157+ Morning Journal Prompts to Start Your Day Right

Morning journal prompts are like a good start to your day. They help you think about things and plan what you want to do. Whether it’s about saying thanks, setting goals, or just thinking, these prompts help you focus your thoughts and feelings.

You can write down dreams or what you need to do. It’s a nice routine that helps you know yourself better and feel more relaxed.

Morning Journaling

Even though many issues may be addressed in an evening and a morning notebook, other prompts are particularly useful for a morning journal.

What are my top three objectives for today?

Describe any obstacles I experience in achieving my goals and any answers that come to me.

How can I improve my odds of achieving my objectives?

What are the three most important things I need to get done today?

What should I do first that I am least looking forward to doing?

What behaviors and routines boost my productivity?

When do I function best during the day?

Do I have reasonable goals for myself?

What would be my greatest dreams if there were no constraints on resources like money, confidence, or time?

What’s my mood like?

Is there anything on my mind? Then what?

Is there anything I’m bringing in today from yesterday? In that case, how can I let it go?

What activities improve my mood?

What are some factors that make me feel less optimistic?

How can I take better care of or appreciate myself today?

What mood do I want to be in today?

What kind of individual do I want to be today? For instance, someone who is calm and orderly.

What five emotions am I currently experiencing?

What self-limiting thoughts do I have?

What uplifting statements do I need to include in my life right now?

What three achievements from the previous month give me pride?

Is there somebody I need to let go of in my life?

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Address a thank-you note to either myself or another person.

What words of wisdom can I offer myself for the next year?

What have I discovered in the last 12 months?

Is there anything I used to like doing that I no longer do?

Are there any new activities I should start?

Does anything have an impact on my confidence? How do I make it bigger?

 When are my best traits most noticeable in my life, and what are they?

 How can I spend less money?

How can I increase my income?

What abilities do I possess that will enable me to make more money in the future?

What are my main financial objectives?

What knowledge or abilities can help me advance in my career?

Who else might have big goals for economic stability?

Who will I assist when I have enough money?

Why is a large salary important besides allowing me to purchase things and not worry about paying bills?

What did you defeat yesterday that strengthened you? How will that be of use to you today?

What one item from yesterday will you carry over into today for which you are most grateful?

What do you expect to be your toughest obstacle for the next day? How do you intend to handle it?

What song is your current favorite? What makes you believe that tune is currently ringing in your ears?

What is the one thing about you that nobody knows and that you want to share with the world right now?

Which particular event yesterday made you laugh? You laughed for what reason?

What is the one destination you would like to visit today if you had the time? Why do you suppose you want to visit that location so much?

What actions did you take yesterday that you found inspiring? In what way would that be useful to you today?

What is it in your life right now that brings you the most joy? What causes you to believe that?

Which one of your future objectives are you focusing on right now? What method will you use to travel there?

What is the one thing that you will do today just for yourself? Why do you think that is essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

What is one bad habit you are trying your hardest to kick? How will you set yourself up to be able to quit that habit?

 What do you consider to be your best traits? What sort of influence do you believe such traits have on other people?

Do you have a particular obstacle you’re trying to overcome? How are you going to achieve that objective?

What do you consider when you think about the future? Why do you suppose you are concentrating on that?

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Morning Pages Prompts

  • 1 “Today, I’m grateful for…”
  • 2 “The goal I’m focusing on right now is…”
  • 3 “One thing I want to let go of is…”
  • 4 “My intentions for today are…”
  • 5 “A challenge I’m currently facing is…”
  • 6 “What’s bringing me joy in this moment is…”
  • 7 “Something I’ve been curious about lately is…”
  • 8 “A small step I can take today towards a bigger goal is…”
  • 9 “How can I prioritize self-care today?”
  • 10 “A positive affirmation I’m embracing today is…”

Morning Writing Prompts

Which one issue caused you the greatest stress yesterday? How will you be able to manage that pressure?

What are the things that give you the biggest smiles? What will you do to make yourself smile more today?

What are your biggest successes lately in terms of your mental health? What are some of the setbacks you have encountered?

What steps will you take to ensure that you have enough time to eat today? What strategy will you use to make time for yourself?

How do you feel at the moment? What will you do to keep your mood safe? How are you going to keep yourself from falling apart? 

Which members of your support system are most crucial? How can your system of assistance be strengthened? 

Create a story about a loved one. Why do you treasure them so greatly? Is there anything you can do to get together with that individual more frequently?

Pardon oneself for a transgression. How are you going to make amends with yourself? How would this enable you to advance in your life?

When this month have you felt the happiest? What are you going to do to ensure that you continue to feel that way for the rest of the week?

What was the only cause of your sadness yesterday? Why do you believe that particular event brought you low?

Schedule a workout for today. What are your fitness objectives? Why is exercise essential for good health?

What do you most need right now? Why do you believe you require it? How are you going to increase your life’s supply of that one thing?

What is the one thing you are most looking forward to today? What excites you about that, in your opinion?

What is the one thing you now lack more of in your life? How are you going to make that one item more prevalent in your life?

For what do you feel the greatest sense of gratitude today? What are the top three?

What will you do if you can only do one thing to aid someone else? How are you going to find the time to accomplish that?

I’ll only be thanking one person today. To whom are you going to extend your gratitude? Why do they merit your appreciation?

How do you want to feel at the end of today? How are you going to assist yourself in getting there?

What will you do today to make completing everything on your to-do list a little bit simpler?

One of the challenges I’m expecting today is…? What will I do to overcome this challenge?

List five to ten things for which you are thankful right now.

How would you like to feel right now?

What has to be acknowledged right now in terms of sentiments or needs that you have been putting off?

What disposition or energy do you wish to bring to the day?

What emotions do you hope to experience after the day?

What one job might you complete that would have the largest beneficial effect on your life?

What might have the most detrimental effects? How can you stop it?

What are you thrilled about or anticipating?

Do you have an inspiration?

What is something you’re curious about, and how can you find out more about it right now?

What is one thing you can do right now to advance your most essential objective?

What or who do you wish to devote today’s time to?

How can you demonstrate your worth and concern for someone in your life?

What recent minor victories can you rejoice in right now?

Recently, what has made you truly happy? How do you make it happen more often?

How can you prepare for a productive day straight away?

In what positive ways are you now allowing nice things into your life?

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What do you need to hear right now to feel secure and acquire confidence if a part of you is hesitant to pursue what you want?

What motivational mantra or affirmation can you use right now?

What will you release today that has been preventing you?

What difficulty in the past has strengthened you?

Which three noteworthy events from yesterday are you able to name?

Thirty things that make you happy: what are they?

What do you currently look forward to? What can you do to improve this situation if you cannot think of anything?

What is one absolutely free thing that has completely changed your life?

What is your life would you consider to be “priceless”?

List the top ten aspects of your life that you are now enjoying.

Write about your most recent, most enjoyable experience. Whom and what were you doing there?

Write about a wonderful deed someone did for you that you weren’t expecting.

Which of your favorite methods do you use to express your love to the people in your life?

Think back to a time when you were lately witnessing tremendous beauty. What about it caught your attention and astonished you?

What are the top three things in your life for which you are most thankful right now?

List the top three feelings you are experiencing right now. What feelings do you wish to experience today?

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Daily Morning Journal Prompts

  1. “Today’s purpose is…
  2. “I’m thankful for three things:”
  3. “My main concern today is…”
  4. “One thing I can do today to be kind to myself is…”
  5. “A little step I can do to get there is…”
  6. “How I’m feeling both physically and emotionally today is…”
  7. “Something that recently inspired me is…”
  8. The phrase “A positive affirmation for today is…”
  9. “What would I need to do to make today successful for me?”
  10. “A kind deed I can perform today at random is…

Journal Prompts Morning

If you could go back in time, what is the one thing you would advise your teenage self?

What is your body hankering for right now?

What are the top ten queries you wish you knew the answers to now?

What information do you currently possess that you lacked a year ago?

What are you now afraid of?

What in your life is now not working?

Describe a person you miss and what you miss about them in your essay. How do you feel about them?

Try to put yourself in the shoes of a person you’ve disagreed with in the past. What emotions did they have at the time of your argument? How can you show empathy for their situation if you have the means to do so?

Which aspects of your life are stressing you out? What aspects of your life are the most enjoyable to you?

What would you consider to be your life’s greatest success to date?

Which three incidents from your life would you like someone to emphasize most if they were to recount them to you?

What would the perfect day entail for you? What would you be doing, where would you be, and who would you be with?

Describe the ideal house for you. What is it, where is it, and with whom do you share it?

What did you want to be when you grew up, and why, when you were younger?

What would you be doing right now if it were impossible to fail?

How would you spend your final year of life if you only had one?

Who would you like to be if you had another life? List the characteristics of this character, including their occupation, personality, and so on.

Consider your personal and professional objectives. Are there any similarities or patterns between the two? How do you maintain your personal and professional lives apart? How are they similar?

What one talent would you like to perfect if you could?

What is anything about you that you wish people knew?

Who do you look up to? What aspects about them do you adore?

Who do you admire and why?

What keeps you each day from focusing on what’s really important?

What would you do with your life if you now determined that you had enough money and would always have enough?

What do you hope to have accomplished and experienced when you look back on your life in ten years?

How do you wish to use your skills and interests to benefit the world? Who might you touch, and what impact would it have on them?

How important is love in your life?

How do you define friendship?

Things to Journal About in The Morning

“I’m thankful for…”

“Today, I want to achieve…”

“I believe in myself because…”

“To take care of myself, I’ll…”

“I dreamt about…”

“Right now, I feel…”

“A quote that inspires me is…”

“I had an idea about…”

“I’m proud of…”

“Something challenging today is…”

“I can make someone smile by…”

“I want to learn about…”

“A time I felt happy was…”

“I imagine a great day where…”

“My plan for the day is…”

“Outside, the weather is…”

“I appreciate…”

“I’ve grown by…”

“I’ll let go of…”

“I am special because…”


Writing in the morning helps us begin the day with purpose and thoughtfulness. It’s like making a plan for our feelings and goals. We can talk about things we’re thankful for, what we want to do, and how we’ll take care of ourselves. This practice helps us learn more about ourselves and makes us feel good inside.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Morning Journal Prompts:

Can I create my own morning journal prompts?

Absolutely! You can customize your journaling experience to meet your unique requirements and objectives by coming up with your own prompts. Create prompts based on the areas of your life you wish to concentrate on.

What if I don’t know how to answer a particular prompt?

Don’t worry if a prompt baffles you. Consider it for a moment, and if it doesn’t resonate or seem relevant, pick a another prompt. It’s alright to skip prompts that don’t hit home because the objective is to reflect in a meaningful way.

Can I revisit my journal entries later?

Definitely. Reviewing earlier entries can help you gain understanding of your development, changes in perspective, and patterns across time. It’s a fantastic technique to monitor your development and observe how your reflections change.

Can I repeat the same prompts often?

Yes, repeating prompts is fine. Your responses may change over time as your thoughts and circumstances evolve.

Morning Journal Prompts

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