101+ Top Affirmations You Ever Need

In this fast moving world it has become very difficult to maintain a positive outlook towards life. Keeping a positive life and reflecting that to the world is very essential to be successful in life. Thus few of the positive affirmations that is surely make you feel positive about one’s life are.

Positive Affirmations You Ever Need

-“ It is always easier to look for the good in people. Pessimism is tough and is a waste of time. “

-“Being positive at a time of distress is exactly like being quiet and calm in a world that simply can’t stop talking – it is a requisite, it is rare and yet, underrated.”

-“A pessimist turns all of his opportunities into a difficulty and an optimist turns all of his difficulties into an opportunity.”

-“It is never too late to change one’s personality towards something better and more positive and try living happily for the rest of their life.”

-“The past is not something for us to cry upon – what’s for us to ponder upon is our today and to work rigorously for is our tomorrow.”

-“Positive thinking not only results in an optimistic perspective towards life in general – it also leads to elevating our environment and making everything all around us seem naturally better.”

-“In life, being fearful of what might possibly go wrong in the future would never let the right things happen. It requires a positive perspective to let the right things occur. ” 

-“Positive thinking gives birth to success, self confidence, better mental faculties and negative thinking kills the exact same things.”

– “Thinking positively is the first step towards building a better future. Without envisioning it optimistically, it is impossible for anybody to actually step up and do something about it.”

-“The happiest people aren’t necessarily the luckiest people. What sets them apart is their conscience, awareness and positive thinking.”

– “Remembering mistakes and feeling terrible about them is not necessary, what’s actually needed is recalling the lessons learnt, keeping them in mind and promising to change oneself only for the better.”

-“What we are is precisely what we think. Our mental faculties define who we are more than anything else.”

-“Positive thoughts hold a lot of power and change your life for the better, they help boosting one’s self-esteem, self-confidence, develop their sense of decision making and in turn help them grow and evolve. “

– “Once you’re an optimist, there will never be a need to be anything else.”

– “Prepare yourself for the worst that could happen and envision yourself experiencing the best that could happen.”

-“Whilst being a pessimist, no battles have ever been won and shall never be.”

-“One can achieve success only by having a balance of everything – hope, confidence, morality, efforts, hard work, optimistic thinking, etc., not by merely living in a bubble and relying on positive thoughts.”

-“Pessimism means thinking that things are worse than reality and optimism is thinking that things are better than reality. The latter is better, anyway. “

-“Once you start looking at all the good in what life has offered to you, there is absolutely no turning back. “ 

-“The best possible combination is to be pessimistic with your knowledge, being aware that there is a lot more left to be learnt and being optimistic with foreseeing the outcome and keeps our confidence levels high.”

– “ In a status driven world like ours, there is hardly anyone who actually takes a moment and realizes the importance of positive thinking and knows that we are nothing without our conscience and mental faculties. “

-”Having positive thoughts ensures that however difficulties the circumstances may be, one continues to stay motivated, keep his hopes high and strive hard instead of giving up.

-“An optimist is not someone who has a utopian perspective towards life in general, they are aware that things might get tough but at the same time, they also know that there is light at the 

end of the tunnel. ”

-“ One who thinks positively does not live in a bubble, he/ she instead, is not afraid of failing or making mistakes and at the same time, is open to learning from them.”

-“For people who very well know how to make their best way out of everything, life has its own ways of giving them the best of everything.”

– “Optimism is nothing but being unfettered by multiple failures without losing enthusiasm, no matter what the circumstances are.”

-“Negative thoughts are something that destroy one’s capacity to do anything whereas, positive thoughts impart confidence and self-worth.”

– “No pessimist with his/her negative outlook towards life has ever been satisfied with their achievements, however big or small they may be. “

– “An optimist looks at himself between infinite opportunities and a pessimist looks at himself stuck amid indecision and difficulties .”

-“You have nothing to lose in looking forward to the best things when you have prepared yourself for the worst. ”

– “Even when you’re going through hell and are deep down a rabbit hole, do not stop looking for the light of the stars. “

– “It is all about choosing compassion over hate, cognizance over bias, hate over love, happiness over agony and positive thoughts over negative ones. “

-“ Your happiness is only in your hands, not somebody else’s. “

-“ Always choose to be the reason someone reinstates their belief they have in positivity, to be the reason they feel loved and blessed and to be the reason they smile. “

-“Even the darkest of the darkest nights at some point in time, transcend into the sun rising on a beautiful dawn.”

-“ When you look at the core of optimism within your own self, you shall realize that no matter what you are put through, hope always persists. “

-“ What is optimism if not believing there is good in everything, even in what is bad and what is pessimism if not believing there is bad in everything, even in what is good? “

-“ At a time when there are so many difficult things that the world around us is collectively going through, one would rather choose to keep moving forward instead of getting wrecked and breaking down. “

-“ The real ethos of optimism lies in the fact that it is more about YOU and YOUR hope at a time where in everybody else has already called it a day. “

-“A part of all of us is an optimist, the only thing that sets one apart from the rest is how much. “

-“The world around us is more or less the same for all of us but where the actual difference lies in is how each of us chooses to see the things that we are offered with. “

– “ Optimism is not essentially believing that things shall always work in our favour, it is more about being certain of no matter what the outcome is, we shall always make our way through it. “

-“ If you aren’t faithful enough about how and what you shall make out of what’s offered to you, you shall be stuck in the mediocrity and mundanity of your everyday life forever. “

-“ More often than not, not finding a solution translates into making things seem impossible, none of us knows anything enough to envisioning it as unfeasible. “

-“There are plenty of ways in which one can actually curb his/her negative thoughts, one of which is switching the way we observe our environment. “

– “ None of us has had a life that is a bed of roses, then how is it that there are people who choose to keep their hopes alive and move forward in life? ”

-“Optimism gives one the strength to take risks, to fall seven time and get up eight, to make mistakes and to achieve their goals without any regression.”

-“One’s personality is precisely an outcome of his/her thinking patterns, both bad and good. “

-“ No man is ever too old to be self aware, have a clearer sense of purpose and change for the better, if needed. “

-“ The only problem with hope is that it has no end to it. “

affirmations you ever need

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