20 Best Money Saving Habits For Future Planning

The majority of us struggle with bad money habits which makes saving difficult. We often end up spending more than we had originally planned. Saving money is the basic step in planning your future.

Hence, it is important to get disciplined and incorporate these basic habits to take your first few steps towards becoming proactive at saving.

Money Saving Habits For All

Accept that you have bad money habits.

Acceptance is the stepping stone to solving a problem. You have to accept the fact that your money issues are your fault. Telling yourself the truth and facing it will make it easier for you to slowly get rid of these bad habits. 

Upgrade your mentality in terms of money.

If the thought of investments, savings, and funds gives you cold feet, then it’s high time you face reality. Question yourself about your future goals and your preparation for the same.

You should be prepared for an emergency financial situation in the future. Having the right money mentality means that you should not feel scared when the conversation is about money.

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Separate your needs from your wants.

It is necessary to be able to differentiate between what is necessary for your survival and what is merely your heart’s desire. The expensive brands you look forward to are not your need. 

If your pocket faces a major brunt because of your desire to follow the trend, it is highly irrational. You should always look for what is essential for your survival and well-being. Any amount left after that can be used to but one single item from the list of your wants. 

Use apps that can keep track of your money.

Some people fail to keep a track of the amount of cash they spend. This makes saving difficult for them.

Several money management apps can be a major help. You can easily sync your bank account with these apps, and it will keep a track of your finances.nIt can create a budget and make saving easier.

Set a smarter set of goals.

If your financial goals are dubious and streamlined, you may find it hard to be motivated to save. You should have not only a definite reason to save but also a layout planned about how to start saving for your plan. 

Keep track of your expenses.

If you do not keep a track of your expenses, you will go on spending irresponsibly. You should always lookout for ways to spend as limited as you can while having a high income.

Keep track of your income and the money that you exhaust. Money tracking apps can help you with the same.

Negotiation is the key to save more.

Most salespeople know the art of ripping you off every single penny you have. There are high odds that you end up paying more than you should.

So, just because the salesman pitched a price it does not mean you have to pay the amount. You can haggle a little. Negotiating even a penny adds it to your saving account.

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Set a separate account for your savings.

Often your bad money habits are so entrenched that you cannot trust yourself with the saving. In that case, you can always automate your savings. Work out things with your employer and ask them to send a particular amount of money to a separate account.

You can also open an external saving account. These tactics can help you save money automatically the moment you get your salary. 

Opt for frugality with money for some time.

It may not sound like a great idea but if you are short of money and finding it difficult to make ends meet, you can be frugal with money. You can always choose free services that provide the same products that you pay a subscription fee for.

You don’t have to be frugal in the longer run. You can always come back to normal spending once your finances are improved.

Do not use a credit card.

The major reason behind not being able to save much is recurring debt. Credit cards can easily rack up debts. It is better to avoid holding a credit card at all.

Keep a progress check.

It is noteworthy to keep a check of the progress you have made with your finances. You can do this every night or use money-tracking apps to review it. A rather fun way to do this is to give yourself a treat when you reach a goal.

Coupons can be your saviour.

Do not feel ashamed of using a coupon when you go shopping. Coupons are not made to save you only when you’re broke.

Using coupons more often can help you save more money. It should become a practice every time you go out shopping.

Make your lunch on your own.

Your everyday breakfast and lunch tend to drain most of your income. Cooking your meal rather than eating out every day will not only save you money but will also keep you healthy.

If you find it difficult to cook every day, you can prep your meal during the weekends. This will help you in averting from any serious cooking during the weekdays. 

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Delete the emails that tempt you to buy unnecessary items.

You will often find a lot of needless advertisement emails in your inbox. The companies spend a lot of time in making these lavish and persuasive advertisements.

Do stop yourself from getting lured into buying these products, use tools that can get rid of this junk mail automatically.

Upgrade your money skills.

It is always said that the best way to save more is to earn more. Try to find additional means to earn money. Your job may not provide you with enough to meet all your demands. Side income can bolster your income and can boost your monthly income.

Know the efficient use of your savings.

It is not necessary that saving your money can solve all your problems. Along with saving your money, you should also know how to use your saved money.

Even though you have not planned the end goal for your savings, you should make sure it gets a high annual percentage yield.

Keep learning about your money.

There are several podcasts available on various platforms about business and finance. They are the most convenient way of learning about money.

You can listen to them while driving, cooking or doing any other activity. Incorporating this habit will help you learn more about your income and savings.

Work on your financial proficiency.

The majority of people lack saving skills because of inadequate financial awareness. You don’t have to be an expert or get a degree in finance to understand money.

All you require is basic discerning of concepts related to growing your finances. You can use books or podcasts to learn about these principles and refer to them in your daily life.

Efficient use of time.

You cannot buy money with time. You need to learn how to govern your time efficiently.  If you are not good with time management, it will be troublesome for you to save. You should spend most of your time doing something productive.

It is not bad to have fun, but if that comprises most of your time, it will end up being disadvantageous. You can earn enough to save only when you use your time to do something constructive.

You can use time tracking apps to help you keep an account of your time.

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Start using the 30-day rule.

This simply means that if you are planning on buying something which isn’t very necessary, try waiting for 30 days before you buy it.

Often we make purchases that we lament over after a few days. This 30-day rule can help you estimate properly if you need the product or not.


In conclusion, saving money through good habits is how you secure your financial future. It helps you be ready for unexpected expenses, invest in what’s ahead, and reach your money goals. When you keep doing these things, you gain control over your money and enjoy a more stable and successful life.

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