501+ Positive Words Start With “J” That Help To Find Joy

Positive words imbue people with inspiration. Few things in this world have as much power as a single word. It is curious how one word can help you cope.

The positivity of words sparks hope. Let’s take a look at some positive words starting with the letter j.

Positive words that start with “J”: Definition, Synonyms


Definition: Someone with high spirits or good humor

Synonyms: jolly, merry, festive, cheerful, mirthful, gleeful, funny, lively, amused

Example: He is a jovial person.


Definition: Someone who is always happy and excited

Synonyms: delighted, happy, excited, merry, cheerful

Example: She is a joyful person to spend time with.


Definition: Something that is left unprotected

Synonyms: peril, danger, endangerment, distribution, and vulnerability.

Example: The soldiers put their lives in jeopardy to protect us from danger.


Definition: To tell something that can cause laughter.

Synonyms: gag, prank, rib, laugh.

Example: She laughed at his jokes, even if they were lame.

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Definition: Something that blocks movements

Synonyms: snarl, congestion, delay, tangle

Example: She was late due to a jam near her place.


Definition: Someone with high spirits or a good mood most of the time

Synonyms: merry, festive, cheerful, jovial, lively, funny, witty

Example: The children are in a jolly mood.


Definition: To combine something

Synonyms: combine, merge, adjoin, meet

Example: She joined a new team after being kicked off her previous one for her clumsiness.


Definition: A special event to honor something

Synonyms: celebration, festival, gala, carnival, fest, rejoicing.

Example: The old couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last night.


Definition: Something that is juicy

Synonyms: pulpiness, fleshiness, succulence, sap

Example: The juiciness of the fruit was so sweet on my tastebuds.


Definition: To be acceptable for a reason or so

Synonyms: explain, excuse, rationalize, account for, condone

Example: She tried to justify her rude behavior, but no one listened to her.


Definition: To do something in the same manner

Synonyms: precise, perfect, exactly, uniformly, likewise

Example: You can do the work justly and try to be on the good side of the manager.


A lengthy lecture or reprimand.

Scolding, and lecturing are synonyms.

Example: The job of the principal lasted for two long hours before it ended.


Definition: To win something big

Synonyms: lottery, success, winning.

Example: He hit the jackpot last Sunday for a vacation in Hawaii.


Definition: To have high spirits or high energy

Synonyms: lively, animated, energetic, active, jazzy, playful, spirited, enthusiastic, frisky

Example: The jaunty captain of the team always managed to sweep the women off their feet.


Definition: Actions that are absurd and contrary to good actions

Synonyms: nuts, garbage, nonsense, rubbish, silliness, fiddle

Example: Don’t give me any jazz about why you are skipping classes.


Definition: A quality that is related to journalism

Synonyms: journalism, reporter, news

Example: She had journalistic blood running through her, and that’s how she’s good at what she does.


Definition: A valuable stone cut and polished to make it an ornament

Synonyms: gem, gemstone, jewelry, bauble

Example: Her necklace was expensive because of the priceless jewels on it.


Definition: To express feelings of joy or victory.

Synonyms: triumphant, ecstatic, exultant, proud, victorious, euphoric, boastful

Example: She was jubilant after she won the championship.


Definition: To show good judgment.

Synonyms: prudent, cautious, discreet, sensible, wise, circumspect, foresighted

Example: She knows how to give judicious answers when required.


Definition: Someone who is depleted of strength or freshness

Synonyms: tired, exhausted, weary, fatigued, drained, spent, beaten, overworked

Example: He was too jaded after his workout.


Definition: It is like a publication that appears at particular intervals.

Synonyms: newspaper, periodical, magazine, book, paper, gazette

Example: She uses her journal to vent all of her problems.


Definition: To love one’s own country

Synonyms: patriotism, nationalism, loyalty, nativism, and superpatriotism

Example: His jingoism wouldn’t be able to win allies for his kingdom.


Definition: To express happiness or joy.

Synonyms: delight, joy, exult, glory, triumph, rejoice, exuberate, brag.

Example: She was being jubilant when she was talking about her running success.


Definition: To do something forcefully or to push in

Synonyms: push, squeeze, shove, press, bore, jam, crash, bulldoze

Example: She jostled her way into the crowded bus.


Definition: Something that is out of order and not organized

Synonyms: mess, chaos, havoc, confusion, tangle, disorder, messiness, muss

Example: Out of nervousness, she jumbled her words while giving the speech.


Definition: A person who decides or is the one resolving one’s controversy

Synonyms: referee, umpire, magistrate, arbitrator, jurist, decider

Example: The judge has given permission to extend the time for collecting more proof for the criminal case.

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Definition: Similar to a 1940s fast dance

Synonyms: waltzing, boogying, bopping, shimmying, shuffling, prancing

Example: She enjoyed jitterbugging along with her partner.


To prance or be folic is a definition.

Synonyms: Prance, Folic

Example: The horse pranced suddenly, which led to the horseman falling off.


Definition: To be excited by the nature

Synonyms: excitable, nervous, anxious, volatile, hyperactive, irritable, emotional, skittery, unstable, jumpy

Example: The man made the girl feel jittery.


Definition: Someone who takes care of a place in the absence of the owner

Synonyms: custodian, warden, caretaker, keeper, watchman, guardian

Example: The janitor made sure that no trespassers were allowed into the house.


Definition: A sound made to express disapproval.

Snort, scorn, boo, smirk, snicker, catcall, hiss, taunt, hoot, and snigger are all synonyms.

Example: He jeered after his mother chose his least favorite shirt.


Definition: To have hair in the style of a mane

Synonyms: Hairstyle

Example: Her hair was now styled like a jubate.


Definition: Someone who always wanders

Synonyms: vagabond, wanderer, worthless

Example: He was a javelot who didn’t care about what people thought of him.


Definition: Someone who is younger or not of much importance.

Synonyms: minor, secondary, auxiliary, associate, inferior, subordinate, subsidiary, minute.

Example: The seniors made sure that the juniors participated in most of the activities.


Definition: An important moment in time or something particular

Synonyms: moments, points, minutes, instants, trices, cusps, thresholds, cracks

Example: At the present juncture, it is better for anyone to come forward to participate in the competition.


Definition: Something that is low quality, unhealthy, or waste

Synonyms: Rubbish, cheese, trash, muck, dreck, tripe, camp, mess, sleaze, slop.

Example: She ate junk food most of the time, which caused the increase in her weight.


Definition: To move fast

Synonyms: rickety, tottery, wobbly, precarious, insecure, lopsided, staggering, askew, shaky

Example: She was jiggly from the start of the program.


Definition: To worship something that is very large in size.

Synonyms: big, huge, large, monstrous, gigantic,

Example: He was afflicted with jumboism.


Definition: A t-shirt that represents a team or a particular thing

Synonyms: t-shirt, team shirt, jumper, sweater

Example: He gifted his jersey to his girlfriend after winning a game last night.


Definition: To combine at a particular point

Synonyms: common, combine, bilateral, unite

Example: The joint of the swing was a little loose.


Definition: To run to burn calories or to try to be fit

Synonyms: run, sprint, race, dashing, tripping, leaping, zipping, scurrying, scampering, loping, blazing

Example: She believed that jogging helped her stay fit.


Definition: A place to store junk

Synonyms: dump, landfill, dustbin, midden

Example: His room was like a junkyard with all of the unwanted things piled up.


Definition: To tease someone jokingly or in a good way

Synonyms: joking, bantering, sarcastic, joshing, mocking, ribbing, fooling, quizzical, jeering.

Example: His joking was never personal to others.


Definition: To express a moody command

Synonyms: mood, command, order

Example: He was always just with his employees.

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Definition: A person who justifies a particular matter in the right way

Synonyms: judge, magistrate, jurist, decider

Example: The justifier made sure that an innocent person would never get punished.


Definition: To love one’s own country more than anything.

Synonyms: patriotism, nationalism, chauvinism, loyalty, nativism

Example: His jingoism is always seen and heard in most of his speeches.


Definition: To be unfaithful or envious of someone

Synonyms: envy, domineering, possessive, invidious, grasping, suspicious

Example: She was jealous of her friend because she had everything she didn’t have.


Definition: To engage in a conversion that is casual

Synonyms: chatted, conversed, talked, gabbed, babbled, nattered, cackled, discussed, cackled, gossiped.

Example: They asked not to jabber during the chief guest’s speech.


Definition: A person who’s often offensive to others

Synonyms: bastard, creep, skunk, idiot, moron, fool, bugger, villain

Example: The jerk was finally suspended for a week.


Definition: To fight or battle on horseback.

Synonyms: fighting, dueling, wrestling, battling, pounding, whacking

For instance, while jousting with another knight, the knight winked at his princess.


Definition: To jiggle

Synonyms: clagged, tingled, clinked, plunked, jabbered, blithered, mumbled

Example: She jangled a little while she gave her speech.


Definition: He is unable to express what he appears to express.

Synonyms: double, fake, pretended, hypocritical, meaningless, insincere.

Example: He asked him to give the jive talk about him doing his job perfectly.


Definition: To cause weariness, restlessness, or show a lack of interest

Synonyms: boring, tiring, wearying, slow, dull, stupid, old, annoying, dusty, uninteresting

Example: She always seemed to jade away during classes.


Definition: To contain the greatest number possible.

Synonyms: filled, packed, crammed, bursting, crowded, stuffed, loaded, full, brimming, overloaded.

Example: The bus is always jammed during peak hours.


Definition: To be angry while expressing different opinions.

Synonyms: bicker, argue, fight, wrangle, clash, quarrel, dispute, dare

Example: He was jarred every time someone told him he was wrong.


Definition: An old automobile

Synonyms: Crate, junker, flivver, beater, clunker, wreck

Example: For his savings, he could only buy an old jalopy for school.


Definition: It is something that brings bad luck.

Synonyms: curse, spell, whammy, omen, pox, hex, evil eye, portent

Example: He didn’t want to jinx all the good things in his life.


Definition: Two things coming together forcefully

Synonyms include slam, thump, shock, impact, blow, slam, jounce, knock, strike, and thrashing.

Example: The car jolted to a stop after crashing into the wall.


Definition: To deceive by eluding or moving

Synonyms: evade, dodge, deke, slip, sidestep

Example: He juked the plan of his opponent.

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Definition: To be in an early stage of life, development, or growth.

Synonyms: young, adolescence, immaturity, teenage, youthful, inexperienced, infantile

Example: He said my talks were juvenile and boring.


Definition: Something that is both mature and humorous

Synonyms: humorous, witty, clever, funny, jovial, joking, jesting, bantering, mischievous

Example: She was in a jocular mood.


Definition: Something that is said or done that causes laughter

Synonyms: witticism, joke, laugh, funny, jest, and antics.

Example: He jabbed about his boring life, and everyone around him thought he was having mental problems.


Definition: To make small irregular movements

Synonyms: shake, jerk, shudder, vibrate, wobble, shiver, jounce, agitate

Example: He jagged during his sleep.


Definition: The expression we make when something unexpected happens.

Synonyms: startling, amazing, surprising, astonishing, incredible, jolting, extraordinary

Example: The graphics in the movie were jaw-dropping.


Definition: To travel from one place to another where the distance is great

Synonyms: trip, expedition, trek, excursion, flight, tour

Example: The journey was fun while traveling with friends.


To adhere something to the exterior of an object.

Synonyms: Swell, projection, bulge, section, overhang, lump

Example: She had a long nose that jutted out of her face.


Definition: Someone who is like a warden or guards prisoners

Synonyms: captor, warden, marshal, guard, keeper, custodian, guardian

Example: The jailor made sure the prisoner never rested while working.


Definition: To end an intimate relationship with someone

Synonyms: dump, leave, ditch, abandon, snub, forsake

Example: It is hard to get over being jilted by someone you have been with for a long time.


Definition: To give life to

Synonyms: stimulate, energize, invigorate, enliven, revive, electrify, inspire, provoke, activate, boost, spark, vivify, excite, awaken, charge, rouse, trigger, infuse, liven

Example: With just a sentence, he managed to jump-start the discussion.


Definition: A person who decides on laws or rules

Synonyms: judge, court, magistrate, auditor, master

Example: He is one of the finest jurists compared to all of them in the court.


Definition: To propel upward into the air

Synonyms: leap, hop, bound, spring, bounce, hurdle, skip, pounce, shoot

Example: He hurt his leg when he tried to jump off the wall.

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