50+ Prayers Against Oppression: Protection And Kindness

Any form of oppression is horrifying and painful, irrespective of gender, age, or nationality. A person facing abuse from someone else goes through a very hard time, and we must all come together to stop this bad practice immediately.

These prayers to the Almighty Father can help us eradicate oppression.

Prayers Against Oppression

Bless us so that we can replace this oppression

-O Faithful Father, I pray to you for those people across the globe who are being mistreated by a superior power. We are all your blessed children, and nobody has the right to misbehave with anyone else. Bless us so that we can replace this oppression with love and kindness.

protected in your secure fortress

-Savior Beloved, oppression can affect a person’s mind to a great extent. They may feel hurt or unworthy because they fail to see your divine presence in their lives. Please protect them from being ill-treated by other people who misuse the prosperity and influence they have received in their lives.

Prayers Against Oppression

-Good God, I ask you to send your guardian angels for those people who have to face oppression regularly. Keep them protected in your secure fortress so that nobody can ill-treat them, making them feel less of themselves. Remind them that you are always there to look after their welfare.

Bless us with unity and kindness

-Dear Lord Jehovah, being subjected to oppression and abuse daily can take a toll on the mental health of a person. This may have serious repercussions, and the person may end up making the wrong decisions. I pray to you to bless us with unity and kindness towards each other.

-Holy Creator, people who practice oppression are far away from your divine understanding. They fail to comprehend your Word, and so, they take pleasure in suppressing people who are not as privileged as they are. Please touch their hearts with your mighty grace so that they can realize their mistakes.

Pray to you to be merciful toward those people

-Gracious Almighty, I pray to you to be merciful towards those people whose spirits have been crushed completely owing to the oppression they have had to face throughout their lives. Fill them with your godly hope and compassion so that they can learn to protest against the wrongdoings they face.

-Precious Protector, people who have experienced abuse, be it physical or mental, have a hard time getting back on their feet. They constantly live in fear of being ill-treated, and their hearts and souls are crumbled. They need your godly light to shine within themselves to overcome this trauma.

Prayer For Equality And Kindness

-Great Master, I ask for your barrier of compassion and mercy to surround us at all times so that no oppression can even reach us. I believe no power in this world is greater than you. Eradicate all evil forces that try to abuse others to fulfill their selfish desires.

-Eternal Savior, I believe recognition of oppression is important. If we refuse to accept that someone is abusing us, we will never have the courage to stand firm against these miscreants and protect ourselves from their suppression. Bless us with your divine strength and wisdom during this time.

-Kind Loving Lord, why are some of your blessed children so unfortunate that they have to face abuse from their fellow people? Let your Word of equality and kindness be spread worldwide so that no one can even think of suppressing others for their benefit.

Best Prayers Against Oppression

Bless us with your divine understanding

-Holy Father, negligence of oppression can be very harmful to us. If we keep giving in to the evil forces that abuse weak or unprivileged people for their benefit, their unkind and unjust activities will keep increasing, and we cannot even stop them. Please bless us with your divine understanding.

Fill us with your godly strength and courage

-Blessed Lord, fill us with your godly strength and courage so that we can stand firm against oppression whenever we encounter it happening to us or other people around us, be it at home or the workplace. Give us the strong urge to rescue such unfortunate people facing unnecessary abuse.

-Kind Deity, we deserve to be born and nurtured in a healthy environment, physically and mentally. Children who face oppression within their homes from a very young age develop a pessimistic and violent attitude towards mankind, and this can be harmful to him/her and our society in many ways. 

-O Lord Jehovah, as I think of my life, I realize more vividly how fortunate I am to have received your godly favors in every matter forever, whereas many people across the world cannot even provide for their minimum necessities because they are subjected to regular oppression by their superiors. 

Bless their hearts with your divine goodness

-Father Beloved, the tyranny of superior powers brings nothing but misfortune and harassment to the people who live under their authority. These influential people need to stop using their powers for a bad cause. Bless their hearts with your divine goodness so that they can also think about others’ welfare.

-Blessed Savior, I pray to you to always remind me how lucky I am to be able to afford food, shelter, and other amenities so easily. Bless me with your godly kindness and humility so that I can think of helping oppressed people and doing anything for them, if possible.

Amazing Prayers Against Oppression

always merciful and compassionate to all

-Almighty Protector, you have always been so merciful and compassionate to all of your blessed children, and you have sacrificed your life to bring abundance and joy to their lives. Then why do so many people suffer from oppression, trying to get the basic privileges for living a normal life?

-Good God, it breaks my heart to see that our society is filled with apathy and indifference towards oppression. Selfishness and unkindness have overpowered everyone, and no one is ready to help others as long as they are fine. We need the glory of your Word now, more than ever.

-Good God, oppressed people are wounded, both physically and emotionally. They feel unwanted and unloved, and they constantly try to go into seclusion. Bless their hearts and souls with your compassion so that they can feel your divine presence in their lives, even if no one is there for them.

-O Heavenly Almighty, oppression, in any form, must never be encouraged. You reside in our hearts and souls, and we must do nothing to dishonor your divine presence ever. Instead of trying to harm others, we must try to spread the message of your divine compassion and understanding to all.

Prayers For Kindness

-Beloved Creator, bless us with your godly understanding and wisdom so that we can realize that we must never be numb to the pain and suffering of others. We were sent into this world to be messengers of compassion and kindness for each other, and we must fulfill our responsibilities.

-O Precious Master, the oppressed people need to know that even though they are abused by a certain section of the society, there will always be people who would love them unconditionally and protect them from all dangers, reflecting the unconditional compassion and kindness you have blessed us all with.

-Kind Loving Father, it is our responsibility to uphold those people who are currently struggling with oppression and can’t find a way out. I pray for your divine strength and kindness so that they can save these people and take them towards the comfort and peace of your Holy Spirit.

-Lord Jehovah, people going through oppression often find themselves in utter darkness from where there is no way out. Let your godly light of kindness shine in their lives so that they can always remember that you are looking after them and they will always be safe from all dangers.

Give them hope and strength

-Loving Lord, people facing oppression and abuse need to understand that you would never want their lives to be like this, and therefore, they must try to find their purpose in life and fight against this tyranny immediately. You will give them the hope and strength they lack right now.

-Sweet Deity, I pray to you for every person who is being oppressed or abused in any way, without the knowledge of society. You know everything going on in our lives, and only you can protect them from this misery and inequality. Please turn your merciful gaze towards them. 

Bless them with your godly peace

-Faithful Father, bring joy and abundance into the lives of people who are recovering from the trauma of oppression in their past. Bless them with your godly peace so that they can forget all inappropriate experiences and focus on the future, trying to make use of the opportunities they have.

pray to you for the upliftment of these people’s spirits

-Savior Beloved, oppression can induce fear and anxiety in a person’s mind that becomes very hard to get rid of. I pray to you for the upliftment of these people’s spirits. Crush all their uncomfortable feelings and thoughts so that they can start their lives with joy and positivity again.

Great Prayers Against Oppression

-Good God, people facing oppression in their lives silently need your godly compassion and protection to understand that they are strong enough to stand firm against this misery and fight for their freedom and honor. Without your godly power working through them, they can never find the motivation to protest. 

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