210+ November Journal Prompts

When looking back, November is a beautiful time to feel grateful. Various events are available during the month, many of which are related to football, food, and family.

Each day of November has a different writing prompt, which is listed below. This month’s noteworthy days have been highlighted by the prompts chosen for this post. As diary entries, daily warm-ups, or speaking and listening exercises can be employed. It is usually the fourth Thursday in November; hence Thanksgiving doesn’t have a specific date.

Journaling Prompts For November

– November 1st is today. What do you think about the end of DST if you reside there?

– List your top three goals for the month, along with the reasons behind each.

– Which colors and why do you connect with this season?

– What daily affirmation do you find most comforting? Look for one and write it down if you don’t already have one.

– It’s the month of “Family Stories.” Create a family history that you wish to pass on and share.

– Which activities do you want to do more of?

– How does the transition from fall to winter weather affect your way of life?

– How can you stay active and healthy this month?

– What one thing in your life is you most appreciative of?

– What activities would you like to reduce? Write these things down for yourself, and then write them down with the intention of doing more of the opposite.

– Discuss what Remembrance Day and Veteran’s Day mean to you and your family in your essay.

– What new pastime do you want to start this winter?

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– What good deed did you see or perform recently? It’s World Kindness Week.

– Where do you want your company, career, or personal/family life to be in a year?

– Select two autumnal veggies you want to use more frequently or try for the first time, then search out some new recipes to go with them.

– What advice would you provide if someone told you they needed to be motivated?

– Explain in your own words what you understand by the word “cozy.”

– It’s almost time for Thanksgiving. How do you intend to mark this year’s holiday?

– Which of your today’s events did you find to be the best?

– What features of your home do you adore?

– How do you focus your attention on a new project?

– What accomplishments this month are you most proud of?

– Write down all you have to be thankful for.

– What inspires you the most right now, specifically? Why?

– How did you handle the difficulties you faced this year? What positive aspects of these difficulties can you find?

– A happy Thanksgiving to you! How do you interpret this day?

– What would you want to buy if you were shopping on Black Friday, or what are you buying?

– Your grin is caused by what?

– How are your December plans shaping up?

– If you were to sum up your experience with this month in one word, what would it be?

– How soon will the Christmas season start? Which incidents make you feel festive?

– Describe three presents you can offer this year that isn’t material things. Which exceptional recipient would you choose?

– List three possessions for which you are grateful in your writing. Why are these things valuable to you?

– Have you ever gotten a present that you weren’t pleased with? In what way did you react?

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– What sort of presents will you be giving this holiday season?

– What present, if any, would you offer your parents? Why?

– What is the true meaning of the Christmas spirit?

– Have you ever offered a gift to someone unexpectedly? You gave the gift for what reason?

– Which presents work best as gifts?

– What are some ways you might express gratitude?

– How does it make you feel when someone appreciates you for a gift?

– When do you like presenting gifts? Why?

– When it comes to the holidays, why do we offer gifts?

– What can you do to help those who are in need?

– How can you help others this year in unique ways?

– Which would you prefer: receiving a gift or giving one? Why?

– How can we define giving?

– Do you favor giving presents that recipients have requested or those you deem likely to be appreciated? Why?

– What exactly does being grateful entail?

– Has somebody ever given you a present from someone you didn’t particularly like or know well? You did what?

– What do you have cause for gratitude this Thanksgiving?

– Do you believe that everyone deserves a gift during the holidays? In what way?

– Which present you’ve ever gotten stands out in your mind the most? What made it unique?

– In the event that you were given the same present again, what would you do? Why?

– What words of appreciation do you use when receiving gifts?

– Which customs does your family have towards receiving gifts?

– Which present, if any, would you want to receive this holiday season? Why?

– Describe a time you got a present that wasn’t expected. The way did you feel?

– How can you express your thanks in a unique way this year? Any of these novel techniques will you employ?

– Write down all the people you want to wish a happy Christmas too. What sort of gifts would you want to see given to others this year?

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– What vibe do you get from November?

– How do you personally define November?

– How do you keep yourself from forgetting to express thankfulness each day?

– What brand-new project can you take on this month?

– How do you feel when you think about November?

– This month, what concerns you? When this anxiety appears, how can you remain in the moment?

– To express your gratitude, write a letter to the person. Send it or simply keep it in your journal—your choice.

– What television program do you prefer? What is it about that program that you find so compelling?

– How recently did you read a book? From that, what did you learn?

– Share a quotation that is particularly meaningful to you right now.

– What event in the future can you get ready for right now?

– Consider a situation in this world that you wish might be changed. How can you help alter the world in a positive way?

– What is it about you and someone you disagree with that you find familiar?

– What family member can you help this month?

– Which language do you use for love?

– Which skill have you always wished you could master?

– What is something that, despite your lack of enthusiasm in doing it yourself, you’ve always been fascinated in?

– Which clothing item do you prefer? Your favorite reason for it?

– What can you do to spread love more widely on our planet?

– Express in writing a recent dream you experienced. Take it apart.

– What promotes a sense of calm?

– List three current blessings that you are thankful for.

– How can I serve my community more effectively?

– Considering the passage of time, what significant event or occurrence occurred in October?

– Three affirmations should be written down.

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– What changes have you noticed in your life during the past year?

– What spiritual advancements have you made this month? Feeling powerful or something you can improve in this area of your life?

– What does it take to keep you rooted and balanced? What is the best way to access this at any time or add more of it to your life?

– Does any part of you hurt? Apologize for it.

– If you journal before going to bed, how can you improve today (or tomorrow)?

– How do you now feel about your appearance? Would you like anything to change?

– What steps could you take to better look after your mental health?

– What adjustments may you make to enhance your physical well-being?

– How much sleep do you get? If not, why do you believe that is the case?

– Do you lack vigor? If so, what is the root of this?

– How much exercise do you get?

– Are you at ease gazing into a mirror? If not, list the reasons why that is the case.

– How do you feel about people looking at your physique, like at the beach?

– Do you fear getting sick?

– Do you have a fear of dying?

– Does stress have an impact on your body? How can you deal with this?

– What body part do you like the best?

– Do you have a positive connection with food? Mention any five feelings you have about eating.

– Do you follow a healthy diet? What modifications might you make?

– Do you consume alcohol, and if so, how much? Is there a method for you to reduce your consumption?

– How can drinking alter your personality?

– Do you believe that your employer has an impact on your health? And why is it the case?

– Do you tend to overthink things? Does this make you anxious and stressed out?

– Which aspect of your self-care do you need to focus on more?

– Do you successfully balance your job and personal life?

– Do you have time to yourself?

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– Do you need to cut back or give up anything? Cigarettes/alcohol/caffeine? How can you go about doing this?

– Jot down five things that make you chuckle.

– List the top 5 things that made you proud of yourself.

– Describe three healthy behaviors you have been practicing for a while.

– Mention any three destructive behaviors you’re attempting to break. What prevents you from changing them?

– When do you think is the greatest time of day? And why?

– How much does it matter to you what people think of your appearance?

– Do you accept who you are right now? If not, why not?

– 30. Your own rating of yourself today, on a scale of 1 to 10.

– How do you intend to spend the Thanksgiving holiday?

– Consider writing about what it would be like to ride the Mayflower.

– If this had been the first Thanksgiving, what would you have brought to share?

– Describe in writing your Thanksgiving Day customs.

– Who and why are you most appreciative of?

– Whom and why would you like to invite to Thanksgiving dinner, if you could?

– Do you prefer the summer or the winter? Why?

– How important is Veteran’s Day to you?

– What do you think about shopping on Black Friday?

– What holiday-related activities are you looking forward to?

– Discuss in your essay a good book you recently read.

– Describe an instance when someone was kind to you recently and what they did.

– Name a person you admire, and explain why.

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– What is your favorite meal to eat during Thanksgiving and why?

– Send a thank-you note to a person who means a lot to you.

– What do you believe being thankful means?

– What is one thing you want to never experience again?

– Create a piece of writing based on a November-related memory.

– What kind of life would you lead if you could live forever?

– What do you feel most anxious about breaking?

– Express yourself in writing about the space you’re in right now.

– Which of the following do you believe to be fragile?

– What is your greatest talent?

– What was the silliest thing that occurred in the previous week?

– What is your preferred activity to undertake with your parents?

– What is a piece of advice you hold dear?

– Tell us about the last lie you uttered.

– What is the worst sound you can imagine?

– What opportunity do you feel fortunate to have had?

– How do you pay respect to people who have passed away?

– Which group do you prefer: the Pilgrims or the Native Americans? Why?

– What would be your life’s mission statement if you could summarise it in one sentence?

– How do you define forgiveness?

– How do you unwind at the end of a hard day?

– My family and friends are a blessing to me because…

– Give the details of your best moment spent with your family or a close friend.

– Would you prefer to read a book or listen to one? Why?

– Which is superior, McDonald’s or Chick-Fil-A? Why?

– List three things about yourself that not many people know.

– What is your preferred sweet treat, and why?

– What’s anything you’d rather keep private?

– Specify one item that consistently brings you great joy in your writing.

– Which issue most worries you?

– Which five things, and why would you choose if you could live with just five?

– What are some ways you might let others know you value them?

– Who would you prefer to live with for a year if you were to share a room? Why?

– Would you prefer to spend the rest of your life indoors or outside if you could only pick one? Why?

– List 20 present items for which you are thankful.

– What are some ways to express your love for your parents?

– Which Saturday activity is your personal favorite?

November Journal Prompts

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