50+ Prayers Against Home Breakers

Marriage requires a lot of effort and trust to work out well. Also, there are home breakers to be aware of. We must pray to the Lord for protection and strength so that they can never intrude into our marriages and ruin the blessed relationship that we have been given.

 Here are Uplifting Prayers Against Home Breakers

-Faithful Father, I have recently been married, and I am so grateful to you for everything. We are very happy together. I pray to you to protect us from home breakers who may come in between us and try to ruin the love and understanding we have with each other.

Prayers Against Home Breakers

-Good God, home breakers can plot against those marriages where there is a lack of trust and respect between two people. I pray to you to keep my spouse and me in your compassionate care and protection so that, with your mercy, we may always love and trust each other.

-Savior Beloved, home breakers can be very harmful to the relationship and the household. They can ruin the mental peace of the spouses and create a disturbance in the peaceful ambiance of their house. Therefore, we must always be careful and always look out for such negative presence around us.

-Dear Lord Jehovah, marriage united two people in your Holy Name. Bless us so that we can always put you at the center of our relationships, thus making sure that no external influence, such as home breakers, can intrude into our lives and cause any unwanted disturbance in our marriages.

-Holy Creator, we pray to you because we constantly feel threatened by home breakers. We trust and love each other, but without your protection and compassion, we can never be reassured of the safety of our relationship. Remind us that when you are here, there is nothing to worry about.

-Gracious Almighty, there is no bigger disappointment than to realize that a marriage is not working out, and only because it is influenced by home breakers. I pray to you to touch the hearts and souls of all such people and teach them to focus on your divine understanding more.

-Precious Holy Protector, I pray for your divine grace and compassion to be upon all marriages so that everyone can live happily, without ever getting into ugly fights with each other, especially regarding home breakers. Let them understand that conflicts are common and must be dealt with wisely and peacefully.

-Kind Loving Lord, home breakers can only intrude in relationships that lack your divine presence. When we can witness your reflection in our hearts and souls constantly, it is reflected in our love for other people, especially our loved ones, so that no one can even think of creating problems.

-Great Master, being blessed with a loving and caring relationship is one of the greatest gifts we can ever receive from you. It is our responsibility to respect that union by being caring and understanding to our partners and never letting any home breakers influence our lives in any way.

-Sweet Deity, I pray to you to protect my marriage from every form of hostility and indication that comes from the intrusion of home breakers. You will deliver us from this adversity, and we will always be careful enough not to fall into the trap set by any evil power.

Amazing Prayers Against Home Breakers

-Eternal Savior, home breakers utilize the opportunity that two people in a marriage don’t trust each other or lack the power to solve conflicts peacefully. Remind us that the key to a safe and loving relationship is to have open and understanding communication with each other, irrespective of the circumstances.

-Holy Father, home breakers are negative influences that try to ruin the love and understanding between two people by creating unwanted problems between them. Instead of abusing or blaming, or accusing each other of infidelity, teach us to find an efficient and peaceful solution to the problem in our relationships.

-Blessed Lord, I have always trusted you with every matter in my life. I know that home breakers are trying to create problems in my marriage, but I know that you will protect us from all evil influences. You will help us overcome this difficult time and resolve our issues.

-Dear Kind Deity, no power in this world can ever exceed your sovereignty. So, I place the problems in my marriage before you humbly, and I pray to you to teach me to deal with these home breakers efficiently so that I can stop them from intruding into my marriage.

-Lord Jehovah, I have tried all the possible ways to keep my marriage protected from the negative influence of home breakers. But, somehow, they keep coming into our lives and create misunderstandings between my spouse and me. Only your divine love and understanding can save us and this marriage now.

-O Father Beloved, my prayers to your Holy Spirit have never gone unanswered, and this is why I always come to you with my problems easily. I admit that it is owing to my activities that home breakers have intruded on my marriage. Please forgive me and guide me correctly.

-Dear Almighty Protector, the influence of home breakers has been causing a lot of misunderstanding and conflicts between my spouse and me lately. We fail to be respectful and understanding to each other, and there is no peace in our lives. Please rescue us from this unbearable misery and sorrow.

-Blessed Savior, home breakers have manipulated our minds and hearts so much that we approach this marriage with an unjust and pessimistic attitude. We refuse to solve our problems or be with each other, and this is hampering our relationship largely. Please bless us with your godly understanding and comfort. 

-Good God, I have always believed in the power of faith and how you can bring miracles in our lives. Only your divine intervention can protect our marriage from home breakers, and we can only save ourselves by submitting humbly before you and trusting you to take care of us.

-Heavenly Almighty, you have always guided us in the right way. You have taught us to learn what is right and what is wrong. I’ll always have the judgment to tackle home breakers. I pray for your hand to always be upon me., guiding me to make the right decisions.

Great Prayers Against Home Breakers

-Beloved Creator, my marriage is under attack by home breakers right now, and I don’t know how to deal with this unexpected trouble. Bless me with the strength and perseverance needed in these situations, and reassure me that you are always helping me out and I’ll receive what I want.

-Lord Jehovah, we pray to you to make us believers in ourselves, the relationship we share, and your Holy Spirit. Reassure us that when we dedicate ourselves to your presence and influence, no home breaker can exert their harmful influence over our household and ruin our relationship in any way.

-Good God, no devilish agent can work as a home breaker in a relationship when there is kindness and loyalty between two partners. I pray to you to remind us of the importance of reflecting on your godly compassion and humility so that we are never exposed to external threats.

-O Precious Master, while dealing with home breakers, spiritual warfare goes on within our minds and hearts. We suffer from indecision and uncertainty, and the future scares us. Only your godly grace can give us the clarity of mind we need to deal with these situations with courage and patience.

-Loving Lord, any matrimony must always be treated with respect because when we learn to be humble and caring toward each other, no external influence can mislead us. Teach us to be steadfast in our prayers to you because only you will grant us the understanding and protection we need.

-Faithful Father, home breakers fill our minds with frustration and distress as we constantly question everything, including our relationship. So, we pray to you to bless us with your godly peace so that no matter what, we must never lose the understanding and compassion you have always blessed us with.

-Savior Beloved, we admit that we have given into the wickedness of home breakers in life. We have been fighting with each other, and it is as if we don’t understand each other anymore. Please protect us from this spirit of hostility and hatred that has been evoked between us.

-Good God, I believe that the love and understanding between us have been destroyed because of home breakers. It breaks my heart to realize that we may eventually be separated. We surrender ourselves into your hands because we believe that only you can save our relationship from ending so abruptly.

Best Prayers Against Home Breakers

-Loving Father, strange home breakers lead us toward the spirit of adultery, and we are forced to misunderstand each other. I ask you for instant deliverance to fix our relationship from all such problems. Eradicate all misunderstanding and hatred between us and let us live in peace and love forever.

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