200+ March Journal Prompts

While spring officially begins in March, many sections of the country still experience winter-like conditions on a regular basis.

It might be a fantastic idea to include writing in the form of warm-ups or diary entries. The following writing ideas are provided for each day of the month. Please feel free to utilize and change these as necessary.

March Journal Prompts

– How would you describe the energy of March?

– What can you re-energize this month?

– What happened in February?

– Are there any feelings you need to process that March brings up for you?

– What brand-new activity can you undertake this month?

– Describe how you feel in the spring.

– How can you make your life more vibrant?

– What do you find to be the best means of natural connection?

– How did you spend your day?

– Can you recall a recent incident where anything stated to you caused you to feel something (either positively or negatively)?

– Since when did you last disconnect from social media?

– How can you achieve balance and tranquility inside of yourself when the world seems heavy?

– In what ways can you help others?

– What do you like to do most these days?

– Contrast this March with March last year. What’s different now? What hasn’t changed at all?

– What are you enthusiastic about?

– How do you honor or remember your culture?

– How can you make your world peaceful?

– What little pleasures in life come to you?

– What was the most recent dream you can recall? Write a thorough account of it.

– How did you start your day?

– What does your body require right now?

– How do you maintain inspiration?

– What is it that your spirit wants to produce above everything else?

– Send a pal a brief letter. Next, mail it!

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– Request a motivating message from your Highest Self. What does it say to you right away?

– What are you now reading? What would you like to read if you weren’t already reading?

– Simply write. Never criticize what comes out. Simply let it go.

– What lovely event or occurrence occurred this month?

– What can you do to widen your heart to receive abundance?

– What do you have planned for April that you are looking forward to?

– The following are March journaling prompts:

– This month’s objectives are three.

– An event this month that you are looking forward to.

– Your three top priorities for the upcoming month.

– Self-care presents you wish to give this month.

– The book you are reading now or want to read.

– This month, try something new.

– Personal changes you want to make.

– Three good behaviors you wish to establish.

– A saying that motivates you today.

– A quality you cherish about yourself.

– The past month’s surprise you received.

– Saddest moment from the previous month.

– The happiest time in the previous month.

– Locations you’ve gone to recently (within the previous two months).

– Most recent learning this month.

– Your favorite film from the previous month.

– An error you made.

– The circumstance or object for which you feel the most thankful.

– What did you most recently buy?

– You made some new pals.

– What accomplishments did you make during the past two months?

– That was the most unwinding period.

– A product you haven’t used in the past six months.

– The amount of savings?

– You should be sorry.

– You made a wise choice.

– What made you chuckle?

– Achievements you were proud of.

– Kindness you showed in a random deed.

– You made a clever move.

– Your self-assessment score is out of 10 for today.

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– What does your protagonist do all day long? Does he or she attend school or a job? What kind of work does your character do, or what course in school does he or she like best?

– What holiday is your character’s favorite? Why? (Please understand that this character is the best version of your own self)

– What genre of music does your character like listening to? Why?

– What voice does your character use when they laugh?

– Who is the closest buddy to your character? How did they first meet? What do they do in conjunction?

– What kind of attire does your character often wear? Does he or she value clothes? If not, why not?

– Does your character have siblings, or is he or she a single child? What thoughts does your character have about this?

– Does your protagonist own a pet? If not, why not? If so, what kind of animal?

– If your character received an extra $100 every week, what would they do with it?

– What color would you say your character prefers? Does he or she possess a lot of items in this shade?

– What scares your character the most? What effect does this have on his or her life?

– Is your character an athlete? If not, why not? Is he or she clumsy or gifted? Which sports does he or she like to play?

– What are a few sentences that your character uses frequently? What are they saying?

– What is the favorite dish of your character? Why? Does he or she frequently enjoy it?

– How would you describe your character’s parents?

– Does your character intend to have children in the future or does he or she currently have children? If not, why not? What kind of children does your character have, if any?

– Do you think your character prefers to be indoors or outside? If not, why not?

– Describe three separate things for which your character is grateful.

– Describe three things that may always make your character stand out.

– How would your character’s bedroom be decorated?

– What is the greatest dream of your character?

– What video game does your character like playing? Is it a sport, a video game, or a board game? Does he or she excel in it? When did your character first start playing the game?

– Where did your protagonist grow up? What kind of city is it?

– Where does your character hope to reside in the future? Does he or she intend to remain in the same place or relocate?

– Describe three things that your character holds true.

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– What movie does your character like best?

– What pastimes does your character enjoy? Has he or she got a lot of leisure time?

– What would the best friend of your character say about him or her? Write about at least three distinct traits and provide justifications for each.

– What does your character do when they’re depressed? Why?

– Is your character a morning person or a night person? Does this have any impact on his or her life?

– What is the favorite shop of your character? Does she or he enjoy shopping? If not, why not? Write about your best springtime memory.

– What makes this recollection your favorite?

– What are the top five reasons you love spring so much?

– What enjoyable things do you want to do this spring that are on your bucket list? Write a piece on it.

– Where would you go if you could travel anyplace this spring and stay for a month? Why?

– Compose a letter to your brain in which you describe your love of spring and the good things it accomplishes for your brain.

– How do you observe St. Patrick’s Day, and what is your favorite holiday-related memory?

– In the spring, where would you want to be—by the sea or in the mountains—and why?

– How do you feel when the sun comes out in the spring after a lengthy period of chilly weather?

– Describe in great detail how the transition from winter to spring weather affects you.

– Give the names of five objectives you have for yourself in the month of March, along with your plans for achieving each one.

– What activities would you engage in if this were your final month on earth?

– Explain your distinctive qualities and the reasons that make you unique.

– Which one of the following would you like to accomplish this month? What must you do for this dream to come true?

– The perfect spring day should be described. How would you react? And where would you go? What kind of feelings would you have on that perfect spring day?

– What is one habit you want to get rid of this year, and why?

– Consider that this spring is your opportunity to explore at your leisure. What would you do, where would you go, and who would you encounter?

– What would you answer if a total stranger questioned you about yourself? Give them a detailed description of who you are.

– List your favorite hobbies and why you find them so enjoyable.

– What type of flower would you be if it were springtime right now? Give specifics.

– In what sort of weather you are happiest? Give a description of the ideal temperature on a March day.

– What are your go-to pastimes on wet days? Make a list, and don’t forget to do a few of those tasks this month.

– What does a rainbow mean to you personally and in your life? Give the colors of the rainbow each of their own meanings. The colors of the official rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

– What are some ways you may perk yourself up when you’re depressed? Invent a list!

– What kind of flower would you be if you were a springtime bloomer, and why?

– What are your top five qualities? Why do you cherish these facets of who you are?

– List five ways that you can start caring for yourself more this spring.

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– How would you spend your day if you didn’t have to go to work?

– What would you do with all the time in the world if you had it?

– What is the significance of the four-leaf clover to you? Explicitly describe.

– What is your favorite springtime activity? Why do you adore this occasion so much?

– Describe your personality in no more than five sentences.

– Describe your favorite spring in writing. Why did it work so well?

– What do you anticipate happening this month?

– What can you finally finish this month that you’ve been putting off?

– What activities do you enjoy doing to unwind?

– What has been the best (surprise) event that has ever happened to you?

– Do you think you have a jealous nature? Currently, is there somebody you’re envious of? Why do you want what others have?

– Go back to the prompt from yesterday. Is it possible for you to find a method to be pleased with the person you’re envious of? To rejoice for them? Are you prepared to let go of your hostility? How does your body feel when you let jealousy go?

– How confident are you in asserting yourself and engaging in conflict? Do you regularly find yourself choosing to say “yes” over “no”?

– What body part do you prefer the most? What aspects of it do you like?

– What would you alter if you could go back in time and choose any moment?

– What excellent deeds can you perform at random this month?

– Do you have any unfinished business with your parents?

– Plant a Flower Day is on March 12; which flowers are your favorites?

– What is the highest praise someone could bestow upon you?

– Do you feel like you’re holding yourself back in any areas of your life? How and why?

– For what do you feel thankful for this month?

– Make a list of things you are now unhappy with. Now, come up with three possible measures you may take to deal with the problem.

– If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose to do so?

– How can you learn to love yourself better?

– How do you discover happiness each day?

– List 10 things that make you happy. March 20 is the International Day of Happiness.

– Spring has arrived! What about this season do you like best?

– Do you have any enjoyable springtime plans?

– What springtime plants and flowers are your favorites?

– What is your fondest memory of spring?

– What does success mean to you?

– What has changed about you most during the past five years?

– How do you define failure?

– What kind of weather would you like right now, if you could?

– Send yourself a letter of love.

– List a few of your favorite sayings. Why are you fond of them?

– The first quarter is coming to an end today. How did it go for you? What objectives have you set for the upcoming three months?

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March Journal Prompts

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