15 Night Habits To Boost Your Next Day

We often talk about having a morning routine but tend to ignore that having a decent night routine is equally important.

A good night routine not only gives you a better quality of sleep but also makes your mornings more smooth and productive. Here are some practices that you can follow at night to make your brain work sharper the next day.

Here are Night Habits To Boost Your Next Day

Do not take caffeine after 4:00 pm.

We assume that our night routine starts when we get ready to go to bed. But our body starts following the routine way before that.

Caffeine usually stays in our body and has its effect on our system for nearly 6 hours. If you are addicted to having tea in the evening, avoid caffeine-based tea for it will leave you feeling jittery until 10 in the night. This will harm your night routine.

Keep yourself hydrated.

Dehydration can lead to fatigue when you wake up the next morning. You will end up feeling sluggish. Drinking a good amount of water throughout the morning can keep you energized the next morning.

Set timing by which you finish your work every day.

While working we often tend to lose the track of time. We usually end up extending our working hours. Working late affects our night routine. We end up sleeping at different timings every day which disturbs our body clock.

Fix your timing for work and avoid phone calls or emails related to work after that allotted time.

Alcohol should be avoided.

Do not consume alcohol within 2 hours of hitting the bed. Alcohol makes you feel drowsy but leads to a very disruptive sleep pattern.

Even if you are going out with your friends, keep a watch on your alcohol intake.

A healthy dinner is a must.

Always have your dinner a few hours before you decide to sleep. Eating beyond your stomach’s intake capacity or having a very rich meal during the night may lead to indigestion causing acidity.

Look for healthier alternatives for your bedtime. Eat something light and healthy before you hit the bed.

Take time to organize.

Staying in a tidy and organized environment automatically fills you with positivity. It is relaxing and makes you feel within control. Make sure you clean the dishes and kitchen countertops every night after dinner.

Also, keep a check of the mess you have in your bedroom. Clean it before sleeping. When you wake up in an organized environment you feel within control. It makes you feel relaxed and uplifts your mood.

Prepare yourself for the next day.

Prepare your outfit and gym clothes for the next day in the night itself. While you arrange your room before sleeping makes sure to prepare your outfit as well for the next day. 

Arrange your bag, remove the unnecessary clutter and keep the necessary items in it. Doing these things at night makes your morning a lot less hectic. You do not forget anything and do not get delayed because of the time you spend deciding.

When you do not have plenty of work lined up right after you get up, you fall asleep more easily and wake up a lot more relaxed than usual.

Take out some time for yourself.

Most of us are used to watching our favourite TV show or playing our favourite video game before going to sleep. But we often tend to lose track of time and end up binge-watching the entire series in one go. 

Pulling an all-nighter to watch a particular series depicts that you are not watchful of your time. Set a time for yourself and make sure to sleep by the particular time to avoid feeling tired and clumsy every morning.

Stay away from screens.

Melatonin is a necessary hormone for a peaceful sleep. The blue light from your gadgets or electronic devices like phones, laptops, etc interferes with its production.

It is for this reason that it is suggested to stay away from the screens of any electronic device at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. 

It is for this reason that it is suggested to stay away from the screens of any electronic device at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. 

Prefer reading a book.

Instead of watching a Tv series or checking your social media updates before going to bed, read a book. Books are certainly a lot better alternative to phones.

Staring at your phone screen can lead to headaches and stress your eyes. Reading a book has a lot more calming effect.

It is said that just 6 min of reading can ease your stress, calm your nerves and make you feel a lot more relaxed.

Reflect and analyze how you spent your day.

Analyzing and reflecting on your day can start from recalling your to-do list for the day. Count your accomplishments of the day, no matter how big or small it is. Mark the things you were able to tick off from the list. Figure out why you were unable to complete certain tasks.

Appreciate yourself for your achievements and criticize yourself at places where it is needed.

If it was a bad day, think of a good thing that happened and carry that thought to sleep.

Writing a journal is always a great idea of relieving yourself from the heavy thoughts of the day and going to sleep clear-headed.

Plan a schedule for your next day.

Maintain a planner where you can keep a record of your tasks for the next day. Arrange your tasks according to their priority and mention them in your planner in the right order.

Planning your day before, keeps you relaxed and makes your morning more sorted. When you have a plan it is simpler to stick to it and get through the day.

Express Gratitude.

Counting your blessings and expressing your gratitude towards them makes you feel happier. Before you go to sleep, make sure to note down at least one thing you are thankful for. 

Practising this habit at night ends your day on a positive note. You sleep feeling happy and satisfied with whatever you are receiving in life. When you sleep peacefully you tend to make the most out of your next day.

Make sure you take care of your hygiene.

Make sure you brush your teeth and wash your face before you sleep. Apart from that, take a warm bath before going to bed. You can also opt for a hot shower.

The logic behind it rests in the fact that the optimal temperature of the body ranges between  60 to 67 degrees for sleeping. 

When you come out of the bath your body temperature tends to drop. This happens to regulate your body temperature with the room temperature. 

This sudden and rapid change in body temperature can make you feel sleepy.

Follow the same timing of sleeping every day.

For an adult, 6 to 10 hours of sleep are suggested. Anything less than that can cause fatigue and make you feel tired and clumsy. You will keep on having an impression of being sleepy the entire day.

So it is reasonable to have a fixed timing to hit the bed every day. Supposedly, if you have to get up by 7 every day, you should make sure you sleep by 11.

You can also set an alarm so that it can remind you an hour before, to begin with, your bedtime routine.

So make sure to find a time that sits in your schedule and sleep nearly at the same time every day.

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