121+ Positive Life Goals to manifest all your dreams

Living a life without any perfect vision is like living to fail to achieve everything you wish for. A life without goals is a simple waste of time. However, it is never too late to set goals for yourself.

Positive Life Goals to manifest all your dreams

Positive Goals for fitness 

-Do minimum 50 push-ups 

-Do 20 handstands

-Drink 3-4 litres of water every day 

-Run 5-kilo meters daily 

-Become a master in 6 yoga poses 

-Do at least 7 pull-ups 

-Go for swimming daily 

-Indulge more in outdoor activities 

-Participate in Marathons 

-Try to hold a deep squat for 30 seconds 

-Practice more sprints 

-Try to complete 5 one-arm push-ups 

-Become a master of five polymetric moves

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Goals to enhance creativity 

-Write short stories 

-Create poetries 

-Go for painting lessons 

-Choreograph dance moves every weekend 

-Get into the habit of writing 1500 words a day each month 

-Become a master at a new recipe 

-Develop a vision board 

-Take knitting lessons 

-Change the designs of your interiors

-Build an app 

-Take up a website and redesign it 

-Learn a new skill each month 

-Get better at the skillset 

-Practice personal development

Family and Social Goals

-Become a good listener 

-Take out time to go on drives with family 

-Plan holidays every two months with the entire family 

-Have dinner together with the family 

-Help each other get better 

-Attend the soccer match for the son 

-Go to daughter’s dance recitals 

-Have fun with your spouse 

-Talk with your parents on call daily 

-Visit your parents twice a month 

-Connect with a distant family member once a month 

-Have a healthy work-life balance 

-Hang out with friends once a month 

-Learn to forgive and let go 

-Be empathetic towards others 

-Respect all your friends 

-Become inspirational 

-Have healthy and mind enlarging conversations with friends and colleagues 

-Practise moral values in front of kids

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Positive Career Goals 

-Get a master’s degree after graduation 

-Exceed the expectations of the superiors at work 

-Win the best employee award 

-Dedicate in the growth of the company 

-Overcome the fear of public speaking 

-Attend seminars and webinars 

-Gain confidence 

-Pitch out the ideas in front of superiors confidently 

-Start a new business 

-Increase the turnover of the business 

-Gain better customer satisfaction for the business 

-Motivate people to perform better at their work 

-Develop great work ethics 

-Become an expert in the industry related to the work field 

-Learn new thing about the industry 

-Complete the tasks at hand on time

-Become a team player 

-Lead a team for a project 

-Become the first choice of top-level management at the company 

-Create a website for the business 

-Learn new skills to boost the business 

-Become an innovator 

-Adapt new technological changes for the growth of the company 

-Turn passion into a profession 

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Spiritual Goals 

-Practice meditation 

-Learn new ways of meditation and yoga 

-Read self-help books 

-Dedicate to spiritualism or religion 

-Attend silent practices to connect to the higher self 

-Develop and live with spiritual values 

-Practice gratitude, compassion and forgiveness 

-Learn a healing process such as Reiki 

-Practice mindfulness and live in the present 

-Be harmonious with the outside surrounding 

-Read religious books such as the Bible, Bhagwat Gita, Holy Quran etc.

-Take a trip to pilgrims 

-Serve humanity 

-Donate at charitable organizations 

-Come into contact with spiritual leaders 

-Become a master at attuning with your higher self 

-Regularly attend religious services

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Positive Knowledge Goals for Life

-Take a class of any subject that interests you 

-Learn a new language 

-Become a master at foreign language 

-Take lessons from the mistakes performed 

-Develop problem-solving tricks and methods 

-Become a master of one specific thing 

-Have a flexible mindset 

-Always be ready to learn from everyone 

-Gain knowledge about any topic so that you can teach a class 

-Always be receptive to learning new things 

-Have a broad perspective on a variety of subjects

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Financial goals for life

-Create an emergency fund that can feed me at least for nine months if I lose the job 

-Live the debt-free life style 

-Live within means and expand the sources of income 

-Have a passive income 

-Have a side business apart from job 

-Plan for retirement while young 

-Make investments at a young age 

-Get medical and other insurances settled 

-Cut the frequent expenses 

-Stop buying unwanted things 

-Get rid of the home loan in fifteen years 

-Build a college fund for kids and get rid of the student’s loan

-Enjoy the work that you are pursuing 

-Learn trading and stock market 

-Have a habit of creating a budget 

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Healthy Lifestyle goals

-Avoid junk food 

-Take in nutritious food 

-Take proper healthy diet 

-Take protein shake before going to the gym 

-Avoid oily food 

-Take in food that is good for the digestive system 

-Take green tea

-Avoid sugar and chocolates 

-Take in fewer carbs and more fibre 

-Take proper sleep of eight hours daily 

-Exercise every day for at least 30 min 

-Go for jogging every day 

-Get ready for a marathon 

-Do resistance training every day 

-Practice strength training during workouts

-Go out for walks daily in nature 

-Practice breathing exercises daily 

-Quit any bad habit such as drinking or smoking 

-Preach people about a healthy lifestyle by becoming an example 

-Help others lead a healthy lifestyle

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Some other Long-term Positive Goals 

-Start a family once settled 

-Travel to different countries 

-Become the best version of oneself 

-Create financial freedom 

-Enjoy other goals and dreams 

-Leave behind a legacy 

-Create milestones to be attained in the job you are pursuing 

-Create a world record in something 

-Be happy in the present 

-Buy a home for parents 

-Buy a car for father 

-Buy a BMW by the age of 25 

-Build a home at the age of 27

-Have six-figure bank balance at all times 

-Grow the business and help people solve their problems 

-Adopt a child

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