501+ Positive Words Start with “O” That Boost Confidence

Positive words have the power to inspire us and make us feel good- everybody knows that! Positive words can build nations and bring people together.

Even great self-development gurus and motivational speakers use positive words to uplift the spirit, inspire and motivate people. Let’s discover some powerful Positive words that start with “O.”

Positive Words Starting with “O”


Definition: Something that provides protection from the dangers of weather.

Synonyms: Abode, refuge, sanctuary, retreat, shelter, haven, residence, port.

Example: Her work was an oasis of peace in her otherwise chaotic personal life.


Definition: To submit to another’s authoritative command.

Synonyms: Docile, submissive, compliant, biddable, restrained, conformable, meek, tractable, amenable, disciplined.

Example: Her obedience was her most outstanding quality that everyone appreciated.


Definition: One intending to accomplish a goal. 

Synonyms: Goal, purpose, aim, plan, intention, intent, object, idea, thing, ambition, dream, aspiration.

Example: The school’s objective was for the students to instill all the good values.


Definition: Someone who is willing to do a favor or help.

Synonyms: Friendly, accommodating, solicitous, helpful, indulgent, amenable.

Example: He was the most obliging man in the whole company.


Definition: To pay close attention by anticipating an approaching danger.

Synonyms: Alert, vigilant, awake, attentive, watchful, aware, regardful, cautious, wary.

Example: He’s a very observant person, and that’s how he knows how people are.


Definition: To notice or perceive.

Synonyms: Notice, perceive, see.

Example: She observed each and every movement of the man.


Definition: To receive.

Synonyms: Earn, gain, reap, win, make, land, procure, capture, achieve.

Example: She obtained all of the proof needed to punish the criminal.


Definition: A particular event taking place to celebrate.

Synonyms: Time, moment, second, minute, instant, while, trice, flash.

Example: There is no particular occasion to celebrate; celebrate when you want!

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Definition: Working regularly to make a living.

Synonyms: Profession, vocation, employment, work, line, job, living, business, task.

Example: She loved her occupation to death.


Definition: To take place.

Synonyms: Happen, be, come, do, befall, transpire.

Example: It occurred to her later that she had forgotten to collect documents.


Definition: To take a long trip from one place to another.

Synonyms: Journey, trip, pilgrimage, expedition, voyage, excursion, tour, quest.

Example: They have finally taken their well-deserved odyssey.


Definition: To put something forward for consideration or acceptance.

Synonyms: Give, proffer, extend, tender, run by, propose, volunteer.

Example: She offered her friend emotional support after their breakup.


Definition: A cream used to help relieve pain from wounds.

Synonyms: Potion, drug, medication, lotion, liniment.

Example: She applied the ointment to her wound that she got yesterday.


Definition: To accept.

Synonyms: Accept, alright, fine, agreeable, satisfactory.

Example: The teachers were okay with the new rules and regulations in the school.


Definition: To have unlimited power.

Synonyms: Almighty, sovereign, divine, capable, authoritative.

Example: He was considered the most omnipotent person in the room.


Definition: To have unlimited knowledge or to know everything.

Synonyms: Blest, almighty, immortal, sage, godly.

Example: God is omnipotent and omniscient.


Definition: Something that is in progress or development.

Synonyms: Operating, continuing, proceeding, working, functioning, happening, advancing.

Example: She inquired about the ongoing project and made a few alterations.


Definition: To act rashly or with force.

Synonyms: Attack, onslaught, assault, raid, strike, attempt, aggression, offensive.

Example: The soldiers withstood the first onset by the attackers.


Definition: To be ahead.

Synonyms: Forward, on, forth, ahead.

Example: They continued to move forward despite the dangers ahead.


Definition: Something that is considered to be more.

Synonyms: Plenty, loads, ton, dozen, slew, hundred, lot, bunch, much.

Example: The kid was given oodles of candy on her birthday.


Definition: To have many colors, like a rainbow.

Synonyms: Iridescent, nacreous, colorful, polychrome. 

Example: The opalescent decor for her room was expensive.


Definition: To change from something that is closed.

Synonyms: Unclose, unlock, unbar, unfold, unlatch, unbolt, unzip.

Example: She opened the box that was hidden below her bed.

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Definition: To be free while expressing their true feelings or intentions.

Synonyms: Outspoken, honest, candid, frank, forthright, plainspoken, straightforward, unreserved.

Example: She is an openhearted person, and that is how people become close to her.


Definition: Someone who is willing to consider different ideas.

Synonyms: Open, receptive, broad-minded, impartial, tolerant, unbiased, easygoing, calm, neutral.

Example: He is considered to be one of the most open-minded people present there.


Definition: A person who secretly spies on another to obtain information.

Synonyms: Spy, agent, undercover, mole, emissary, asset, spook, courier.

Example: The operatic did an amazing job and was awarded later.


Definition: To have an effect on on-stage performance.

Synonyms: Theatrical, dramatic, melodramatic, stagey, spectacular, marvelous.

Example: He seemed operatic in the scope of the scandal.


Definition: Something that is suitable for a certain time,

Synonyms: Timely, anticipated, appropriate, suitable, well timed, fitting, expected, pertinent.

Example: She is a person who is inclined to opportune more.


Definition: A situation that is favorable.

Synonyms: Chance, room, opening, occasion, break, shot, way.

Example: Opportunities never knock on our door twice.


Definition: To come to a judgment after discussion.

Synonyms: Decide, figure, choose, resolve, find, determine, prefer, select, conclude, pick.

Example: She opted to leave the company voluntarily.


Definition: To always lean toward the positive side.

Synonyms: Hopefulness, cheerfulness, positivity, idealism.

Example: She believed optimism would definitely take her to different heights.


Definition: Something that is not necessary but is present anyway as a choice.

Synonyms: Extra, choice, accessory, appliance, additive, attachment, auxiliary.

Example: She had many options to choose from, yet she decided to buy that dress.


Definition: To be wealthy.

Synonyms: Wealthy, rich, affluent, prosperous, successful, luxury, monied.

Example: She was opulent enough to own a beach house.


Definition: A formal speech delivered to an audience.

Synonyms: Speech, peroration, declamation, lecture, monologue.

Example: The oration that was given by the newly elected principal of the school was promising.


Definition: To determine the fate of a particular thing in advance.

Synonyms: Destine, doom, predestined, predetermine, condemn, fate, predict.

Example: She believed that everyone and everything was ordained by God.


Definition: To be clean and good.

Synonyms: Tidy, tidied, neat, trim, uncluttered, organized, prim, crisp, groomed.

Example: She made sure everything at her home was orderly.

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Definition: Something that is natural and cannot be removed.

Synonyms: Integral, basic, fundamental, important, essential, key, meaningful, imperative.

Example: To respect elders is to be an organic part of their entire family.


Definition: To be in a particular order.

Synonyms: Arrange, classify, order, systemize, codify, array, range, align, sequence, queue.

Example: She organizes her closet every week.


Definition: To be the first into existence.

Synonyms: Initial, first, inaugural, maiden, premier, foremost, primary, pioneer.

Example: The original painting was hidden somewhere in the palace.


Definition: To come into birth or existence.

Synonyms: Arise, begin, appear, commence, start, exist, emerge, form, dawn.

Example: The idea of a barter system originated back in 6000 BC.


Definition: Something that adds to the beauty.

Synonyms: Decorative, beautiful, cosmetic, adorning, lovely, gorgeous, attractive, delightful.

Example: She made sure her house was both ornamental and elegant at the same time.


Definition: To be better at everything someone else does.

Synonyms: Surpass, exceed, top, better, outshine, overtop, best.

Example: She has outdone herself this time.


Definition: To be more clever than the other.

Synonyms: Outwit, outsmart, thwart, defeat, overcome, fool, trick, outguess, dupe, baffle, impede, outslick, outguess, overreach.

Example: She outfoxed him at the competition and took the prize home.


Definition: To enjoy the company of others.

Synonyms: Social, extroverted, friendly, hospitable, spirited, sociable, lively, gracious, convivial.

Example: She was an outgoing person.


Definition: Something that lasts longer.

Synonyms: Outlive, survive, perpetuate, outwear, outstay, draw out.

Example: The effect of his new rule would be outlasting.


Definition: Approval by the audience that is positive.

Synonyms: Applause, cheering, acclaim, praise, acclamation, hail, tribute, applaud, clapping.

Example: The ovation was a positive outcome after his speech.


Definition: To defeat or overcome.

Synonyms: Defeat, conquer, master, surmount, get, beat, stop, take, subdue, succeed, best, worst, surpass.

Example: She overcame her fears by facing them bravely.


Definition: Something that is flowing beyond its limit.

Synonyms: Teeming, crowded, thronging, swarming, abounding, populous, flourishing, buzzing, happening, rousing, abubble, thriving.

Example: The river was overflowing, which led to floods.


Definition: To be extremely excited.

Synonyms: Thrilled, delighted, happy, ecstatic, elated, amused, jubilant, joyous, exultant, laughing.

Example: She was overjoyed when the company accepted her proposal.

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Definition: To state that he or she may or will do something.

Synonyms: Promise, vow, pledge, word, assurance, commitment, obligation, covenant, warranty.

Example: She took an oath in front of the crowd that she would do great things for society.


Definition: To be in the shape of a heart.

Synonyms: Heart.

Example: The leaf was obcordate, so she saved it for a really long time.


Definition: To show respect for or to give importance to something else.

Synonyms: Salute, homage, respect, bow, nod, submission, surrender, worship, adoration, curtsy.

Example: They always paid obeisance to the elders.


Definition: A material or thing.

Synonyms: Item, material, thing, piece, entity, substance, ornamental, article, commodity, being.

Example: Most of the objects were scattered over the floor after their huge fight last night.


Definition: Someone holding a public office.

Synonyms: Executive, administrator, director, functioner, officeholder.

Example: The officials barged into the room where there was a secret meeting taking place.


Definition: To be competitive all the time.

Synonyms: Competent, capable, efficient, multitalented, omnificient, effective, autocratic.

Example: She was always omnicompetent.


Definition: Something that takes place very soon or fast.

Synonyms: Approaching, upcoming, coming, impending, imminent, to come, at hand, nearing, forthcoming.

Example: She was preparing for the oncoming event.


Definition: To move forward.

Synonyms: Forward, on, forth, ahead.

Example: She moved forward and onward but never stopped once.


Definition: To be active in the strength of mind or body.

Synonyms: Vigor, energy, pep, zing, vitality, gusto, punch, power, dynamism, gas, moxie, spirit, drive, zeal, vim.

Example: She landed on the floor with some oomph.


Definition: Earth that is soft and wet.

Synonyms: Mud, muck, sludge, slime, gravel, mire, guck, gook, clay, soil, slop, 

Example: Their car tire was stuck deep in the ooze.


Definition: A person who makes formal speeches.

Synonyms: Lecturer, speaker, rhetorician, spouter. 

Example: The orator fell unconscious while giving his speech.


Definition: To impart knowledge.

Synonyms: Oriented, introduced, educated, accustomed, initiated, familiarized, exposed, informed, presented, grounded, habituated, acquainted.

Example: She gave her orientation speech.


Definition: Something that is related to the mouth.

Synonyms: Optic, visual, eyepiece.

Example: Her oscular were all damaged after her accident.


Definition: To oppose something firmly or courageously.

Synonyms: Confront, face, brave, dare, brazen, resist, fight, challenge, approach, fight, meet, affront.

Example: He outbraved everyone in the room.


Definition: Something that is more valuable or important.

Synonyms: Outweigh, redress, remedy, offset, counterbalance.

Example: The profits have successfully outbalanced the losses.


Definition: To be better at everything.

Synonyms: Surpass, exceed, top, better, outshine, overtop, best.

Example: She has outdone herself this time.


Definition: To outrun.

Synonyms: Outrun, outpace, outdistance, surpass, outshine, outmatch, outclass, conquer, overcome, defeat.

Example: She outraced everyone at home.


Definition: To shock or surprise people in different ways.

Synonyms: Unusual, outstanding, bizarre, shocking, funny, extraordinary, remarkable, strange, weird, odd, striking, eccentric, unconventional.

Example: She was outrageous when she heard that her new dress was damaged.


Definition: To outrun.

Synonyms: Outrun, outpace, outdistance, surpass, outshine, outmatch, outclass, conquer, overcome, defeat.

Example: He outshined everyone in the room.


Definition: To be extremely happy or excited.

Synonyms: Hyperactive, excited, overactive, heated, frenzied, nervous.

Example: She was over-excited to hear the news of her sister’s delivery.

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Definition: To move faster to get even or ahead.

Synonyms: Chase, catch, reach, pursue, overhaul, catch up, gain, pass.

Example: He tried to overtake the front car and ended up crashing into the divider.


Definition: To overpower.

Synonyms: Overpowering, irresistible, infectious, epidemic, spreading, contagious, tangible, inviting.

Example: She was overwhelmed by the love she was getting online. 


Definition: To keep or be in our control.

Synonyms: Have, keep, retain, hold, withhold, show off.

Example: She owned half of the houses in the city.


Definition: Large in size or bigger than usual.

Synonyms: Large, big, enormous, excessive, outsize, bulky, hulking.

Example: Her shirt was oversized, so she gave it to her sister.


Definition: To have increased activity or agitation.

Synonyms: Heated, agitated, excited, upset, hectic, frenzied, feverish.

Example: She was overactive most of the time.

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