourself with time 

As time changes, it is necessary for a human being to change to embrace yourself with the changing times. This helps you to be in pace with the modern generation, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Worrying will just create a pessimistic environment around you. This will not let you grow and widen your knowledge, so it is very important to get into the right zone and mold yourself with times, keeping your ethics, morals, and values intact. 

Creating meaningful rituals 

Worrying comes only when your gut tells you that you are not working hard enough for the future, so to let that go, you need to work hard, but you may often find yourself getting distracted by it. So creating rituals which you will follow every day will help you in reaching your goals.

Meaningful rituals may include starting your day at 6 a.m., followed by yoga, meditation, making your breakfast at a specific time, work, and so on.

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Take a day at a time 

When you are worrying, you are thinking way too ahead of your future and what will happen if you are not able to fulfill it. It is better if you take a day at a time. This will let you be satisfied at the end of the day without any irrelevant worrying throughout the day.

Taking a day at a time will help you focus and concentrate on all the things that you will be doing in the present day.

ways to get over addictions

Try influencing yourself 

You tend to get influenced a lot by others when you at such exposure to social media. You need to understand that every human being has grown up; alternatively, they have their coping mechanisms, own habits, which they follow regularly, which might not be the same for you.

Influence yourself by looking at your conditions, situations. Make your connections, do what you are good at, you will feel a lot confident in whatever you will do.


From the above points, it can be concluded that worrying just degrades your overall aura, thereby making you sick, demotivated, and not giving you enough energy to do all the hard work.

Thus, it’s better to follow the above habits if you want to focus on your present, take a day at a time to create a beautiful future. 

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