50+ Uplifting Prayers Against Mockers

A person faces mockery when he/she is not confident and faithful enough. They constantly live in a spirit of fear, and everything brings ridicule and shame to them. We must always pray to the Holy Lord to help us fight against mockery and learn to believe in ourselves more.

Here are Uplifting Prayers Against Mockers

-Faithful Father, I pray to you to bless us with a strong mind and heart so that we can stand firm against mockery and protest when we are being wrongly treated. Remind us that no one has the right to make fun of us, and we must protect our dignity.

-Good God, mockery is something that must be dealt with peacefully and without getting agitated or afraid. We must learn to believe in ourselves because you have nurtured us in your divine strength and understanding, and you have taught us to fight against all adversities bravely, without giving up ever.

-Savior Beloved, I believe that mockery easily induces fear and weakness within our minds. We feel unworthy of everything, and consequently, we fail to utilize the endless opportunities you have blessed us with in this life. Please eradicate all our shortcomings and help us stand firm against all evil mockery.

-Lord Jehovah, the fear and demotivation that comes as a result of facing mockery can be very harmful to us since it becomes an obstacle in our lives and does not let us make any progress in any field. So, we pray to you to keep us away from mockers.

-O Holy Creator, people who face mockery experience a very unpleasant condition and do not know how to deal with it. They think everybody makes fun of them, and they do deserve to be respected and loved by anyone. They need your divine patience and kindness to work through them.

-Gracious Almighty, mockery can bring a transformation in a person’s thoughts and actions by making them suffer from low esteem and underconfidence throughout their lives. So, we need to understand that no matter what, we must never let the words and actions of evil mockers affect us in any way.

-Precious Holy Protector, mockery is accompanied by a feeling of insecurity and negativity. Harsh words and actions from people can affect our confidence and faith and can make us feel like we are not meant for anything good. All we can do now is to submit humbly before your Spirit.

-Kind Loving Lord, you also had to encounter mockers throughout your life who underestimated and dishonored you. But, you chose to forgive them, exhibiting your godly kindness and respect towards your blessed children. Bless us so that we can reflect your godly compassion in our hearts and souls as well.

-Dear Great Master, bless us with your divine understanding so that we can realize that mockery is the act of fools meant to make others feel unworthy or insulted. We must never encourage any such negative behavior because this takes us away from your Holy Way of righteousness and compassion.

-Eternal Savior, the enemy will always try to bring us down by mocking us or treating us unjustly. We must have enough faith in ourselves and know that you are always looking after us and blessing us with the strength and motivation we need to fight against these evil powers.

-Holy Father, keep us away from people who choose violence and mockery to exert their power over other people and are an abomination to your Holy Spirit. These people always fail to comprehend your Holy Word of truth and compassion and are, therefore, straying from your divine love and understanding.

-O Blessed Lord, the Holy Commandments make it very clear that the righteous are blessed by you, but the unholy ones, who try to mock and harm other people unnecessarily, are scorned and punished. Bless us with a spirit of love and peace so that we may never encourage mockery.

-Dear Kind Deity, many people experience mockery in their lives and are gradually led to feel shameful and apprehensive for no reason at all. These people need your divine rejuvenation for the upliftment of their spirits and the restoration of their lost faith and strength. All glory be to you.

-Dear Lord Jehovah, people who are mocked and insulted by their close ones often encounter depression and anxiety. They cannot share their problems with anyone because of the fear of judgment. You are their only source of comfort and compassion, and so, I humbly uplift all these people to you.

-Father Beloved, mockers are ungodly people. They are just a negative influence in our lives that we must always try to avoid in every way possible. We must always stay cautious and try never to be influenced by these evil powers who just try to shake our faith and confidence.

-Dear Almighty Protector, people who practice mockery in their lives are just ignorant of your Holy Word. They are arrogant and ungodly, and they do not believe in your sovereign influence in our lives. Please bless these people with your mercy and compassion so that they can rectify their mistakes.

-Blessed Savior, people who choose mockery and violence do not realize the severe punishment they are about to receive from you. They do not comprehend the value of your divine intervention, both positive and negative. Please bless them with your divine understanding so that they may be diverted from wrongdoing.

-Gracious Good God, what these mockers fail to understand is that they can never progress in their lives by ungodly and unkind ways. The only way to receive your eternal mercy and compassion is to be loving and understanding to everyone and follow your Holy Way in our lives rigorously.

-Beloved Creator, if we encourage mockery and ill-treatment towards anyone, we are gradually moving away from the love and joy of your Holy Spirit. Our lives fail to be a divine reflection of our godly righteousness and compassion, and we become bad influences instead of being a source of inspiration.

-O Lord Jehovah, the amount of self-loathing and disappointment that accompanies mockery is inexplicable. Our aspirations are replaced with afflictions, and it takes a toll on our mental health. We must never believe that no good can come out of us, and nothing must shake our courage, determination, and faith. 

-Good God, when subjected to constant mockery and abuse, we start isolating ourselves. We feel like there is nobody to understand and empathize with us. What we must not forget is that you are always there to listen to our problems and help us overcome all our fears and anxieties.

-Precious Master, anyone can become lonely and misunderstood when he/she has to face misery. Bless us so that we can be sympathetic and understanding to them and let them realize that they are not alone. Allow us to help them eradicate all misery and sorrow from their lives.

-Loving Lord, when we have your divine peace and understanding working within us, we learn not to let our hearts be troubled by petty mockery. If we can believe in ourselves, we will never be dismayed by people who can only spread hatred and negativity through their words and actions.

-Heavenly Almighty, once the Spirit of fear and low self-esteem resulting from experiencing mockery sets in, there is no way to find hope and joy. We must learn to place our problems into your hands and trust you to bless us with the strength and optimism to face our adversities.

-Kind Deity, your Word of righteousness teaches us to be honest and faithful, irrespective of the circumstances. So, when we choose to stand firm in faith and courage, no mockery or disgrace can affect us. We will always find a way out of the darkness that tries to engulf us.

-Faithful Father, mockers will never encourage a person. They do not believe in your Way and only think of insulting and abusing others to satisfy their ego. 1Bless these people with your divine joy and peace so that they can start seeking your divine presence in their hearts and souls.

-Savior Beloved, bless us with your godly understanding so that we believe that we are guided in your Way of truth and kindness. With your sovereign presence in our lives, no one will ever be strong enough to mock or dishonor us. Your compassion and grace will protect us forever. 

-O Good God, we must understand that we have better things to do in life. So, rather than letting these people ruin our mental health, we must try to avoid them, focus on our goals and try to find the godly purpose with which you sent us into this world.

-Kind Loving Father, facing mockery can be very disheartening and intimidating, but we must never let it overpower our minds and hearts. The only person who truly cares about us is you, and therefore, we must never be bothered by the rude and unjust words or actions of anyone else.

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