501+ Positive Words Start with “N” That Unleash Your Dreams

Choosing positive words on a daily basis can help to increase positivity and feelings of happiness. A positive word imbues you with confidence and courage. 

This article will look at some encouraging words that begin with the letter “N” that can encourage and uplift us as we go through the ups and downs of life.

Upgrade Your Life by Starting with Positive Words Start with “N”:


Definition: A streamlined casing on the outside of an aircraft or a vehicle.

Synonyms: Basket, pannier, and box crate.

Example: The nacelle of the aircraft was customized according to the owner.


Definition: Being bratty or mischievous

Synonyms: Brat, mischief

Example: She was a little nacket about the new design of her room.


Definition: To have a rainbow-like color play

Synonyms: Opalescent, iridescent, colorful, pearlescent, polychrome

Example: Nacreous aspiration is considered to be a flaw by many.


Definition: To be uncomfortable with a certain thing.

Synonyms: Worried, anxious, upset, uneasy, apprehensive, concerned, uptight, tense.

Example: She was nervous about her wedding.


Definition: To notify a person’s death with his biographical account.

Synonyms: Obituary, obit, memorial, epitaph, tribute, inscription, eulogy.

Example: People knew about his greatness after reading his necrology.


Definition: That is very narrow in width.

Synonyms: Thin, slender, skinny, fine, tight, elongated, constricted, condensed, spare, squeezed.

Example: The road to her house was narrow and dirty.


Definition: Something that is like a piercing.

Synonyms: Piercing, penetrating, tinny, strident.

Example: Her nasal orifice was blocked as she caught a cold last night.


Definition: To come into existence recently or just now

Synonyms: Initial, budding, first, inceptive

Example: She is one of the leading figures in the nascent competition to become the head of the department.

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Definition: As in a cloth or used as a towel.

Synonyms: Towel, tissue, hanky, kerchief.

Example: She always carried a napkin with her.


Definition: in spite of or all the same.

Synonyms: However, even so, nonetheless, still, though, still, and all.

Example: She did what she did regardless of what people told her.


Definition: To protect the interests of native people against those of immigrants.

Synonyms: Chauvinism, jingoism, racism, and prejudice.

Example: Her nativism shone through her speeches.


Definition: Something that is realistic.

Synonyms: Realism, reality, literalism, authenticity, grittiness.

Example: Her naturalism always wowed people around her.


Definition: A quality that usually comes with birth or by nature.

Synonyms: Born, congenital, chronic, proper, inherent.

Example: She was a natural at what she did.


Definition: To be related or to navigate in the sea.

Synonyms: Maritime, naval, navigational, seafaring, admiralty.

Example: He collected all his nautical equipment before he left.


Definition: To convert into a fine spray.

Synonyms: Nebulizer, atomizer, pulverize

Example: The face mask was a product of the nebulized solution of only organic products.


Definition: It is a list of all the deaths that took place.

Synonyms: Obituary, obituary, memorial, inscription, testimonial.

Example: The detective wanted to go through all the necrological reports before he went forward with the investigation.


Definition: Someone who is unfit to be spoken of.

Synonyms: Pious, execrable

Example: Everyone considered him to be nefarious after knowing what he did.


Definition: Something with a negative nature.

Synonyms: Negative

Example: He was put under negatory criticism for something he never committed to.


Definition: Something that is not fixed and about which there can be further discussion.

Synonyms: Cleared, navigable, passable, free, unobstructed.

Example: The owner was up for negotiations with the new buyers.


Definition: Something that is in the form of threads.

Synonyms: Fibrous.

Example: The new dress was neon green.


Definition: To be radical.

Synonyms: Radical, extremist, reformist, revolutionary, modern.

Example: He was a nymphomaniac from the beginning.


Definition: It is an abnormal mass of tissue.

Synonyms: Tumor, carcinoma, cyst, lump, growth, lymphoma.

Example: With great difficulty, the surgeon successfully removed the neoplasm from the patient’s head.

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Definition: To control the forces of nature through supernatural means.

Synonyms: Sorcery, witchcraft, magic, enchantment, bewitching, divination.

Example: Necromancy is interesting, and the kid was clearly desperate to know a few things about it.


Definition: It is an emotional illness that is usually caused by fear or worry.

Synonyms: Dementia, psychosis, phobia, delusion, instability, insanity, and hysteria are all synonyms.

Example: He was suffering from neurosis, which led to further illness.


Definition: To live in the nest of some other kind of animal after birth.

Synonyms: Altricial, born helpless.

Example: The boy was doing research on all the nidicolous animals.


Definition: To lack wisdom or informed judgment.

Synonyms: innocent, inexperienced, unsophisticated, simple, immature, uncritical, trusting, unwary.

Example: The man was so naive that he believed the salesman and bought something that was not worth the money he paid.


Definition: To name something is to give it a name.

Synonyms: name, designate, call, dub, term, label, entitle.

Example: She was nominated for the upcoming election.


Definition: Something that is ordinary or basic.

Synonyms: Ordinary, usual, average, common, typical, routine, regular, everyday, familiar, expected, unexceptional.

Example: Her designs were normal when compared to those of her rivals.


Definition: Something that has happened in the past for a long time.

Synonyms: Wistful, sentimental, dreamy, moony, melodramatic

Example: She was feeling nostalgic as she was walking back home after a few years.


Definition: The quality of being gentle.

Synonyms: Virtue, goodness, honesty, honor.

Example: His nobility always shines through wherever he is present.


Definition: To formally conclude.

Synonyms: Abolish, repeal, cancel, overturn, invalidate, avoid, void, revoke, quash.

Example: He nullified all the rumors about the company by holding a meeting with all the reporters.


Definition: To have no sensation of pain or to feel no pain at all.

Synonyms: Asleep, unfeeling, insensitive, torpid, chilled.

Example: His drug numbs the part of the body where the surgery is to be done.


Definition: To have supernatural powers.

Synonyms: Mystic, magic, magical, weird, enchanted, charming, sublime.

Example: She could feel the numinous energy all around the place.


Definition: To observe or to make notes with one’s eyes.

Synonyms: See, spot, eye, regard, note, remark, sight, perceive, view.

Example: She noticed his weird behavior during his presentation.


Definition: As a fictionist or a writer.

Synonyms: Fictionist, memoirist, essayist, autobiographer.

Example: The novelist always dresses professionally and according to her novels.

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Definition: To sleep for a short while.

Synonyms: Doze, catnap, snooze, rest, bed, slumber.

Example: She took a nap before going back to work.


Definition: To lie close to somebody for warmth.

Synonyms: Snuggle, cuddle, nestle, huddle.

Example: The baby nuzzled closer to her mother.


Definition: A young girl who lives outside and is considered a mythical goddess.

Synonyms: Mermaid, dryad, siren.

Example: The nymph in the movie was beautiful.


Definition: To deliver or hit with a lot of force.

Synonyms: Hit, smacked, knocked, slapped, banged, slammed, pounded, whacked.

Example: The man nailed his opponent to the ground.


Definition: As a country.

Synonyms: Country; state; land; republic; province.

Example: Everyone has to respect one’s nation.


Definition: The qualities of a person that make him different from the rest of the people

Synonyms: Personality, character, tone, characteristic, essence, spirit, composition.

Example: He was sweet by nature, and everyone loved him for that.


definition: Something or someone that is close to or nearby.

Synonyms: Around, besides, at, across, along, alongside.

Example: His place is near his office.


Definition: Something that must be completed.

Synonyms: Required, mandatory, compulsory, urgent, incumbent, essential, needed, obligatory.

Example: It was necessary for all the students to fill out the form immediately!


Definition: Something that is like a beverage

Synonyms: Beverage, liquor, spirits, alcohol, soda, and drinkable.

Example: The nectar was sweet enough for everyone to taste it.


Definition: Something that is impossible to do without

Synonyms: Necessary, required, essential, crucial, mandatory.

Example: She needed a new pair of heels immediately.


Definition: something that replaces the old one

Synonyms: Alternative, other, different, substitute, separate, extra.

Example: She bought a brand new car last week.


Definition: Something that is of the very best kind.

Synonyms: Awesome, wonderful, excellent, terrific, great, lovely, beautiful, marvelous, stellar.

Example: She always chooses nifty and fashionable dresses.


Definition: To be quick in thinking.

Synonyms: Intelligent, clever, fast, quick, smart, sharp, bright, keen, educated, cunning, and creative.

Example: She possesses a nimble wit, so she would easily destroy her opponent.


Definition: To show a lack of interest.

Synonyms: Casual, insouciant, careless, stoic, uninterested, calm.

Example: She was always nonchalant about all the important things.


Definition: large and indefinite in number.

Synonyms: Many, multiple, several, countless, some, innumerable, legion, multiplex.

Example: There were numerous holes in her dress.


Definition: Something that is worth never forgetting.

Synonyms: Remarkable, memorable, observable, citable, repeatable, unforgettable.

Example: His work is always noteworthy.


Definition: To take great care.

Synonyms: giving, feminine, caring.

Example: Kids should be given proper nurturing by their parents.


Definition: Substances that promote healthy development.

Synonyms: Dietary, nourishing, enriched, healthful, wholesome.

Example: She made sure her daughter took all the nutrients that were prescribed by the doctor.

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Definition: It is a yellow liquid that is a constituent of tobacco.

Synonyms: tobacco, poison.

Example: Nicotine is not recommended for people.


Definition: The front part of the body that contains the sense organs.

Synonyms: Head, skull, dome, bean, pate, scalp.

Example: All the political nobs were present for the prime minister’s death.


Definition: To agree by moving your head up and down.

Synonyms: Bob, shake, pump, jerk, wag, wiggle, jiggle.

Example: She nodded her head to all the instructions given by her mother.


Definition: It is a small, rounded tissue that is swollen.

Synonyms: Nodule, swelling, bump, lump, tumor, knot, growth, chunk, blister, hunch

Example: The doctor examined the node on my ankle.


Definition: To wander to different places without staying at a place for a long time.

Synonyms: Roam, vagabond, wayfaring, ranging, vagrant, ambulant, errant, and drifting.

Example: He lives a nomadic life.


Definition: To be in a name or a form.

Synonyms: Titular, supposed, paper, presumed, formal, virtual, phantom, seeming.

Example: She was the nominal head of the state.


Definition: One who is chosen by an authority for duty or a specific position.

Synonyms: Candidate, appointee, designee, delegate, selectee, deputy, agent, permittee, licensee.

For example, because he was the nominee for the next leader, she needed everyone’s support.


Definition: Ancient Scandinavians

Synonyms: Norse

Example: He wanted to know all about Norwegians for his research.


Definition: A sense organ that is used to smell

Synonyms: Snout

Example: Her nose was so similar to her father’s.


Definition: A part of the body below the head.

Synonyms: Region, part

Example: Her neck is way too long compared to others.


Definition: To not care or to leave unattended.

Synonyms: Disrepair, abandonment, inattention, discretion, disintegration.

Example: She neglected all her duties.


Definition: a slim, sharp object.

Synonyms: syringe, hypodermic.

Example: She is so afraid of needles.


Definition: The noise made by the horse.

Synonyms: whinny, nicker, whicker.

Example: The horse neighed loudly.


Definition: To lie close.

Synonyms: Cuddle, snuggle, curl up, crouch.

Example: She nestled closer to him during the night for his warmth.


Definition: To disturb one’s peace even after disagreeing

Synonyms: Bug, bother, annoy, irritate, get, ruffle, frost, rasp, anger, itch.

Example: She’s a nettle who bothers everyone around her.


Definition: It is a fabric that is made after knotting, twisting, and many other processes.

Synonyms: Netting, net, web, mesh, lattice, screen.

Example: The network was beautifully designed.


Definition: To remove sexual organs from someone.

Synonyms: Alter, fix, desex, spay, emasculate.

Example: They wanted their dog to be neutered.


Definition: to bite.

Synonyms: Bite, taste, mouthful, snack, gulp.

Example: She nibbled on her lips every time she was nervous.


Definition: To criticize minor or unimportant matters.

Synonyms: Complain, quibble, niggle, cavil, fuss, whine, criticize, mutter.

Example: She is used to nitpicking, and everyone hates that quality of hers.

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