15+ Plants that Bring Money and Good Luck to Your Home

Abundance and financial stability are one thing that you need to have in this world. You work hard to live your dream life, and sooner or later, you want to experience a luxurious life.

Sometimes hard work does not pay you with the efforts that you have given; rather, it makes you question your abilities and the things you do in your life.

It is essential to surround yourself with such an environment that will attract positivity into your life and will also bring optimistic thoughts into your life.

It will make you look at things in a more hopeful way. In such times you should also keep some plants which, along with giving positive vibes and a hint of nature, also helps in maintaining the financial stability in your life.

These plants will remove all negative energies and attract positive vibes, which will ultimately help you maintain your finances. 

Ways to bring money to your home

  • Declutter the space you live in, removing unwanted things from your house. 
  • Have a water feature inside your home, which enables you to live adequately.
  • Have a pleasing entrance which helps in attracting money to your home.
  • Clean your kitchen as that is where you get food, and it helps you get sustenance.
  • Place the citrine crystal in your home, which attracts wealth into your home.

few plants to bring money to your home:

Swedish Ivy 

Swedish Ivy is essentially considered a good luck plant. It also goes by the name of gossip spur flower. Although it is not known to be kept as a houseplant, it is one of the best plants to attract money and abundance to your home.

Plants attract positivity into your house and also cleanse the air around you, giving you a hint of nature. It is very important to remain connected when you are on your path to reaching your dreams.

When you have positive vibes around you, you will be able to do everything and have the courage to face every challenge that might come up your way. You will get motivated to get better every day.

Swedish Ivy can be easily grown indoors and as ground cover outdoors, but if you are growing it indoors, you need to keep it at such a place where it can easily spread its branches.

You need to take care that it should not be under direct sunlight as its leaves may get burnt.

This plant acts as a good omen in your life and also helps you in motivating yourself and also keeping you inspired regarding your goals and ambitions.

Money Tree 

The money tree, which is also known as the Malabar chestnut, typically grows in the tropics of Central and South America. It can be characterized by its long palmate leaves and smooth bark, and it is considered a plant that attracts abundance to your house. It is believed to make you fortunate.

The Pachira tree also consists of five leaves that symbolize the element according to Feng Shui. It is very important to walk with luck by your side as you know that apart from efforts, you need to have that luck by your side at times.

It helps you get through difficult situations easily and inspires you to strive for more. It pushes you forward toward your goals and aims.

Growing a Pachira tree is not much difficult as it does not require much light, and it can easily thrive in partial shade and moderate temperatures, which makes it an easy household plant to grow without making much effort.

Keeping such plants also motivates you to work harder and makes you think that if you put enough effort, then you will be able to reach every goal and every dream envisioned just by sheer effort and not being distracted by any failures or hurdles that might come up in your path.

It changes your whole outlook toward your dreams and gives you the urge to put in more effort.

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Holy basil 

Holy basil is one of the most significant plants in Indian households, and you may notice it in every house you visit in. It holds significance to a much greater value. It is one of the most powerful medicinal herbs which provides protection from many widely known ailments and is typically grown outdoors in Indian households.

According to Hinduism and Buddhism, the holy basil plant attracts health, wealth, and prosperity.

It also acts as a great mosquito repellent. This plant is worshiped in Indian households as it has a notion to put away all negative energies and attract optimism and wellness into your life, making it a must plant to keep in your house. 

Growing a holy basil plant is also simple if you keep it on the south or north-facing side and try to maintain the soil on the drier side.

When you grow a basil plant, you will automatically feel the power of this plant from within, and you will be able to feel that this plant sucked in all your reasons of stress and worries within it and makes you feel all rejuvenated and pumped up to carry on putting your efforts.

It creates such a mindset within you that you believe in all the efforts you are putting in, which also helps you focus on your goals and ambitions. 

Jade plant 

According to the Feng shui principles, the plants which have circular and round leaves are considered to be auspicious and also seem to invite good luck as well as wealth. Jade plant has this characteristic for which this plant is gifted in many business openings.

When you put your first step forward regarding your goals, you should always make sure that you have blessings and good luck by your side apart from your efforts.

It will help you reach the stage that you have always dreamt of and will also help you in facing any difficulties that might come in your way of reaching your destined goal. The Jade plant is considered a perfect succulent plant that can live for years if it is taken proper care of.

You should water only when the soil is dry, and do not forget to keep it under direct sunlight.

You will notice that it will create an atmosphere of positivity around you which will eventually attract wealth into your life, and you will be able to have financial stability.

You should remember that along with these plants, you should also not forget to put in effort in due course of time as effort, and good luck are major combinations that not everyone gets. 

Hawaiian Ti plant 

According to the early Polynesians, the Hawaiian Ti plant is considered to be one of the most magical plants. This plant was considered magical because once you start growing this plant, then it is seen your wealth increases with time. .

You should always remember to be connected to the ground even if you reach the peak of success. This success will be with you if you keep it with care and maintain your efforts to keep it to yourself.

Only having this plant will ensure that you achieve success and your efforts need to be at par. Your efforts and determination are what drive you to achieve your success.

You should always grow the Hawaiian Ti plant in well-draining potting soil as it is not suitable to keep this plant in constant moisture. It is a very temperature-sensitive plant that cannot withstand temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius.

You should keep the plant in filtered sunlight to keep it growing. Once you grow this plant, you should make sure that you take due care of it. You should make sure that you do not have a laid-back attitude when you want to achieve wealth and success.

When you are at balance with your efforts, you will notice that wealth will ultimately come to you. 

Rubber Plant 

The rubber plant is considered an auspicious plant. Since it has round leaves, it denotes prosperity, wealth, and good luck according to the Feng shui principles. You should try placing the rubber plant in front of your entrance where it could provide maximum value and will help you with your money and success.

Rubber plant also helps remove pollutants from the air present in your home.

You should not bother regarding society when you are on your path of achieving the dreams which you had envisioned with your own eyes. You need to strive hard to reach the aims and goals you have seen in your life.

Growing a rubber plant is not difficult; you can just keep it where the plant receives indirect sunlight. You should make sure that this plant is kept in a well-draining potting mix, and it should never be overwatered.

When you keep the rubber plant in your home, you will notice that the whole atmosphere around you will beam with positivity and hope, which will motivate you to work hard towards the things you want to achieve.

These hard work efforts, when paired with optimism and good luck, will prove to be a great present for you.

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Lucky Bamboo 

Lucky Bamboo is a widely available plant found in gift shops to supermarkets. It is considered to be auspicious and attract money according to Asian culture.

It is considered a plant that brings good luck, happiness, and wealth to your life. You should aim at using this plant accurately to get the maximum benefit.

These plants give off energy that helps you tackle the most difficult situations and motivates you to put all your efforts into the tasks you do.

It makes you look at things differently, which makes you more polite to everyone you talk to and show gratitude even for the simplest of the things you get in life for the environment around you.

You can grow a Lucky bamboo plant very easily, but you need to make sure that the roots of this plant are always covered in water as they thrive in it. This plant survives even when it is neglected, making it one of the easiest household plants to grow.

You should not overlook the positive aspects that this plant throws when it dwells in your home; you get so affected by its positive vibes that you give birth to another self of yours which is filled with revamped energy and has the confidence in them to achieve every difficult or impossible thing in this world.

These motivations enable you to focus more on the tasks that need to be done and help you take care of yourself both physically and mentally. These attributes and traits will not only help you achieve your goals but will also make sure that you are raised as a great human being.


The Rue plant is one of the strongest smelling plants and is mostly found in Southern Europe. It is also known by the name Queen of grace. It is considered to have many magically as well as medicinal properties which provide you protection, good health, good luck, and prosperity.

When you are all focused on your goals, you should also make sure that you are in good health as; if you are not in your best health, it will eventually show up in the work you do, which will just push you back from reaching you your goals and ambitions.

Your wealth will reach you when you are respectful towards it and are thankful for everything that you have at the present moment. You can grow your Rue plant in a sunny spot on your balcony.

You should ensure that it is kept in the southwest-facing window and in well-draining soil.

These plants give out positive energy, which helps you in taking care of your mental health, and in the process of taking care of it you take care care of your mental health too because when you are hustling in your life, things get a bit tough, so it is very important to keep your mental health in check.

At that point in time, your mental health crumbles down sometimes due to tremendous pressure, and at that point, you should consider putting yourself and prioritizing your mental health as your foremost criteria, which will also help you in getting back on track.

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Shamrock plant 

The Shamrock plant is considered a plant that denotes the holy trinity of the father and the son. Therefore it is often used by priests and is considered to be a lucky plant. When you put in all your effort, you need to keep in mind that that effort does not always show your goals.

Sometimes, even opportunities and time play a role. So when you are on your path to achieving your goals, you should make sure that you do not hurry as everything is a matter of time and understanding your truest potential is one of the key features of this process.

You should remember that everything happens at its own time, and you can only worsen it by being hasty or rushing your way through.

If you want to grow the shamrock plant indoors, you need to make sure that you are keeping the plant where it receives direct sunlight. You also need to ensure that you provide enough moisture to this plant by watering it regularly but not overwatering it.

You need to water it only when the topsoil is dry. These plants give off positive vibes, which help you get through with the whole situation because, at times, you start doubting yourself and lose confidence.

All you need is to believe in yourself and keep putting consistent efforts into the things you are doing. 

Pothos or Devil’s ivy 

This plant is supposed to bring good luck to your house, according to Asian culture, so this plant is often seen in houses and offices as it brings good luck, wealth, and prosperity. Apart from this Pothos plant can be used as an extremely decorative plant in households and helps purify the air from poisonous gasses and toxins.

When your house gets rid of any negative energy, then you will feel that you can do everything in a much more organized way, and you will not feel out of place in such conditions.

Rather you will have a plan and idea regarding every step you take and everything you do to reach the goals which you have set for. The growth of the Pothos plant is very easy, and it can grow even when it is being neglected.

This plant does not demand too much attention, but it needs to be under indirect sunlight and should also be watered moderately. When you are under the influence of plants that give off good vibes, you will see that you will be able to do things with a sound mind and will also be able to make decisions wisely.

It helps you focus on your goals and will also let you take care of yourself as well as the environment around you.

This hint of nature in your daily life helps you feel good as a whole. It gives you confidence in yourself and helps you regain back your trust in yourself. 


Life is full of unknowns, and as you grow, you evolve and gain knowledge. Change is inevitable, sometimes challenging to manage. Indoor plants can help you stay open-minded, discover your potential, and enrich your outlook. Some plants are believed to bring wealth to your home. Trying this alongside your efforts could be a blessing.

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Frequently asked questions on plants that bring money to your home.

How to attract wealth and prosperity?

Believe in what you have right now and focus on the things you have in the present moment, which helps in the attraction of wealth. Believe that you are worthy of happiness. 

What is the best lucky charm for money?

According to Feng shui principles, the Laughing Buddha is one of the best principles for the attraction of wealth into your house, which brings abundance and joy into your life. 

Which animal symbolizes wealth?

According to Chinese culture, Goldfish symbolizes wealth which is associated with abundance, fortune, wealth because the Chinese word fish symbolizes wealth.

How to grow plants at the start?

You need to first choose a container to pot your plants, start with some quality soil, always make sure to plant at proper depth and water wisely. 

What plants are perfect to pot at home?

Succulents are one of the best plants to be planted at home, the ZZ plant is also one of the easiest plants to be planted at home, and African violet is also one of the good plants to be potted at home. 

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