500+ Positive Words Start With “D” Which Motivate You Everyday

In our daily lives, there are words which leave a positive and lasting impression in our minds. Such positive words are motivating and, more often a lot more actionable in nature. In this article, we bring to you the best positive words starting with “D”. Read further to know-

Positive words starting with “D”: Definitions, Synonyms


Definition: The hardest known crystalline carbon mineral

Synonyms: Gem, jewel, pearl

Example: Her diamond ring was lost on the beach.


Definition: To take part in a task or activity

delight, entertain, play, amuse, trifle, jest, and hang

Example: She dabbled in singing and acting, but her favorite was to be an artist.


Definition: Something that is hard to please or unsatisfied at the time of need

Synonyms: delicate, fussy, picky, choosy, selective, critical

Example: She was acting daintily at the fashion show for limited dresses at the store.


Definition: Difficult to please.

Synonyms: delicate, picky, fussy, choosy, selective, critical

Example: There was no need for her to be dainty even after she was denied most of the roles in the movie.


Definition: A person who feels and moves accordingly.

Synonyms: prom, celebration, pop

Example: Whom are you taking to dance tonight?

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Definition: The best compared to any of the things

Synonyms: excellent, fine, great, terrific, wonderful

Example: That’s a dandy good phone you’re holding, mate!


Definition: To look strikingly neat or appear in the style

Synonyms: elegant, stylish, smart, handsome, fashionable, formal

Example: He looked dapper in his formal.


Definition: To look very spruce and stylish

Synonyms: springily, breezily, energetically, crisply, briskly.

Example: He knew he’d look dapper in the suit.


Definition: Someone who is adventurous and not afraid

Synonyms: unafraid, fearless, adventurous, bold, brave

Example: She was daring and dashing in all the games that she took part in.


Definition: Someone who is very dear to you or someone beloved

Synonyms: beloved, adored, afraid, dear, admired.

Example: I am home, darling!


Definition: Someone who is courageous or is not afraid

Synonyms: courageous, fearless, heroic

Example: He was so dauntless in the war.


definition: to intimidate or overwhelm someone.

Synonyms: variegated, intimidating, soluble, vernacular.

Example: The teacher was daunting in his first class.


Definition: Someone who is lively or high-spirited.

Synonyms: Gallant, adapt, jolly, delight.

Example: She was so dashing last night that everyone stared at her all the time.


Definition: The first light in the morning or sunrise

Synonyms: dawning, sunrise, daylight

Example: The couple stayed there, keeping each other company till dawn.


definition: to stun people around you.

Synonyms: stunned, blinded, dazed, bedazzled, confused.

Example: She stood there dazzled after the change of events on her wedding day.


definition: something or someone that is valuable

Synonyms: beloved, darling, precious, valuable

Example: The heirloom was so dear to them.


Definition: To show or not be worried over something

Synonyms: nonchalant, carefree, lighthearted, relaxed, casual, unconcerned

Example: Her debonair dismissal of my inquiry concerning her wedding drama led me to believe that nothing was wrong.


Definition: A high standard of virtuality or something that’s clean and nice

Synonyms: nice, good, honorable, ethical, true, worthy,

Example: He looked decent enough—better than we expected him to be.


Definition: A position where something is finalized after a long conversation.

Synonyms: final, verdict, opinion, conclusion, judgment, resolution

Example: The decision made by the committee members was final, and there wouldn’t be any further negotiations.

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Definition: To make a decision or someone who makes a decision.

Synonyms: decision, resolute, positive, determined, bound

Example: Only a person with a decisive state of mind could win the game.


Definition: An open space with no ceiling or rooftop

Synonyms: balcony, porch, terrace, veranda, stoop

Example: Their deck looked really beautiful.


Definition: Furnishing or painting the walls or hanging pictures

Synonyms: scene, backdrop, background, prop.

Example: She did an excellent job selecting the right decor for her home.


Definition: To announce or make a decision in public

Synonyms: announce, proclaim, disclose, publish, blare, advertise.

Example: The state declared three days of holidays for heavy rains.


Definition: To obey a statement that was announced or must follow.

Synonyms: edict, instruction, injunction, command, order, directive, dictate

Example: The college expected all the students to follow the decree very strictly.


Definition: To simplify something or to write in simpler words.

Synonyms include deduce, derive, and conclude.

Example: The teacher explained the deduced equation first to the students to make it even easier for them.


Definition: To give time for something that is very special or important.

Synonyms: devote, consecrate, entrust.

Example: She dedicated all of her time to fulfilling her dreams.


A person assigned to investigate or find criminals.

Synonyms: investigator, Sherlock, operative, tracker.

Example: The detective was happy to find the killer before the given time.


A conclusion that follows the presentation of information.

Synonyms: inferable, derivable, reasoned, logical, deducible, theoretical.

For instance, by the end of the day, she had shared her report in deductive form.


Definition: An action of cleverness, strength, or good work.

Synonyms: feat, stunt, achievement, performance, success

Example: Her good deeds will be the reason she’ll go to heaven after death.


Something that is far downward in the definition

Synonyms: vast, bottom, infinite.

Example: The lake was deep enough that it could drown a person.


Definition: To protect something or someone.

Synonyms: protect, safeguard, secure, shield.

Example: She defended on behalf of her family.


Definition: To assign for a later time or postpone

Postpone, delay, suspend, and wait are synonyms.

Example: She deferred her work for a while to relax.


Definition: To explain a word that can be understood very easily.

Synonyms: explain, trace, encircle, rim, hem

Example: She defined each and every word in a simpler way than the textbook.


Definition: To accomplish something with training

Synonyms: skillful, masterful, delicate, artistic, smooth

Example: The deft musician played the piano and flute at the same time.


Definition: Something that is carried or transported

Synonyms: payload, cargo, transport

Example: All of her mail was stored in the draft.


Definition: To escape from a particular thing

Synonyms: scheme, ruse, juggle, gambit, plot

Example: She dodged the bullet just by an inch.


Definition: Something divine or godly

Synonyms: God, divine, heavenly

Example: She believed in God and moved forward.


Definition: To give pleasure to the mind or other senses of our body

Synonyms: delicious, delightful, tasty, pretty, soothing

Example: Her choice of food and music is delectable.

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Definition: Something intentional or done on purpose.

Synonyms: Intentionally, purposefully, consciously, willfully, and willingly.

Example: She deliberately pushed the pot off the building.


Definition: Something rare or delicious to eat.

Synonyms: treat, dainty, delectable, dessert, candy

Example: The guests were served delicacies while they waited for the groom and bride.


Definition: To be excited or happy about something

Synonyms: excited, happy, joy, amusement, comfort

Example: She was delighted to hear the good news of her appointment letter.


Definition: Something that is very tasty or yummy.

Synonyms: tasty, sweet, yummy, scrumptious, appetizing, lush

Example: The food that was served was delicious.


Definition: To reach the destination

Synonyms: reclaim, bring, claim

Example: The package was delivered two days late.


Definition: Something that is wealthy or comfortable

Synonyms: luxurious, lavish, sumptuous, plush, palace

Example: The deluxe penthouse was spacious and lavish.


Definition: Relating to politics

Synonyms: Republic; self-governing

Example: The democratic system in our country makes sure each citizen is treated equally.


It is the two’s definition.

Synonyms: Cards, two

Example: She got two deuce at the end of the game.


Definition: Something that relieves inflammation or irritation

Synonyms: healing, balsamic, relieving, remedial

Example: She used a demulcent on her knees after she fell off the stairs.


Definition: To disperse a large group of people

Synonyms: disperse

Example: The head asked his employees to depopulate.


Definition: To represent something in words

Synonyms: describe, portray, illustrate, render

Example: The letter from the witness depicted a whole other story that stunned everyone in the room.


Definition: Matter that doesn’t dissolve or that settles at the bottom

Synonyms: sediments, deposits, settlings, silt

Example: The deposits turned yellow by the end of the day due to many chemical reactions.


To talk down people who are overly enthusiastic about something.

Synonyms: reduce, devalue, sink, lower

Example: Her friends depreciated her every time she succeeded, and that affected the girl very badly.


Definition: To represent things in words

Synonyms: portray, characterize, summarize, and define

Example: She described the scene beautifully.


Definition: Someone who’s worthy to receive

Synonyms: worthy, earn, qualify, entitle

Example: She deserved the prize after her constant hard work.


Definition: A plan that is made before executing it for a better result

Synonyms: blueprint, plan, strategy, program, scheme

Example: She has designed the costume beautifully.


Definition: To wish for something very strongly

Synonyms: urge, longing, craving, thirst, passion, yearning, wish

Example: She wanted to buy a house close to the beach.


Definition: A person who guides how things are done

Synonyms: manager, executive, supervisor, administrator

Example: The director has put up such an amazing film through his belief and vision.


Definition: To deal with the affairs of people.

Synonyms: polite, tactful, thoughtful, civil, graceful, courteous

Example: She’s a diplomatic person.


Definition: To insert or dunk something into.

Synonyms: Dunk, duck, immerse, submerge, plunge, soak

Example: She dipped her feet into the lake as she read her book.


Definition: To be exactly as they claimed to be.

Synonyms: Honest, genuine, true, real, authentic

Example: He was a fair-dinkum musician.

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Definition: Something like a fragment

Synonyms: fragment, segment, portion, particle, sliver, part.

Example: She moved the disks from the kitchen to the living room when asked.


Definition: To be involved in something constantly

Synonyms: engaged, busy, employed, active, working, occupied

Example: She is always diligent in her work.


Definition: To assign a high value or position

Synonyms: elevate, promote, glorify, honor, praise.

Example: Their opening ceremony was dignified by a visit from the mayor.


Definition: Something that is given to preach morals or values.

Synonyms: sarmonic, moralizing, preachy, instructive, admonitory

Example: The author’s works became more didactic after her wedding drama that was all over the news.


Definition: Someone skillful or clever

Synonyms: adroitly, skillfully, deftly, expertly, masterfully, competently.

Example: The surgery was successful because of the dexterous surgeon.


Definition: To worship or relate to devotion

Synonyms: worship, sacred, spiritual, holy, ritual, blessed

Example: He was quite a devotional person.


Definition: A person who likes something habitually

Synonyms: lover, fan, enthusiast, fanatic, maniac, addict.

Example: He was a true devotee of God.


Definition: To broaden or detail

Synonyms: evolve, unfold, grow, progress, emerge, elaborate.

Example: She developed an app that could find cures for diseases.


definition: to be steadfast in one’s decision.

Synonyms: resolve, persistence, resoluteness, readiness, tenacity.

Example: Her determination to study for good grades was a success.


Definition: To search for something or to spot anything

Synonyms: find, learn, locate, discover, determine, ascertain.

Example: She put him on a lie detector test.


Definition: To stop using weapons or reduce the strength of armed forces

Synonyms: demilitarize, demobilize

Example: He entered the battlefield unarmed.


Definition: To keep in the open after keeping a secret for a long time.

Synonyms: reveal, discover, expose, announce, bare.

Example: She disclosed confidential information and now has to face the consequences.


Definition: To know something or to become aware of

Synonyms: spot, learn, find, perceive

Example: She was slowly starting to discover that she had lost her car keys.


Definition: A gathering in which everyone shares their ideas and opinions.

Synonyms: debate, consultation, conversation, deliberation, conference

Example: The discussion ended with a good result.


Definition: To not be passionate about something

Synonyms: impartial, objective, disinterested, indifferent

Example: She was dispassionate in her work.


Definition: To be taken from one place to another.

Synonyms: send, transport, ship, transmit, transfer, and deliver.

Example: The item was dispatched and will reach you shortly.


Definition: To give out

Synonyms: distribute, provide, administer, supply, allocate, divide, and portion.

Example: The bar wasn’t allowed to dispense alcohol to people younger than 18 years old.


definition: not of the same kind

Synonyms: different, distinctive, distinct, varied, disparate, distinguishable.

Example: The students’ diverse skills helped the project turn out perfectly.

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