How to Overcome Negative Thoughts: 51+ Proven Ways

We see the world based on our mind’s perception. And if the perception is mainly negative it will start showing results in our health, vocational career, personal life, and many more. It is more worrying that negative thoughts have a dominos effect on us.

It is so because thinking negatively affects another person near us. In a larger picture, negativity spreads rapidly. 

And as a responsible individual, you must try to get rid of negative thoughts. So, here are a few tips that can help you to deal with negativity.  

Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Try to find a solution to difficult problems rather than getting hopeless. Finding solutions to difficult problems can help us in boosting a positive character. 

Don’t take everyone’s thoughts, feelings, or spoken statements personally. You never know which phrase, sentence, or kind of emotion others are impacting you. It can also drag you down in this way. 

Implement your dream life into reality. Everyone dreams of an ideal life where we will be carefree and don’t afraid of anyone. But when we are in our reality then things get topsy-turvy. You should try to implement your dream life as much as possible to reality. 

Realize the intoxication of negative thoughts. All those negative thoughts you or the world is going through are dragging you far behind. It is blocking your wish to live the dream life. 

Try to take a lesson from every negative experience. All our failures or negative experiences indeed teach us some important lessons. It makes us alert for the next time. Try to take guidance from all your bad experiences.

Learn to see good in the negative scenario also. If possible try to recollect all those joyful or happy moments present within a failure. 

Raise questions like how you can make yourself better the next time. If we try to ask ourselves questions like that then we are continuously checking our progress. 

Plan ways to handle such negative events better next time. A true learner is the one who can handle things better. They always analyze the present situation and hope for better the next time.

Try to look for different ways for the same situation. There are multiple ways based on which one can handle a situation. If we know multiple ways to deal with a situation then there are fewer chances of witnessing a negative impact next time. 

Don’t care about other opinions. As we are responsible for our happiness and not for others. Therefore, we should leave our habit of bothering about public opinion.

Get rid of your usual overthinking method of action. Usually, we think too much before opting for an action. Instead, if we think less and act much then it can enhance positive beliefs in us. 

Start knowing that no one cares about our way of talking or actions. People are busy dealing with their own lives and don’t care about their decisions and actions. So, we don’t have to carry the burden of public impression. And thereby, growing negative thoughts in us.

Set a reminder in your mind that you are the sole decision-maker of your life. Constantly remind yourself that as an adult you are free to make your own decisions. And nobody apart from suggestion can change any action of your life. Try to not give them importance as much as possible. And inbuilt negative thoughts.

 Don’t take everything seriously. Life is not about taking everything seriously. Often we skip most eventful moments of our life by building negative thoughts on expected serious moments. 

Try to realize that often what we think does not turn into reality. As psychological studies insist most of the time what we think does not convert to reality. We have an inherent tendency to always expect the worst than the best. 

Recollect the good experiences apart from bad ones only. We must also think of the success of incidents that can refill us with positivity. 

Maintain distance from all the sources of negative thinking. We regularly confront unlimited sources which imprint a negative impression on our mind. If we find ways to avoid such sources then our minds will be at peace.

Try slowly to get rid of negative sources. If the main sources of negativity are from people or other unavoidable means then you must apply a slow process to cut them off. Otherwise, it will take you further tensed and stressed. 

Then watch or read too much negative news on television or newspaper. There are numerous incidents of accidents, robbery, and all of which are injurious for our physical and mental health. But if we stop reading such news then we can make ourselves comfortable with reality. 

Listen to healing music. Daily manage a time slot where you can hear some peaceful music. It will help us to erase all our pessimistic ideas in our minds.

Spend time with close friends. Your closest friends are your confidante and your true well wishes. With them, you can be relaxed which can heal all your negative thoughts. 

Stop making a big structure from a small stone. You must trim all those thoughts in your mind which are growing into huge monsters. Otherwise, it will soon make your life hell. 

Foresee things on a long-term basis. If you begin seeing things on a long-term basis then you will automatically realize how important is your decision based on the thing. For example, how it will change in ten weeks. It will make our thoughts lighter. 

Share your thoughts with someone close to you. It’s better to talk with people whom you consider close to you. It prevents the unnecessary accumulation of thoughts.

Start getting advice from your close ones to fight with negative thoughts. When you are having an unavoidable pessimistic mindset then your relatives or friends who are optimistic can help you better.

Try to concentrate more on the present moment than future predictions.  If we live and act attentively on the present situation then it can help us out. There is less scope that we overthink of future times then. 

Don’t jumble up what is happening and what can happen. Otherwise both our mood and thoughts will get confused and automatically will sink. 

Notice your breathing counts. Keeping count of your breaths will help you to focus on the present situation. And in the long run, you will start ignoring the future possible impacts.

Start taking a two minutes break between your breaths. It will make you feel relaxed and to some extent develop optimistic thoughts.

Try to live the moment of your surroundings. Regularly watch the surrounding neighborhood areas. And if possible, take a walk or play with the neighborhood kids. It will make you carefree and filled with positivity.

Do a short workout to release your stress and negative thoughts. A stressful day full of work burdens can complicate your thought process. Automatically you will develop cynical thoughts in your mind. But a small workout with your favorite exercises can help you to boost your spirit and mind.

Learn to do weight lifting. Knowing sports and physical activities like weight lifting are helpful in the long term. It can free you from all your inner anxiety and distresses.

Do some constructive activity. Engaging yourself in some constructive and worthy activities leaves little or no time for you to think of unnecessary worries.

Watch inspirational movies which deal with negative thoughts. Since people are more comfortable with audiovisual mediums and the messages it provides. Watching a good movie that gives the message to overcome overthinking and pessimism can make your move much easier. 

Try a closer view of your fear. Viewing things from distance is completely different from its closer view. Similarly, assuming things from a distance becomes a useless headache. Often the thing we fear or have negative thoughts about can be dealt with easily if we have a closer look at them.  

Always get ready for the worst outcome of every situation. If we are prepared for the worst outcome then there are limited chances that negative thoughts can take shelter in our minds.

Make a list and start finding a solution to the probable outcomes. Take a notebook and a pen and start listing the possible outcomes. And in case there come some problematic outcomes then start solving the solution for those problems. 

 Prepare clarity for every situation. We must organize and solve every query of our mind. So, that if there’s an unsolved worry in our mind we have enough transparency to handle the situation.

Train your mind to be rational. We must think about everything logically so that we can find a positive way for every problem.

Don’t become self-obsessive. A me-centric mindset can result in overthinking. If you are self-conscious then will never learn to overcome hurdles and forever will have negative ideas in mind. 

Get positive by engaging in someone else’s life. If we are surviving from too much concern about ourselves then we can take a break from our life. We can get involved in someone else’s life by trying to solve problems in their life. In this, we can enhance positivity and ultimately inculcate in our own. 

Appreciate all the good things in your life. When we are in a negative mood then it becomes impossible to find anything good in it. We often start to think that our life is useless. And sidelines all the nice moments or persons we possess. In those times, if we peacefully think about all the goods then it will make us feel better. 

Feel good about all the basics you have in your life. If we get satisfied with all our basic needs like shelter, food, clothes, a favorable climate then we will not get hopeless. A not negative thought can overcome our feeling of gratitude. 

Start new hope from a new positive day. A pessimistic beginning is difficult to turn things in your favor. Instead, have patience and try to start all things from a new optimistic morning. 

Every morning reminds yourself that this is a fresh start of the morning. Whenever we get low in our spirit and hope we can simply try to remind ourselves each morning that this is the new starting. And should look for it positively. 

Read inspirational quotes of famous personalities. Reading and inspirational quotes guide us to lead an ideal life. It makes us view things positively. 

Watch talk shows of motivational speakers.  People are increasingly idolizing famous personalities. And television programs are also broadcasted keeping in mind this demand. Talk shows like Ted X and many others try to boost people and give them the motivation to overcome challenges like negative thinking. 

Watch some comedy series or books to keep yourself in a light mood. One of the main reasons for having negative thoughts is not laughing and being gleeful for a long period. And lighting up your mood can erase all your negative thoughts. 

Try to view things in between two extremes.  As people have an inbuilt nature to choose things either as black or as white their starts all the problem. We see things either as best or worst. And ultimately becomes pessimistic. Viewing a middle path can make us somewhat positive-minded. 

Filter your thought process. Try to convert your thinking style like a water filter. And similarly, extract all the possibilities and hope for a phenomenon from the remaining impurities.

Try to solve your negative belief in something from others” perspectives. We can best seek an answer to a problematic situation when we are in other’s shoes. That is when we are overthinking at that moment if we pause for a moment and can start thinking. We can analyze what we would have suggested if my friends are asking me for a solution. 

Don’t allow more than ten minutes for thinking about a probable outcome. If you don’t want to get too rigid on yourself then only allow ten minutes to yourself to think about something. And after that get busy with your usual planned day’s schedule. 

Overcome all your judicial thoughts. It’s human nature to compare a person with another. We compare and easily become judgemental about a fraction of a second. If we want to erase all the negativity in our minds then we have to overcome such prejudices and comparisons.

Try to find out positive traits in others. We can fetch all our negativities out of our minds and character by praising everyone we know. We must see the goodness in someone in place of criticizing them. 

Praise all those talents you have. We only emphasize the weak sides of us and encourage the negative thoughts associated with it. On the contrary, if we start praising all our capabilities or masteries then we will have a completely alternate mindset. 

Keep yourself busy with the workload. It is true that the more we are free the higher are the chances to inherit unwanted thoughts. But if we start keeping ourselves busy with some workloads then we will have no time in addressing those negative thoughts. And as a result, we will be free from all the negativities. 

Read good books which give you a solution to the problems. At present, numerous self-help books are showcasing paths to face negativity. And look to the world with a completely new perception. These books are proven helpful for many conscious individuals.

Visit a psychiatrist near you. After a long stress-free chat session with the psychiatrist, your problem can get resolved. 

Learn to do yoga to enhance your positivity. Yoga is a years-long process to extract all your worries and stress and filter in your peace. Apart from yoga’s pranayama are also useful in controlling your breathing process so that you don’t hype your emotions. 

Do regular meditation to make your brain stress-free. Practicing meditation daily grows patience in us. Also, it changes our thinking process and tries to make us a positive out looking person. 

Give a particular time to your negative thoughts and review them again and again. Neurological sciences found it helpful to think about our negative thoughts and jotting down our errors. Then correcting all those errors. With time, we will find the cause of our negative thinking and a possible solution for that. 

Be conscious and try to notice the time when you start to inbuilt negative thoughts. If we notice the time when we are encouraging negative thoughts at that time itself we can cut it off. And can try to be optimistic.

In place of thinking, we can try writing it. When we write our observations about why we are having negative thoughts, then we are going through a conflict between our thinking and our writing. And in the ongoing conflictual process, the reason behind this automatically drags out. 

Ask yourself what we get from thinking negatively. As we will not get any fruitful answer then automatically we will get convinced to think positively. The more we start questioning ourselves, the chances for developing a positive mindset becomes prompted.

Take the hypnotizing therapy. Treatments have evolved nowadays so much. The hypnosis technique is one of the most powerful media through which you can get to know the reason for your negative thoughts. It will make you aware of the experience if any so that you can work on it and make yourself a better person. 

Have adequate rest and proper sleep. When we are under stress and finding no way to get out of this. Then our mind starts perceiving everything in negative ways. To prevent that we can only have proper sleep so that we can awake in a fresh mind the next day. 

Take proper medication if you have any thinking disorder. People also have negative thoughts because of some neurological imbalances and disorders. In such cases, the best way is to get proper treatment under a doctor’s guidance. Only he can help you to overcome the tendencies of negative thinking in such cases. 

Try to remember bitter experiences if you have any which caused pessimism in you. If you can have any such memory then it is best to again review that incident. So, that you can logically make yourself understand the less probability of reputation of mistakes in future.

Take inspiration from those who overcame a similar situation. Figure out some time and with the help of an internet browser try to find out similar cases across the globe. It will help you get to know their situation and how they handle it successfully. Sometimes, if you can arrange their contact number you can also get in touch with them and ask for their suggestions. 

Learn some creative skills which will grow positivity in you. Creative fields like fine arts including classical music, dance, and painting try to help man to see the world with positivity. It will make you happy and engaged. And in the longer run, you will ultimately forget about all your negative thoughts and predictions of the future. 

So, these useful tips presented can guide you to overcome your negative thoughts and enhance optimism in you. 

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