250+ Motivational Journal Prompts

When a diary is kept exclusively for your use, it serves its function the best. The best method to keep a diary is to write freely and with the understanding that no one else will ever read it until you give them permission to.

We frequently write with a target audience in mind. We overthink our words out of concern for how others may perceive them or out of a desire to avoid upsetting anybody.

We should write freely, openly, and without regard to the possibility of criticism if we want to know ourselves genuinely.

Motivational Journal Prompts

Here are 100 inspirational journaling questions to get you started on the road to writing your truth. There are no justifications! So grab a pen and start writing. Write something. And keep going till nothing is left. Your account of your life – as you witness it – is waiting to happen to you. 

Describe your individual taste.

Tell about an instance when you have shown courage.

What do you think it means to be a friend?

I want that everyone had…

The ideal day in your opinion.

How would you characterize your quirky side?

What does loneliness make you feel like?

Your most treasured youth memory.

A person whose life has improved as a result of knowing you? Why?

The ten things you value most.

Use all five senses to describe love.

A person you are retaining in your life for their benefit rather than your own.

Something you’ve been keeping away from and why.

A project you’ve been postponing. What’s holding you back?

Who do you look up to? Why?

A person who has had a significant impact on you.

I __ secretly wish I…

Your greatest fear and how to overcome it.

Who do you need to make amends to? Why?

Your wish list.

A quality of which you are particularly proud.

What function do you perform inside your family?

Something that seems to be beyond your grasp.

How do you believe people view you?

What color is your favorite, and why?

The three things for which you are most thankful right now.

Address a letter to your children, spouse, and/or parents.

Describe what it means to you to feel safe.

Give us three words that sum up your life.

You’ve always felt that something is lacking in your life.

Do you feel attractive?

A few things you’d want to hear at this time.

What one thing about yourself would you alter, and why?

What lessons have you learned from your mistakes?

Describe the home of your dreams.

A very humiliating incident.

A super proud moment for you.

Give an example of a failure that ended up being a benefit.

Your analysis of a current dream.

A fact about you that you want people to know.

Information about you that you don’t want others to know.

What song is your favorite, and why?

A person you wish was more present in your life, and why they aren’t.

What traits do you hold people to the highest standards?

What traits do you hold yourself to the highest standards?

Share an instance when you felt brave.

Your most fulfilling triumph.

Your most painful setback.

Compose a letter that you’ll never write to someone who injured you. Just to clear it up

What do you want people to remember about you?

If you felt at ease being who you are at all times, how would your life change?

Tell about “a beginning” that had an influence on you.

Describe a circumstance in which anything was “the end” for you.

What do you think your life’s work is?

Describe the most charitable act you have ever performed for someone.

Wrongdoing that you have a hard time forgiving yourself for.

Describe your feelings when you were a youngster and went to your grandparents’ house.

A gift you gave someone that made you feel really good.

Compose a letter that you want to be read aloud at your funeral.

How do you define forgiveness?

What kind of person makes you feel less than them?

Three qualities that

What accomplishments can you be proud of this week?

Describe an occasion when you brightened someone else’s day.

I hope people would…

What are some things you take for granted, and why?

What would the subtitle of your biography be, and why?

What have you discovered today that you have previously overlooked?

Which room in your house most accurately captures your personality and why?

Do you eventually want to receive something in return for the gifts you give?

Is fate a product of free will or chance? Explain.

What age would you prefer to start from if you could start over?

Write down five non-materialistic things you currently wish you had.

What areas of your life require the most improvement, and how are you addressing those?

An invention you may come up with to improve the world.

What qualities do you believe a new acquaintance would enjoy about you?

A task that has been on your to-do list but has been delayed. Why?

In what time period do you think you would have felt most at home?

Who is your favorite person, and why?

What presents would you buy for the three people in your life if money were no object?

Your sense of humor should be described.

Describe the procedure you use when you intend to purchase a costly item for yourself.

Letter-writing to God

What do you mean when you say “family”?

What do you feel guilty about the most? Why haven’t you been able to let yourself be forgiven?

Address a letter to the past.

What feeling has recently taken over your life?

What one item in your life would you alter, and why?

What uplifting, encouraging traits do you bring with you everywhere you go?

Try your hand at crafting poetry!

Create a story that features you.

An instance when you acted impulsively and how it affected you and other people.

What if your three desires come true?

A target you’re pursuing and your development to date.

What aspects of your life do you actually appreciate as opposed to merely tolerating?

Which three things are your top priorities?

An event from your past that needs to be let go.

What are some daily activities that you dislike, and why? Can they be revised, assigned, or removed?

What overall impressions do you have about commitment?

To the person, you need to forgive, write an honest letter even though it’s you.

What characteristics define you as who you are?

Which do you prefer, singing or dancing? What kinds of performances are you interested in giving?

Describe an instance when you were given the go-ahead to complete a significant task. How did you respond to it?

Which of your past parties was the best? What made it unique?

What incident from your school day is your favorite memory?

Which family activity did you enjoy the most this year?

Describe a humorous tale your parents have told you about yourself as a youngster in your essay. Can you picture yourself carrying out such an action?

Write about a task you detest.

Would you want to have a small circle of close friends or a large one?

Write about a recent experiment you had with something new. How did you find the experience?

What do you like doing the most online? How long do you spend working on it?

What is your current favorite book? What aspects of it do you like?

Why Why is it crucial to express gratitude for gifts and kind gestures?

How do you believe that television and online advertising affects you?

What obligation do you feel is the biggest? How do you accomplish it?

Did you ever get lost? How did you behave?

How do you imagine the globe will look in 100 years?

Make a poem about getting out of bed.

What was the best present you’ve ever been given? Why did it seem so unique?

What will your life look like in five years?

What is the most effective technique to express someone else’s love?

What is the finest reward you’ve ever discovered in a cereal box?

What is the most enjoyable activity in the park? Why?

Which would you prefer to lose, sight or hearing?

What query would you like to ask your favorite athlete, star, or other famous people? What sort of response do you expect to get?

Create a narrative about a person your age who lived in the days of the prairie.

What was the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?

Which weather conditions do you prefer? When you go through that, how do you feel?

In your opinion, what does “motivation” mean? In your life, how would that manifest? What does it mean, especially for you and your objectives?

Write a journal entry on a day in your ideal life. What does the life you envision look like?

Who is the one person you genuinely admire? Why are they so special?

What kind of individuals motivate you? Whom do you aspire to resemble most, and why?

What are three long-term objectives you want to accomplish?

Dividing a long-term objective into yearly, monthly, and weekly targets will make it easier to achieve.

What can you accomplish today to move closer to your long-term objectives?

List five things for which you are thankful.

Outline a challenge you overcame.

What is the meaning of your life?

Do you have trouble getting things done? When are you most likely to put something off?

What one thing can you do to avoid putting things off? What often gives you the drive to complete tasks? Is there a way you can work this into your schedule every day?

Has burnout ever happened to you? Describe the sensation of burnout for yourself. What appearance does it have?

What are some ways to avoid burnout? How can you prevent burnout by practicing self-care?

Describe a significant accomplishment in your essay.

Which of your little goals from today have you accomplished?

How do your feelings change when you achieve your goals?

What behavior do you engage in that you are aware may be affecting your motivation and productivity?

What are some things you can do right now to improve your mental health?

Even if it was just for a little period of time, describe a time in your life when you were really driven. From this, what can you infer? Why did you get so inspired?

What song or musical style inspires you? How come, in your opinion? Consider writing about how you’re feeling while listening to a piece of music that gives you motivation right now.

Who from a work of literature do you aspire to be like? What film is your favorite? Why?

What do you prefer to do on your days off?

What do you believe others think of you? Do you view yourself differently than this?

What does the word “success” mean to you? What do you mean by that?

Consider your long-term objectives in life. How many of these are goals that YOU desire to achieve, and how many, if any, are ones that society has conditioned you to think you want? Does this alter anything?

Visualize your adolescent self in front of you. How would you respond to them?

In five years, where do you see yourself? What place do you wish to be in?

Are you content with your life’s accomplishments to date? What emotions do your achievements evoke in you?

Describe a difficult period in your life in writing. How did you manage to survive it? How has it affected you personally?

Your favorite saying that serves as a reminder of your ambitions.

In five years, where do you see yourself?

What do you want to become?

What does achievement mean to you?

What prevents you from achieving your goals and leading the life of your dreams?

Make a list of things you’ve always wanted to accomplish and ask yourself permission to do them.

What are your top three objectives this month?

Who has fostered your creative spirit?

What motivated you as a youngster to create?

What areas of creativity do you excel in?

How has being creative benefited you?

What does it feel like to make something from scratch?

What ten activities do you like to do? When did you last allow yourself to engage in these behaviors?

Address a letter to your nagging inner voice.

If someone wanted to live a creative life, what advice would you give them?

What would you make if you could do so for the rest of your life?

What would bring me joy at this very moment?

What prevents you from achieving that happiness?

What makes me feel exhausted?

What do I need to renounce, refuse, or let go of?

How can I reorder the items on my to-do list?

What emotional or physical clutter can I clear out to achieve more comfort and simplicity?

What are the top three things I am thankful for right now?

Name the three persons I am most appreciative of right now.

What am I very skilled at? What is my super strength?

If money or other people’s opinions weren’t a constraint, what would I be doing?

Why am I scared? How can I face those anxieties head-on?

In what areas do I feel out of sync with what makes me happy?

What am I interested in learning more about?

What achievement do I feel the proudest of this month?

What is a short-term objective I am certain I can accomplish?

What tiny step can I take this week to go closer to that objective?

What does success mean to me?

What does taking care of myself mean to me?

Describe your dream day, including where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing.

Am I surrounded by individuals who encourage my finest qualities?

What’s the most significant lesson I’ve learned lately?

In what ways has your life improved since last year?

What about being alive makes you happy?

Make a list of the riches in your life.

What is a success you’re really proud of?

What qualities about your personality do you appreciate?

What is it about life that you most enjoy?

Describe a time when you felt only joy and lightness in your life.

What qualities about you do you love?

What makes you special?

Compose a thank-you note for yourself.

How do you consistently express your love for yourself?

What has been the greatest miracle in your life?

Do you follow the correct path? Otherwise, why not?

Are you looking for the truth?

What type of planet would you choose to inhabit?

What does it mean to be happy and free?

How happy and pleased are you with your life?

Why do most of us want to avoid the here and now?

What are your thoughts about enlightenment?

What holds the secret to inner peace?

Compose a letter and send it to your subconscious.

What do you consider to be your spiritual gifts?

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