53+ Prayer for Motivation and Inspired Everyday

With so many attractive things around us luring us to distraction, it is very difficult to stay motivated in what we are doing.

Along with hard work and determination, concentration and motivation are also important for success. These prayers can help us stay motivated so that our tasks become easier.

Prayer for Motivation

-Dear Good Father, recently, I am finding it so difficult to stay motivated in what I do. I pray for your mercy in these times because only you can guide me well so that I can focus better and succeed in whatever I put my mind and heart into.

 Prayer for Motivation and Inspired Everyday

-O Great Lord, I pray to you to bless me with your divine power of staying motivated in whatever we do. Allow me to follow the examples you have set by fulfilling your responsibilities and doing your work without anything being able to distract your focus or make you lazy.

-Beloved God, you have spoken to us through your Holy Spirit and assured us that nothing will be impossible as long as we are invested in your divine compassion. I believe that having faith in you will give me back the motivation I have lost in my activities.

-O Blessed Saviour, I pray to you to bless me with your great courage and determination so that I never develop the mentality to give up. Teach me to accept every difficult situation gladly and fight for truth and prosperity, enlightened and empowered by the wisdom of your Holy Spirit.

-Faithful Father, I pray to you to look after me so that the thoughts and feelings of a particular moment don’t ruin my motivation for my work. Allow me to always remember that I am serving your Holy Spirit through my work and must always stay concentrated.

-Blessed Holy Almighty, any work done without determination and love shall bear no fruit. So, I ask you to guide my thoughts and actions so that I can fully invest in what I am doing and always stay motivated regarding the responsibilities I must fulfill to succeed.

-O Dear Father, I ask for your divine motivation and guidance in all my endeavors. I shall never start any work without knowing that you are present in my soul forever to guide me well and that you are watching over every step and decision I make.

-Lord Jehovah, I know that in my most difficult times, you will be there to support me and take care of me if I feel weary and depressed. You will motivate me and show me how I am much more capable and focused than I think I am.

Excellent Prayer for Motivation and Inspired Everyday

-Merciful Protector, you have always taught us that big words are of no use unless we can make them into reality through our actions. Bless me so that I can emerge as a hard-working and motivated person who knows how to handle every task efficiently and achieve prosperity in life.

-Kind Sweet Deity, I also pray for your motivation in my communications. Bless the tongue through which I speak and make sure that I only speak righteous and benevolent words that can motivate others who are lacking self-determination and focus. Allow me to be your servant in this Universe.

-O Holy Almighty, I pray to you to help me overcome this self-doubt and weariness that torments my soul every day. With your compassion and wisdom, I look forward to winning every challenge that life gives me without being afraid, and I will accept every adversity with a warm embrace.

-Saviour Beloved, I don’t understand why I feel so unmotivated and weary of working on even what I love. Why do my heart and mind feel incapable of working on something with love and determination? Please help me in this troubling phase and allow me to be successful in life.

-Precious Great Creator, I pray to you to let me focus on your Holy Word so that I can learn from your divine truth and bring growth into my life. Your Commandments have always spoken to us of motivation and compassion at work, and I intend to follow them closely.

-Good God, I ask for perseverance in all my activities. May I never forget to work hard with determination and kindness so that I can set the perfect example of a life led in the light of your divine motivation. Allow me to be worthy of following in your footsteps.

-O Master, this world has many elements that threaten to discourage us. They make us question our capabilities and focus more on our weaknesses than on our strengths. I pray to you to keep me away from such elements and take me towards your eternal graceful love.

-Precious Creator, I am ready to go through the tough trials of my life as long as I have the assurance of your worldly love and support with me. I will accept all tribulations with a brave heart, knowing that you will always help me overcome every difficulty with ease.

-Faithful Almighty Master, I pray to you to let me be in your steadfast compassion so that I can always stay motivated in my journey to being prosperous, both materialistically and spiritually. I pray to you to be merciful to me and shower me with your endless favors and grace.

Wonderful Prayer for Motivation and Inspired Everyday

-Good God, I pray for the Spirit of motivation and concentration that comes from being connected to your Holy Spirit. I ask you to rest with eternal glory in my soul so that I can remember your presence in all my endeavors and work with dedication and care in everything.

-Dear Great Father, I accept this lack of motivation as a test of my faith and determination. I ask you to be with me as I work on overcoming the effect of these negative forces that try to bring me down by demotivating me and questioning my ability to focus.

-Loving Holy Master, I pray to you to always keep me on guard and rooted in your unconditional divine love, having endless faith in your Spirit. Allow me to learn how to stand firm ground in our lives because that is a great practice for determination and motivation in tasks.

-Dear Protector, I pray to you to bless me so that even when I am demotivated, I must never lose courage and faith. Let me remember at all times that I have your divine strength in my soul, and that will help me overcome every difficult trial in my life.

-O Precious Creator, I pray to you to be merciful and never leave me in any situation. I can never imagine passing the hardships of my life without the knowledge of your eternal presence in my soul, guiding me through what’s right and what’s wrong, and leading me to glory.

-Kind Sweet Deity, you have always kept your promise of never letting us down in any aspect of our lives. I am so grateful to you for motivating me constantly and always encouraging me to do better. For every victory I have ever received, I dedicate it to your Spirit.

-Loving Lord, thank you for being who you are. Thank you for being our safest refuge and a great source of inspiration and motivation for when we lack them in our lives. We have never been disappointed by you, and there is always something to learn. All glory to you.

-O Loving Lord, I ask you to bless me with the love that you have promised to the one who practices endurance towards all difficult situations throughout their lives. I pray to you to help me persevere through every temptation that comes in my way to achieve success and prosperity.

Nice Prayer for Motivation and Inspired Everyday

-Dear Good God, it is your Holy Spirit residing eternally in my soul that constantly reminds me that I will never fail. Your divine strength empowers me every day, and for you, I shall never lack the motivation in anything I do. Allow me to be your blessed servant forever.

-Savior Beloved, what joy it is to rejoice in the newfound confidence I see within myself. This is all due to your grace working in my life, and I am very grateful to you. Thank you for always listening to my prayers and guiding me to be a better person.

-Blessed Holy Almighty, in this afflicted state where I cannot find my motivation, I choose to be patient and faithful instead of getting angry or depressed. I trust what you do for me, and I know that you will save me from every difficulty, leading me to a brighter day.

-Gracious Holy Father, I trust your divine knowledge over my naivety. I can feel that the bigger picture of our lives is clearer to you, and so I pray to you to motivate me so that I can see things from your divine perspective and work with your Holy power.

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