327+ Louise Hay Affirmations to Brighten Your Day

Louise Hay believed that one is the most powerful living in the present. She spent her entire life teaching people how to be hopeful and feel empowered.

She preached her ideals through positive beliefs, which she calls affirmations. I have been greatly influenced by her affirmations.

I have shortlisted some of my favorite affirmations of her to help you out on your darkest days.

Louise Hay’s affirmations: A visionary and pioneer

Louise Hay’s affirmations are positive statements that help change the way we think about ourselves. They are like reminders that help us believe in our abilities and become happier.

By repeating these affirmations often, we can feel better about ourselves, attract good things into our lives, and heal emotional pain. It’s like training our minds to focus on positive thoughts and create a better life for ourselves.

Benefits of Lousie Hay Affirmations

  • 1 Self-awareness and mindfulness have improved.
  • 2 Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • 3 Positive thinking and optimism
  • 4 Stress and anxiety levels have been reduced.
  • 5 improved ability to deal with difficulties
  • 6 improved emotional resilience and mental health
  • 7 Improved connections and communication skills
  • 8 Improved concentration and goal clarity
  • 9 increased motivation and self-control
  • 10 Overall physical and emotional wellness has improved.

Louise Hay Healing Your Life

– I am worthy of love and respect.

– I release negative thoughts and embrace positivity.

– I forgive myself and others, no grudges.

– I am full of boundless energy, and vitality.

– I attract abundance, and prosperity in life.

– I love and accept myself completely.

– I am confident, and capable, of achieving my goals.

– I welcome new opportunities, and embrace experiences.

Louise Hay Affirmations

– My body is healthy, strong, grateful.

– I have loving, supportive people around.

– I release fears, and embrace peace within.

– I trust everything happens for good.

– I control my thoughts, emotions, power.

– I deserve success, happiness in all.

– I attract positive relationships, true love.

– I let go old patterns, embrace growth.

– I am always growing, and evolving positively.

– I spread love, kindness to all.

– I deserve all good things in life.

– I forgive, release resentment, and move on.

– I connect with infinite wisdom within.

– I don’t need approval, I am enough.

– I am at peace with my past.

– I am successful in my career.

– I am grateful for life’s experiences.

– I release self-doubt and believe in myself.

– I attract positive, loving energy around.

– I am in harmony with life’s flow.

– I am resilient and can overcome anything.

– I deserve to receive love and affection.

– I learn, grow, and improve continuously.

– I trust my intuition to guide me.

– I am grateful for the present moment.

louise l hay affirmations

  • 1 I am loved and accepted just as I am.
  • 2 I control my thoughts and emotions positively.
  • 3 I forgive myself and others and let go.
  • 4 Good things come to me, positive vibes.
  • 5 I am calm, and fear-free, and peace surrounds me.
  • 6 I can do it; believe in myself.
  • 7 New chances bring growth, I embrace them.
  • 8 Success and abundance belong to me.
  • 9 I love and value myself, no conditions.
  • 10 I change for the better; welcome it.
  • 11 I am thankful for life’s blessings daily.
  • 12 Healthy and strong, my body thrives.
  • 13 Life flows smoothly; no need to resist.
  • 14 Love surrounds me, and supportive people appear.
  • 15 My thoughts create my reality, I manifest.

Louise Hay Positive Affirmations

Life is crazy for me!

Everything works out in my little corner of the world. Things appear to be working to safeguard my best interests. Only good will emerge from this scenario. I’m ok!

It’s just a notion, and thoughts can be altered.

Power is constantly concentrated in the current moment.

Every idea we have affects our future.

I am undergoing a beneficial change.

I feel at ease gazing at my reflection and saying to myself, “I cherish you; I truly cherish you.”

It is acceptable to glance within.

I pardon myself as well as release myself.

Life speaks hello to me as I reply yes to it.

I am now able to overcome the concerns of others and restrictions.

Amazing Louise Hay Affirmations

At every moment, I am Divinely directed and protected.

I assert my authority and transcend all boundaries.

I believe in the natural course of events.

Everything I do brings me great joy.

We have all been related, and the earth is our home.☺️

It gets simpler for me to console people as I pardon myself.

I’m ready to let go.

Everywhere I go, I flourish.

Amazing things have a place in my life.

Everything I need to comprehend is shown to me precisely at the appropriate time.

I am cherished, and I feel content.

Life helps me in any way it can.

Louise Hay Daily Affirmations

  1. Today is a new day, full of possibilities.
  2. I am worthy of love, happiness, and success.
  3. I choose to let go of any negative thoughts.
  4. I am confident and believe in myself.
  5. I attract positive energy and good experiences.
  6. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.
  7. I embrace change and see it as an opportunity to grow.
  8. I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.
  9. I radiate love and kindness to others.
  10. I trust the universe to guide me.
  11. I am deserving of abundance and prosperity.
  12. I am healthy and take care of my body.
  13. I forgive myself and others with compassion.
  14. I am open to receiving love and support.
  15. I am at peace with my past and look forward to the future.

Louise Hay Morning Affirmations

My day starts with laughter and ends with Thanksgiving.

I appreciate your listening to my physical signals.

The past is no longer relevant.

Only nice things can happen to me.

I am stunning, and everyone adores me.

Anyone I meet nowadays is looking out for my greatest interests.

The easiest way to wellness is to cram my head with nice ideas.

Powerful Louise Hay Affirmations

I feel complete, sound, and fulfilled.

I’m at ease in my skin.

I dedicate some of my spare time to assisting others. It is beneficial to my health.

Everywhere I go, I am met with affection.

My physique’s inherent condition is well-being. I am in excellent health.

I am without discomfort and completely in tune with reality.

I am grateful for all of the affection in my daily existence. It’s all over the place.

Everything is flawless, entire, and flawless wherever I reside in the expanse of existence.?

I believe in my instincts. I am open to hearing that still, the tender voice inside.☺️

When I require assistance, I am not afraid to ask for it.

I accept my beliefs for failing to be flawless.

I am proud of who I am.

I only pursue wholesome partnerships. I am constantly carefully taken care of.

I don’t have to demonstrate anything to anybody.

I am at peace with nature.

I am always open to fresh ideas.

No one, location, or thing can offend or bother me anymore. I’d rather be at leisure.

In the cosmos, I am secure, and every living thing adores and encourages me.

I feel love everywhere I go.

I am open to new experiences.

I consume a lot of fluids to keep my mental and physical health clean.

I prefer to see properly with loving eyes.

I traverse every bridge with comfort and satisfaction.

I let go of all the turmoil in my life.

It is simple to love people when I embrace and love myself.

My existence is divided into three parts: job, healing, and recreation.

I am in command, and I am reclaiming my authority.

Good Louise Hay Affirmations

My own body respects the way I care for it.

Louise Hay Affirmations for Self Love

  • 1 I love and accept myself just as I am.
  • 2 I deserve love and feel happy within.
  • 3 I am good enough. No need to change.
  • 4 I am kind and gentle with myself.
  • 5 Good things are meant for me too.
  • 6 I forgive myself, and let go of the past.
  • 7 I believe in me, I can do it.
  • 8 I am special and valuable, a unique me.
  • 9 Others respect and love me, I deserve it.
  • 10 I take care of myself, and self-love is a priority.
  • 11 Negative thoughts vanish, and positivity remains.
  • 12 I am worthy of love, both giving and receiving.
  • 13 I show who I am, with no fear.
  • 14 Proud of myself; my achievements matter.
  • 15 I love myself completely and unconditionally.

Louise Hay Healing Affirmations

I enjoy my time with folks who are upbeat and lively.

Life has given us today a treasured gift.

I have the confidence to pursue my ambitions.

We belong to the immortal spirits.

I appreciate eating meals that are beneficial to my health.

My life is improving every day.

It is acceptable for anyone to defend themselves.

I reside in my very own personal heaven.

I am releasing any criticism that I receive.

I’m on a never-ending trip.

I am thankful for my good health. I adore life.

Love rushes across my entire being, mending every ailment.

My earnings are steadily growing.

My recovery is currently underway.

There will always be something new to discover.

I currently dwell in infinite affection, daylight, and pleasure.

Daily, I get more love.

I deserve everything nice.

I’m always looking for new methods to enhance my health.

There’s nothing else, just love!

With each passing day, my existence becomes more amazing.

Nowadays, I am content.

I avoid negative influences and toxic relationships.

Best Louise Hay Affirmations

It is simple to love people when I affectionately embrace myself.

I find myself in the ideal living situation.

I have sympathy for everyone.

I like and respect myself.

Life is wonderful, and it is!

Life helps me in any way it can.

I’m working on making good improvements in all aspects of my life.

I release myself of all my fears and doubts, and my life gets simple.

Everything I require arrives at precisely the right moment.

I’m filled with wonderful, vibrant energy. I am awake and active.

This is shaping up to be an excellent day.

I am stunning, and everyone adores me.

I only expect nice things in my daily existence.

Louise Hay Affirmation Cards

  • 1 Card 1: “I am worthy of love and acceptance.”
  • 2 Card 2: “I embrace change and welcome growth.”
  • 3 Card 3: “I am confident in expressing my true self.”
  • 4 Card 4: “I release all negativity and welcome positivity.”
  • 5 Card 5: “I forgive myself and others with compassion.”
  • 6 Card 6: “I am deserving of all the good things in life.”
  • 7 Card 7: “I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.”
  • 8 Card 8: “I attract abundance and success with ease.”
  • 9 Card 9: “I am a powerful creator of my reality.”
  • 10 Card 10: “I love and accept myself unconditionally.”
  • 11 Card 11: “I trust the universe to guide me.”
  • 12 Card 12: “I am capable of overcoming any challenges.”
  • 13 Card 13: “I am worthy of love and respect from others.”
  • 14 Card 14: “I radiate love and kindness to everyone.”
  • 15 Card 15: “I am at peace with my past and future.”

Self-Esteem Louise Hay Affirmations

– I love and approve of myself completely.

– I deserve love, respect, and happiness always.

– I am confident in who I am.

– I don’t need approval from others.

– I attract opportunities aligned with my passions.

Louise Hay Affirmations To Brighten Your Day

– I accept myself with all my imperfections.

– I believe in myself and my abilities.

– Good things come my way, I’m worthy.

– I trust myself, make right decisions.

– I’m kind to myself, no self-criticism.

– I’m unique, and valuable just as I am.

Louise Hay Affirmations for Love

– Worthy of love, deserve to receive it fully.

– Love flows, bringing joy and happiness abundantly.

– Attract loving, caring people into my life.

– Forgive, release past hurts, make room for love.

– Surrounded by love, it fills every aspect.

– Love me unconditionally, just as I am.

-An endless spring of love exists deep within my being.

Great Louise Hay Affirmations

– Embrace love, heart open to its flow.

– Radiate love, abundance returns to me.

– Growing in love, becoming a better partner.

– Love is the foundation; nurture relationships with care.

Louise Hay 50 Minutes of Positive Affirmations

  1. I am loved, supported, and cherished by everyone.
  2. Abundance and prosperity flow effortlessly into my life.
  3. I am healthy and emotionally strong, full of vitality.
  4. I spread joy and positivity, touching others’ lives positively.
  5. I let go of past traumas, embracing healing completely.
  6. I trust myself, confident in my abilities and decisions.
  7. Success is natural for me, achieving my goals easily.
  8. Forgiveness sets me free; I forgive myself and others.
  9. I give and receive love freely, feeling loved always.
  10. Courage overcomes fears, releasing them and embracing strength within.
  11. Grateful for blessings, I appreciate life’s abundance daily.
  12. Opportunities find me, and I attract positive experiences always.
  13. Love shapes my reality, I am a powerful creator.
  14. Peace is within me, embracing my past, present, and future.
  15. Happiness, abundance, and fulfillment are mine, I deserve them.

Louise Hay Affirmations for Money

– Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

– I welcome abundance in all aspects of life.

– I let go of limiting beliefs about money.

– I deserve financial abundance and security.

– I attract wealth and prosperity effortlessly.

– Money is a positive tool in my life.

– I am worthy of financial freedom and success.

– I am grateful for the money I receive.

– My income grows steadily, bringing abundance.

– I use money wisely for a better future.

– I align myself with wealth and success.

– Money benefits me and others positively.

– I attract opportunities and financial blessings.

– New income sources flow effortlessly to me.

– Money flows easily from multiple sources.

Louise Hay Heal Your Body Affirmations

  • 1 I am healthy, energetic, and full of vitality.
  • 2 My body is filled with wellness, every cell thriving.
  • 3 I let go of tension, embracing relaxation completely.
  • 4 My body has natural healing powers, I am grateful.
  • 5 I treat my body with love and gentle care.
  • 6 I listen to my body’s messages, showing compassion.
  • 7 I release past emotions, making way for healing.
  • 8 My body is balanced and harmonious, feeling great.
  • 9 I am free from illness, my body is strong.
  • 10 I nourish my body with good thoughts and foods.
  • 11 My immune system protects me, strong and resilient.
  • 12 I am calm, at peace, and my body is at ease.
  • 13 My body knows how to heal, I trust it.
  • 14 I let go of resistance, allowing healing to happen.
  • 15 My body is a temple of health, and I’m grateful.

Louise Hay Affirmations for Success

– I naturally achieve success in everything I do.

– I believe in myself and my abilities completely.

– Opportunities that lead to success come my way.

– I am confident, capable, destined for great achievements.

– I let go of doubts, embracing my full potential.

– My actions align with my vision for success.

– I deserve to achieve my goals and dreams.

– I am focused, determined, and never give up.

– Success comes effortlessly and abundantly to me.

– I attract the right people and resources for success.

– I am open to success in all areas of life.

– Challenges are stepping stones to my success.

– I celebrate my achievements and feel grateful.

– I am worthy of reaching my highest aspirations.

– Success comes naturally to me, and I thrive.

Louise Hay Prosperity Affirmations:

– I deserve abundance and prosperity in every aspect.

– Prosperity flows to me easily and abundantly.

– I am open to receiving wealth and blessings gracefully.

– I let go of limiting beliefs about money and success.

– I attract opportunities and financial abundance effortlessly.

– My income grows, bringing prosperity and wealth.

– I attract positive and prosperous experiences in life.

– Money is a useful tool, and I use it wisely.

– I am worthy of financial freedom and success.

– I am grateful for all the prosperity around me.

-My positive ideas contribute to the wellness of my physical being.

Positive Louise Hay Affirmations

– I welcome abundance from all sources joyfully.

– Success and prosperity are natural for me.

– I release fears and doubts about my financial future.

– Prosperity is my birthright, and I embrace it fully.

– I trust my ability to create wealth and success.

– Abundance and prosperity are drawn to me irresistibly.

– Money enhances my life in positive and meaningful ways.

– I am receptive to the goodness that life offers.

– The universe supports and blesses my prosperity always.

– I am thankful for the never-ending flow of prosperity.

Self Worth Affirmations Louise Hay

  • 1 I deserve love, respect, and happiness in my life.
  • 2 I feel confident and embrace my uniqueness completely.
  • 3 I am treated with kindness and compassion, as I deserve.
  • 4 I let go of negativity, embracing positivity within me.
  • 5 I am enough, no need to prove my worth.
  • 6 I value and honor myself for who I am.
  • 7 I love myself, let go of self-criticism completely.
  • 8 I deserve all the good things life offers.
  • 9 I trust my instincts and make positive choices.
  • 10 I am worthy of success, abundance, and meaningful connections.

Louise Hay Abundance Affirmations

– Abundance effortlessly flows into my life in every way.

– I am open to receiving wealth and blessings joyfully.

– I let go of limiting beliefs about money and success.

– I attract opportunities and financial blessings effortlessly.

– My income increases steadily, bringing me prosperity.

– I deserve to live a life of financial freedom.

– I am a magnet for positive and abundant experiences.

– I use money wisely, and it multiplies in my life.

– I am grateful for the abundance that surrounds me.

– I welcome abundance from all sources with gratitude.

– I am successful and prosperous in all that I do.

– I release any fears about my financial future completely.

– Abundance is my natural state, and I embrace it.

– I am confident in my ability to create wealth.

– I attract abundance and prosperity effortlessly.

Louise Hay Gratitude Affirmations

– I appreciate the abundance I have in my life.

– I am thankful for all the blessings I receive.

– Love and support from others fill me with gratitude.

– I practice gratitude daily, embracing its power fully.

– My health and well-being bring me thankfulness.

– I find joy in everyday moments and their beauty.

– Challenges teach me lessons, I am grateful for them.

– People who enrich my life receive my gratitude sincerely.

– Opportunities that come my way fill me with gratitude.

– Nature and the universe’s abundance inspire thankfulness in me.

– I grow and transform, grateful for these experiences.

– Gratitude leads me to happiness, I embrace it gladly.

– Simple pleasures in life bring me thankfulness daily.

– Love and kindness in my relationships bring gratitude.

– Each day is a gift, I’m grateful for the life I have.


Louise Hay’s affirmations are powerful tools for positive transformation and self-empowerment. Individuals can foster self-love, enhance confidence, attract riches, and embrace personal growth by consciously repeating these affirmations. Louise Hay’s affirmations, which emphasise gratitude, self-acceptance, and the power of positive thinking, provide a practical and effective way to manifesting a successful and joyous existence.

Affirmations For Louise Hay

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Frequently Asked Questions About Louise Hay’s Affirmations:

Are Louise Hay’s affirmations suitable for everyone?

Louise Hay’s affirmations can benefit everyone by fostering self-love, positivity, and personal empowerment. However, it’s crucial to select affirmations that align with your beliefs and values. If any affirmations feel uncomfortable or triggering, modifying or choosing different ones that better suit your needs and circumstances is recommended.

Can affirmations help with overcoming limiting beliefs?

Affirmations work by replacing limiting beliefs with positive thoughts, leading to personal growth and empowerment. Repeating phrases like “I release limiting beliefs” and “I can achieve anything” reprograms the subconscious mind for positive change.

Can affirmations be effective if I don’t fully believe in them?

Repeating positive affirmations can work even if you don’t fully believe in them at first. It helps change your mind slowly and believe in them. Stay open-minded, embrace change, and practice regularly with self-compassion. Eventually, you’ll see the power of affirmations and start believing in them.

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