237+ October Journal Prompts for Creative Minds

Journal prompts for October encourage thought and connection with the season. They promote recalling childhood memories, appreciating changing foliage, and experiencing the thrill of Halloween.

These ideas help people enjoy October’s unique blend of nostalgia and transition, while also encouraging thankfulness and personal growth. Writing in reaction to them allows you to have a better knowledge of this enthralling month.

Journal Prompts October

October Journal Prompts

You can write about your future, your memoirs, or whatever else you want to get off your chest throughout the month of October. It’s also about being frightened and writing about terrifying things you’ve heard, both real and imagined.

-A variety of imaginative Halloween themes and thoughtful diary topics are included in our selection of October writing prompts.

-While keeping your eyes closed, recite the word October aloud. Upon opening your eyes, write down any thoughts that occur in your mind.

-Which color, and why do you associate with October?

-Which of your favorite ways to remain warm do you prefer when the weather gets colder?

-Did you have a favorite blanket growing up? Write about its origins and any recollections it stirs up.

-People start to consider being thankful around this time of year. For whom or what are you grateful?

-October is a fantastic month for apple harvesting (and enjoying fresh apples). What is your favorite story involving apples?

-What attire do you prefer to wear in the Fall?

-Are you familiar with hayrides? Write about it or describe how you imagine it to be.

-Pumpkins are available! Are you a pumpkin chef? Do you believe they are only used for carving?

October Journal Prompts

-Jot down your favorite summertime memory of the year, then make a note to come back to this post the following year and compare your fresh recollections.

-Choose a pastime you want to start (or resume) in autumn or winter.

-What positive impact can you have on a person you know right now?

-Compile a list of facts about Canada in honor of Canadian Thanksgiving.

-How would you define the word “thankful”?

-Write about a cause close to your heart. Write down three actions you may do to further that cause.

-Will you be joining in the festivities this year? Write out your ideas for how you plan to celebrate Halloween this year, given the circumstances.

-Where do you like to go to observe the fall foliage?

-Describe in great detail what Fall means to you; use words to create a picture.

-Describe the most beautiful pumpkin you have ever seen. (Perhaps it was enormous, or perhaps it had intricate carvings.)

-Make a list of three things you could do to enhance your company, your position, or your relationship.

October Journal Prompts

-Describe how you would deck up your house for the Fall if you could do whatever you wanted with the decor.

-Do you have a teacher who you still value today? You should describe who it is and why.

-Send letters of gratitude to two persons in your life.

-Describe your favorite memory with hot cocoa.

-Have you begun to consider Christmas? Do you feel joyful or stressed about this?

-Mother-in-Law Day is today. If you don’t have one, send a letter to your mother-in-law or another loved one.

-Make a start on compiling a winter reading list. What novels are on your wish list?

-The number of months left in 2020 is fewer than four. What plans do you have for the remainder of the year?

-If you knew you could have a significant effect on the world, what would you do?

-Today is Checklist Day. Make some entertaining checklists or list the tasks you’ve been putting off on a to-do list.

-Trick-or-Treat Day is here! What Halloween-related memories do you most cherish?

-Your longtime neighbor has invited you to their yearly Halloween celebration. Despite the fact that you haven’t seen them in a while, you choose to go. What follows is what?

-Describe an animal that terrifies you the most in a really frightening way.

-Who was your favorite instructor, and why?

-Write a paragraph that thoroughly describes a badger. What advice would you provide to someone who had never before seen a badger?

-Your school holds a contest to see who can gather 100 chocolate bars the quickest each year before Halloween. There are just 18 bars in your collection, and it’s only two days till Halloween. How are you going to hit your goal of 100?

-List at least five attributes that distinguish octopuses from humans and vice versa.

-What academic topic do you enjoy the most? What makes you like it?

October Journal Prompts

-You go to your friend’s house on Halloween night dressed as a witch. They begin sobbing as your friend opens the door. Continue with this story.

-In honor of Mental Health Day, how would you define “Mental Health”? Why does that matter? Can you provide any examples of mental illness? Who do you know who has gone through this?

-Clearly and in detail, describe a really creepy haunted home. Consider the interior decorations and the monsters that reside inside.

-Describe your personality to a complete stranger.

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-What is the first recollection you have?

-Which relative do you share the most traits with? What distinguishes you from one another?

-Using each of your five senses, describe your bedroom. Use a lot of precise language and descriptive terms.

-What one thing about yourself would you alter if you could? Why?

-What do you like best about yourself? Why are you fond of that quality?

-Describe an embarrassing incident from your youth. How do you feel now that you think back on it?

October Journal Prompts

-What do you dread the most? Why?

-Draw comparisons between you and a fictional person, animal, or plant. What features do you have in common?

-What song is your all-time favorite? When you listen to it, how do you feel?

-Create family-related writing. What do they like to do? How do they behave?

-Five years from today, compose a letter to yourself.

-In what city does your family reside? Do you like it where you live? In what way?

-When you grow up, what do you want to be? Which type of education would you require to fulfill your dream?

-What time of the school day is your favorite? How come you like it?

-What game is the greatest for socializing with friends? Why?

-In which location on earth are people happiest? Why is it so amazing?

-What was the finest present you’ve ever gotten? You received it; how did you express your gratitude?

-Which place and activity would you pick if you could go anywhere and do anything? Which person would you bring?

-What do you enjoy doing the most on your own? Is it thrilling or calming?

-Which would you prefer: fame for a job you detest or success at a career you love?

-What do you like to do best outside?

-What is the top item on your current wish list? What makes you want it? How would you employ it?

-Which aspect of growing older do you most anticipate? When you do, how will you celebrate?

October Journal Prompts

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October Daily Prompts

  • 1 What costume would you love to wear for Halloween, and why?
  • 2 Share a happy Halloween memory from your childhood.
  • 3 How does the October weather affect your mood and routine?
  • 4 What’s your favorite fall comfort food or drink, and why?
  • 5 Tell a spooky story related to October or Halloween.
  • 6 Describe the colors and sights of October that you enjoy.
  • 7 Talk about a cherished autumn tradition from your past.
  • 8 Write about what you’re thankful for this season.
  • 9 Try your hand at writing a short Halloween poem or story.
  • 10 Outline your plans and goals for October.

October Journaling

October Journal Prompts

-Consider your very first friend. Who or what was she? How did you two meet? What did the two of you do? How long did you guys hang out? What made you so close?

-What should you do to make the most of a sleepover? Why?

-In the last two years, what has changed about you the most?

-What time of the year is your favorite? What aspects of it do you like?

-Write about a personal characteristic that few people are aware of. Is it a well-kept secret or something you take pride in?

-What is your preferred Halloween attire?

-How do you experience the energy of October?

-What do you associate with October?

-Do you have any feelings that you need to process before November?

-What makes this month unique?

-What novels will you or are you currently reading this month?

-What are you now smitten with?

-Do you follow the news? Does that help you?

-How are you going to be here right now?

-What new skill would you wish to acquire?

-What spiritual progress have you made?

-How was your day?

-Inhale and exhale three times deeply. Once you’ve calmed down, start speaking.

-What heavenly treats can’t you get enough of?

-Who motivates you?

-What positive event occurred recently for you?

-How can you relate to someone you don’t agree with?

-The latter quarter of the year is currently upon you. How does that make you feel?

October Journal Prompts

-What does an affirmation mean to you personally? Do you ever use it?

-What is anything for which you are grateful?

-Write a message to a loved one and give it to them today instead of writing.

-Describe an event that occurred in September that had an influence after some time had gone.

-Who has been a help to you lately?

-In what ways do you interact with your Higher Self?

-Describe your ideal morning. Can you incorporate any of it into your regular schedule?

-How have you been interacting with your neighborhood this month?

-What does prosperity mean to you?

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-How did you feel in October?

-What has been your biggest success in the past month?

-What are three things about you that few people are aware of?

-Can you make sound decisions? What might you do better?

-Do you have any areas in your life that you wish were more organized?

-What recent self-discoveries have you made?

-How do you respond when you don’t get your way?

-Do you have self-control, or do you need to practice it?

-How do you handle roadblocks that stand in your way?

-When did you last express your creativity?

-Do you find it simple to ask for assistance?

-How well do you handle difficulties?

-Do you have a strong sense of self-assurance, or do you sometimes have self-doubt?

-Do you engage in any minor routines that provide solace? Describe them.

-What occasion did you most recently celebrate?

-What are your convictions, and do you uphold them steadfastly?

-Is it simple for you to empathize with others?

-Do you consider yourself to be a good communicator?

-What term, if any, would best describe your life?

-Do you find any aspects of your life to be distracting?

-Do you pause to consider what is going on in your life?

-What does it feel like to be uncomfortable? Do you think this is a good or bad thing?

-Are there any aspects of your life that you are delaying? Why, if so?

-What five words would you use to sum up, who you are?

-What aggravates you? How do you manage your rage?

-Do you think weeping is a helpful way to release bad feelings? Why are you crying?

-Do you conceal your feelings? Why, if so?

-Are your feelings what drive you? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

-Do you find it simple to express your emotions, or do you bottle them up?

-Who had the most impact on you growing up?

-What advice would you give yourself if you could return to your childhood?

-What kind of exercise or movement do you prefer?

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-Snuggle up in your preferred blanket. Explain why you chose that blanket in your essay.

-What attire gives you a nice feeling? Pose in these while taking a selfie.

-Pay attention to your breathing when you meditate. About your experience, write.

-List both your good and negative sentiments about the day in writing.

-Which amusing YouTube video is your favorite? Send out a link!

-List the top 5 things that make you feel amazing.

-Name three persons you look up to. What about them do you admire?

-Who did you assist today? Just how did you assist them?

-What is your favorite Bible passage or inspirational quote?

-What yoga position or stretch makes you feel your best?

-What book do you most want to read?

-What lively music is your personal favorite?

-Describe an instance when you showed courage.

-Compose a thank-you message and mail it right away!

-Visit a park and compose a poem there.

-Clean an object. For your journal, take a before-and-after image.

-When you learn a new term in a foreign tongue, write it down!

-Compile a list of 10 things for which you are grateful.

-What comedy film do you prefer? Write down your favorite line while you watch it.

-Describe the dessert of your dreams.

-Use crayons to color; snap a photo and record it in a journal.

-Indicate three strengths you have.

-What piques your curiosity?

-What current challenge are you dealing with?

-Construct a wholesome personal mantra of no more than 20 words.

-What beverage do you prefer to relax with?

-What food did you consume today? What effects did it have on your body and mind?

-What are three things you can do to feed your soul?

October Journal Prompts for Adults

  1. What’s your favorite Halloween costume memory from childhood? Why was it special?
  2. How does October make you feel? Describe the sights and sounds you associate with this month.
  3. Share a memorable October adventure or outing. What made it unforgettable?
  4. Write about the changing fall foliage. How do these colors relate to your life changes?
  5. How do you feel about winter approaching in October? How do you cope with those emotions?
  6. Do you have any October rituals or traditions? Why are they important to you?
  7. Write a letter to your future self about your October goals and aspirations.
  8. Explore why spooky and mysterious things captivate you during Halloween.
  9. Reflect on gratitude in October. What are you grateful for right now?
  10. Describe your perfect October day, from morning to night, including activities and people.


Through these October journal prompts, you can dive into the specialness of this month. By thinking about memories, traditions, and the changing world around us, you can enjoy October even more. Writing about yourself and what you’re thankful for helps you grow, making October a time to appreciate its beauty and feelings.

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