147+ Positive Words Start With B: To Unlock Your Potential

Words have the power to ignite the mind of men. It overwhelms you and even though they are born on your lips and die on them, they can shape the impression, lives, and relationships you have with people.

Even great self-development gurus and motivational speakers use positive words to uplift the spirit, inspire and motivate people. People live and breathe words and take the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.

Word restores buoyancy in people’s life. Some words starting with “B” that give meaning to your life are:

Positive Adjectives That Start With B

  • 1 Brave
  • 2 Bright
  • 3 Beautiful
  • 4 Bliss
  • 5 Benevolent
  • 6 Beloved
  • 1 Balance
  • 2 Breathtaking
  • 3 Bold
  • 4 Best
  • 5 Brilliant
  • 6 Blessing

Brave: To be bold and strong enough to come forward for any kind of task.

Bright: Very shiny or eye-binding

Beautiful: “very good looking” or “very pleasant to look at.”

Bliss: A place where you are truly happy or where you feel as if you are in heaven.

Benevolent: Showing sympathy or being compassionate towards each other

Beloved: Someone who is dear or fond of you

Balance: Two forces are equal, and it doesn’t move forward or backward due to this.

Breathtaking: Something that is thrilling, exciting, and beautiful.

Bold: Someone who is daring and not afraid

Best: Even better than the previous time.

Brilliant: Someone with high intelligence or great skills

Blessing: Protection or guidance by a divine force

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Nice Words That Start With B

  • 1 Beyond
  • 2 Bestow
  • 3 Blossom
  • 4 Bonanza
  • 5 Benefit
  • 6 Better
  • 1 Beaming
  • 2 Belonging
  • 3 Begin
  • 4 Balmy
  • 5 Bonhomie
  • 6 Boisterously

Beyond: Something that’s far over

Bestow: To present or give

Blossom: Bloom

Bonanza: Something that brings huge profit or gain.

Benefit: Anything that you can take advantage of

Better: A thing that has been upgraded to the next level and looks better than before

Beaming: To be extremely happy

Belonging: A thing that is owned

Begin: To start something new from scratch

Balmy: To show abnormal behavior or act weirdly.

Bonhomie: a sense of friendship or closeness to others

Boisterously: Something that is very noisy and disturbing.

Positive Words Beginning With B

  • 1 Buoyant
  • 2 Breakthrough
  • 3 Beatitude
  • 4 Bodacious
  • 5 Belief
  • 6 Boost
  • 1 Beacon
  • 2 Blissfulheart
  • 3 Blissfulunion
  • 4 Blissful Embrace

Buoyant: To show a good mood or to be cheerful

Breakthrough: A solution or a way to finally escape from being in the same place for a long time.

Beatitude: A state of joy or happiness

Bodacious: Something that could attract one’s attention to itself

Belief: To have faith in something

Boost: To push with force or energy

Beacon: A guiding light or source of inspiration.

Blissfulheart: A heart filled with happiness and love.

Blissfulunion: A harmonious and joyful coming together of people or ideas.

Blissful Embrace: A warm and joyful hug or welcome.

Encouraging Words That Start With B

  • 1 Bond
  • 2 Beginning
  • 3 Bravo
  • 4 Brisk
  • 5 Befriend
  • 1
  • 2

Bond: It is a relationship or a chain that is difficult to break.

Beginning: To begin or complete a previously begun work.

Brisk: Constant speed or lively

Befriend: To form a close and supportive friendship.

Bravo: Something like “hooray” or “encouraging.”

Bombastic: A strong statement with little meaning.

Blooming: Something that is glowing or shining

Bullish: Something that is positive

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Boom: Something that is loud or like a blast

Backup: A second plan or an option

Badass: Someone who doesn’t care about others or the things that happen around her.

Beckons: To direct or notify them of their movement.

Beefy: someone who is heavily built or strong.

Bejeweled: Something that is in a sequence

Benchmark: A standard

Benedictory: Someone who benefits from the actions of others.

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Blazingly: Something that is burning

Blithe: To be cheerful or happy

Boss: A person who is in charge of a specific task or job.

Breeze: A cool wave of air

Brief: To provide just the required information or describe it in a short way.

Budget: A sum of money for a particular task or the baseline for things to be bought

Balsamic: To be balmy

Baronial: large in size or something that is magnificent

Beady: Decorations with small, shiny beads

Boon: To enjoy the company of others or seek it

Brill: Something that is excellent or interesting.

Biological: Someone related by blood

Banter: A lighthearted oral brawl that is more akin to teasing than anything else.

Blest: Relating to God or a divine force

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Biodegradable: Things that get decomposed by living organisms or bacteria

Brace: To hold or support something

Bloke: An adult human being, particularly a man

Bam: The sound of a hard blow

Bullet: A round or cylindrical ball that comes out of a gun after being shot and could kill

Banquet: A fancy meal is accompanied by a celebration, such as a ceremony.

Bugbear: A type of fear that overcomes for no apparent reason.

Bucolic: Like a rural or open area with people or buildings

Bash: To strike with a weapon or instrument

Brusque: To address in a rude way or manner

Bask: To relax after working


Using positive words that start with “B” is an easy way to bring more happiness into your life. Words like “benevolent” and “blissful” can make your conversations and thoughts more positive. So, keep using these words to make your interactions more cheerful and inspire a positive attitude in yourself and others.

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