15+ Lucky Charms to Motivate and Inspire You

There may be moments in your life when you feel that you missed out on an opportunity by a few inches, or you did everything possible, but luck didn’t favor you, or you just want to have lady luck by your side to bring you good fortunes, wealth, love, financial stability, and so on.

Whatever be the reason, having some lucky charms with you is not bad or useless. They will help you out in every way they are designed to.

With the assimilation and evolution of the world, different luck charms from different cultures have traveled across the world, and many have found them useful.

Ways to Motivate Yourself and Be Lucky at Work:

  • Have a start that will help you go on and put your first step forward.
  • Break the big and the difficult tasks into smaller ones, which will help you visualize them and solve them in smaller parts.
  • Create a positive mindset that will help you realize your truest potential and capabilities.
  • Be grateful for whatever you have in your life, the thing you have around you.
  • Always be kind to yourself because you need yourself the most during these times. 

some lucky charms to motivate and inspire you. 

Tree of life good luck charm necklace

With its aesthetic appeal and symbolic meanings, the tree of life necklace is one of the most popular accessories destined to bring good luck in your life. It symbolizes good luck, health, wealth, positive energy, and a bright future. 

The rustic appeal of this necklace symbolizes positive energy that never fades away, besides catching the interest of many across the globe.

The most appealing aspect of this good luck charm necklace is the copper wire tree enclosed inside it. Inside the copper wire, tree design sits a jasper gemstone, making it even more beautiful and eye-catching.

This is a very appealing piece of accessory that brings you good luck in almost every aspect of your life.

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Abundance gemstone bracelet

If you love beaded bracelets and have a thing for it, then this is a must-have for you. It will contribute to your overall outfit and up your ante, but it also provides you good luck with health, wealth, and many other things.

This 108-bead bracelet comes with an amazonite gemstone, which has many symbolic meanings and significance.

Amazonite gemstone symbolizes good luck in aspects of financial ventures, the game of chance, prosperity, etc. It was first found in pre-colonial South and Central America but is now widespread worldwide. 

Aventurine pyramid necklace

Ligh-colored aventurine gemstone has a widespread reputation of being a very powerful good luck stone. It has wonderful grounding and centering capabilities if you are optimistic in your approach and a talisman of positivity.

When worn as a pendant, this aventurine gemstone adds to your overall outfit and makes you more charismatic in your appeal.

In addition to attracting good fortune, this gemstone also has beneficial healing properties. Its pyramid shape makes it more appealing, adds to the overall good appeal, and makes you stand out from the rest.

The symbolic meaning of this gemstone adds to the jewelry and makes it a unique piece of accessory.

Sanskrit good luck necklace

There is a saying, “when you pick up a penny, you will have good luck” well, here is the chance to have enough good luck throughout the day.

These silver and gold Sanskrit coins have an inscription, “good health.” Hence, you can understand that this necklace symbolizes good health and spirits. 

Besides aiding in the positive health benefits, these coins also add some protective properties to your life.

These coins have the potential to attract great things as well. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry that adds to your overall outfit and does not hurt your neck when you wear it as a necklace.

ways attract good luck

Arrowhead neutral agate arrow necklace

It is of Chinese origin and comes with two distinct benefits from two different kinds of pieces. The jade gemstone provides protective properties and can attract money and make you financially more stable.

The arrowheads, too, provide protective properties based on American and Indian mythology. 

According to a Chinese legend, jade provides the flow of prosperity. The arrowheads enable you to cultivate your energy to persevere in any venture or undertaking of yours.

To sum it all up, it is a beautiful piece of jewelry that will uplift any outfit of yours and make you attract people as well. 

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African turquoise gemstone bead bracelet

As the name suggests, this bead bracelet is turquoise in color, a color of prosperity and balance. It is a very elegant-looking gemstone providing parity in your life.

The African turquoise gemstone is the stone of evolution, encouraging growth development and fostering positive alterations. 

It is seen to bring inspiration in everything that you love doing, enabling you to excel in every sector of your life. Besides attracting wealth and abundance, this gemstone bracelet is seen to lighten up your emotional burdens, which have aggravated upon you.

This African turquoise gemstone bead bracelet offers an aesthetic appeal to your look, making itself a focal point to catch people’s eyes. 

Men’s jade Zen as f#ck success bracelet

If you are a Zen man and love adding statement pieces to your outfit, this bracelet is the perfect go-to for you. You can showcase your unique style sense by adding this to your outfit, giving meaning to your life in its ways.

A deep green shade of jade provides an unmatched appeal to your outfit and makes your outfit pop out even more.

This jade gemstone has the mystical power to attract wealth in various ways and offer you financial independence.

This unique combination of flair and meaning will make you a showstopper everywhere you go. 

Hand-carved natural obsidian scrub “soaring” pendant

No other lucky charm is even close to this one when it comes to fine ornate detailing and sheer elegance. This is one of the most powerful good luck charms out there.

It depicts a winged stallion known as “Pegasus,” which is believed to be a mythical creature.

Pegasus is an ancient mythical creature of Greek mythology, symbolizing victory; hence, this pendant is believed to bring success in all your endeavors.

It is said to attract long-lasting success into the lives of those adorning it. To complete its timeless look, the pendant also features black onyx beads.

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King Solomon’s talisman

King Solomon inspired the creation of one of the most powerful amulets in the world, under his wealth and great wisdom.

The unique design of this amulet is derived from King Solomon’s signet ring. 

If you are someone who is looking for financial success, in the long run, this is the one for you. Not only financial success, but a host of other properties as well, is bestowed upon this amulet. It curbs you from losing your concentration, prevents distractions, empowers professional accomplishment, and attracts fame and recognition.

The two distinct symbols on the two sides of this amulet are the secret to making it so powerful.

Financial success amulet

Probably the most powerful amulet out there to attract money and financial stability, this good luck charm has a charm that can uplift any outfit you are wearing. This amulet can be worn both as a bracelet and as a necklace. It features a King Solomon signet charm and a Hamsa button closer.

Both the signet charm and the Hamsa button closer have the power to attract good luck and tons of potential to bring wealth and abundance to your life.

The Hamsa is in the shape of a hand with an eye that sees potential damaging elements around the wearer and protects them from them.  

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Prosperity wealth bracelet

As you already know, a majority of gemstones come with various meanings and symbols associated with them.

This gemstone beaded bracelet takes advantage of that. It combines the powers of those gemstones and offers the wearer something out of the box. 

It combines the features of gemstones like agate, onyx, and black lava to give you even more features. It is a timeless piece if you can adorn it. The agate stone attracts wealth, abundance, and prosperity, grounding the wearer and protecting them from potential harm.

The black lava stone has a calming effect essential when dealing with tension and failures. The arrangement of these three different stones in the form of a beaded bracelet has a unique appeal. 

Aqua aura quartz pendant

Quartz is one of the most well-known and common gemstones bringing you success and good luck.

This pendant comes in an aqua-blue color, soothes the eye, and brings elegance to its whole look. It is a cool soothing color with varying luminous rainbow hues within it. 

This pendant is a combination of meaning and elegance as a whole. The crystal’s irregular part is hidden secretly by wrapping it with copper wires, and that too in a very artistic way, which just adds to its appeal.

You can also choose from various copper wire colors according to your preference and make this one your go-to pendant. 

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Silver charm locket

The biggest challenge most people face is working to make all ends meet.

Working to make their dreams come true is possible only when you can manifest in the right way. Many people are unaware of the correct manifestation methods, or somehow manifestation doesn’t go in their favor.

This silver charm locket can be the go-to piece of jewelry for such people.  

This silver charm locket simplifies your process of manifesting something that you want.

You can put your desires your dreams into words by writing them down on a piece of paper, folding it around, and then gently placing it inside the locket.

You can then wear this locket with that piece of paper to remind yourself that you can make your dreams come true daily. This set includes a star, a heart, a small key, and an angel wing. 

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From the above points, it can be concluded that these gemstones bring luck, prosperity, abundance, and good health and are also statement pieces that can make you look great no matter how casually you are dressed. If you find it difficult to attain your goals or get your things done on time and succeed, if you need the help of lady luck to get you where you want to be, then these good luck charms are worth a try. They bring you positive attributes and good luck and also uplift your overall dressing sense.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lucky Charms to Motivate

What is the best way to motivate yourself?

Try acknowledging your resistance and difficult feelings with motivation, try not running away when you feel that you will not be able to do it, do not blame yourself for any negative thing in your life. 

How do lucky charms work?

Lucky charms work only when you believe that they will work for you. Lucky charms mainly block out any failure that might come on your path of trying new things and help you not get cold feet.

How to get started with charm bracelets?

If you want to start using lucky charms, then charm bracelets are one of the first things to get started; charm bracelets are normally worn on your dominant hand, the hand which you use the most, which enables you to magnify its effect. 

How to attract good luck into your life?

Good luck comes to you when you experience the taste of failure more, examine the choices which you make in your life, try prioritizing speed over greed as it makes you commit fewer mistakes in life.

Why are some people lucky?

You might have seen some people born lucky, and they have that luck mainly because they are skilled at creating and noticing opportunities which they use to their benefit by believing in their intuition.

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