500+ Positive Words Start With “B”: To Unlock Your Potential

Words have the power to ignite the mind of men. It overwhelms you and even though they are born on your lips and die on them, they can shape the impression, lives, and relationships you have with people.

Even great self-development gurus and motivational speakers use positive words to uplift the spirit, inspire and motivate people. People live and breathe words and take the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.

Word restores buoyancy in people’s life. Some words starting with “B” that give meaning to your life are:

Positive words that start with B With Definition And Synonyms


Definition: A place where you are truly happy or where you feel as if you are in heaven.

Synonyms: happy, heaven, paradise

Example: Chocolate ice cream was pure bliss for her.


Definition: Something that is thrilling, exciting, and beautiful.

Synonyms: beautiful, inspiring, mind-blowing, fascinating, heart-stopping

Example: The view was breathtaking and made us wish we could stay here forever.


Definition: To have faith in something

Synonyms: faith, axiom, certainty, confidence, tenet, percept.

Example: Her belief never let her down.


Definition: To be bold and strong enough to come forward for any kind of task.

Synonyms: courageous, fearless, valiant, bold, heroic, gutsy, daring

Example: She was brave enough to come forward for a competition that she was not prepared for.

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Definition: Anything that you can take advantage of

Synonyms: asset, aid, help, support, resource, boon

Example: In the end, she benefited from their lack of decision-making.


Definition: To push with force or energy

Synonyms: uplift, heave, raise, hike

Example: Her coach was successful in boosting her confidence after consecutive losses.


Definition: “very good looking” or “very pleasant to look at.”

Synonyms: lovely, gorgeous, cute, attractive, charming, delightful, stunning, and elegant.

Example: She looked so beautiful last night in her dress.


Definition: Someone who is daring and not afraid

Synonyms: adventurous, brave, valiant, courageous, unafraid, fearless

Example: He was bold to do the job alone and succeed in doing it.


Definition: Something like “hooray” or “encouraging.”

Synonyms: hurray, compliment, clapping, hail

Example: Bravo! You did an amazing job out there!


Definition: A strong statement with little meaning.

Synonyms: rhetoric, inflated, gaseous, pretentious

Example: She was being bombastic in her speech.


Definition: Very shiny or eye-binding

Synonyms: shining, luminous, radiant, dazzling, shimmering, sparkling

Example: A bright light was shining through the window and gave the people hope of escaping from the castle.


Definition: Showing sympathy or being compassionate towards each other

Synonyms: compassionate, kind, humane, gentle, kindhearted, thoughtful, gracious

Example: The employees were often treated with benevolence in the company.


Definition: Two forces are equal, and it doesn’t move forward or backward due to this.

Synonyms: equilibrium, steadiness, poise

Example: She balanced her work and personal life well.


Definition: A thing that has been upgraded to the next level and looks better than before

Synonyms: exceptional, great, fine

Example: Her grades are better than the last time, and the teacher is happy about it.


Definition: Even better than the previous time.

Synonyms: great, top-notch, special, amazing, exceptional.

Example: She made the most of her free time.


Definition: Someone with high intelligence or great skills

Synonyms: intelligent, clever, smart, exceptional

Example: The brilliant kid in the class was all by himself.


Definition: Something that is glowing or shining

Synonyms: shiny, glowing

Example: Her confidence was blooming from within her every time she spoke in front of a crowd.


Definition: Something that is positive

Synonyms: positive, decisive, beamish, sure

Example: She was always bullish with her replies.

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Definition: Protection or guidance by a divine force

Synonyms: prayer, protection

Example: She was being showered with blessings on her birthday!


Definition: Bloom

Synonyms: bloom, flowering, flush, blooming, revival

Example: The blossom was really beautiful to watch.


Definition: Something that is loud or like a blast

Synonyms: bang, crash, blast, whack, smash, pop.

Example: I heard a loud boom at midnight that woke my entire family up.


Definition: To start something new from scratch

Synonyms: start, open, launch, create, establish, innovate.

Example: She begins her work after having a cup of coffee.


Definition: Someone who is dear or fond of you

Synonyms: loved, cherished, favorite, adored, precious

Example: His beloved lady would always show respect for elders.


Definition: Something that’s far over

Synonyms: Further, over

Example: Her happiness reached its peak and beyond when she was selected for one of her favorite colleges.


Definition: It is a relationship or a chain that is difficult to break.

Synonyms: bond, tie

Example: The bond between the two people was impossible to break.


Definition: To begin or complete a previously begun work.

Synonyms: begin, start, innovate

Example: It was the beginning of her success, and she wouldn’t stop till she reached her goal.


Definition: Constant speed or lively

Synonyms: energetic, active, spirited, bouncing

Example: The doctor suggested the patient go for a brisk walk that could help with her illness.


Definition: A solution or a way to finally escape from being in the same place for a long time.

Synonyms: improvement, advancement, enhancement, development, increase.

Example: She finally made a breakthrough after her constant hard work and worries.


Definition: A second plan or an option

Synonyms: testify, verify, support, plan.

Example: She was always quick with her backup plans.


Definition: Someone who doesn’t care about others or the things that happen around her.

Synonyms: Savage

Example: She was a badass when compared to the rest of the girls in her class.


Definition: To be extremely happy

Synonyms: glowing, shining, radiant, shimmering

Example: She was beaming with happiness after getting selected for her favorite college.


Definition: To direct or notify them of their movement.

Synonyms: motion, wave, signal, gesture, inform.

Example: She beckoned the child to move ahead.


Definition: someone who is heavily built or strong.

Synonyms: strong, muscular, powerful, solid

Example: He turned beefy after constant workouts and diets.


Definition: Something that is in a sequence

Synonyms: sequined, embossed, fringed, embroidered

Example: The dress was bejeweled with pearls and diamonds.


Definition: A thing that is owned

Synonyms: belong, kinship

Example: She always made sure she kept her belongings safe.


Definition: A standard

Synonyms: standard, example, metric, yardstick, mark

Example: The benchmark was difficult for the students to reach in their project.


Definition: Someone who benefits from the actions of others.

Synonyms: Archaic

Example: She won the best essay award for the competition.

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Definition: To present or give

Synonyms: give, donate, provide, award, offer, endow, and give away.

Example: He bestowed her happiness by gifting her favorite shoes.


Definition: Something that is burning

Synonyms: burningly, flamingly, dazzlingly, glaringly, glitteringly, glowingly, splendidly.

Example: The food that was being served at the table was blazingly hot.


Definition: To be cheerful or happy

Synonyms: cheery, optimistic, bright, sunny, smiling, gladsome, merry, lively, gay, jolly, carefree.

Example: She has always been cheerful since her childhood.


Definition: Something that could attract one’s attention to itself

Synonyms: impressive, dramatic, incredible, remarkable, showy, striking, outstanding, eye-catching, notable

Example: Her car was bodacious, and she always boasted about it.


Definition: Something that is very noisy and disturbing.

Synonyms: noisy, loudly, thunderously, resoundingly, vociferously

Example: The song was more boisterous than melodious.


Definition: Something that brings huge profit or gain.

Synonyms: boon, benefit, bonus, plume, bounty, jackpot, a godsend.

Example: The stock that he invested in for three years brought him a bonanza profit.


Definition: a sense of friendship or closeness to others

Synonyms: friendship, comradeship, cordiality, neighborliness, companionship, harmony

Example: They shared a bonhomie bond that people around them were jealous of.


Definition: A person who is in charge of a specific task or job.

Synonyms: leader, foreman, manager, supervisor, lord, head, administrator

Example: The boss was happy with his employee’s work.


Definition: A cool wave of air

Synonyms: puff, wind, blow, air, flurry

Example: The papers are scattered across the room due to the sudden breeze through the window.


Definition: To provide just the required information or describe it in a short way.

Synonyms: summary, short, telegraphic, pithy, meaningful, crisp.

Example: The brief summary of the chapter helped us remember a few of the important points of the chapter.


Definition: A sum of money for a particular task or the baseline for things to be bought

Synonyms: fund, deposit, savings, collection, reserve, account, cache

Example: This month was over last month’s budget.


Definition: To show abnormal behavior or act weirdly.

Synonyms: insane, psychotic, lunatic, crazy, strange, weird, disturbed, paranoid

Example: She was balmy for a few days after she hit her head on the wall.


Definition: To be balmy

Synonyms: insane, psychotic, lunatic, crazy, strange, weird, disturbed, paranoid

Example: Her act was balsamic at the party and got everyone’s attention.


Definition: large in size or something that is magnificent

Synonyms: magnificent, glorious, royal, massive, grand, noble

Example: The baronial castle looked spacious enough and beautiful from the outside.


Definition: Decorations with small, shiny beads

Synonyms: Pearly

Example: Her dress was long, sleek, and beaded, which made her blue eyes pop.


Definition: To enjoy the company of others or seek it

Synonyms: social, outgoing, gracious, hospitable, jolly, friendly, companionable, lively, spirited

Example: She and her boon companions celebrated her birthday in a grand manner.


Definition: Something that is excellent or interesting.

Synonyms: excellent; interesting; thrilling; incredible.

Example: Netflix recently released a fantastic series that captivated everyone’s attention.


Definition: Someone related by blood

Synonyms: birth; natural; legitimate

Example: Even her biological son was in on the plan to kill his mother.


Definition: A lighthearted oral brawl that is more akin to teasing than anything else.

Synonyms: badinage, laughter, jokes, jesting, humorousness, ribbing, backchat, gossip, mocking, ridiculing, chitchat

Example: The quiet girl was witty while she bantered with the cool kids.


Definition: Relating to God or a divine force

Synonyms: holy, heavenly, divine, supernatural, almighty, eternal, godly, everlasting, immortal, supreme

Example: She was given the blessing on her birthday.

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Definition: A state of joy or happiness

Synonyms: happiness, joy, ecstasy, felicity, blessed, bliss, pleasure, satisfaction, delight, gladness

Example: She was in beatitude for a while after she was elected as the student president.


Definition: Things that get decomposed by living organisms or bacteria

Synonyms: Disposable, expendable

Example: Biodegradable products are now being manufactured that help reduce pollution.


Definition: To hold or support something

Synonyms: support, prop, mounting, reinforcement, arch.

Example: She braced herself for the hate she received online for her poor choices of words.


Definition: An adult human being, particularly a man

Synonyms: male, guy, gentleman, dude, man, mister, sir, buddy

Example: A couple of guys helped me find my engagement ring at the venue.


Definition: To show a good mood or to be cheerful

Synonyms: cheerful, optimistic, bright, cheery, smiling, lively, hopeful, jolly.

Example: She was buoyant every morning, leaving others wondering about it all the time.


Definition: The sound of a hard blow

Synonyms: bang, boom, loud noise.

Example: The car exploded with a bang, leaving others scared for their lives.


Definition: A round or cylindrical ball that comes out of a gun after being shot and could kill

Synonyms: ammunition, missile, gunshot

Example: The bullet grazed his shoulder, which wasn’t a danger to his life.


Definition: A fancy meal is accompanied by a celebration, such as a ceremony.

Synonyms: dinner, feast, gala, festival

Example: The party came with an amazing and delicious banquet that was mouthwatering.


Definition: A type of fear that overcomes for no apparent reason.

Synonyms: dread, terror, horror, fright, spook

Example: Mathematics is her biggest bugbear.


Definition: Like a rural or open area with people or buildings

Synonyms: rural, rustic, pastoral, country, non-urban, backwoodsy

Example: A bucolic region that people are still afraid to visit is not far from the city.


Definition: To strike with a weapon or instrument

Synonyms: blow, slap, hit, knock, slam, punch, poke, spank, smash

Example: He bashed people without any reason, so he was suspended from the college for a week.


Definition: To address in a rude way or manner

Synonyms: curt, abrupt, rude, blunt, snippy, discourteous

Example: He was being brusque during his speech, which got all of them offended.


Definition: To relax after working

Synonyms: relax, rest, repose, hang

Example: She basked in the sunlight for a while.

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